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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Here’s what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:13-6:23
Monday morning, warmer this week. Weather. Traffic. News: Murder-suicide Radnor couple. Three children left behind. Motive still in question. Serial robbery at Wawa in Philadelphia. Second time at same Wawa. Investigation on why Southwest airline landed at different airport. Second time in two months that are large jet landed at the wrong airport. Sports:  Final four in NFL are set for next weekend. Broncos vs. Patriots, 49s vs. Seahawks. Rangers beat Flyers 4-1 last night in MSG. Michael Ian Black and Josh Holloway will be joining us this morning. WOW. Super Pole party with Lisa Ann at Club Risqué. Golden Globes last night.
Time 6:35-7:14
Tom Petty on this Monday morning. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Orlando Bloom: 37, Liam Hemsworth: 24, Patrick Dempsy: 48, Penelope Ann Miller:50, Julia- Louise Dreyfus: 53, Richard Mull: 71, William B. Davis: 76. SA. Weekend Box Offices Entertainment News: Golden Globes categories and winner. Steve thought it was boring but Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were solid. 12 years a slave won best drama. American Hustle, Wolf of Wall street not actual comedies. E! apologizing to Michael J. Fox that listed Parkinson disease as fun fact. Fun Fact Judy Dench has a colostomy bag. Charlize Theron and Sean Penn were extra cozy at his gala confirming relationship rumors. Robin Wright at engaged to Ben Foster. Emma Watson dating Oxford Rugby player. Shia LaBeouf claimed he is retiring. David Cassidy was arrested for a DUI Friday night in LA. Justin Bieber in dispute with neighbor for misdemeanor assault crime, throwing eggs. Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon are giving their marriage another shot from 2007. Fun Fact: Pamela Anderson suffers from many STDs. Kim Kardashian not happy that people continue to comment on her post-baby body. New York is cracking down on Puppy Mills thanks to Lea Michelle. DeGeneres has traded her house in for a bigger model, The Brody House. Given advanced screener copy of Secret Life of Walter Mitty for Oscar hosting duties, now found online. Duty-O’s Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are reuniting for a new show. Clips: Blacklist, James Spader discusses how character will grow. Josh Hollaway plays Gabriel Vaughn and talks about the character. Lack of sun makes Preston extra tired.
Time 7:27-7:55
Fun facts. Weather. Traffic. Victor Fiorillo sent in a story of guy driving around Mayfair area asking women for a slice of cheese while masturbating. Swiss Cheese Pervert. Compares girls to cheese, always using girls to advertise dairy products. Another guy used to drive around sucking on a dill pickle. Mobile perverts in Philadelphia. Victor Fiorillo on the phone; broke this story. Active on dating websites, propositioning women to do sexual things with cheese. Shocked to see Fiorillo at his front door asking about his cheese fetish. Driving around in two different cars. One is a 2012 formaggio. Caller Shauna was messaged by cheese guy 2 years ago to watch him touch himself with cheese. Caller Cindy was offered money in 2011 to use Swiss. Caller Jess was emailed in the last month for money. Plenty of Fish is his go-to site. All callers looked similar, fair skin. Caller Megan driving next to him on the Boulevard holding up cheese. Caller Adam’s girlfriend was asked by him to put cheese on his privates by holding up a sign. Caller Joe saw him driving not wearing pants with slices on bologna on top of his privates. Funny, but illegal!
SQ: What types of animals were Eek and Meek in the long running comic strip by Howie Schneider
SA: They were mice.
Time 8:07- 8:22
Weezer on 93.3. Win Cruise with Weezer at Club Risque. Traffic.  Club Risque- Lisa Ann Bizarre File: Man in Australia had a large cockroach burrow into his ear, tried to vacuum out. Houston Firefighter fought fire in an 18 wheeler with beer. British woman tried to sue lawyers for negligence because they didn’t tell her that divorce would end her marriage. Student from London was left temporarily blind after surgery to change her eye-color: from dark brown to light brown. Gary Devito/Fresh Smiles in studio-Kathy’s charity keep kids off the street and out of trouble in Philly. Devito has chosen Fresh Smiles and will donate 15 grand if his law firm is voted to win First Trust Philly’s Business First awards. Some things the charity has done are: bought 50 sneakers, rented a saxophone so a student could join the band, paid for a girl to go to dance, bought a girl a camera for class.
