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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Christmas Miracle Broadcast from Sugarhouse Casino
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:09-6:25
Weather. Traffic. News Payment card data was stolen from Target on Black Friday weekend. It was software installed on computers used to swipe cards. Identity guard American Express is putting safety measures in place, Mastercard and Visa have declined to comment. There is a paperclip on Kathy’s microphone, it’s Kathy’s uncle. Jewelry thieves in Montgomery Country are being charged with a dozen crimes. Philadelphia police say two robbers got away with $500 after robbing St. Jude’s Religious Store. This is the fourth time the store has been robbed this year. Sports Flyers hope to continue winning streak against Blue Jackets. Phillies signed contract with Hernendez. Texas Southern beat Temple 90-89. Christmas Miracle broadcast is tomorrow. Val Keil, Jerry Bruckheimer, Matt Cord, Greg Warren, and possibly Scut Farkus will be on today.
Time 6:36-7:08
Christmas Miracle Traffic. SQ Birthdays Jake Gyllenhaal, 33; Alyssa Milano, 41; Jennifer Beals, 50 sing along with; Mike Lookinland, 53; Kristie Swanson, 44; Chris Angel, 46 stick meat hooks in my back and fly SA Wheelz was one of our favorite guests. Entertainment News Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson was placed on indefinite hiatus after making anti-gay remarks. Audio of Gene Wilder. He has the right to make those remarks, A&E also has the right to tell him not to. Baggage Battles is the most forced reality show ever. He believes in what the bible teaches, but would never disrespect someone different from him. Jennifer Lawrence said in a Barbara Walters interview that the media should take responsibility for making fun of people’s weight. Walters named Hillary Clinton Most Fascinating Person of 2013. Runners up include Edward Snowden, Miley Cyrus, “Kimye.” Shia LaBeouf copied an apology in order to apologize for failing to credit the comic that inspired his short film Howard Khloe Kardashian is having emotional trouble with her divorce from Lamar Odom. slamming real trains on the ground. Clips Kerry Washington on Scandal. Chris Elliott on Eagleheart. Christmas Miracle 5 callers starting from 15
Time 7:20-7:50
Traffic. Christmas Miracle 5 callers for Christmas Miracle. Remember when the Turkey caught on fire? 20 surprising things you didn’t know about National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. People that act like Cousin Eddie The neighbor’s house is Murtaugh’s house from Lethal Weapon. Cousin Eddie’s characteristics were based on a Childhood acquaintance of Randy Quaid. Call if you know somebody like Cousin Eddie. Kathy wasn’t sure if she would have time to make cookies this year, supposed to make 7 dozen but thought 24 were in a dozen. Marisa made Eggnog cookies, they really taste like Eggnog. Listener’s Brandon and Cody. Listener’s Father Ed put a cow pie in a pizza box and gave it to his kids. EZ’s “cousin Eddie” would get so drunk, they had to pour water in beer bottles to trick him. Dave’s pulled his own teeth out of his mouth. Leah’s ex husband acted like Eddie, he would look good in Duct Tape. MJ’s cousin showed up for Xmas eve dinner at 11pm, proceeded to vomit everywhere. Some people take characteristics based on movies like Christmas Vacation and Animal House. We talk about our favorite parts of the National Lampoon movies. Randy Quaid doesn’t like the character.
Time 8:02-8:25
Love all these Christmas songs. Traffic. Val Keil Voting is up now for Playmate of the Year. The winner will know in a few weeks. There is a time period where they can change the winner in case something happens. Promotional skills are important when getting involved with Playboy. Heff is a little more subdued now that he’s older. Val played Crochet with him. There’s about 15 people that work at the mansion. Jon Lovitz and John Crawford hangs out sometimes. The house has stairs just for dogs. Playmate of the Year gets $100k and a leased car. Heff was born in 1926, still on top of his game.. Bizarre File Man died after accidentally shooting off his penis with his homemade gun. A neighbor caught two baby twins dropped out of a building on fire, saved their lives. Florida school named after the KKK’s first leader will finally get a name change. A toddler from Tampa will have 5 organ transplants, he was born with his intestines outside of his stomach. A woman walked off a pier while browsing Facebook on her phone in Australia.
Time 8:37-9:02
Pierre Carol of the Bells. Xmas Miracle invites soon. Val Keil is on the Hottie Cam. Traffic. Val just took a picture of the monitor showing her on the Hottie Cam! Pregnant Virgins: Some pregnant women claim they are virgins. Maybe they consider themselves virgins if they never had sex with men, but have had sex with women. They probably just had to explain to religious parents about how she got pregnant. They could also consider themselves virgins if they had other forms of sex. Allen Iverson’s mom claims he was a virgin birth. Kathy - Wasn’t she a prostitute? Crap maybe I wasn’t supposed to say that. EZ Pass: Some drive-thrus are accepting EZ Pass to pay for your food. iDrive-Thru is being tested in NYC. Marisa’s dad won’t get one so he can’t be tracked, and so he can’t get a speeding ticket from the booth. Anonymous caller, on parole don’t have EZ pass because they track you. Toll booth employees will slowly lose their jobs due to EZ pass. Caller Jen just got off 476 the EZ pass line is longer. Val loves being back and hearing the Philly accent. You’ve totally lost your accent! Caller Susan: Got ticket through EZ Pass lane. Preston – I didn’t mean to get into a debate. You should’ve talked about abortion! Vote for Val Keil!
