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Track 1 Time 6:07-6:23
Day 4 of the Campout for Hunger. Live at Xfinity Live. Today’s weather is insane. It may rain tomorrow. Traffic. News Pizza delivery man was ambushed and shot in Philadelphia. 11 year old boy was found after he was struck by a car in Upper Darby. NSA can now locate any phone anywhere. Kathy won’t be reading the sports this morning. Amy Fadoole reading Sports Flyers win in Detroit 6-3. The Flyers have only won 2 times in 26 years in Detroit. Bruise who won the pop-a-shot challenge was displaying his trophy. Preston and Steve are having a drawing for a walk on role for Always Sunny. A lot of guests. Always Sunny. Dietz and Watson are here serving breakfast. Dr. Mike is sponsoring the bacon. We need your food donation today.
Track 2 Time 6:35-7:09
Day 4 of the Campout. Goodman Fisk performing this morning. Traffic. A lot of guests stopping by. Steve’s humidifier was crazy yesterday. Holiday Inn remodels. Stupid Question Birthdays Johnny Reznick, Little Richard, Nick Stahl, Frankie Munez, Margaret Cho. Stupid Answer 666 means nothing. Why do people get freaked out by that? 666 was the devils first apartment number. Entertainment News Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson spent Thanksgiving together. The meat curtains were delicious. Photo showing Christopher Walken sitting with 2 fans in the back seat. Fast 6 star got the role of Wonder Woman. Fast 7 is getting scrapped because of Paul Walker’s death. Fast 6 DVD has some proceeds going to Paul Walker’s charity. His death was from thermal injuries. Kris Jenner isn’t letting rumors ruin spending time with her boyfriend. Bruce Jenner is so livid that his face hasn’t moved. Bruce could be Batman. My character is stone face. Kris’ boyfriend came in 2nd place in the Bachelorette in 2011. He got a handy from Bruce. Hold on let me put on a glove. I’ll do something with your butt. Lindsay Lohan into Liam Neesons 18 year old son Michael. They went out and there were pictures of her leading him into the bathroom. Wanna watch me poop? The Parent Trap was really a horrible movie. Kate Middleton went to a diplomatic party wearing a diamond and pearl tiara. Amy Adams recognized for movies she has never even been in. Whos bush is more red? Emerson college Emmerson Biggins? Renaming their school Ron Burgundy School of Communications for one day. Clips Sean Saves the World. Carrie Underwood on The Sound of Music. Maria Von Trap looks like she was hit by a truck. Wings. Preston’s hot orthodontist is there.
Track 3 Time 7:18-7:49
Goodman Fisk is jamming. Traffic. Members of the Zeta Eta Pi up front. Dietz and Watson showed up with 10,000 pounds of food. Lou Nolan at the campout He loves what they do for the campout. The people here get thanked right away. They moved closer to access a lot of people. He’s been there forever, 41 or 42 years. He invited Preston to sit with him behind the glass. Happy with the Flyers. Officially announcing Preston and Steve. Peco Power Play. Jack Murray, won the naked father’s day contest. $500 check for Philabundance. Risa Furman can’t follow up with Lou. She witnessed the nacho cannon. They’re rewatching it now. They’re going to do the walk a mile in her shoes in wedges next year. They brought 6 boxes of food to donate today. If people just donate they can just save families. Nick’s in the lot with smart kids. Franklin Institute. Preston is prepping with bacon. Buddy from them. Nick’s pouring liquid nitrogen on his hand. Casey said to drink it. It’s happening one time. Science balls!! Franklin Institute adult science night. Dr. Mike Preston and Steve contribute to the passion of Philadelphia. He brought mama Dietz, she announced the donation. Kathy Hanrohan donated over $22,000 to the campout. Donating time and money improve your health. Goodman Fisk.

Stupid Question what do the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to?

Stupid Answer Dave, 666.

