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Time 6:10-6:19

We’re back in studio! Weather. Traffic. News The National Weather service has issues a winter storm weather throughout New Jersey and the Philadelphia area. Some area received 7-9 inches and cause many travel delays. At 12:30 on the PA Turnpike there was a 56 car crash build-up including one death. Police say a 38 year old man was abducted, robbed, and then shot. Sports Eagles beat the Detroit Lions, 34-20 in a snow storm. Florida State is number one in college football. Flyers have a game in Ottowa tonight. 76ers will be playing tonight against the Clippers. WOW.

Time 6:45-7:02

Gaslight Anthem on WMMR! Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Tre Cool; 41, Brian Bell; 45, Donny Osmond; 56, Jakob Dylan; 44, Felicity Huffman; 51, John Malkovich; 60, Michael Dorn; 61, Judi Dench; 79, Dick Van Patten; 84, Kirk Douglas; 97. SA. Entertainment News Frozen was number one in the box office, barely edging Hunger Games out of the top spot. Barren Hilton was reportedly beat up by Lohan and a friend. ABC has told Barbara Walters to not have Edward Snowden as the number one spot as 2013 Most Interesting People. Kylie Jenner and Harry Style are reportedly dating after been seen together walking out of a hotel together. The hiker who cut his arm off to free himself from a boulder and inspired the more 127 Hours has been arrested for assault. He was arrested for loitering around a rock. James Franco posted a half-naked selfie on instagram. Susan Boyle says that she has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Ben Affleck fully supports his wife’s mission to end paparazzi from photographing celebrities’ children.  Robert Pattinson is back in England for the holidays. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis attended Kunis’ brothers wedding together over the weekend. Don Rickles is recovering from being diagnosed with flesh-eating bacteria. The guy who played Goldburg in the Mighty Ducks was charged with beating his wife and attempting to pee on her. Multiple musicians and actresses were awarded over the weekend with the 2013 Kennedy Lifetime Achievement Award. Disney has reached out to Paramount to give them the rights to make more Indiana Jones films. Clips Tom Hanks talks about playing Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks. Orlando Bloom talks about returning to Legolas in The Hobbit.

   Time 7:14-7:44

Chewy Christmas was played for the first time this holiday season! Weather. Traffic. Unexpected snow storm The storm was so unexpected and for once no one freaked out. The Eagles’ game yesterday was so much fun to watch because of the snow. Traffic was horrible yesterday and a lot of the roads look deceiving. Steve’s dad was trying to fly to their vacation and their plane slide off the tarmac. Casey went to the Home Depot to have to find a Microwave. Man, I have a huge penis. Listener Josh is just finishing up his drive from D.C. to Philly, he started at 10am yesterday. A guy at the Running with the Santas was hit and killed yesterday. Be careful walking at night, especially in the snow! Casey’s dog experienced snow for the first time & kept eating the snow. Shoveling was not too bad yesterday. Fox added super imposed numbers on the screen because the snow covered them. Marisa was at the game yesterday & there were a lot of snow ball fights between the fans. Safety provisions are important especially if you travel a lot. Preston’s sons were in the hot tub and ran out to do snow angels. We are expecting more snow, possible 2-4 inches.


Time 7:56-8:07

The weather is crazy. Traffic. It is going to take a while to get the exact number from how much was donated because of Camp Out, but we will soon be getting some totals. Bizarre File A Principle at a high school is being charged with getting students drunk so that they will vandalize a house. A man has been arrested after holding a pillow over a woman’s face after she refused to go to church with him. Shaun Harvell was arrested in Indianapolis after he was caught swinging his penis in public. A Japanese town has approved as a park where you can swim with dolphins as well as eat them in the same area. A 42 year woman found out her husband has been cheating on her and she decided to break into the mistress’ house and deface the property. Despicable Me 2

Time 8:18-8:50

Campout totals coming soon. Traffic. Someone slowed down Jennifer Lawrence saying “I volunteer as tribute” & it sounds like Will Ferrell. Peyronie Disease cure The food and drug announced that they will release a pill to cure Peyronie's disease – which is someone with a bent penis. The curvature is only noticeable when the man is aroused & normally occurs due to trauma during sexual intercourse. There is a new spa treatment that has been created entitled the “vajacial.” Women can get a steam treatment, papaya mask, and a tweezer hair extraction. He was just not the same ever since he installed that microwave. Mr. Skin this year is the best year for the top 10 nude scenes. It isn’t like the past where the only nude scenes you’ll get would be from movies. Now, you can get nude scenes from music videos, television, and advertisements. Taylor Shilling from Orange is the New Black is one of Mr. Skin’s favorite nude scenes of this year. Roserio Dawson had a full frontal nudity scene in the movie “Trance” and took the #2 spot. This whole list is completely free on their website Mr. Skin’s number one was from Blue is the Warmest Color between Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos. The Anchorman 2 cast appeared on SNL & sang “Afternoon Delight.”  Fast & Furious 6

