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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Jerry Bruckheimer – Phoner
Val Keil – Playboy Playmate – IN STUDIO
Greg Warren – Comedian – IN STUDIO – 9AM
Matt & Betty Cord – IN STUDIO – 9:30AM
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:10-6:23
Welcome all on this Wednesday morning. Weather Sunday we could hit 70 degrees. Traffic. News two winning mega million tickets were sold in California and Georgia. Final jackpot will be available my midday today. Officials say a fire damaged a south Philly apt early Wednesday morning. Sonoco will consolidate operations and move to Newtown Square soon. City bank is moving completely away from Philadelphia. Side note in KOP where there doing all this construction Kathy hopes there making a drive through Starbucks.  Drive through ones are the best. Sports Flyers beat Washington 5-2 last night. Forward Brayden Shenn was injured. St Joes will host Drexel today. Temple will host Texas Southern today. Today the show will be on Fox good day. Hottie cam from cheerleaders and Philadelphia hand bell ensemble. Christmas miracle broadcast Friday morning.
Time 6:37-7:08
Wednesday morning, approaching Christmas miracle. Traffic. SQ Birthdays Keith Richards 70th birthday. He doesn’t look a year over 700, Brad Pitt turns 50 years old today. One of Casey’s favorite Brad Pitt moments what is that from? Duck Dynasty. Steven Spielberg is 67 today. Katie Holmes is 35. Christina Aguilera is 33. Ray Liotta is 59. Stone Cold Steve Austin is 49. SA Entertainment News Colin Farrel on Ellen show talks about platonic romance with Elizabeth Taylor. The relationship was never consummated but they had lots of late night phone convo’s. He joked he wanted to be her 8th husband. Michael Jacksons three kids open up in a documentary about their father. Hart is pissed off because last month he donated 500 Sony computers to the city and 4 were stolen from the Cobbs creek facility.  Kylie Jenner told seventeen prom she wants to have a boyfriend and go to prom. Forbes has named the Rock as the top grossing actor of 2013. Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence were the only females to be in the top ten. Lindsey Lohan may be going back into music. Her fingers look chubby. That should be the title of her new album, ‘chubby digits.’ Clips Ben Folds Steve Carrel Preston tries to do the cup song from Pitch Perfect. Five callers Christmas miracle.
Time 7:21-7:47
Warming up this weekend Traffic. Philadelphia hand bell ensemble in studio. Christmas miracle. Christmas Miracle Callers Paula has been listening over 10 years. Charlie has been listening 8 years. He’s a little distracted right now. Don has been listening for a long time, he beat cancer. John used to hate Casey but he’s warming up to him, Preston is his favorite. His least favorite is Nick cause he doesn’t like Pearl Jam. Bob has been listening about 10 years, he won the money shot once. What was the money shot? List of Christmas miracle prizes. Kim Jong Ill uncle killed by firing squad with machine guns and then flame throwers. Dennis Rodman is going there to help train the basketball team. Bomb scare at Harvard yesterday because someone wanted to get out of finals. There was a bomb threat in the beginning of his freshmen year cause someone wanted to get out of a test. You’d be better off shooting yourself on the foot to get out of your finals. Marisa slept through an exam and the professor let her take it months later. College instructor says he excuses a death in the family, act of god, or hospitalization. Kathy’s cousin Katie says she had to miss a final for Kathy’s bachelorette party and took a test the following semester.
SQ: In what Chsitmas Movie do we hear about the Jelly of the Month Club?
SA: Christmas Vacation.
Time 7:55-8:12
WMMR Traffic. Claud Giroux donation to campout. Fox Good Day Gilligan’s Island is going to be made into a movie. Preston was a fan but he’s not excited. Steve would like to see Magnum PI, Bay Watch, 60 Minutes. Mr. Ed could be cool. Bizarre File A blind man tumbled onto the subway tracks and his seeing eye dog jumped on the tracks saving them both from two subway cars that passed over them. Then the dog built a pulley system to pull them out. A man who tried to trade a gator for beer was cited for illegally trapping the gator.  A man who had a shot glass shoved in his butt by three strangers is recovering.  A Man who won a 40 million dollar lottery prize is donating it all to charity in the name of his wife who died of cancer.  Philadelphia Hand Bell Ensemble Their full group is 15 people. Check them out at Joy to the World. They have some rock tunes they do. Kathy is going to jump in and play for a little.