Track 1 Time 8:02-8:19
Goodman Fisk is jamming out. Guitarist is awesome. Traffic. M. Night is on his way in. Matt and Ryan from The running of the Santa’s this Saturday, started the same year as the Campout. It’s bigger than ever this year, Bizarre File More than a month later, a man who was stranded at a car crash is still rcoverng from getting both of his legs amputated. He was pinned on top of his dead friend and was stranded there for 6 days. His temperature was only 79 degrees. North Dakota woman found bleeding from her “nanny hoo hoo” when she was arrested for not appearing in court. She was bleeding and revealed that she had a glass meth pipe in her area. Police say a NJ man was arrested after being found with a stolen cash register. Jump Start programs. First Niagra Branch manager said this is their first year, $25,000 going to Philadbundance. They have up to 50 eployees volunteering at the campout. Sponge is going to be performing live.
Track 2 Time 8:30-9:03
Live from the Campout. Traffic. A lot of guests for today. M. Night at the campout His book is coming out soon. He was talking about the difference between a really nice school in Philly to a school with metal detectors.
He made a book on different opinions of education and how it’s different. He spent 2 years with a foundation working with education. He said it has to do with racism. Casey’s friends with teachers and he believes the number 1 resource is the parents. Night thinks it’s the same thing. This takes 5 things, and if 1 of those things aren’t done, it goes back to the norm. Philadelphia is such a small town community feeling area in a big city. Night did make a donation, and he gets to make a pop-a-shot challenge. Ed Rendell scored 7. Christian Finnegan at the campout He also wants to talk about children and how much he hates them. Helium comedy club donated food. Night scored 42. Christian is going to dunk it. He’s wearing a newsboy cap. Casey follows him on twitter, and found out he bought the same clown vomiting a rainbow tee shirt. He’s getting fatter by the hour. All he has to do to be fat is be happy. He did crystal meth to lose 90 pounds. He used to get Christina Finnifatty. Just named people he hates. Facebook ruined high school reunions. Casey got in a war with someone over Steak Em’ Up. Nick likes seeing comedians fight. Being silent is better than fighting.
Track 3 Time 9:16-9:36
Goodman Fisk is playing Zeppelin. Traffic. Campout for Hunger. Adam McKay at the Campout a Spent 5 months in an editing booth, then thrown into the fire. He did a million and ¼ feet of film. There will be a second version of the movie with all alternate jokes. You do 3 or 4 takes as written and then it’s improv time. Baxter encounters a shark in this one. Sometimes they don’t want to do improv. He’s like the bad teacher. Adam has bagged a few ideas. There was a generation of comedy movies that weren’t quotable. It was hard not to repeat jokes but new things happen. Harrison Ford is in Anchorman 2. Jim Gardner, the king was here Monday and people bowed. Larry Kane and Jim Gardner were inspiration. Will Ferrell has been all over the place. In one day Anchorman got 26 no’s. They regret it. Adam donationg $15,000 since Judd donated $10,001. Wants to work with Will Smith. He grew up in Malvern. Loves that they support the community. Sponge is coming up

Track 1 Time 9:49-10:19
Back at the Campout. Always Sunny. Traffic. Peter Luukko at Campout He just left Comcast Spectacle after 32 years. Was CEO. He has listened to the show for a long time and he helped them start the Campout. He loves that they just talk to each other. Nick thought they were friends but he didn’t tell him. He brought his bag to donate. Sponge at the Campout Happy birthday to the lead singer Vinny. Still resides in Detroit. He just loves performing. They’re playing Molly live. They just kicked off almost immediately. Everyone loved them. Preston remembers seeing a girl get so excited because she touched him with his shirt off. Now they’re playing Plow live. Sounds as good as ever. Still haven’t lost anything. Bizarre File Man took a bullet in the abdomen from his estranged wife after she did a drive by. Took a selfie of a man trying to commit suicide trying to get him jumping. Woman arrested Monday night to request officers push her around the mall. She wanted them to take her shopping. An argument over silverware lead to a stabbing. Gary at the Campout a He has a button down shirt on and a vest with shorts. He is the biggest fan. He said this is a cleansing. Everyone can be a hero for one day.
Track 2 Time 10:34-11:03
Goodman Fisk on stage. Always Sunny giveaway soon. Wings. Brett Manny and Chris Collins at the Campout Already getting ready for their first exhibition. They think its awesome. Penalty minutes have a sense of pride, there’s a time and place for penalties. They have a lot of clinics throughout the year. Ready for another exciting season. They’re going to hang around with some fans there and play Pop-a-Shot. First Philadelphia Prep School brought a school bus full of food. 500 pounds. The guy in the front, Joe from Hatboro got an autographed jersey from everyone in the Philadelphia Union. The team sits in the stands. Peter Pappit from the Union talking about Preston and Steve night. Lesson Question Hollywood Trash Bruce Jenner writing a tell all book. Bruce has a real poker face. It won’t change. Gwyneth Paltrow defacating in the Crem brulee. Heidi Montag says her boobs whisper “sort of a slut.” Lesson Answer Music News Chris Cornell had to cancel his acoustic show after a shoulder injury. Corey Taylor joined the cast of a horror film called Fear Chamber. Pearl Jam offering items for sale. Ozzy and Sharon Osborne accusing Sharon’s brother of selling false information about them. Always Sunny walk on role picking. Winner is, Ricky Whitehead. Pierre is pulling in the parking lot in Minerva. Playing the video of the stuff blowing up from earlier. Now we’re not watching it. Pierre is here. LOTD. Pierre is telling everyone to bring food.

Lesson Question What is Bruce Jenner’s alter ego in the Batman franchise?

Lesson Answer Corey, Stone Face.


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