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Tomorrow we will still be at Xfinity for Campout and our guests will include:
LauraLea & Tripp Fabulous - House Band
Eagles Drumline (7:00-8:00)
Tracy Davidson (7:15- 7:45)
Matisyahu (9:00-9:30)
Sheena Parveen (9:00-9:30)
US Senator Pat Toomey (9:30-10:00) 

Here is what happened on today's show:

Date: 12-03-2013 Time 6:07-6:21
Hanging out at Campout. Weather. Tonight is movie night, Elf will be showing on the big screen. Traffic. News: family grieves Monday over a man who was murder over a pair of headphones. Commuter train derailed killing 4 while going 82mph in a 30. Not sure if human error or mechanical. Comcast Spectrum president Peter Luukko has step down. He is starting up a bump ball team. He helped out a lot with COFH. Forget the Super Bowl it is all about Bump Ball. Dave Scott will be replacing him. Sports: Seahawks clinch NFC playoff berth behind Russell Wilson’s three touchdown passes in win over Saints. Wild won with a 2 goal lead in 3rd period over the Flyers. Sixers are back home tonight. Stop at the COFH before the game, slow last night, Elf will be viewing tonight. Black listener day. P&S are honorary blacks. Steve has a plaque next to iron man that says so. There also is a plaque they will be giving out later today in the show. Schedule for today.

Time 6:35-7:08
Traffic. Xfinity Live drop off. Acme. SQ. Birthdays: Ozzy Osborne 65, how funny would it be if he was immortal, like Wolverine. He would be dead if it wasn’t for Sharon. He peed on the Alamode. Amanda Seyfried 28, Ozzy pissed on her, she looks like the Alamode. Brendan Frasier 45, Julianna Moore 53, Daryl Hanna missing a finger 53, she was in a mag of Celebrities with deformities including Denzel Washington’s messed up pinky. Honey Boo Boo’s mom in a bikini. Holly Marie Combs 40, Katerina Rick 48, JP Morgan 82. SA Hollywood News: Paul Walker accident spot has become a memorial spot and a danger spot because people are doing donuts and burnouts as tribute. Overseas in UK  aired a commercial with Paul Walker on Sunday fans were outraged. May be a faulty car. Barbara Walter unveiled her list of most interesting people, Robin Roberts, the Duck Dynasty cast, Miley Cyrus, Pope Francis, Prince George, Kimyne, Edward Snow. George Clooney appears on the issue of W and has an interview about love answering he hasn’t had the best love of his life yet. Lindsey Lohan may be heading to the court room but as the plaintiff, against Grand Theft Auto character who looks like her. Dustin diamond opened up on Opera in her ‘Where are they now” and he admitted his desperation to shed his nerdy image. His books and sex tape were fake. The Kardashian Holiday card was released. It has Bruce but not Lamar or Rob. They are posing as mannequins but Bruce is one. Blythe Danner stands up for daughter. She is the face for brittle bone disease. Clips: The sequel/prequel to vampire diaries. Out of Furnace. Jesus with a pink flamingo on his head. Acme.                                

Time 7:19- 7:44
Shorty long. Traffic. Weather. Xfinity Live. Acme. Sixers. Oxford Valley Mall. Todd Herremans and Lane Johnson in studio. 3rd draft pick has played every position only 23. Do what you do and win it is a good feeling. The veterans of Eagles went along with Chip Kelly plan and it has been paying off. Todd got engaged to his gf in Paris, in the hotel room. He has bad knees so he had to get on both to propose. Loose hair hanging from beard. They go hunting, it is very advance and Hill Billy at the same time. The dogs in vest gets them but they have GPS to track them, boars with tusks. Consume about 4-5000 calories. Lions are a dirty team. They don’t put punters out there, what are the rules of wearing someone else’s jersey? Dirtiest trick they saw was the Jets tripping the guy. Pop-a-shot machine. Lane is first. 43pts. Todd 41pts. Shorty long 

SQ: What is Revern Lovejoy’s first name.
SA: Timothy

 Time 7:57- 8:13
Shorty Long. Traffic. City six basketball tournament is coming up. Xfinity live. Black Listenas.  Last year they did 420 lbs of food, this year they did over 1000. Black Listenas Party in February, Black to the future, an 80s party. Check your egos at the door. Bring your child but leave your ego. The City 6 coaches are coming in. Jennifer Frederick from Fox 29 in studio. She has a crush on the Todd Herremans and Lane Johnson. Bizarre File: mafia mobsters beat rivals with lead pipes and fed them to the pigs. It all started because the rivals originally killed their mob leader, this was paybacks. A dandelion seed was lodge in a toddler’s ear and has flowered. She had to get it surgically removed after complaining about it for four months. The parents dismissed the complaint from the girl. During the surgery the doctors removed a 2 centimeter budding dandelion saying that any pressure on the ear could have caused internal bleeding but she is okay now.  Thank yous. Shorty long. 

