Producer's Notes - 12/20/13
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:07-6:20

Sugarhouse for Christmas Miracle. Weather 71 high on 12/22. Traffic. News Updates Ceiling of London theater collapsed, more than 700 inside, no fatalities. Police searching for  robbers in Deptford, stole $400. Target says 40M card accounts impacted by data breach, has fixed the problem. Kathy shopped at Target anyway, they sell clothes that fit American Girl Dolls. Sports. Giroux wins game for Flyers 5-4. Eagles play Bears 12/22, both in 1st in division. 76ers looking to end 7-game losing streak. Getting Christmas Miracle started shortly after 7:00. Engineers did a great job setting up. Casey looks festive. Preston got red coat at Barn Attic in Harleysville. Light Action Productions did lights.

Time 6:33-7:04

Crazy lights and fired up crowd. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays Peter Criss of KISS is 68, just inducted into R&R HOF. Chris Robinson of Black Crowes is 47. Jonah Hill is 30, Wolf of Wall Street new movie. Michael Badalucco, no one knows who he is, in O Brother Where Art Thou, Uri Gellar of The Mentalist is 67. Caller Joey Stupid Answer. Entertainment news Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson made unfiltered comments. Preston never liked the show. Voicemails from Will and Kate being used in trial. Jason Schwartzman’s baby due in April, he is in a movie Roy Perry’s (works at WMMR) son made called “Listen Up Philip.” Kate Winslet taking legal action for using her image in ad w/o permission. Kim Bassinger getting back into modeling, is agoraphobic. Daughter Ireland signed with same modeling agency. Ben Stiller still happily married, new movie Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Brad Pitt not doing anything special for 50th bday. Brad Pitt eats in almost every scene. Denise Richards doesn’t want Charlie Sheen & Brooke Meuller’s kids to be placed in foster care, will parent them if necessary. Kanye helping Kim Kardashian deal with fans, ate pizza and took pictures in Chicago. Ryan O’Neil gets Warhol’s Farrah Fawcett portrait $12M. Clips Kristen Wiig on Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Sylvester Stallone on Grudge Match.

Time 7:14-7:50

We’re in a casino! Traffic. Casey got Preston Clark Griswold jersey. Preston got Casey spelled out in Words with Friends tiles. Marisa got Steve gourmet popcorn. Kathy got Chuck a Philly Chocolate Tour. Steve got Nick Indiana Jones Blu-Rays. Nick & Beth got Kathy got nailpolish and Wawa giftcard. Chuck got Marisa lingerie, on sale and paid full price just to reach limit. Casey told waitress at California Pizza Kitchen it was Kathy’s birthday & everyone sang. Giftbags for everyone in audience. Trivia Round 1 Jeopardy/Price is Right style trivia, 3 contestants at a time, buzz in, 2 contestants who don’t win stay at the podium, if you don’t win, you spin the Baby Wheel. Contestants Nassir, Amy, Jason. Q1: Kathy grew up in what county? A1: Bucks (Amy wins Philly Pretzel Factory for a year & $50 Visa giftcard). Chris new contestant.  Q2: What did Nick exclaim when doing donuts in the snow? A2: Wee! Guess what I get to do! (Jason wins $1000 Dr. Genter) Matt new contestant. Q3: What is Chuck’s title? A3: Assistant program director (Matt wins Foreman Mills giftcard & Wii U) New contestant Joe. Q4: What does Kathy’s husband do for a living? A4: principal (Nassir wins free Primo for a year & $500 of chips at Sugarhouse). New contestant Michelle. Q5: Which girl has been in every calendar? Q5: Lauren Harris (Joe wins VIP table at Xfinity Live) Baby Wheel: Chris wins Skylander Swap Force. Michelle wins $50 Modells.

Time 7:56-8:09

Beautiful day, wonderful crowd. Traffic. Jacky BamBam is here wearing a Santa Claus jester hat. Dan Stevenson from Sugarhouse. Reserved Craps table after the show. Bizarre Files Gregg Casarona, 440 lb virgin, sent 110 lb girlfriend to ER with concussion during first time having sex. Man caught texting, driving, and “jerking it.” Man stuck in crane with fire raging below him. Man died after suffering injuries in porta-potty fire.  

Time 8:18-8:42

Baby Wheel proving to be a hit. Harley Davidson from Barb’s parked inside. Traffic. Poll done by Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, most annoying word is “whatever” for 2nd year in a row, up 32%. Second most annoying word is “like.” Kathy thinks it’s annoying when people text like they talk. Want to bring back “kerfuffle,” “ascared,” “bitchen,” “pud.” “Just sayin” and “obvi” are also annoying. Gary Lauer reading names. Trivia Round 2 Contestants Rob, Dave, Tim. Q1: What is the special ingredient in Nick’s mom’s meatballs. A1: Raisins (Dave wins 500 $1 bills from Cheerleaders) New contestant Ron. Q2: What color is Casey’s Vespa? A2: Orange, no winner. Q3: What is the name of the contest where Casey wipes his butt with a dollar bill? A3: Poo Dollar, no winner. Q4: What does BBG stand for? A4: Body By Genter (Ron wins Beer for a Year from Corona Light) New contestant Bob. Q5: What marshal art is Preston a black belt in? A5: Krav Maga (Tim wins $500 to Oxford Valley Mall). New contestant Mike. Q6: Who won P&S’s Great Pop Culture Challenge? A6: Bill Weston (Mike wins year membership to Franklin Institute). New contestant Don. Q7: According to Steve, what is Katharine Jackson famous for? A7: Cardboard sandwiches (Don wins dinner for 2 at all 12 Stephen Starr restaurants). Baby Wheel: Bob wins $50 Modells Giftcard, Rob wins $50 Modells Giftcard)