Time 8:24-8:50
Wesley Willis “Merry Christmas.” Traffic. Philadelphia Hand Bell Ensemble play Go Tell It On the Mountain. Christmas Movies There is a Facebook poll up of the shows favorite Christmas movies. Preston’s: 5. Love Actually, 4. The Grinch, 3. Christmas Vacation, 2. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, 1. A Christmas Story. That whole Christmas morning sequence is spot on. Christmas Story was on everyone’s list but Kathy’s. She didn’t see it till she started working with them. Kathy’s: A Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th Street, Bad Santa, and Elf.  Nick’s: 5. Christmas Vacation 4. Elf  3. Love Actually 2. Christmas Story 1. It’s a Wonderful Life. Steve’s: 5. Miracle on 34th Street 4. A Christmas Story 3. It’s a Wonderful Life 2. A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. 1. A Christmas Carol. Steve also made a TV list: Charlie Brown Christmas, JT, Happy Days Episode, Millennium Midnight of the Century. Casey’s: 5. Charlie Brown Christmas 4. Elf  3. Emmit Otters Jug Band Christmas  2. Christmas Vacation 1. Christmas Story. Marisa’s: 5. Scrooged 4. Bad Santa 3. Christmas Vacation  2. Elf 1. A Christmas Story. Steve watches A Christmas Story on Blue Ray first and then on TV. Casey made a list of Christmas movies that aren’t about Christmas: Lethal Weapon, Die Hard. Marisa says Trading Places, Batman Returns, The Hudsucker Proxy are all movies with Christmas undertones. Vote on the Facebook page poll! Philadelphia Hand Bell Ensemble play We Wish you a Merry Christmas. Cheerleaders ladies will be on the Hottie Cam Next.
Time 9:05-9:26
We could hit 70 degrees on Sunday. Cheerleaders ladies on the Hottie Cam. Traffic Philadelphia hand bell ensemble is here, they will be playing some rock songs for callers to name that tune. High rise going up in Miami some units are 17.000 square feet. 60 story design. 132 units. 2-4 sky garages for each resident. You park your car inside your apartment there’s an elevator that brings it up. Manhattan has some places with a car elevator. Michael Jordan’s house is up for sale. The swimming pool has an island with grass in the middle. Philadelphia hand bell ensemble name that tune. First song Black Whole Sun. Song two caller number three Ed wins it with Better Man. Song three Bad Medicine. Cheerleaders holiday party. Song four American Idiot caller Bill wins. Song five Hey You. Cheerleaders. Thanks to the Philadelphia hand bell ensemble. 5 callers starting with number 15 Christmas Miracle.
Time 9:37-9:52
Rant from Christmas vacation Traffic Another song from the Philadelphia hand bell ensemble, Oh Come All Ye Faithful. 5 callers Christmas Miracle. Christmas Miracle Callers. Caller Julie is a longtime listener. Caller Stephanie made the paddles for Zeta Eta Pi sorority. Caller Chris has been to all the card board classics. Caller John. Caller Matt listened to the podcast of the Christmas Miracle last year and thought no one knew anything.  Bill Weston is on the hottie cam right now.  The cheerleaders girls came and went. Caller 5 and 6 cheerleaders Christmas party.  Bizarre File 60 school children in the United Kingdom had to evacuate the changing room because they believed a prosthetic leg for a peeping tom. A preoperative transsexual who was a man but wants to be a woman was convicted of murder, he was sent to a women’s prison and would have his sex change paid for by the prison, but had to be switched to a smaller women’s prison because he was having sex with the women do they have a temporary ‘I don’t know’ prison? Mohammad from Somalia woke up to an anaconda. He was saved after the snake attempted to eat him whole. He was relocated to Texas. The attack caused him to go blind for two years and he lost his upper lip. December debate, a woman hit another woman who was ringing a bell for Salvation Army because she said happy holidays.  The woman said do you believe in God? And that she was supposed to say Merry Christmas.
Time 10:07-10:26
Just played I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Nick keeps printing to the Camp Out printer. LQ. Hollywood Trash Target announcing its taking a stand and is not selling the new beyonce CD because it was released online first. A hacker posted on Jessica Simpsons fathers twitter. Penelope Cruise is addicted to breast feeding her children. LA. Secret Text Word Music News.  Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novolselic talked about the bands induction into the rock and roll hall of fame. KISS members Paul Stanley and Richard Simmons will be recognizing their former band mates at the Rock and Roll hall of fame ceremony. There was no groaner in the pack of people to be inducted this year. People could vote for their favorites this year. Cold Play performed a surprise show at a Pub in England. Korn will headline a new rock themed cruise. Two songs from Dave Grohl’s Sound City tracks have made the short list of numbers that could be nominated for an academy award. Secret Text Word The Philadelphia hand bell ensemble’s last song is Gloria. Cheerleaders caller number 10.
 Time 10:37-10:49
Shart Outs Steve gives a quick Shart out to Christian Tasker who is 24 today. Another to Jack from son David who is in studio. Kathy wants to say hi to the people at lower bucks hospital. Preston wants to do a live shart out the next to Casey needs to shart. During a commercial earlier Casey had a really loud fart. Kathy had that idea months ago. Wrap Up Thanks to the Philadelphia hand bell ensemble, their new sisters of the sorority. Thanks to the ladies from cheerleaders. LOTD Pierre thinks today should be a national holiday for Keith Richards’s birthday. Val Keil and Jerry Bruckheimer will be on the show tomorrow.
LQ: What could the bionic woman make with her vagina?
LA: A smoothie
Secret Text Word: Cars
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