Time 8:25-9:00
Traffic. Will Calhorn drummer from Living Colour, Preston is excited to meet him. City 6 In Studio: Coach Jerome Allen (UPENN), John Giannini (LaSalle), Jay Wright (Nova), Fran Dunphy (Temple), Bruiser Flint (Drexel). These guys always cheer each other on. Bets are on Jerome Allen to win, Dunphy has to teach management theory class in an hour. Jerome is wearing camouflage pants. He is from the hood has to represent. Each coach does a shout out for their school to drop off food. Going to Face Off in the Pop-a-shot game, The winner will receive the ‘Yeah a cup’ champion plaque. Will be shooting in a special order, there is a science behind. They have a bracketier. Starting with Phil Martilly, because he had a less than stellar basketball career. Misses first 4 shots, 5th got stuck on rim. 35 pts total. Jay Wright had 43 points.  Dunphy 39 pts, Giannini 43 pts, Brusier Flint 57, he was mocked for his dress shirt but is winning. Jerome Allen 35 pts only one to make his first shot.  Play off for the 2 spot between Wright and Giannini, Wright first,72pts, Giannini 56 pts. The final is Wright against Flint, Wright 48 pts, Flint has to beat 48 pts, he gets 56pts and is the ‘Yeah A Cup’ Champ. Hawks against hunger close out and is donating $5000. 

Time 9:10-9:32
Traffic. Living Colour on stage. They came from NY just to hang out, they aren’t promoting or performing. Their first album, Vivid is now 25 years old. The band came together because they lived close together, and were friends. The years they have spent together allowed them to fuse their different tastes in music. Somehow related to Danny Glubber. Played Middle Man. Preston wants to play drums with them. Came straight from the studio, working on a new album that will be out next year. One of their songs was in Wrestle Mania, bringing them back into the lime light. Punk, uses it every time he enters the ring. Performed another song. Sweat suit no longer fits, that was 30 pounds ago. Going to play a song on break and then Pop- a- Shot. They want to beat the coaches score.

Date: 12-03-2013 Time 9:48-10:00

Metallica, Linkin Park. Open Letter to the Landlord was being played by Living Colour at COFH. They still have to do Pop-a-shot. Traffic. Thank yous. Sixers. Oxford Valley Mall. Chris May and Jessica Mean in studio: with the economy down this is an important event, maybe they had to pay the electric bill that month instead of grocery shopping. Food stamps are being limited and this food last Philabundance well into summer time. The whole community as a collective really appreciates it. Preston and Steve only provide the location everyone else makes it manageable and success. Chris likes taking selfies but typically includes other people in them. They are heading over to the pop-a-shot. Cash donations have been coming in, 713 lbs of food, and 2000$ worth in checks. Fresh beat band will be here on Friday but not singing. Campout Trailer: Preston is losing his voice. Steve is not, because he had his humidifier on full blast last night in the trailer. He was growing moss on the right side of his nut sack. Casey was going pee last night and saw Nick getting ready to come in. He hid and tried to scare him, turned out that Nick was talking to the Boss’s boss and Casey scared the shit out of him. 

Time 10:15-10:31
Sirens, Pearl Jam. Shorty Long Rocks. No more traffic, all the roads are open. Governor Tom Corbett in Studio: held his own Gubby Duck is his nickname because Kathy Flubbed up his name and Steve finished it. The governor has had his share of flubs. Nick likes that during this week, the politics is put off to the side this week. They had Governor Ed Redell on yesterday and Senator on tomorrow. The food feeds everyone, democrats, republicans, independents, and children. And we all know that children eat a lot. He is embracing his Gubby duck name. This is his last election year. He knows that being in politics you can’t please everyone. It has to be taken with a grain of salt. Worked on the transportation bill. The misrepresentation of the state, city to rural areas it is important to voice all aspects. Corbett lives by a spring that streams to the Gulf of Mexico, has seen it in a helipcopter, Nick wants to go flying with him. Governor on pop-a-shot. Say hi to Mrs. Gubby duck for us. Mrs. O’Mara and 7th grader, 9 students in the club raised money for the COFH. Gubby Duck scored 18 pts, beat Redell’s score. Shorty long.

Time 10:42-10:53
Weezer. Preston is playing on drums, Steve had to start. LQ Thanks to everyone who came in today, Todd Herreman’s and Lane Johnson. Black listenas, Shorty Long Rocks, Living Color, The City 6, Governor Corbett, Chris May and Jessica Mean, Jennifer Frederick. LA.  WOTW: Letter of the day: U. Thank you to our sponsors. Jaxon will be broadcasting live later on today, and The movie Elf will be able to be viewed on the Big screen. Pierre is going to be giving away tickets to Jack Frost for January 3rd.  Out of gear and in to gear. Radio Flub. Pierre will talk to Matt Bellamine of Muse. Will have vinyl cut and work force block going on today. 20% off Xfinity which opens soon. Guitar center. Modest Yahoo on stage tomorrow. Case ball tomorrow. Rage on and have a great day.

LQ: What do we all Green?
LA: Bleed

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