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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Claude Giroux – Phoner
David Boreanez – Phoner
Here’s what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:10- 6:23
Frigid cold. Weather. Traffic. In News, transformer explosion, shelter set up for people without power. Power back on as of 6:10am. Winter weather to blame for 3 elderly people, 87 year old man died from shoveling. Preston’s car still had snow on it after sitting in garage all night. Doctor says to limit outdoor activities to 20 min. The city of Philadelphia has lifted snow emergency as of late yesterday. City says trash pick-up will occur next week, while trucks are being used to clear snow. Another storm headed our way Sunday evening. Sports, Evan Turner scored career high in Sixers game. 2nd  wins in 9 games. Nathan Gerbe scored break away move to defeat Flyers. St. Joes win 4 in a row, 9 of last 10. Jim Jackson will be on the program today. Contest tonight by watching game, including tickets to Comcast suite. Lisa Ann will be in studio, and Will Spank Horton will be joining us later on. Daddy daughter tickets giveaway today.
Time 6:36-7:06
93.3 Rocks with U2. Weather. Traffic. Early morning shart out for local 401. SQ
Birthdays: Robin Zander; 61, Tiffany Amber Thiessan; 40, Mariska Hargitay;50 , Richard Dean Anderson; 64. Rutger Hauer; 70. SA Entertainment News Sarah Jessica Parker post advice for successful marriage. Emma Watson house hunting in NYC on Monday. JWOWW announces first child will be a girl, due in July. Kristen Bell stopped by Conan O’Brien to talk about her pregnancy body being sexy to her husband Dax Sheppard. Piers Morgan writes post describing night at Haiti benefit. Bradley Cooper lands starring role in Broadway’s ‘Elephant Man’. Kate Gossilen recent appearance with twin daughters comes off as if father Jon is not involved. Jon plans on filing for custody of 6 younger children. Also claims wife broke custody agreement by taking twins on daytime television show. Source says twins no longer see Jon. Quentin Tarantino says he backs out of making western style film because of leaks online. Suspects leak comes from creative arts agency. Captain and Tennille are getting a divorce, after 39 years of marriage, possibly stemming from Insurance claims. Bill Cosby busy with new sitcom, NBC confirms possible sitcom, starring Cosby as a patriarch of large family. Marc Summers back on Food Network possibly with new show. Clips Joel McHale on “Community” better with Dan Harmon back on producing. ‘Rake’ story of train wreck lawyer Greg Kinnear. Opportunity to win Flyers suite tickets a little later. Jim Jackson, Lisa Ann, and Will Spank Horton on show later.
Time 7:19-7:43
Weather. Traffic. Baby born in sled: Husband pulled wife to car in bright green sled down a hill. Neighbors help carry wife in sled back into house after delivery began. Father broke umbilical cord in half with hands. Listener Sarah’s sister gave birth moments before paramedics pushed through her front door. There is a wives tale that determines sex of baby.Listener Allie is EMT, responded to call of woman giving birth on living room rug.  Listener Greg witnessed sled birth, lives 4 houses down from incident. When a nose changes width during pregnancy is called Rhinitis. Caller Chrissy was predicted to having a girl because of the width of her nose. Listens from North Carolina. Breaking News Justin Bieber has been arrested for Drag racing and DUI. Further tests on him are being done at police station. He will be processed and taken to jail. Jim Jackson, Lisa Ann stopping by. Flyers.
SQ: What company introduced fruit on bottom of yogurt.
SA: Dannon
Time 7:55-8:19
Sunshine, couple of flurries today. Weather. Traffic. Preston reads email, listener lives in Singapore. Bizarre File 33yr old woman attempted to run over her husband in parking lot pinning him between 2 vehicles, took out gun and shot him leg. She is wanted on attempted murder. Customer pointed a machine gun at Walmart employee after not providing receipt for purchase return. Gun turned out to be CO2 gas gun. Police arrested 16 year old girl for strangling  43yr old man, claims it was a consensual sex act. A man fled home nearly nude, and said he was robbed to explain his situation. Jim Jackson on phone. Explains how to win tickets for Flyers Comcast suite. Phrase: ‘Take a spin on the baby wheel’. Origins of phrase are from a game played on previous show. Preston talks about incredible goal by Nathan Gerbe. “Jim has anyone given a name to that shot?” “How about taking a spin on the baby wheel?” Jim explains some of Flyers defensive weaknesses. Tonight watch the game and listen for Jim to say the phrase. Jim:  “Maybe we’ll have a baby wheel by the game.” Flyers , Daddy-Daughter Skate Night. Lisa Ann, Will Spank Horton on the show later.
