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Here’s what happened on the show this morning:

Date: 01-14-2014
Time 6:13-:6:26
Let us begin this Tuesday morning! Weather. Traffic. News: Police released the name as the 22 y.o. that died in the fire escape collapse in Philadelphia. Structure collapsed and trapped two of the victims, killing one. New Castle County Police investigating the death of a baby in a home. Found a decomposing fetus in a shoe box of a 15 month-old. Argument over texting in a movie theater cause a retired police captain to shoot a man in Florida Sports: Flyers fell to fourth place. Sixers lost four in a row and are in last place in the Atlantic division. Villanova Wildcats moved up to 6th in the country, 15-1. ARod’s fight against his suspension is the longest in baseball history. Club Risque. Super Pole Party next Wednesday. 

Time 6:39-7:08
Cloudy on this warmer Tuesday morning. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Dave Grohl; 45, Caleb Followill; 32,  Zakk Wylde; 47, Geoff Tate; 55, Emily Watson; 47, Jason Bateman; Steven Soderbergh; 51, Carl Weathers; 66, Faye Dunaway; 73, Marisa’s Mom! SA. Entertainment News: Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow took pics together at pre-party. Tori Spelling notice to vacate home by March for not paying rent. Shia LaBeouf tweeted in response to Jim Carrey’s jokes on Golden Globes. Gabourey Sidibe goes to Twitter about comments about her weight. Emma Roberts showed up to Globes with her fiancé Evan Peters. People outraged over the choice to honor Woody Allen for the Cecile B. Demille award. Son sends harsh tweet about his sexual abuse. Michael Douglas casted in Marvel’s “Ant Man” will be playing Hank Pym. Paul Rudd playing Scott Lang. TMZ reports Nadya Suleman charged with 3 felony counts of welfare fraud. Peter Mayhew that played Chewbacca is posting a lot of behind the scenes from Star Wars. Kylie Jenner denies that Kris pushes daughters to date for fame. Anderson Cooper spent $1.4 million on art at Sean Penn’s Help Haiti Home fundraiser. Event raised $6 million. New research on teen pregnancy suggests that Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant lowered teen birthrate in country. Clips: The Goldberg’s Wendi McLendon-Covey talking about how show relates to life today. The Nut Job’s Will Arnett discusses how Shirley lives up to his name.

Time 7:20-7:46
A little Van Halen to get you up and moving. Weather. Traffic. Nicki the masseuse com in the studio giving massages. Ex-cons dating. Need to put it out on the table. Man did a long stint in prison, got out, turned his life around and set up an animal charity foundation but still has the stigma of a criminal. Caller spent 10 years in jail, comes out had no idea what Facebook was, started talking to a girl, began dating and told her he was in jail for armed robbery. Having his baby in one month and the manager at a mortgage company. Caller Dawn married for 30 years to a convicted felon, father not happy. Anonymous caller dating someone on parole. Told her right up front, 3 years for “attempted assault” viewed as terroristic threat. Hard to not be judgmental. When applying to a job and have a felon on record, almost impossible to get job. Caller did 2 ½ yrs and left his application blank under record so he could explain himself during interview. Caller’s x-bf told her he had 3 DUIs and on parole, got in a fight with her one night and his record was way longer than he told her. Did you atleast exchange information on Linkedin? Background/online checks. Preston googled his BFF from childhood and mug shot popped up for meth. and Should we do a felon mixer?

SQ: What was the surname of the family that hired Mary Poppins to be their nanny?
SA: Banks. 

Time 7:58-8:11
Holiday from Green Day. Traffic. Beth made a mug shot of Kathy. Casey had some serious bed head yesterday because he didn’t have a hat on. Intern Sara tweets pictures of funny pictures. Preston went back and forth tweeting funny faces. Tape-face Tuesday. Bizarre Files: Great-great grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday by hiring a stripper. Woman on her way home from work was hit at a red light by a car with a Chihuahua behind the wheel. Detectives investigate a death of a man killed by a knife attack over a game of chess. Minnesota man died after falling into Chicago River after dropping cell phone in the water and jumping in. Man with no functional ass crack because of severe pilonidal cysts. Caller 8. Miller Lite.

Time 8:22-8:47
Kathy is getting face taped. Traffic. Preston face taped himself last night and started drooling uncontrollably. Kathy is having a tough time getting the tape out of her hair. Company buyouts: Japanese company Suntory Holdings is buying Jim Beam for $13.6 billion. No mucking with the core elements. Fiat purchased Chrysler. Chevrolet Silverado named truck of the year.  Philadelphia Auto Show is the beginning of February. Home show is going on now. Mikhail Kalashinkov invented the AK-47, died at 94. Felt guilty for invention. The church he wrote to said they have definite position when the weapon protects the father land because it is used to serve and protect, not for terrorists. Couples without children are the happiest. Mothers ranked happiest in life overall and women without children are the least happy. It’s not that you aren’t as busy; it just means you can’t do things on a whim. Preston panned the empty nest scenario, finding activities when older are difficult. Isn’t it about time you wander into the woods again? Finger blasting days are over. I have rheumatoid arthritis. Felines are often misunderstood.  Cats see their owners as larger non-hostile versions of themselves. Upright tail is a greeting sign; transition to domestication is not complete because they are wild animals. Eating healthy at Full Service Restaurants. Olive Garden, Red Lobster and T.G.I Friday’s have more calories, saturated fat and sodium than McDonalds. 

