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On today's Show:

Day #3. Weather. Traffic. NEWS. A marine who served in Afghanistan was killed outside of a bar in NJ after trying to break up a fight over a girl. An engineer killed 4 people after a train came off the train rail after he nodded off. William Rockefeller. He said he tried to stop it but it was too late. A woman was caught on camera stealing from Toys for Tots bin in local Wings to Go. Wings to go did not file a police report because the toys are for charity. They hope people will continue to donate toys. SPORTS. Michael Carter Williams of the Sixers had a triple double and the win. Flyers next game they will face off against the Detroit Redwings. Packer’s players Rodgers broke his collar bone and won’t be playing the next game. Preston dropped Casey’s last donut but picked it up after 5 seconds. Preston tried to brush his teeth with paper towels and toothpaste. The Camp out isn’t as successful as they thought. Caseball – Casey inside ball with two Fire Company using their hoses to push Casey into a goal. 1 company from Delco, company from Buskco. Flyers VIP. The donut is dead.

Loves the band playing. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Jay-Z, 44. Jeff Bridges, 64. Tyra Banks, 40. Vinnie Dombroski, 51. South Side Johnny 65. SA. Entertainment News Town of New Jersey name a street after Soprano star James Gandolfini. Lindsey Lohan throwback playboy spread as Marilyn Monroe. Bradley Cooper’s 21 year old girlfriend is on the cover of a magazine saying she doesn’t what to talk about their relationship. Jennifer Lawrence’s biggest fear is spiders. Bob Dylan has been charged with incitement to hatred of France. Vatican City Newspaper reports Pope Francis once worked as a nightclub bouncer. Pope goes to Rome and administers to the poor. Pope does comedy on the side. Pope is a Superhero. Steve impersonates the Pope. Katherine Jackson wants a new trial with AEG. Conrad Murray was convicted of killing Michael Jackson. It’s a legal suit in a case it’s a suit case and I put my underwear in a briefcase. Zooey Deschanel is sort of a mean girl on her sitcom the New Girl. She gets moody and runs the show. Zooey says the show is always running late. MTV DJ Kennedy has a new show on the Fox Network. Claire Dane feels happier getting older. Clips. Off City LAPD fights the Mobs. Christian Bale plays Russell Baze in Out of the Furnace. Camp out has been slow. 

Thank you to the house band. Traffic. Eagles drum line playing. Eagles player Jon Dorenbos (at Campout) Toys for Tots is a big cause and this is what Philadelphia is all about. The NFL gives great opportunities to help others. Jon would love it if someone could buy him a yacht, went to a yacht show. $85 million was the most expensive boat. The center of the Eagles life goal is to buy a house boat and live on it. Jon loves magic David Blaine’s special and thinks David Blaine really stuck needle through hand. Jon doesn’t care if he gets made fun of for liking magic. Jon and his wife are going to stick with “J” theme names for kids. #1 name Jackson, Aiden, and mason. Teachers are more likely to pick on kids with easy name, Girls: Ava, lily. Jon is now playing basketball game rapidly trying to get high score. Got 57. Jon gives a big thank you shout out. Tracy Davidson (at Campout). Everyone is in need of help and support and come down and contribute.

SQ: In what US city did Manny, Moe, and Jack open their first pep boys?

SA: Philadelphia

Traffic. Come down and donate traffic isn’t bad and it’s for a good cause. John McNesby(at Campout) have boxes at each district plus $3,000. AT&T has donated over 10,000lbs of food and underestimated physically how much food that was. Nonstop Courier helped for free. Forgot to ask Campbell if they could use logo, but Campbell was more than happy to help support Campbell. Campbell will be donated 5,000lbs of food especially a new flavor called “Philly cheesesteak”. Steve is going to pour it on himself and IV it. Casey used to date Mark from Campbell in high school. Bizarre Files. Man chased girlfriend with chainsaw after cheating on him. A medical technician stole pain killers and switched them with Hepatitis C from his own blood with syringes. Teenage girl were involved in crash with a broken pelvis and was abandoned by father. Boy returned without cigarettes and created a fight, where the girlfriend set his boxers on fire. A group of 2,000 dead mice with drug has been dropped off over air force in Guam in order to kill snakes. Nacho Canon hurt intern last year. Water will come in the ball during “Caseball”

