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Tomorrow show includes

Lane Johnson, Living Colour, Todd Herremans, and Governer Corbett 

 Time 6:12-6:25

Weather. Traffic. News Man’s body found in basement, man’s brother taken in. NYC train derailed injuring 60 and killing 4, All 7 cars and locomotive were off the rails, curve speed limit is 30 mph. 29 y/o Minnesota man tried to spread holiday cheer by throwing 1000 dollars off of a mall balcony. Sports Eagles win 21 to 24 against cardinals. Eagles are tied in fourth in the NFC East. Flyers have a game in Minnesota against the Wilds. Xfinity. Tent has glass walls, and Jesus is outside taking donations. Acme. Oxford valley. Bob and Ron’s. Calendar signing from 6 to 8. Jim gardener is stopping by. Philabundance. Kathy is cyber shopping live at the campout. Chico’s band is playing throughout the entire morning.


Chico’s vibe on stage. Traffic. Deer season starts today, if you hit a deer do you get to keep it? Deers can crush cars. At xfinity live, and some guests stopping by, SQ. Birthdays Britney Spears is 32 and crazy, Lucy Lou is 45, Steven bower, Willy Brown is 73. SA. Smackdown. McDonalds. Entertainment News Paul Walerdied in a fiery wreck in California while shooting the 7th fast and the furious. Vin diesel, The rock, and many others tweeting their sympathy’s to Paul’s family. Driving a Porsche with a professional driver after the wreck the car looked like it melted. Sharon Osborne’s Vagina is now tighter thanks to surgery. Why do this if the only person who sees it is always drunk it still looks like a Muppet. Valeri Harper is feeling okay after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Kim Kardashian is getting crap for not tweeting about her daughter enough. Comedian Roseanne Barr will never work in television again she was constantly corrected and lied to, later admitted to drunk tweeting this. Ethan Hawk believes that monogamy should not be the basis for marriage. Ron Burgundy read the news for a local news station, heavily promoting this movie. Clips Almost Human. Xfinity. Really cool being able to see the ballpark from the tent, Warminster police donated over a ton of food.  Mcdonalds, Acme.            


Bottos, mcdonalds. Traffic. Xfinity, RV, Mcdonalds. Revel Casino, Dave and Busters. As long as you have someone to feed you balls, you’ll be okay. Cyber Monday You’ll find some deals closer to Christmas, does Hanukah affect this? More people came out for black Friday, but less money was made. Tazer attacks were up. Some Stores were opening on Thanksgiving. All the incidents took place at a Walmart. Incidents on Black Friday were mainly breaking up fights and possible gun/knife fights. All cops should ask what the people were at the store to buy. The problem with shopping online is you can’t taze yourself. Amazon will begin to use delivery drones. Preston received a package that he thought wasn’t for him and the materials were supposedly cancer causing, it was actually a gift from his mother. Gifts you don’t want Nick waits a half hour before smashing them. Kathy gave someone a gift that they don’t use and still doesn’t see it in their house.Trade bad xmas gifts. Gift cards are a great gift. More than 500,000 dollars in loose change was left in airport security bins. Empty pockets and Deli meat. New app uses camera to translate street signs, what about symbols? Penises researchers found a way to increase penis size without surgery, takes 4 months and it gets an inch bigger. Men’s perception of penis size is deceived by porn; Casey only watches small penis porn now. Japanese porn is cool because they whisper in Japanese, Chico’s is back! Live morning skate

Time 7:57-8:17

Traffic. Marisa is running around campout, several evening events going on and also Jim Gardener will be stopping by this evening. Acme. Calendar. Bizarre File 3 girls escape an Arizona home after being held in a home for 2 years. Helicopter starting dropping off cigarettes into a Georgia prison yard. Mother was filmed striking her pregnant belly with a hammer. High school student tried to set teacher on fire. Slack Liners (loose tight rope) did a routine naked and tied his security line around his genitals. Morning Skate Neil Hartman; Players should condition in the off season, and now the players are in better shape than the beginning of the season thanks to performance enhancing drugs. Flyers need a good goal tender. Flyers always do a long trip at the end of the month so Disney on Ice can perform. Claude Giroux is getting back on track. We are in an RV all week so feel free to come sleep with us.   