Time 8:57-9:28
Nicki, best masseuse in the city. Traffic. Nick did a search on the greatest women ever. Catherine the Great, Rosa Parks, Eva Peron. It was strange in the movie Lincoln that they talked about the idea of women voting and black rights. Happy Light. Come back sad with the winter blahs, and the happy light will bring happiness. Helps the body release Vitamin D. Mood enhancer, people in places where its mostly dark all day use these lights. Caller Roy started crying one day from the winter blues. Narcissists tweet more than others to attract attention. Narcissistic adults put their news on Facebook. Restaurant tipping. Steve went to IHOP had to pay before he got his food. Prone to dine-n-dash. That money comes out of tips. Employees asked to pay for breaking dishes, meal deductions when no meals were eaten. Blown away by waiters that can recite over 30 specials. Coat checkers make more than waiters. Bartenders make a killing.  Caller worked coat check made $200-250/night. Man has to pay $150,000 in allegations for making the wait staff pay for someone skipping out on a bill.

Time 9:39-9:52
Preston drunkenly tried to belt out the U2 song before. Traffic. Tattoosday recipient. Allen’s 4th tattoo and forgot how the needle hits the skin, when Casey walked in he was covering his face in pain. Got an old school radio microphone with ‘Gadzooks’ written on it. RC made the stencil last night and wrote ‘Gadzooks’ where it used to say ‘On Air’. 8th year that RC has done Tattoosday. Bizarre Files: Cheerleaders. Loud metal crunching noise when a drunken woman sunk her teeth into the part of the car above her window. Over $400 worth of damage. Tulsa man arrested for traffic violation faces felony charges for stripping naked in the police station staring at female inmates. Daredevil lover snapped his penis after trying to have sex in a tree. Australian snake catcher was not surprised that a snake was in a toilet, usually gets 10 per year. Jose Vasquez charged for multiple accounts of sex abuse for groping women in Times Square dressed as Woody from Toy Story. In February a man dressed as Superman punched a woman in the face when she didn’t have money to pay him for a picture. Caller 6 Cheerleaders. 

Time 10:05-10:25
Red Hot Chili Peppers, they and Bruno Mars will be performing for the Super Bowl. Black to the future, black listenas. Steven Hawkin had a party but sent the invite out a week later to prove if time travel was real. Have Steven Hawkins on Tape face Tuesday. Kathy looks like a burn victim. Casey looks like a pig mask. Caller Guy with no Butt Crack: Tim-from Georgia- someone contacted him on Reddit. He has no butt hole. 7 years three surgeries, he butt crack has been sealed up. Z- plasty, took the skin from the butt cheeks and sewed them up. Had to relearn to wipe back to front. Last surgery was three years ago, still healing. Cut off so much meat that his tailbone was exposed. Start a support group, has to be more people with no ass crack. LQ Hollywood trash: Justin bieber faces charges for egging neighbor’s house. Octomom has been charge with welfare fraud. Arnold Schwarzenegger divorce will cost a lot because no prenup was signed. LA. Music News: Aerosmith has been casted in Cotton Wood and movie coming up. Marilyn Manson is working on a follow up album and will be very cinematic. Communiting board in Manhattan will vote is a location will be called Beastie boy Sq. the location is featured on their 2nd album. Slash Joins Lita Ford and Cherie Currie Onstage for 'Cherry Bomb' U2 will release a new song during Super Bowl. Performed first show in three years at Sean Penn’s Haiti benefit. Benefit raised nearly $6million. They also walked away with a Golden Globe that was in the movie Mandella. Steel Panther release 3rd album, 12 song cd, can be preordered today. Some songs include ‘Glory hole’, ‘Gang bang at the old people home’, ‘She’s on the rag’. 

Time 10:36-10:44
Thanks to Tim the butt hole man and Alan who got the tattoo. We want flat butts and tattoos, this is reality radio. Pierre here, Pierre’s picks, instead of workforce blocks in honor of the Grammy’s coming up. WOW:R Jay-z with Justin Timberlake- Nirvana: Smells like Teen Spirit. Kathy’s big forehead, Kathy Bromano. Rage On.

LQ: What is Bubba short for?
LA: Bubbins 

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