Track  2                          Time 8:35-8:56
House Band. Traffic. Eagles drum line Andy Moffett (campout) You can actual hire or asks for their appearance through tier website; added 6 new members this year. Once you’re in your in. Everyone’s got to play together. Preston’s going to be playing with the drum line. Steve is reporting exact movements of Preston. (Preston is now playing with the drum line) Preston used to be a section leader in his snare drum line. Zoorbballs are expensive. Nick and Casey are getting ready to play caseball. Casey is having a ball. He feels safe. The fire companies will try to get Casey to the opposing goal. They’re ready to go. Best out of 1. The hoses are so loud. The ball is not moving anywhere and Casey can’t hear anything. Delco are cheaters. The ball’s not inflated enough. The ball’s deflating. They think they broke it. Casey’s soaking wet.

Traffic. Sheena Parveen(Campout) Casey’s wearing a bathing suit. How not to use a zoorbball. Sheena does quick weather. Again Campout is such a good cause and you don’t need to bring a lot and Acme has bags already set up for you to buy and donate. Without the individual support it will fall apart. That one bag will feed a family for a week. Kathy, Preston, and Sheena want to go golfing with Vai. Matisyahu playing live (at Campout). Everyone close your eyes…”Everyone bring some food”. He’ll be playing at the Blockley. Along with another act named Kosha Dillz. Matisyahu now playing the song “One Day”. Eagles drum line is going to play again into the next break.

“No Sleep Till Brooklyn”. Traffic. Casey got 18 points. Senator Toomey(at Campout) We’re going through a tough time in America people are really struggling and this 16 year program is helping so many people. What makes Philadelphia amazing is that even though it’s a big city it has a small town feel to it with people coming together. He’s got a good relationship with the democratic senator. Advice for high school students who want to get involved in politics: “quit while you’re ahead” Go out and do something in the real world first. Understand how the world works and gives you first hand personal knowledge. You need to appreciate things in order to help other people to pass good laws. Casey needed two teachers to sign for him to be president not one teacher would sign and then for CYO he was impeached. Thank you for donating cereal.  We’re the mushroom capital of America and are the biggest Agriculture state. Toomey is shooting basketballs Bizarre Files. A family argument led to a man that battered his own father over mac n cheese. US animal rights group filed lawsuit seeking to establish Chimpanzees as legal people with legal rights to not be locked up. A woman in Florida was mauled by a bear while walking her dog. Thank yous.

House Band. Flyers alumni Todd Fedoruk (At Campout) wants a shart out to some friends. Best doctors help him recover from years of hockey. His advice: “Learn to duck” The flyers family welcomes back players. So many people still wear old jersey of players that people might not know about now. Richards texted Giroux to keep his head up and Nick loves that camaraderie. Everyone that donates helps so much more than just broadcasting. Casey’s mom is there to help with the campout for hunger. She doesn’t drive on major highways and just came back from church. Bring food to the flyers viewing party tonight against Detroit at Xfinity live at 8pm LQ. Hollywood Trash. George Clooney says he hasn’t met the love of his life yet. Least googgled phrase: Susan Boyle’s Snatch. LA. Music News. Stone Sours is going to kick off new tour in January 2014. Metallica will not hold Nix Orion fest this year. A fan with really long dreadlocks got his head shaved by Eddie Vedder. Green Day will be touring Australia and then will take a break. U2’s album the “Joshua Tree” was added to the Grammy Hall of Fame this weekend. Thank yous.

House Band. Manirva just pulled up with Pierre. Keenan’s gang from Wildwood presents a $2,000 check. Game ball from the Cardinals/Eagles game was personally delivered to member of Keenan’s after the birth of his child. A huge Thank you to all the guest that came in to the Campout especially Penn state Abington with 6,000lbs of food. A thank you to the fire companies for attempting to paly Caseball. Pierre has a drum solo. Pierre wants anyone who has benefitted from these services to come down to the Campout for Hunger because we want to hear your stories. LOTD. “N”. WXPM put up a huge plug in for the Campout for Hunger. You’ll have some fun on the Pierre show today. You’ve got P and S power, now you’ve got P power in the now hippie shack.  Rage on Have a good day.

LQ: Who Will Claire Danes play in the next Avenger’s movie?

LA: Temple Grandin

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