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Next week; 

Camp Out for Hunger begins! 

Time 6:14-6:27

Time to get started. Weather. Traffic. News: A deadly crash is the cause of traffic troubles on Schuylkill expressway in the westbound lanes, one person has died. Thanksgiving day balloons may not lift off if there is high wind. Current forecast calls for sustained winds of 20 mph with gusts of 36 mph on Thursday. Sports: It’s now official Nick Foles is now the eagles number one quarterback. Sixers are still tied in the Atlantic. The flyers have a game in Tampa Bay at 7:30 & will be broadcasted on WMMR. Rick Williams and Cecily Tyanan will be here to talk about the 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade. Also Charlie McDermott will be on the show. Along with our afternoon DJ Jaxon will be on to talk about his Yam Jam Kick-Ass-Erolle.    
                          Time 6:42-7:10             
Welcome to the eve of Thanksgiving! Weather. Traffic. SQ. Secret Text Word. Birthdays Robin Givens; 49, Carolyn Kennedy Schlossberg; 56, Michael Vartan; 45, Never Been Fingered the Sequel! Jaleel White; 37, Manolo Blahnik; 71, Victoria Gotti; 51, Jimmy Rollins; 35. SA. Entertainment News Frankie Muniz faces another mini-stroke at 27-years-old. Julies Roberts was promoting her new film “August” when she was asked how she felt about Jennifer Lawrence being a part of the America’s Sweetheart Club. She replied that she was too cool to be a part of the club. Elizabeth Tyler used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Alec Baldwin short-lived talk show on MSNBC has officially been canceled after violent incidents with paparazzi in NYC. Reports say that Paris Jackson is doing better and is currently enrolled at a boarding school. Who do we know that is named Xfinity? Owen Demand! I have a cardboard turkey, a Cardburkey. I put a duck in there, I redecorated. Kaley Cuoco is going to be a married woman by the end of the year. A Nevada judge rejects a new trail of jailed O.J. Simpson. In touch Magazine claims that Khloe Kardashian’s real dad might be O.J. Simpson. James Franco and Seth Rogan have received the stamp of approval from KimYe about their ‘Bound 3’ video. Glee Star Amber Riley and dancing partner Derek Hough won Dancing with the Stars Season 17. Clips Kristen Bell explains the plot of her new animated film, Frozen. Sylvester Stallone talks about what the audience can expect from his new movie, Homefront. Secret Text Word.
                          Time 7:21-7:52
Pearl Jam with Daughter on WMMR. WOW. Traffic. Preston has so many homemade cookies at his house right now because of Thanksgiving.  He cannot stop eating all of them & planned to gain 10 pounds by the end of the year. Thanksgiving food traditions There are buckets of frozen cookie dough that you can buy from Costco. The worst part of the holiday season is people that state that their desserts are amazing, but they taste like something made for a death camp. Nick tries not to get hammered on Thanksgiving. His Uncle Mike doesn’t realize that you can get seconds, so he piles on the food. There is a food talk line that can help you out for making turkeys. Being creative with your seasoning is the secret to enhancing the taste of the Turkey. If you start cooking the bird early at a low temperature, it keeps in the flavor. Turkey Tips. Stuffing almost tells a lot about your personality.  Some people go to Wawa to get the Gobbler to celebrate thanksgiving. At the very first Thanksgiving, they ate bald eagles! Preston absolutely loves ambrosia for the holidays. Steve used to work at Dunkin’ Donuts and people used to stop in to get food before dinner. Whatever you’re doing enjoy your Thanksgiving! Weather.  
SQ: What musical instrument is sometimes referred to as a “Sweet Potato?”
SA: Ocarina 
                          Time 8:04-8:14
It’s a great day! WOW. Traffic. Bizarre File Charlie Rowan, a low-level cage fighter who faked his own death to skip out on his debt to a drug dealer pleaded guilty to armed robbery and assault. Poland parents assumed his son was dead after authorities had misidentified a body, but recently returned home. A 15 year old Californian boy is in critical condition after being found lying next to his school, unconscious, and bleeding from his head. Authorities suspect that the son was practicing parkour when he fell. A man knocked a 13-year-old boy unconscious after his son was elbowed in the face during a football game. The Ontario SPCA after a bear was hit by a car and beaten with a rock. 
                          Time 8:25-8:53
Thanksgiving Eve is rocking! Traffic. Cecily Tynan & Rick Williams in Studio Rick Williams has been at 6ABC for 25 years and Cecily was their first meteorologist. The Thanksgiving Parade is tomorrow! Cecily has been hosting the parade for 10 years and Rick has been for 5 years. Cecily has some friends in North Carolina that actually pick up the parade from Philadelphia, that’s why they don’t make a lot of local references. There are a lot of celebrities and performances that are going to take place during the event. The winds are going to be a bit of a factor for the balloons tomorrow. Cecily brought in special Thanksgiving Dunkin’ Donuts! Real or Fake? News headlines! 1. Drunk Kids Steal Llama, Party with Llama – R 2. Fat Santa Claus to Blame for Childhood Obesity – F 3. To shot dead at gangnam style. R -4 Ho Ho hold on Massachusetts Santa harassed mall goer. R -5 Brown Thursday is the day before black Thursday. Man grows armpit hair donates it to science F-6. Mike Myers says “Yeah Baby!” Dollar Shave Club. Charlie McDermott just arrived in our studio 7. Man Eats Underwear to beat breathalyzer – R 8. Reminder that Planes can Crash and Kill you – F 9. Woman Collects Toe Nails to Tell Fortunes – F 10. Mother Outraged after School Places Son on Honor Roll. Download the 6ABC app; it will give extras to the Thanksgiving Parade! Cecily suggests traveling now if you’re going somewhere. They are going to be coming to Camp Out for Hunger.  The parade starts at 8:30 tomorrow! 