Time 8:30-8:53
Still cold. Weather. Traffic. Lisa Ann in studio,  Steve: you’re the only porn star I follow on Twitter. Lisa: “I reached out to TMZ to Skype a kid to take me on a date.” 18yrs old, calm and cool, he was so much fun. Preston thinks he’d have a chance. She took a social media class to get tips on marketing, twitter following, etc. “My industry is not so bright”. Steve heard there is software that digitally removes condoms in scenes”. Casey prefers porn scenes that portray more ‘love’ making. I don’t want dudes to get the idea that I’ll iron for them. Ironing and vacuuming is more of a fantasy for some people. Preston brings up his campaign for ‘Bring Back the Bush’. Lisa believes all milf’s should grow out the bush. Lisa is from Philly. What does it cost to rent one of those mansions? About $150-$300 an hour. AVN award shows. Lisa’s video milf revolution won an award for best milf release. Its only legal to shoot porn in two places in the U.S. (L.A. and small town in Connecticut). I do stunts for movies too, SAG member. “I do a lot of jobs, I’m like a Jamaican”. A few requests to play “Nailin’ Lincoln”. Steve: “Still inspiring”. Lisa Ann appearing @ Club Risqué tonight at 9:00pm.
Time 9:04-9:27
Weather. Traffic. Good news – Preston read an email about a man gone missing from a care facility was found. Man survived 2 days in the city without money. Will Spank Horton in studio you were in Ride Along. Opening for Kevin Hart for a few years. I was so bad at basketball, people said you need to get into comedy. You’re a big guy! “Not then, I was skinny and small”. Preston made all the bullies laugh to not get beat up. Were you encountering Kevin growing up? “Yes, he would be ballin when we was kids, Kevin said Ay, I think Ima do comedy”. “He’s fast and that’s it”. Spank is a childhood nicknames ‘a lot of beatings’. Started with the bullies, then his family. Has a 7yr old daughter. I just dropped her off, she said by to me 20 times. Preston: “I said I love my daughter, I didn’t say I didn’t want her to leave me alone”. Spank shares phone data with son, sees all his text messages. “Kids curse way more than adults”. Spank and wife met at nightclub, don’t know what he said was too drunk. Who’s your favorite player? “Magic Johnson.” He met Dr. J at a show with Kevin Hart. Has a couple drinks before gig. Ever too drunk? “Uh, yea.” Spends a lot of time on Twitter. Tweeted over 51,000 times, talks a lot of trash. @ Helium tonight - Sat.
Time 9:39-9:55
Lesson Question coming up. Flyers Watch the game tonight! Traffic. Roxborough baby birth in sled. Callers Sled Baby neighbors George and Don are neighbors that helped out with birth of baby. George suggested driving her to hospital in his truck, though was too late. From start to finish it took 5min. Don was asleep during birth, woken by George saying “I delievered a baby!” After wrapping baby up, started sprinting uphill on very icy road. Took her into his home to get warm. Firefighters responded quickly at the bottom of the hill, had to wait for the paramedics. Everyone went to a diner afterwards and got breakfast. Had to go get Oxy Clean at the market. Caller Ryan G was also involved, woke up to screaming. Thought it was kids, it was sort of. Went downstairs to grab a drink, saw the mother lying on the ground next to a car. Face was priceless. Ryan is a photographer, took a few photos. We like to give you guys Lisa Ann’s School of Milf and Milf’s illustrated for helping out. Daily news came by late last night asking questions.
Time 10:06-10:25
We missed Bizarre file because of the sled baby’s neighbors. Flyers. Bizarre File 8yr old boy killed in fire in mobile home trying to save adult family members. A man built a fire to stay warm, poured gasoline on fire, and it caused the gas can to explode causing serious injury.  4 members of anti-fracking group tied themselves to a gas station, but was wrong station. Baltimore man with craving for tacos posted on Craigslist asking for someone to bring him tacos in return will play video games with the driver. Houston furniture store lost out on $600,000 during football promotion. South African gov’t forced removal of rabbit in statue of Nelson Mandela. P.A. man arrested after posting mug shot to facebook. Thanks to McDonalds for supplying coffee this morning. LQ Hollywood Trash LA Music News Foo Fighters rumor on how new album is being recorded at different famous studios. Stone Sour brings recent tour to close, while front man Corey Taylor switches direction back into other band Slipknot. Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammet recently quoted saying he doesn’t understand why people didn’t see their movie ‘Through the Never” which lost $15 million. Courtney Love broke down sobbing in court over false story about a guitar concerning her late husband Kurt Cobain. Breaking Music News – August 2nd at Citizen’s Bank Park Billy Joel will be performing. Tickets go on sale for general public on Friday the 31st.
Time 10:36-10:43
Wrap-ups. Thanks to Jim Jackson Flyers Amazing Lisa Ann, as far as pornstars go we love this one. Thanks to Will Spank Horton who will be at Helium tonight. Thanks to the guys who helped deliver the baby on the sled in Roxborough last night. Pierre Robert is here. LOTD Casey gives big wet shart out to intern Julia’s mom Bonnie. Thank you to sponsors. Tomorrow morning Claude Giroux and David Boreanez
LQ: What kind of animal did Tennille find the captain in bed with?
LA: Muskrat
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