Time 8:54-9:20

Sunny Friday, temps close to 60. Traffic. Barb from Barb’s Harley Davidson is here. Giving away a 2013 883 Sportster. Val Kiel is here, up for Playmate of the Year. Jacky BamBam, Pierre, and Matt Cord are here. Sing “Put One Foot in Front of the Other” because Jacky wanted to enter to it. Pierre salutes the MMR airstaff, and gives Jacky BamBam the Rock of MMR (it’s an actual rock). Jacky’s showing off his thong to the audience. He also gets a parking spot that’s further away from where he usually parks. He missed the meeting where they were supposed to give him the rock. Pierre says Jacky embodies everything the award is about. Trivia Round 3 Contestants Tony, Jake, Tim. Q1: What was the name of the band Preston played drums for? A1: The Image (Tim wins $3200-worth of jewelry from Steven Singer). New contestant Nancy. Q2: “Go Bucknell” is said most often by which member? A2: Nick (Tony wins Yuengling VIP experience). New contestant Sean. Q3: Steve thinks which country is by far the most dangerous place? A3: Australia (Nancy wins a soundbar and subwoofer from Bob & Ron’s). New contestant Victor (Gary said Evan instead). Q4: What type of car does Nick drive? A4: Mini Cooper (Victor wins an autographed guitar from Metallica). Next contestant Jim, who is wearing a Santa hat with antlers. Q5: Casey and Nick’s Drunk Day reunited the hosts of which game show? A5: Double Dare (Jim wins $1000 in cash from Genter and SJFCU). Baby Wheel: Jake wins $50 Modells Giftcard, Sean wins $50 Modell’s Giftcard

Time 9:32-9:45

Live at Sugarhouse. Traffic. Val Kiel is still here signing autographs. Steven Singer is here. He’s been handing out a lot of P&S calendars. Chuck noticed P&S show photo at Steven Singer’s is outdated. Everyone is so fat in that picture. We all got our tapeworms! Bizarre Files Man entered Mcdonalds and asked for application, when manager explained that the application process was online, he lifted his shirt and revealed a gun. The manager found an application and called the police. Ft. Lauderdale police arrest man for hitting a bicyclist, driving away, and trying to dispose of the body in the woods. He drove 2 miles with the body hanging on the back window. Honolulu police fatally shot a man outside his home after he refused orders to put down a 12-ft steel pole with a blade at the end. An Xmas tree in Italy decorated with sex toys was taken down. We’re standing under the dildo! Mother was seen inhaling whippets in her car with 1-year-old in backseat. Waitress says she was fired for calling police upon seeing a mother drinking alcohol while breastfeeding.

Time 9:57-10:25

Bright and sunny today. You [Preston] glisten like that guy from Twilight. Traffic. Preston is wearing sunglasses inside because it’s so bright. Thanking listener Stephanie who made paddles for the sorority and sent white wine. Shart out from John from Raleigh, NC. Lesson Question Hollywood Trash J Lo sick of having to pay for boyfriend. Sherri Shepard and Jenny McCarthy fighting. Sarah Jessica Parker is not getting plastic surgery on her hands, Why operate on my hands when my face looks like Seabiscuit? Caller Drew Lesson Answer. Music News Paul Stanley’s autobiography out next April. NIN’s Trent Reznor credits Bowie as having one of the best albums of the year. Preston looks like a “Christmas Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice.” Marisa says Robin Thicke (thinks he’s sexy). Foo Fighters and Imagine Dragons are said to perform on a cruise ship ahead of the Super Bowl. Preston thinks we should play the Super Bowl in the snow. Light the field on fire! CSI Miami spoof with Preston’s glasses “I guess you could call me a… 5 card stud.” Trivia Round 4 Contestants Michelle, Paul, Sarah. Michelle is a carpenter. Know who else was a carpenter? Jesus. Q1: The P&S show has an acapella group called the River Valley Vocal Band. Who’s the voice coach? A1: Justin Guarini (Sarah wins a 4-pack of season passes to 6 Flags). New contestant Stephanie. Q2: The Granny Grand Prix was replaced by what? A2: The Grampy Grand Prix (Stephanie wins an Xbox 1 and Beats by Dre). New contestant William. Q3: What is P&S’s answer to the Puppy Bowl? A3: The Opossum Bowl (10:17 wins 128 GB iPad Air). New contestant Tim. Q4: What does DBH stand for? A4: Do Bong Hits (William wins $1000 from Genter & SJFCU). New contestant Joe. Q5: Nick’s son invented what word to describe female genitalia? A5: Perjanger, no winner. Q6: As a child, Casey was a member of 2 imaginary clubs, name 1. A6: The Runnin’ Away Club (Joe wins 2013 XL883L Superlow Motorcycle). Other question: What is Steve’s dog’s name? Baby Wheel: Tim and Michelle win Indiana Jones Blu-Ray, Elysium, and tickets to see Dave Chapelle.

Time 10:34-10:45

Casey joined another show (he went to gamble).Thanks to Barb, Steven Singer, and Val Kiel. Letter: E as in Energy. Pierre calls Jacky “an elf from another dimension.” Caller Mike is in the audience. Word: Plate, wins $300 Sephora giftcard. Listen to Pierre on Christmas Eve, BamBam’s Santa Tracker, and a Cord Family Christmas. Close with Linus from Charlie Brown Christmas.


SQ: What was the name of Ebenezer Scrooge’s deceased business partner?

SA: Jacob Marley


LQ: What is the Milan Italy version of mistletoe?

LA: A dildo

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