                          Time 9:07-9:32
It’s a Wednesday that feels like a Friday! Traffic. Eating turkey does not make you tired it’s a myth. Kathy thanks Dr. Ellie for sending her candy corn. Thanksgiving is tomorrow so be nice don’t be mean about what songs are played. Welcome back Charlie McDermott from “The Middle” is in our studio. Steve thinks following him on twitter is a blast. Charlie really wanted to meet Clint Eastwood and was almost hit by his car and he tried to sneak into set. Charlie’s friend and co-star Eden Sher broke her foot trying to surf. She tumbled and the board flipped and knocked her in the foot. Preston and Steve love Eden Sher. Charlie explains what a showrunner is. It’s a person on set that makes sure the shows running smoothly. His show has multiple directors. Charlie debated whether if not he’s going to direct an episode of the Middle. He is home for Thanksgiving and his bedroom is exactly how he left it as a little kid. He stills has a lot of old movie posters on his walls. When he was 5, he saw Star Wars and he knew that he wanted to be in movies. The LAX shooter got on the Salesianum wiki page, but Charlie and Matt Cord did not. He has 12 more episodes to film before the end of the season. Watch The Middle on ABC! 
                          Time 9:42-9:58
Rush in the morning. WOW. Traffic. Jaxon is in studio he is having a Yam Jam Kick-Ass-Erolle. It used to be call the gobbler-roo, but his listeners came up with this new name. The concert is going to be at the Ardmore Theater. Some of the musical acts that are going to be performing are; Kid Felix, Bong Hits for Jesus, The Great Socio, and Shovelhook. Jaxon actually has his own Jiu-jitsu studio, it’s called Mainline United Jiu-jitsu. He teaches beginner students as well as kids. Last week he competed outside of New York and he finished second and third! Tonight is the official Yam Jam Kick-ass-erolle. You can get tickets at the door for $13. He is going to be broadcasting at Camp Out on Tuesday and Thursday, come see him! Bizarre File World health organization is saying that a number of Greek citizens were injecting themselves with the AIDS virus to get extra funding, but recently stated the number of infections was incorrect. A UPS spokesperson is stating they are outraged when a worked posted a picture of a man in a UPS shirt engaging in a sexual act with a prostitute. A clerk stopped a pair of would be robbers by locking them in the store for the night. A man watched his girlfriend try to destroy his Dodge Charger, but was quickly injured by walking away. A man bought a $10 lottery ticket thought it was worth $1,000, but was found that the ticket was really worth 1 million dollars.  A Santa-Con brought multiple Santa’s roaming the street dressed as the legendary character. The police department asked local bars to not serve the Santa’s. 2 Guns.
                          Time 10:11-10:23
We are on the brink of thanksgiving holiday. It’s nice to have everyone talking about their families. Marisa is having a nice family get together, but she has to sit at the kid’s table. Preston never has enough people to have the little kid table. LQ. Hollywood Trash Jennifer Lopez is one of Hollywood’s worst mom’s as said by Star Magazine. Alec Baldwin’s late night talk show in MSNBC has been canceled after yelling gay slurs at paparazzi. Katie Couric has moved to become a correspondent for Yahoo! LA. Music News Primo Hoagies are in the conference room! Larz Ulrich from Metallica are psyched to get out of 4 walls of recording studio. Foo Fighters drops the news about new album. Calls it “Badass”. Game Army of the Damned will now be directed by Tom Denucci.  Ian Watkins from the band Lost Profits is accused of child abuse on multiple counts along with two women who also sexual abuse their own children. Blink 182 guitarist and singer said the trio is ready to risks again for their new album. Primo Hoagies. Secret text word. 
                          Time 10:32-10:45
Little Sister, Queens of the Stone Age on WMMR. Secret Text. Pierre has just arrived in the studio. He is broadcasting on thanksgiving tomorrow! There is usually no one in the studio when he broadcasts except for his producer, Pancake. It’s the best time to drop the f-bomb. Traditionally, since he is a vegetarian, he eats a lot of side dishes. The different airings of Alice’s Restaurant are as followed; 1st Alice’s Restaurant is at 10, the next will be at noon, and the last will be at 2pm on vinyl. It has become a great tradition and has grown up with the music because of Pierre’s show. This is Pancake’s first thanksgiving with Pierre. LOTD. Thank you to Cecily Tynan & Rick Williams – the host of the Thanksgiving Day Parade, Charlie McDermott, and Jaxon who is hosting the Yam Jam Kick-Ass-Erolle. Camp Out. WOW. Camp Out. Hope you all have a happy and safe thanksgiving! 

LQ: What animal did Katherine Jackson add to Paris Jackson’s room as a part of the redecorating process.
LA: A Duck

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