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Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:06-6:16
Weather. Traffic. News winter storm warming tonight until tomorrow. 4-6in of snow for our area. Travel hazardous during the evening. 16 year old girl sexually assaulted who was participating in Mummers Parade. Police apprehended suspect. Rescue of research ship stranded in Antarctica. 52 scientists and tourists are being rescued thru fog, ice, and snow. Captain Shackelford rescue. Sports Michael Vick expects to start somewhere else next season but will come back to play for Eagles. Maple Leafs win Winter Classic in shootout 3-2, 105,000 fans. Flyers move up to 3rd in division game tonight at 9. Sixers had 7 different players score in double digits in win. Short 2-day week is a perfect work week. WOTW.
Time 6:23-6:59
Green Day. Weather. Traffic. SQ Birthdays Jim Baker, 75; Kate Bosworth, 31; Cuba Gooding Jr, 46; Taye Diggs, 47; Tia Carrere, 47; Gabrielle Carteris, 53; Dax Sheppard, 37; Karina Smirnoff, 36. SA Guinea Pig  Entertainment News James Avery passed away due to open heart surgery problems, famous for Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince. Clip from Fresh Prince. Clip of Jeffrey the Butler. Lilo Brancato released from Hudson Correctional Facility. In for role in shooting an officer. Alyssa Milano appeared at NASCAR Sprint Cup awards and was made fun of for being fat. Aaron Sorkin is unhappy with co-star of Newsroom, Jeff Daniels. Eva Longoria not pleased with Latin Times, said she has contract with 3 Latin soap operas. Wolf vagina cuna de lobos. She’s dating Jose Bastone and is producer for Devious Maids. Eye patch is equivalent to a thong Tori Spelling found out husband Dean McDermott cheating on her, photographed without wedding ring. Kaley Cuoco engaged to Ryan Sweeting does he where an eye patch?  Angela Landsbury ringing in the new year as a dame of the British Empire. At 88 you can’t bring a sword down on her Queens gynecologist was knighted, Sir Dr. Marcus Sitchell Steve adlibs with British accent Quvenzhane Wallis will be Annie in upcoming remake and will make $750,000 base salary, Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz as co-stars. Annie guns Casey did musiCAls in middle school. Demi Moore getting cozey on beach with new boyfriend. Clips Joel Mchale on Community. Johnny Lee Miller on Elementary. New year we go back an hour  WOTW
Time 7:08-7:43
MMR Rocks. Traffic. It was nice to get back to normal hours of sleep. Recap of personal New Year’s events. David Murphy 3-6 in, we will miss the worst of the snow. Winding down around rush hour tomorrow. Temp getting into the teens. Lehigh Valley will have worse conditions due to lower temps during rush hour. Accumulations done by 9am. Blizzard conditions in NY and possibly Ocean County. Staying warm in the cold Eagles game should be a lot of fun, best way to stay warm is yell really loudly. Winnipeg is -28 degrees C equivalent to temp on Mars. Marisa is going to the Eagles game. Keeps warm by giving hand jobs Nick left last game early because it was too cold, almost got arrested by cops on horses for peeing on snow bank. Pop-up urinal. Don’t have to worry about your hands being cold when you touch your weewee Listener Amy’s neighbor had a Clydesdale. Can you bring firewood and accelerant? Winter Classic was really cold. Does a C-section at 12:01 count as the first birth of the year? Listener Ben saw truck driver get pulled up on horse with one hand. Put plastic bags on over socks to keep feet warm. Puts condom on ear When fingers get cold give up promising piano career. Listener Nancy knew someone with frostbite on his penis. Matt O’Donnel’s son wears shorts all year round to school. Iron Hill Lone Survivor
Time 7:55-8:05
Traffic. Very intimate show today. Traffic may be light due to people taking off. Bizarre File Woman walking across Boston’s draw bridge was crushed to death between two plates. British man addicted to drinking and sniffing gasoline was banned from gas stations. Home hit by vehicle for 11th time in 30 years. Man went to hospital for stab wounds after giving girlfriend a knife for Christmas. Husband and wife face animal cruelty for neutering friend’s animals. Listener Paul calls about house in Delco hit by car at least 5 times.