Time 9:01-9:40

Shinedown on WMMR! Welcome back to the work week. Traffic. Preston is obsessed with Untold Stories of the ER. Futureworld is absolutely crazy and will boggle your mind. James Wood has always wanted to do a show about the near future. In this he was able to sit down and brain storm some of the concepts he wanted to see on the show. The show highlights things that are already happening, but are seen as possible in the future. We there is a future for robots! In the near future, we might be seeing robots in everyday life walking around interacting with humans. Preliminary Camp Out totals: Camp Out For Hunger 2013 Totals:  37 Tractor Trailers = 772,461 lbs = 386 Tons of food and $240,521.97 raised. We have already eclipsed last year’s total and we are still counting. We already have a 73 ton increase of food. There were two girls at the end of Camp out who emptied out their piggy banks to donate to Philabundance. Congratulations to Subaru of America - They brought in 341.029 pounds of food and will be getting a live broadcast from their place of business!  Jacky Bam Bam was the elf on the shelf. There were a lot of heart-warming and fun moments, we thank all of you! Christmas Miracle is coming up and we are going to need contestants. The prizes are great & the event will be held next Friday. Casey pranked Bill Weston to make him be Santa.

 Time 9:52-10:02

We are trucking through this Monday morning! Weather. Traffic. No one will ever be able to recreate “yeah a cup.” It’s legendary! Bizarre File Newlyweds lured a PA man to his death after a Craigs List posting stating they would exchange money for company because “they just wanted to kill someone together.” A man accidentally shot a woman while deer hunting & now they’re dating. A 58 year old man tried to drive a battle tank up a steep grade. A woman jogging was hit by a flying deer in VA. I always thought those things just ran. A woman found herself glued to a toilet seat in Home Depot. Gunnar Gaming Glasses.

Time 10:13-10:27

There’s more snowing coming tomorrow. Weather. Christmas Miracle is going to be happening again this year and it is going to be bigger than ever. We have some insane prizes, but its invitation only! LQ. Hollywood Trash M.C. Hammer is in trouble again with the IRS. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are broke after spending an extreme amount of money. Downton Abbey just released a special trailer for their Christmas special. LA. Music News Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stoneage lead the rock back for Grammy nominations this year. The 56th annual Grammy Awards will take place this Sunday. Metallica successfully performed a concert in Antarctica. The concert took place under a dome and was heard through their fans in headphones. Nine Inch Nails lead singer, Trent Reznor, said that the band will be releasing a new album. A rare 1983 solo track of Van Halen singing “All Fired Up” has been released on Van Halen’s website. Eddie created the song for the movie “The Wild Life.” In the movie, the song can only be heard briefly in a party scene. The Van Halen News Desk will be writing all of the songs Eddie wrote for the movie on Youtube. Pearl Jam ended their tour over this weekend in Seattle. By the way my penis is bent. It was their first hometown gig in four years. Free Music Monday. WOW.

Time 10:37-10:27

Camp out for hunger might be over, but Christmas Miracle is right around the corner. Thank you to Mr. Skin and James Wood for coming on the show. Pierre was impressed with the totals from Camp Out for hunger. On their first year with WMMR and had their Camp Out, they raised 87.4 tons and $10,000. In 2006 they raised 151 tons! Their first couple of years, they were standing outside of the studio in the parking lot. It wasn’t until they moved off site was when they got a lot more donations. Pierre’s favorite fun moment was driving Minerva to Camp out. The gang received a standing ovation at the end of Camp out which meant a lot to everyone. The first couple of days, Preston & Steve were really nervous because they weren’t getting a lot of donations. However, they certainly beat their old records and will be staying with Xfinity Live. LOTD. Tomorrow on the show we will have some things and some stuff!


SQ: What was the real first name of the infamous gangster George “Baby Face” Nelson?

SA: Lester


LQ: How would one thaw water if you kept in your car during a snowstorm?

LA: Microwave


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