Producer's Notes - 01/03/14
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Date: 01-03-2014

Time 6:08-6:25

Weather. High of 18 today. Traffic. News Strong winter storm slammed NE 2ft of snow in parts of region. NY 18 inches of snow Chris Christie calls state of emergency. Preston plowed driveway last night. National Weather Service says there will be strong winds and dangerous driving conditions. A worker has been killed after being trapped by a pile of rock salt. Hard for first responders to get to him because the pile kept collapsing. A man and a woman have been found dead in a house fire on 3200 block of Orman street. Firemen think it was intentional. Sports Sat night playoff eagles New Orleans saints team has been broadcast on NBC 3 times in a row. Went on sale tues afternoon and went on sale in minutes. Flyers had a 4 game winning streak stop. Day off on the slopes at Jack Frost. Pierre and Jaxon broadcasting live. Pierre has a cabin up there. Eagles Giveaway. Steve says it’s getting covered like the super bowl. You have to guess what section, row, and seat number. Tickets are sold out. Its 150 for standing room only on stub hub.

Time 6:30-7:05

We have some big news, Kathy is pregnant. Preston: don’t start rumors like that. Traffic. SQ Birthday, John Paul Jones: Led Zepplin, 68. Mel Gibson, played his old phone calls to baby mamma, 58. Eli Manning, 33. Victoria Principal, 64. Daphne Coleman, 82. Robert Logia. George Martin, 88. Dannica Mckeller, Winnie from Wonder Years, 39. SA. Entertainment News Charlize Theron and Sean Penn spark romance rumors. Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland goes to twitter to address, call me maybe singer playing Cinderella on broadway. Josh Hutcherson was met with mocking jay salute when visiting home town to see a football game. Kirstin Dunst Spokesmodel for LO’rel Professional. Former face of Bolgari Fragrances. Your Face Smells. John Travolta will make an appearance on Kirstie Alley TV show. Had massive crush on Travolta. Peter Jackson 1st film hobbit was most pirated film of the year. Illegal downloaded 8.4 million times. Steve asks favorite movie of 2013. Preston Iron man 3, Casey, Thor. Robertson, Duck Dynasty, family now merchandising guns. Duck Dynasty Show. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan released addition information about Better Call Saul. May be a prequel. Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul showed interest in being a part of the show. Cameron Diaz, In Praise of Pubes. Shia Labeouf hired a sky writing plane to write ‘I’m Sorry Daniel Clowes’ for plagiarizing. Lindsey Lohan gets tutorial from 2 big DJ’s at Pier 94 with Diplo and Major Lazer. Paris Hilton dj’s at clubs, has residency at Club Amnesia in Ibiza. Our club music is a pink vibrator. You could make a milkshake with that. Clips. H. John Benjamin, Bobs Burger. Rick and Morty Adult Swims new show, Creator Dan Harmon. Eagles tickets giveaway.

Track  3                                  Time 7:15-7:43

Sound Garden. Traffic. Eagles Giveaway. Section guessing. Section 233, correct. Row guessing. Driving conditions, leaving early for work in the snow. Plow Trucks, driving too fast, skipping your neighborhood. Nick, lived in a cul de sac, plows would leave all of the snow at his driveway. Cat litter used for traction. Preston, Red lights are a suggestion. Caller, South Philly still snowing, roads are better. Caller, Police Officer, I don’t get out of the car when it’s cold. Snow Days. Shoveling sidewalks and driveways. I cleared this spot so I can take your wife. Eagles Giveaway.

SQ What soldiers autobiography was titled To Hell and Back.

SA: Audie Murphy

Time 7:51-8:02

Harvey Danger. Traffic. Section Guessing, no correct row guessed. Bizarre Files. Royal Canadian police advise not to set car on fire to keep warm. Stranded Alberta pair torch their car to keep warm. 2 fire departments called after 1000 portable toilets went up in flames. Banker vanished after a suicide. 20 million dollar wire fraud. Arrested in Georgia due to minor traffic violation. Mother in michigan outraged that no one called for help when son was shot. Footage from store camera shows son was shot down and customers stepped over him instead of calling 911. Chinese student will be executed for hanging 2 prostitutes and then ‘having his way’ with the bodies then buried her body in his garden. Lone Survivor, 3 callers.