Time 8:16-8:45
Weather. Traffic. Kathy found return policies changed this year, 1 return per store, no gift receipts, no store credit, return limit $ amount. Precautions due to people stealing items. Annoyances of Returning Holiday Gifts  Accommodating people draws them in and keeps them coming back. Nordstrom is very good at this. Steve is terrible at bargaining. King of Prussia sales were down 20% from last year. Caller John’s girlfriend got screwed out of a jacket she got for Christmas because of return policies. Being a-scared Steve refused to return wrong sub pump to hardware store to avoid being made fun of. Caller Mark’s friend arrested for stealing items he was going to return from Best Buy. Take it back bitch Caller Melissa works at Kohl’s and says Kohl’s Cash is depleted when it comes to returned items open up the register and tip it into their pocket. was it the enema? Working retail you have to meet at least one jerk a day. Being nice sets dynamic and lightens mood. People go out of their way to go where they know they will be treated right. Caller Mary says it’s a state law some places to not give back customers cash or credit for returns, considered “stealing.” Good will and residual affect will go on and help in the long run. Buying Christmas decorations now will save you a lot of money. Are these douglas firs free?  
Time 8:55-9:26
Someone laid siege in the bathroom. Traffic. Preston goes up stairs to use the bathroom because he enjoys the quiet time and there’s less traffic. Our bathroom was used to spank it. You are setting the bar pretty high for 2014 if you’re cracking out eggers right now. Mummers Parade Jacky Bam Bam wins Handsome Costume Kathy bummed she wasn’t there, Preston could care less. Steve’s goal is go to colonial Williamsburg, rent a costume, pretend to be part of parade. Pierre with Steve Highsmith were entertaining. Tom Rhodes in Studio just got out of emergency room, he was hammered and fell off a stool. A lot of mummers in the emergency room last night. Never had stitches before. Stopped drinking because he had to do this radio show. Steve was on Propofol, it knocked him out cold, lost big chunk of time in his memory. Tom stays away from mid-western shows now, enjoys going to different countries. He had a late-night talk show in Amsterdam. Hostess snack cake sales are going to go through the roof in Colorado. The Dutch see it as immaturity to smoke pot after 30 years old, or you are a tourist. Going to Holland soon for tour and to visit wife’s family. If you want to push a Dutch persons buttons bring up Zwartboek. Moved to Holland for Dutch girl, her dad showed slides of family and mother was topless. Been to every continent except Antarctica and Africa. Small Chinese comedy scene in Beijing. Got maced first time in Paris. I failed French in high school, Mrs. B you slut. 3 years in a row going to Rome, nice to pretend you live there. Interview with Kim Dotcom on podcast. Working on a book based on diaries. If I knew what I know now I would have wrecked some stuff Texting your brother isn’t an Indian Jones story.
Time 9:37-9:55
Day off on the slopes.Traffic. News Anchor Faints faints while talking to guy on the slopes. Clip of woman fainting. Should we call an ambulance for you? When Nick passed out he just fell and hit the floor. Michael Schumacher in a coma from skiing accident. Bill Weston in Studio. Dog starts humping another dog in news video. New Year’s Eve Recap Fox’ All-American New Year pointed mic into crowd and girl shouted obscenities. Miley Cyrus looked like someone took her to a retirement home and she lost her handle. She didn’t dress crazy she just had a midget with her. She’s trying too hard to be popular. Steve hates Wrecking Ball. She looks like me but she’s smaller mini me clip Bizarre File Couple in 60s have finished running a marathon every day for 30 years in Australia. French soldier’s souvenir anti-tank rocket fell from wall and caused an explosion injuring 3 people. Brazilian news cite reported doctors performed a C-section on a woman who was not pregnant. Police arrested Shivana Rump for pulling a knife on her boyfriend after he refused to cuddle with her. Gun-toting mugger in Central Park stole a flip phone and gave it back to the guy he stole it from. Lone Survivor 3 callers
Time 10:05-10:15
Christmas Miracle. LQ. Hollywood Trash Aaron Rogers responded to rumors about being gay. Rob Kardashian does not want to be a Kardashian. Prince William will attend Cambridge. LA Music News Slipknot singer addresses rumors about him quitting the band, he did NOT quit. Soundgarden will make first pilgrimage to Israel for festival. Las Vegas police officer Horsely helped Guns N’ Roses’ Ashba propose by flying government helicopter and retired rather than facing demotion. Steve hit the wrong button.  Lone Survivor 3 callers
Time 10:20-10-24
Blink 182. Weather. Wrap Up Thanks to David Murphy and Tom Rhodes. LOTD Thanks to our sponsors. Day off on the slopes
SQ: What type of animal is featured on papa new guinea
SA: Bird
LQ What is the English translation of cuna de lobos?
LA Wolf Vagina
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