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Phyllis Logan – Head Housekeeper on Downton Abbey – Phoner – 9AM


Here's what happened on the show this morning:


Time 6:06-6:17

Weather, it’s going to SNOW! Traffic. News: lots of schools and businesses are already closed, the weather is due to arrive at 7 trailing off by dinner time.

Arkel Garcia was arrested for the murder of 21-year-old Christan Massey, over his beat head phones. American Airlines officially emerged from bankruptcy, closing a blockbuster deal with US Airways to become the world's largest airline. Sportsthe bears beat the cowboys, 7-6 a game behind the eagles. Roy Holiday has retired at 36 after 16 years Flyers lost to Sabreas. LA Clippers beat the 76ers. Camp out for Hunger numbers. Subaru thanks for the 341,000 lbs of food, headed back to Cherry Hill. Going to get 2-4 inches. The farmers almanac says its going to be a harsh winter. The just the made call to close all Philadelphia schools.  Tattoosday: Natty Jay. Because of the snow everything has been moved to Thursday. David Murphy from CNBC

 Time 6:30-7:08

Jane’s addiction. WeatherDavid Murphy will be on, we will get the poop from him. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Megan White, 39; Bobby Flay, 49; Kenneth Branagh, 53; Ron Blagojevich, 57; Susan Day, 61; SA Entertainment News: Shia LeBeouf was approached by a fan, made her cry stating he could get her killed. We want to see Shia get his ass kicked. Lamar Odom has pleaded no contest to a DUI charge and receives three years’ probation. Rick Schroder was in Crimson Tide, dies via lightening blot. Harry Styles takes Kendall Jenner to gay bar in NYC. We don’t have the big hit by One Direction. Harry looks like a hasidic hobbit, its dangerous to be a Hasidic hobbit. Ben Affleck admitts Daredevil biggest regret. Major celebrities came out for Jennifer Aniston’s holiday party. We love Jennifer Aniston and her stripping in We are the Millers. Charlie Sheen is in love again with ex-porn star, Brett Rossi. Tim Meadows upset over SNL’s doing “Bill Brasky” without him. Extensions, expert Intern Rachel different kinds of weave, French braiding and hot gluing the extensions into head.Jinx is her new nickname. TCM host Robert Osborne trades chairs in January for interview special 'Private Screenings: Robert Osborne'. Bryan Singer Will Direct X-Men: Apocalypse. Leonardo DiCaprio and Venturi Automobiles announce Formula E plans. Pit-stops would just be just changing battery. Clips:Trophy wife, Malin Akerman. American Hustle, Jennifer Lawrence. David Murphy


Time 7:19-7:44

Snow is on its way, David Murphy calling soon with details. Traffic. Camp out for Hunger numbers Acme 19 tons from that tent alone. Snow update Listener Mike in Glendale its coming down pretty heavy. PnS weather app is working. Snow Update: Bryan from PennDot, Doylestown already has an inch. Casey has great slopes for sledding in his new neighborhood. Preston’s hills have a swelling at the bottom of a hill. We are sending intern Jinx out to give us weather report. Nick should attach a plow to his mini. Casey would make a killing just shoving sidewalks. Intern Jinx: Snowing coming down pretty hard with consist color, started in the sky, working its way down. David Murphy Thunder road and he will sing it for us. Our intern did a great job. Storm tracker, tweets from all over the DE Valley on how fast it came down. Main road seem to be okay, waiting is not going to help. Don’t drive and tweet! Should be over by 3pm. We like being bundled up, Steve got his wife a battery powered jacket. Brush and scraper combo, Steve has the Jedi version, it extends 

 SQ: What is the moral of Aesop's fable with the tortoise and the hare? 

SA: Slow and steady wins the race


 Time 7:56-8:10

Now it’s the holidays. WOTW. Traffic. Tweeter competition $200 cash prizes. Winter Underland: a picture of you in the snow in your underwear. Paul works for PennDot, heads up roads are terrible stay home if you can. Bizarre File: Louisiana man locked inside aircraft after falling asleep on flight, panicked when he woke up in a cold and empty cabin. Man jumps 7 stories to his death to escape shopping more after 5 hours at mall with girlfriend. Garrett Hurlbut, 23, charged with stealing a delivery truck because he was “running from zombies”. Sunny Aulakh who took part in competitive eating contest ended up choking before falling into a coma, leaving him paralyzed. Mike wants us to close his heating and cooling company. First one in questioning whether its underwear?