Time 8:30-8:56
Lots of sunshine. Weather. Traffic. Text of the day, “your commercials are better than other station’s content.” Liscios. Golden Globes Recap: Bland, sloppy, and slow. Took way too long to get to the stage. Took Jaqueline Bisset 9 hours to get to the stage. Nick flipped from Globes to Flyers twice and she was still rambling. It’s not like your xrays came back clean, you are nominated for an awards show, so you obviously have a chance to win! Make room wider and shallower to get to the stage quicker. Poehler calls Matt Damon a garbage person. Funniest line of the night about George Clooney spending time with women his own age. Fey and Poehler were highlight of show. Montages were too quick. Winners: 12 Years of Slave; best drama. American Hustle; musical/comedy. Best Actor: drama- Matthew McConaughey, comedy- Leo DiCaprio, Best actress: drama- Cate Blanchett; comedy- Amy Adams. Jennifer Lawrence; best supporting actress. Frozen; best animated movie, Woody Allen doesn’t show up for his Cecil B. Demille. Accepted by Diane Keaton. Andy Samburg; best actor TV comedy. Amy Poehler; best actress TV comedy.
Time 9:01-9:37
We’re getting back into it because of a guest. Traffic. Michael Ian Black- Ducks Quack Don’t Echo. BBC show, this is the sister show. British show is twice as long and has more science. The myths that duck quack will not echo- never is brought up on the show. Redheads tolerate pain better than blonds or brunettes. Cows that have names produce more milk because the owners sympathize and nurture them more. Working with Tom Papa and about to do Jim Gaffigan’s pilot. Status on sequel to Wet Hot American Summer- depends on writers. 14 episodes of Ducks Quack 2 episodes a night back to back. A-Rod suspended. Every baseball player wants to be a legend. Players using enhancers will never make it into Hall of Fame. A-Rod terrible actor. Pornhub spike in traffic due to polar vortex, Maine had the biggest percentage increase. Preston has something rotten in his fridge. Tell kids whoever finds it gets 10 bucks. Mile Marker 420 to 419.99 in Colorado. Exit 69 changed to 68.99. Josh Holloway . About to be a daddy- better to work in TV close to 9-5. Good start for the show CBS. Enhanced character, Spy. Any point in the series go to help a Nigerian prince. Very James Bond but enhanced with tech. Loved James Bond how his father and brothers bonded. After Lost did 4 movies and then went back to TV to be home. Being considered for a role in Man of Steel 2. Premieres tonight.
Time 9:50-10:00
Blink 182 “All the Small Things” like Marisa. Weather. Traffic. Preston watched Arin’s calendar photo shoot. Bizarre Files: Cheerleaders gentleman’s club. Body of man was found sitting in chair in crawl space of home frozen to death. Woman accidentally fatally shot a 65 y.o. relative over an argument of whether or not a gun would fire. Puppy was supposed to be delivered to girl in hospital but puppy never arrived, woman refused to give the dog up. Different woman’s body was discovered in the wrong casket during the wake of funeral. Body was cremated instead. Wife of Palestinian prisoner impregnated by sperm smuggled out of a prison.  Police charged with stealing 12 bottles of hand sanitizer from hospital so he could mix it with OJ and drink it with the alcohol content. Riddick.
Time 10:11-10:22
Stone Temple Pilots great music expect even better thing for them. WoW. LQ. Hollywood Trash: Pamela Anderson remarried. Jessica Simpson tweeted Maxy got a booboo. David Cassidy has been arrested for drunk driving- 3rd time. LA. Music News: Red Hot Chili Peppers will join Bruno Mars for Super Bowl Half time show. Not know if they will play part of Mars’s own band or on their own. Tickets for 2014 Coachella festival sold out in under 3hrs. Motley Crue will hold special event, supposed to give details about their farewell tour. Jason Newstead explains why he left Metallica, James wouldn’t let him do echo brain. Managers were on board until James said no. Tom Morello will become a solo artist after playing with Bruce Springsteen’s East Street Band. Morello played on his last album Wrecking Ball and Springsteen’s new album High Hopes. Free Music Monday. For Bruce Springsteen’s High Hope’s CD.  
Time 10:35-10:42
Shart out to Federal Detention Center. Pierre is here. Weather. Thanks to Michael Ian Black and Josh Holloway.  Vote for Gary Devito’s law firm and $15,000 will be donated to Kathy’s charity Fresh Smiles. LOTD. Pierre said people would spray paint street signs of Devon to Devo because of the popular band at the time. Two kinds of vandalism that Preston likes: S curve and Deer Crossing.
LQ: Catching the swiss cheese pervert was like watching the Beatles where.
LA: The Cavern Club
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