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Monday's show will include:

Mr. Skin (8:30)

James Woods (9:00)


Here's what happened on today's show:

Time 6:06- 6:17

We already have a great crowd this morning. Traffic. News Nelson Mandela has died, was a loved figure around the world. He was 95 when he died. Jim Gardner tweeted out a picture of the cell. One person was injured after a mattress caught on fire. The victim was taken to temple university hospital. Man and women stole Christmas spirit in South Philly. The two victims stole packages from FedEx. They were caught on surveillance video. Sports Florida coach was not charged. Jaguars beat Huston Texans. Flyers back and sixers will play Charlotte bobcats. We are in the home stretch with the campout for hunger. Will forte is Nick’s best friend he is offering dinner and karaoke for charity to the campout. Listeners can come down and drop their name in a box to win.

Time 6:28-7:08

Dells Grove on stage our house band. Traffic. Gwyned Mercy donated 712 pounds of food. SQ Birthdays. SA Entertainment News Amanda bynes has been released from the treatment center. Bynes recently has a clothing line. Snooki says that she sees a lot of Miley Cyrus in her. Snooki said she would buy her a best friend’s bracelet. Cryras in what Snooki was three years ago. Snooki loves Miley. Hey its Snooki loves Miley. She would get he a lot of presents such as sex toys. I want them to purchase each other rat poison and eat it. UK magazine choose Henry as 2013 sexiest man alive. Angline is a hobbit in the new hobbit movie. She’s an elvon waitress. Gandalf is going to be in the parking lot at the campout.  Loki was raised as thors half-brother. Khloe Kardashian came to the defense of her brother about his weight. He is definitly working on his weight. Trying to lose 50 pounds after his breakup. Who is the most useless member of the Kardashains. Everyone is saying that Rob is the most useless member of the family. Clips Gwench Village director. Emile Hirsh Twice Born. Thank yous. The Electric Factory has donated a check for 3,000 dollars. They are hosting the running of the Santa’s. One of their biggest events.

Time 7:21- 7:52

Dells Grove is tearing it up. Traffic. Thanks. Timmy Kelly (at Campout) his singing has impressed Beyoncé. He is blind. I have sight and try and broker that deal. Last time he talked to Beyoncé was in July. He song irrepasble in front in 30 thousand people. Loves the song suit and tie collaboration with Justin Timberlake. He is going to sing God Bless America. His mom is Tracy Davidson. He is at Temple University music program he is a freshman. He is playing Pop-A-Shot. Jillian Milie (at Campout) Timmy scored 2 points in Pop-A-shot. A lot of people are saying this location is better. There were people that came from Virginia. Jillian Milie made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They are more like muffins. Casey loves it, Nick and Steve thinks their awesome. She came by the Campout last night. She is going to play Pop-A-Shot. Preston took a nap and checked his voicemail on his phone and was playing with the Preston and Steve soundboard app. Pleasing yourself his healthy for you lowers risk of diabetes. It’s like putting a baby to bed. It also may be able to help prevent cancer. Can also help prevent depression. Color of the year the color for 2014 is Radient Orchad. It is a shade of purple. The director says it speaks to innervation. Preston likes Red or Black, Casey likes Green, Nick likes Green. Kathy likes Radient Orchad, Steve likes Blue. Jacky is our Elf on the Shelf. You can see the contour of his ball.

Time 8:02-8:20

This is what it’s all about Dells Grove. Traffic. Preston loves looking out in the crowd. The crew that did Preston’s vasectomy sled is here.  A girl held up a sign saying I skipped school to make a donation and meet the Fresh Beat Band. Wonda and Deloris from our Black lisnia crew were here all week. Crystal and Jenifer Bellota from Comcast (at Campout) this is their first time for Campout. They have Comcast in their Rv. Daily Rush’s are still available Comcast on demand. Holiday Inn does not have Comcast. The guy that was dressed up as Jesus was here every day wore a different hat every day. Thanks to our volunteers. Jesus real name is Michel. Works at Panera Bred. You are Jesus. Jesus was a nickname he had in high school. Dave McGrogen Harvest donated a check for 1,200. Jacky is in the back being our Elf on the shelf. Bizarre File man facing charges for biting parents when he couldn’t see family cat. Lives in apartment with parents. Ripped out a chuck of flesh from his father. Pouched mother and then bit her. Australian man filmed himself riding an Emo. Uploaded the video to Facebook and YouTube. Former Wendy’s employee dropped a half smoked joint in her hamburger. Guests at a wedding in Florida were shocked when a knight, Batman and wrester showed up and the groom was fighting them all. Gandalf is in the tent. Hobbit Holliday Inn Thanks.