Track  2                                  Time 8:10-8:44

Shinedown. Traffic. Eagles Giveaway. Section guessing. Section 233. Row guessing. Bacon bowl. Kathy hates bacon. Bread bowl. Baco-tarian. Kathy doesn’t eat bread bowl, listener wants to know if Kathy eats ice cream cones. Brinner.  More disgusting than bacon, turkey bacon. Gym and eating healthy. Nick, went to the gym the other day, Did you do water aerobics with the ladies. Gym culture. Caller ‘Zen Cat’ from Lambertville said she would send us bagels. Didn’t realize NJ was in a state of emergency. Praying for the bagels to make it to us. She wants to be Nelson Mandela when she grows up. ‘I wish I was naked in the shower and not embalming’. ‘I spent xmas eve and xmas day in the mental hospital. She almost went to Penn, went to Duke instead. Tips for newbies in the gym, don’t grunt, don’t drop weights, cotton leggings are not yoga pants, do not fart. Preston: I wear the same shorts a few days in a row. Gym tips, keep your shirt on, clean machine when done, don’t spit, don’t be a loud talker, put weights back, don’t be a dick to the newbies. Planning vacation already because it’s so cold.

Track  3                                  Time 8:51-9:24

Traffic. Eagles Giveaway. Section guessing, 233. No correct guesses. Bill from Springfield, works in building, brought in bagels and donuts. Bread emergency trucks do exist. Includes bacon bagels for Kathy. Dating Study, how often women go through relationships, what kinda of relationship they’ve had. Average woman kisses, 15 men, 2 long term relationships, heartbroken 2 times. Kathy is a germaphobe ,never played spin the bottle. Women, 4 disastrous dates, fallen in love 2 times, 4 one night stands.  Men, stood up 2 times, 6 one night stands. Men want to settle down at a younger age, 22. Nick, it happens because they want someone to take care of them. Men are moving in at an earlier age, 25. Lieing in pre-Cana counseling. Sexual partners, men 10, women 7. Blind dates, bad experiences. Study online dating, what you should have on your profile. 4000 online daters, full body image increases your chances of being messaged. Pictures with pets is not a good idea. Men who admit being divorced get more messages. Men w. kids get more messages, women do not. 35 layers of compatability 250 layers of compatability. New year’s resolutions, takes 21 days to make a habit, research- it’s a lie. Preston’s weight loss. Doctor used scare tactics. One researcher says try to keep in mind it’s much easier to develop a habit than to quit one. Casey broke new year’s resolution yesterday, to exercise 30 mins a day and to practice guitar 30 mins a day. Kathy, play golf this year. Compilation of the most interesting tweets, not celebs. Being old. When you fart and a finger comes off.Eagles Giveaway, section guess, 233, incorrect.

Time 9:30-9:53

Traffic. David from Coventry Deli, brought hot oatmeal, Nick from upstairs brought bagels. Eagles Giveaway, 10 callers, Section guess, 233, still no row guess. Timmy is going to sing, friend of the show. Debate held at creation museum about whether creationism should be taught in school between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. Neil Degrass Tyson will be debating Gary Lauer. Bizarre File. Police have to release boy, 6, on new years eve from fuzzy handcuffs. Kentucky women turns to facebook when husband beat her with handgun. Husband ripped out phone cord and posted a picture of her face titled ‘help’. August, Tulsa woman used facebook to get help when someone broke in. Nude subject jumped roof top to roof top to escape police. 11 year old was bruised after being stuck in a washing machine. Woman discovers a boa constrictor living in a couch found on the curb. New years eve, host of a party bit off guests toe after altercation. Eagles Giveaway, 10 callers, section guess, 233, row guess, 22, seat guess, 10 Winner, Dalynn. Philly cops dressing up as saints fans. Fighting between rival sports teams. Born a human whistle.

Track  2                                  Time 10:04-10:21

Rolling Stones. Day off on the slopes. Cardboard Classic and post party. Jack Frost Big Bolder. Skiings never been better because there’s powder. Guys surfs down volcanos, volcano lugeing. Pompeii Exhibit, didn’t get to see bodies. LQ Hollywood Trash Ricky Martin and Carlos Gonzalez  break up. Khloe kardashian is a month and a half pregnant. Paris Jackson spent time with mom in Hawaii. LA. Music News, Ricky Charles Goodrich CFO of Pearl Jam band management pled guilty to theft of band. Claimed missing money went to crew bonus’. Zoltan Bathery gave advice to fans who are feeling down during the holidays. Black Sabbath Posted messages to fans saying his next round of chemo may be his last. First of Zeppelin’s reissued albums will be released this year. Shart Outs Steven Singer New Delco Jingle. Rambo. 

Time 10:27-10:37

Alice in Chains. Thanks to Coventry Deli. Wrap Up Check in with Pierre at JFBB, 3 degrees on the mountain. We find it pathetic to beg for food on air. Pierre is not above begging. Wonderloin, It’s a winter wonderloin. LOTD caller 3 Jack frost Big Bolder. This is the first time this has ever happened. WOTW winner, Tom.

LQ, What is Boulgaris Slogan? 

LA, Your Face Smells




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