Traffic. Botto’s, xfinity, mcdonalds, bertucis, Revel casino, Dave and Buster. Ed Rendell He and 3 others will take a couple out to City Tavern if they win a sports contest. Sports fan, Political Pundit, which would you pick? Politics, they improve peoples lives. There is a joy in politics, when he was governor he raised minimum wage to $7.00 increasing income by $4,000 a year. The Eagles are a great team but not Super bowl material quite yet. Chip Kelly has done a great job but “takes the air out the ball. Ed played football in school, and was on the cheer team he sucked. The people can tell you stuff that you are not aware of; you really need a thick skin. You have to be an open minded individual. Health care was charged depending on annual income which all the employees liked and the idea came not from the governor but one of his assistants. Did the drug addict who beat you in the elections move to Toronto? The City Tavern is a great old style place to eat. Ed plays basketball live,

 Time 9:01-9:35

Traffic. Going to go outside and do a game soon, Gary Hoey is walking around somewhere. Xfinity. Preston is bringing out the big red button to introduce Charlie Mcdermet and April Margera. Another star in the West Chester galaxy, next to Kathy. This is a great new venue, and easy to get to. Bam is married in Iceland working on a new movie and in a new band F*c%face unstoppable. Was Charlie ever on the lookout for Bam? April has three grandkids and wants Bam to follow suit if he calms down. Aprils store is hand painted furniture. We will put the link to your store on our new website lobster tube. Bump ball; indoor soccer but you are totally covered in a protective cover from the waist up. Bill Clark and Marla this drive helps out so much with getting people food. It’s the working poor, and the man on the street corner. Food stamp cut gets rid of 22 meals a month for families. It is something families don’t want to talk about, but pulling on peoples heartstrings is what makes people want to help. Phil Abundance warehouse is within walking distance of campout. Takes 20,000 volunteers a year, Casey went to volunteer at a soup kitchen and ended up working right then and there. Jim Perkins President of Acme markets, and also the manager who camped out to raise food. 60 people from Acme for support. Acme donated 13 tons of Food last year, and this year brought over 120 thousand pounds of food. Live at bump ball; Nick is being raped by a Jelly fish. This is dumb but for charity! It is a league game so no wagering. Bump ball protects all, game is on! Yellow team is leading two nothing. Sponsors and bottos.    


Traffic. Revel pop a shot. Acme. 6ABC morning crew Matt is always talking and never talks, came in talking about how he won a pair of sun glasses. Casey was glued to 6ABC all Thanksgiving morning and thought Matt Odonell’s hair was amazing. They all get up really early, 2:30am. Aren’t we here to talk about hunger? Loved the coverage of the Thanksgiving day parade, even though it was freezing. 6ABC is doing a food drive as well.Donating food literally takes 1 minute; there is no excuse for not donating. The band is awesome, and the location is great! Bing out of work and worrying about how you will feed your family is the hardest thing you could do. People who work different shifts, is it nice to see each other? Due to conflicting work schedules they don’t see anyone very much. They are able to help each other out with their reports. Preston was trying to get in contact with Matt, but he didn’t have an email. Bizarre File Thanksgiving dispute over shoes led a man to shoot his wife after she got a knife. A giant latrine created by dinosaurs was unearthed proving that early lizards shared dumping grounds. In China, a bride is attacked and shoved to the ground by the groom’s pregnant mistress. Chico plays sweet home Alabama with the 6ABC crew. Gary Hoey known for heavy xmas covers. Working on a TV show where eh video tapes celebrities coming into his studio. Casey and Gary will go pee in the woods sometime together. Live DVD just came out featuring his xmas music. First record was just for fun and never thought it would become a ‘thing’. Performs Mr. Grinch. Been playing guitar for 40 years, started on the womb.  


 Wendy’s Founders key legacy value each year has them make a large donation. This year Wendy’s is donating a truck of food. Each 10 pound donation will get a 10 dollar Wendy’s coupon. LQ. Hollywood Trash Ethan Hawke says monogamy is unrealistic. Kim Kardashian is sick of hearing criticisms about her parenting techniques. LA. Music News Halestorm is launching her own clothing line called scissor happy. All pieces are unisex. Chris Cornell had a severe shoulder strain and couldn’t play show in Wilmington. David lee Roth said that Van Halen started putting together some new music. Everything from shirt design, to lighting rigs is all Van Halen.     


Chico’s has some gigs coming up check out their website. For all the cups that couldn’t be at the camp out her are some cups. Thank you to all the guests, and bump ball. Here all night, calendar girls are stopping by tonight. Everyone standing in the tent will have the chance to take a shot on goal on ice. Letter of the day: H. Botto’s. McDonalds. Primo hoagies, Holiday inn stadium.    

SQ What was the original flavor of wishbone salad dressing?   

SA Italian

LQ what is David murphy’s twitter handle?

LA Leatherman1  



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