Time 8:21- 9:00

STP Out of Time. Weather. Traffic. Only call if you are a long time listener: Christmas Miracle Contest, Twitter contest- Tweeter competition $200 cash prizes. Winter Underland: a picture of you in the snow in your underwear.. Topless girls and big blacks dudes doing snow angels. More men in California are starting to talk like women. Their pitch raises at the end of sentence. Does Kathy do it? Up talk Study: Male listeners that sound like female. Pituation? Listener Dave sounds like Khloe Kardashian. Listener Paul works in retail and constantly talk in uptalk. Lauren Harris over uses the word “like”. Just leave the word out. Guess their sex: Number three: female name is Bobbie Lynn. Kathy: awe you’re screw. Number four: female with 42 DD. Another study by a person’s voice you can approximate height. Number five: female Smurf tattoo on inner thigh? Nope mickey mouse, 40D her aerials are the size of manhole covers. Lou from Save-a-lot, We want to go to living beyond your means. Listener “nick”: How long is your penis? He almost got us. Answer: male Fast and Furious 6Husky man with a B cup not all ditzy women, just speak pattern.  


Time 9:11-9:32

Sublime. Weather. Traffic. Twitter contest. We’ve got to beat out that Nelson Mandela thing, President is going to speak at the memorial. Its going to rain which is a blessing. Coldest recorded temperatures: -135.8F -93C, it would hurt to breathe. Liquid nitrogen is -300F. Absolute zero is zero on the Calvin Scale. Celsius vs. Fahrenheit Did this exist before America did? On July of this year, it came close again -135.2F youtube videos with home experiments: a bottle of water semi frozen if you flick the bottle it would crystalize and freeze in front of your eyes. Kathy’s corona light did that this weekend. They said that it would be dangerous, it’s like being on Mars at the poles. Scientists will do naked dashes in -100F. Monday the coldest temperature in Yellowstone was -27F. instant ice: water bender youtube video. Listener Mike has had this happened multiply times in his truck on cold mornings. Listener Tim: went snowboarding in Vermont it was -58, had the worst brain freeze ever. Owner of WDRE was from Manitoba, his wind shield shattered in the cold. Listener Jim: would put beers in the freezer, and watch this phenomenon. Friends of a man who has been arrested multiply times for drinking and driver. Tom Mabe staged prank in unused office staged as a hospital, told him he had been in a coma for 10 years. Tragically he laughed it off at the end. All he remembers was that he was out drinking. WinterUnderland


  Time 9:41-9:57

Joan Jett and the Black Hearts. Weather. Twitter contest- Tweeter competition $200 cash prizes. Winter Underland: a picture of you in the snow in your underwear. Camp out for Hunger business donation: Monday: William Cranburg 1400 lbs Tuesday: “Stephaine” Singer, 454 lbs might be Stephan singer’s drag name Wednesday: Lisa Din 10,068 lbs Thursday:  Harry Downing 5,263 lb First place: Subaru 341,000 lbs Second place: Depuy synthes 11,234 lbs Third place: 2nd Street Irish SocietyTattoosday: Nati Jay, he is Thai, his parents are both from Bangkok and RC. A Sriracha bottle. Works down on food truck row, 33rd and Arch. Bizarre File: Sixty-year-old John Macdonald in Brisbane River, in Queensland due to a sip of beer from a can that had been dropped into the river and now has a massive growth. Australian Army 'Fear Management' Exercise so tough it caused mental illness for the bus driver. An early-morning argument ended with one woman going ninja on another using Nunchucks.

 Time 10:07-10:18

We made a decision during the break, two prizes sexy and funny. RC wants to thank Allen Stricter who picks up stray dogs. They are just really nice guys. Shart out Birthday Andy to girlfriend Nicole LQ Hollywood Trash: Lamar Odom pleaded no contest to the DUI charge, his community service of 200 hours is holding a flashlight his mouth working as a light house. Tequila Tila claims Paul walker was kills through a ritual murder she got her information from her friend Jack Daniels. Leighton Meester is in the Broadway play of mice and men, alongside James Franco, Lenny Small will be played by Khloe Kardashian. LA Music News:Avenged Sevenfold get animated with new series and video game, the band has just released a new trailer for their upcoming six episode animated Hail to the King series, which debuts December 15th. Heavy-metal icon Metallica made rock history Sunday night by playing a gig in the most unusual of locales: Antarctica videos have surfaced from the concert this weekend. Eddie Van Halen made a surprise visit to music students at LA Unified School District's Foshay Learning Center this past Thursday. "It is not a rich/poor thing nor does it discriminate. If you have a love or even a like for music, go after it, pursue it.” Voting is happening during the break, the cut off is like-now!

 Time 10:28 – 10:43

We love all the pictures, especially those bikinis in the snow. Preston is the last to get plowed during snow storms.Announcement of Winners Male Winner: Ryan Ferguson and Female Winner: Alexandra. Weather. Reciting the postal code, Pierre’s father would take him to church and it all sounded the same. Female Winner Alexander: so excited to win, was up for an interview, played on the Drexel Soccer team and now $200 richer. Tweeting is hard at concerts for Pierre, yesterday it was walking through a winter wonderland, today its of him in the bathtub, levi jeans get them a size taller and one size bigger, and soak with them on then dry them with them on. Male Winner Ryan: he sold the sizzle, he sexy pose he looked fantastic in his superman undies.


LQ: What stores and restaurants are a lot like the supermarket, "Spend-A-Lot"?

LA: Overpriced Restaurant and Living Beyond My Means



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