 Time 8:31-8:48

Final day of broadcasting live at Xfinity. Traffic. Thank yous. Jacky Bam Bam is our elf on the shelf. ComcastSpecticor. Ike Richmand (at Campout) all of the 50 50 raffle from the flyers game went to the Campout donation. Comcast Spectator donated 20,865 dollars. They are having a toast to the Campout for Hunger. Preston is doing the official toast for the Campout. Here’s to the people that come down and participate. Next year at the Campout Casey is going to do costume changes. Dan Finerdy (at Campout) there are 7 guys in the band. Everything started out a drunken karaoke. There were a lot of curses in the lyrics. Sang the song feel like making love in the movie Starsky and Hutch. They are doing a wedding album for Comedy Central. You can look at yourself in the mirror. He is performing a song from the Hangover movie. They will play a 90 minute set. He is going to take shot on the Pop-A-Shot. Revel.

 Time 8:59-9:16

Day number 5. Traffic. Light Action. The Fresh Beat Band (at Campout) Preston knows some of the dance moves to the bands songs. They performed a Sesame Place. They have a 10 week tour. Done 195 shows in the past year and a half. Twist is 6’6”. Kiki auditioned for the band. Preston and another guest had discussions about the band. Tara already know how to play drums started playing them when she was 9 years old. The concert is different from the TV show. Nick’s son get to see them live he couldn’t believe that they were real. The classic thing kids do is they freak out than burry themselves. Sometimes they get the silent cry. Hey which way is the gym twist. They have a new episode coming out soon. It’s about a snow day. They try and go to children’s hospitals. They are an escape. They are going to take some shots on the Pop-A-Shot.

Time 9:34-10:04

Full swing at the Campout for hunger. Marina from The Fresh Beat Band just had 57 points on our Pop-A-shot. Traffic. Gutar center. John Brasher director of fun and games for the Phillies (at Campout) May 18th the Philly Phanatic glasses will be a giveaway. Casey is wearing the Phanatic dangle hat that was a big giveaway. Greg Murphy (at Campout) 75 days before spring training at Clearwater. The worst stadium to be at is Arizona. Other fans at other ballparks are pretty great. The more they drink the crazier it gets. Greg has been in the pool at the ballpark in Arizona. We have got an anonymous E-Mail that wanted to make a donation to the Campout and donated 80,000 dollars. The Eagles Pep Band (at Campout) They get at the stadium by 8:30. The entertainment in the parking lot raises a whole new level. Bizarre File topless women sprinted though Khol’s store to catch peeping tom. She was enraged and wanted to get the phone. I never even thought to do that Preston. In England flashing Squid like creature appears in waters. Could be a marine vessel. Man had to dial 911 after a toilet paper role was stuck in his butt. Edmonton man used self-serve photo kiosk to print out child pornography. Man found guilty with having a relationship with a goat. Admitted to abusing the animal. Did the goat ever take the stand. Was found naked in a field with the goat. Was arrested by police. The stenographer was a badger. Will Forte experience. Dells Grove. John Bolaris (at Campout) our old friend is back. He has something going on in Philadelphia. Can’t say what it is. Been almost 2 years since he been on the air. Still doing stuff with Erica and John are engaged she had a date, but pulled back on the date. Him and Erica brought down a bunch of food.

 Time 10:14-10:32

Campout for Hunger final hour. Clean up on aisle 5 John Bolaris spilled coffee. LQ: Hollywood Trash Kari Russel and her husband split, Bruce Springsteen lyrics Born to run sold, Mila Kunis wears a ring. LA: Music News STP released live video with new song Black heart. Gives fans the chance to see the band performing with Chester Bennington. Cory Talyor celebrates 40th birthday. Will be acting in 2014. Eddie Van Halen is a god among guitar players. He admits he’s not the typical guitar collector. He is more concerned with the guitar sound and quality. Best know guitar is called Frankenstein. Same guitar on the first Van Halen album. The Rentals will release first album in 2014. Will include Patrick Carney of the Black Keys. Matt Ridder from Subaru (at Campout) they always would donate a very large amount of food. They wanted to try and encourage other business’s to get involved with donations. Matt and his company went and purchased 60 second airtime talking about your company’s opportunity to win these incentives. We will find out next week who will win these prizes. Subaru just donated 341,000 pounds of food. Minerva is here pulling into the parking lot.

 Time 10:44-11:07

The party is on. Bill and Marlow from Philabundance they are feeling very upbeat. They wanted to make to make this assessable to people that couldn’t make it to the Metoplex. What a community outpouring. Thank yous. Pierre is here. He wants to show us his very first parking ticket in Minerva. Minerva is Pierre’s bat mobile. Will Forte experience winner Windy. Rage on! Campout for Hunger 2013.  

SQ: Nelsen is the legal surname of what one-named musician?

SA: Prince


LQ: Who is the opening act for Standing Hummers?

LA: Floridian Bears




WOTW: Hungr          

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