Time 9:14-9:43
Chewbacca Silent Night. Sunday will be 70 degrees. Traffic. Val Keil still here! Shart Outs: Deborah’s husband will be returning from last tour of duty. Listener Hunter’s mom was beaten & robbed on her bday. Now we crapped on her too. Listener Chris is here after being home from Afghanistan. Greg Warren in Studio: Grew up in the same area as Preston. He’s going home for the holidays. Preston used to love the pork steaks, giant cuts of pork. They’re very proud of local celebs. His dad met a guy related to some D-list celeb. I had a beer with Dan Dierdorf’s nephew!! He is a Christmas fanatic. Dad was wrestling coach, still treats him like a student. Tried out for football team in senior year, there was a guy who gave the worst speeches ever. Settle down, the bus driver has a lot of responsibility! Don’t forget your permission slips! Jerry Bruckheimer on phone: Met him at a press junket for Pearl Harbor. Is a huge hockey fan, knows Giroux personally. New book “When Lightning Strikes: Four Decades of Filming.” Can’t name a favorite film he’s done. Johnny Depp wrote the forward for the book because they made 5 films together. Pearl Harbor was the biggest press junket he’s ever seen. They had vintage aircraft, hundreds of TV/radio stations, open bar, and gov’t officials. Greg is at Helium this weekend.
Time 9:52-10:06
Weather. Traffic. Matt and Betty Cord in studio: Brought Lily and Nate. Matt was worried there weren’t enough mics for everyone, Lily said Betty could wait in the green room. Christmas with the Cords started 21 years ago when Matt had to work on Christmas. The first year there weren’t many lengthy talk breaks, just quick bits between song blocks. Jack started drinking Bloody Caesars the 2nd year. They have a billboard this year. Nate, have you met Val? Yeah, she’s hot! Lily, who’s your favorite DJ? Kathy Romano! Nate, who is yours? Not Matt Cord, not Kathy. Betty used to be a counselor helping people without family during Christmas. She loves hearing from listeners during the show. Might bring dogs to the show. The show runs 10-2. Nate – When Uncle Matt dies, he said I can have his radio station. Nate & Lily want to give shout outs! They’re trying to get Nate to play Captain Hook in his school’s Peter Pan. If Nate had to pick one best friend, it’s Betty Cord!
Time 10:15 -10:39
New Xmas song – the band is called Spiraling, the song is Baba O’Reilly mixed with Christmas songs. Eye of the Savior. To Eye of the Tiger: Christ. Je-sus-Christ. Jesus Christ. Sylvester Stallone is: Jesus Christ. Our Christmas video last year was so great. Christmas Miracle 5 callers. Val will be signing calendars. Val can’t hear anything. If the show sounds bad, that’s normal. Bizarre File In Charleston, man barricaded himself in his home while throwing soiled baby diapers at police officers. Christian anarchists guilty for theft of calendars filled with scantily clad women. A man was about to propose when an officer recognized him for outstanding crimes, the officer let him finish his proposal. A pastor hit a woman in the head and threatened her husband because she looked at him funny. Christmas Miracle callers: Eddie, Brian, Nasar, Scott, There’s a Barsky stocking hanging in our studio. LQ Hollywood Trash. Khloe Kardashian tweeted “it’s torture to my soul” about divorce. Phil Robertson is in hot water for saying homosexual sex makes no sense. Charlie Sheen is trying to get his ex-wife’s child support cut. LA Music News Shinedown planned to release a cover of acoustic songs until it was blocked by Bon Jovi, who didn’t want Dead or Alive on the album. Kiss’ Peter Criss says he couldn’t be happier about making it into the Hall of Fame, it’s the best Christmas present ever. Lostprophet’s Ian Watkins was arrested for sexual offenses against children. Downloads from Metallica’s “Freeze Em All” concert in Antarctica are available on
Time 10:53-10:58
Charlie Brownstain. Wrap Up Thanks to our guests on the show today. Thanks to Steve for buying everyone breakfast pizzas. Pierre’s in the studio, he’s got his glitter boots on. Pancake found an upside down Christmas tree, with grape lights. Val said naughty words, she took up all the delay. Pierre’s plan for the day. LOTD Christmas Miracle
SQ: What color were Scut Farkus’ eyes?
SA: Yellow
LQ: Mike Lookinland, who played Bobby Brady, killed how many people?
LA: A Family of Six
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