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Tomorrow we will have Rick Williams and Cecily Tynan IN STUDIO (8:00)
Charlie McDermont IN STUDIO (9:00) 

Here's what happened on today's show:

Date: 11-26-2013 Time 6:11-6:25
Weather. Traffic. News: Police say a pregnant mother and 4yo daughter were stabbed and then the house was set on fire to hide evidence. The Salvation Army store collapsed, 52yo was buried and a rescue by a rescue dog. Ashore is the alternative tying of the tubes cannot even push a vacuum because the pain is so severe. Sports: Panthers win against the Flyers 3-1. MNF 49ers beat Red Skins. Bulls, their 2011 MVP will be missing the rest of the season due to knee surgery. Kobe Bryant just signed a 2 year contract, $25 million. Chris- calling to say goodbye, he got a new job where he will be outside, and isn’t tech savvy. Todd Glass is in studio today. Mike Birbiglia, and meet and eat with American Red Cross, Tattuesday. Not on the list but Bam Margera may call in today.

Time 6:36-7:07
WOTW is only 3 letters this week. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: John McVie, 68. Kathy is wearing her special handy gloves, arm warmers, so she can stay warm in the studio. Thought she was going to go bowling. She can wipe her ass with them. Everyone has sex with each other, except Kathy. Peter Facinelli 40 Edward Cullen’s dad, Tina Turner 74. SA. Entertainment News: Justin Timberlake took home trophies from the AMAs but Jessica Biel wasn’t there. She was tweeting from home and didn’t go to any after parties. Angelina Jolie bought a heart-shaped island for $19.7 million for hubby Brad Pitt’s 50th birthday. Doesn’t look like a heart, looks like a kidney. Kendall Jenner said that her and 1D’s Harry Styles are just friends. Preston wants to do his hair like that, going to grow it out. Alexis Vega is married to the Big Time Rush dude. Brian from Family Guy was killed off by getting hit by a car. Not worried about backlash. Has been replaced by Vinny the dog who is voiced by Sopranos actors. A film called Serena starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in the works. Pauly D finally met his 5 month old daughter. Brittney Murphy’s mother has come forward to deny claims of third party poisoning. Malin Akerman has filed from divorce after 10 years old marriage from drummer Robert Zincone. Prince Harry had trip delay to South Pole adventure due to the weather. Elizabeth Banks believes that she would be a force to be reckoned with if placed in the arena of the Hunger Games. SA Clips: Mandel, Staying true to the book. Old Boy is produced by Spike Lee, and will produce no matter. Caller 7 Anchorman 2 screening.

Time: 7:17-7:50
Traffic. Red Cross came in with food from Sabrina’s Café. Quickie Weddings: Jonah Hill’s brother got married to Clinton Eastwood’s daughter, annulled a week later. Vegas is associated with eloping. Steve’s song about running away and getting married as Bruce Springsteen. Courthouse marriages are quick. Steve did that twice with his wife. Elkton, Maryland is the top place to get married quickly. Kevin- parents eloped so they can do it. Stacy- in PA have to apply for a marriage license and wait a week. Little Wedding Chapel- pay, have outfits get pictures. Have to wait 48 hours make sure you aren’t related. Married a cougar 1year older than his mom. Rich- ordain minister, ‘does anyone object’ is just a formality. True tv show, ex-girlfriend objected. Anonymous caller- got eloped a year ago, mom doesn’t know. For her to get picked up on the insurance. Kathy’s friend did it backwards. David- Vegas marriage in 1996 went through the drive thru. 5-10 mins license, 5-10 mins in drive-thru. Susan- have to wait 3 days. Melanie- may not be legally married. After 13 years with husband. Charge 78$ cheaper than other ceremony places legal consultion provided by the P&S showl. 

SQ: What household fixture are you repairing when you are fix the Spud Gasket. 
SA: Toilet

Time 8:03-8:15
Red Cross. Traffic. Todd Glass is here, we control him well, we have a stun gun. Conway Murphy was asked if he was a pedophile, it took 14 seconds of silence to avoid question he wasn’t prepare for. Bizarre File: owner of a new PlayStation uploaded videos of his naked wife. Driver took her hands off the wheel when a friend untied her bikini strings. The car crashed and the one who pulled the strings died. All occupants in the car were 19 yos. A man plot to murder another man was revealed when he butt dialed the person. Wedding in Yemen, 3 people were shot dead with an AK-47 while dancing to Gangham Style. Gunfire at weddings is common practice. Anchorman 2 tickets caller 3.

Time 8:26-8:56
Weather. Traffic. Todd Glass in Studio- mic is turned off during traffic. Court Stenographer to capture what he was saying. Nick told him before the show not to curse. Now it is in his head. He is high. “he can taste February” his wife is here with him today. Her car smells like fresh air. Having the stenographer read back like she is on a date with Glass. Now called court reporters. His Wiki says he has been on shows like conan, Jimmy Kimmel, and P&S. Barbara Streisand says she can’t sing. Going to sell her tickets for 500$. When the whales kill the trainer, look at this picture I don’t like my side profile. Tattoo on the wrong arm, surprised when they get 911 calls, get a whale out of a baby pool, sonar all mess up and then a lady swims with it, and wonder why it is weird when they die. Todd Glass comedian and political activist. Mom won’t get a facelift, so he is suing her.  Parents have 4 parrots, oh Todd you have to come up and see the little bird hug the big bird. The cages are undone in the kitchen. Chew and eat toilet paper rolls and a piece meatloaf sitting on the table for them to pick at. OCD, can live with Kathy. Kathy is cleaner than Todd. Witness gesture. Salisbury steak try to play up put your long jacket on and your heels, for once in my life I am going to live. Oh Salisbury lobster, oh what is it? Ground up hot dog. Birbigila was the first person Todd was on a tour bus with. Back to Salisbury Steak Casey got sick on it. Bill Weston makes Todd nervous, P&S is #1 for a reason. Saw a bird when he was approaching a red light. They don’t move, they hustle (Do The Hustle comes on), don’t fly.  Kathy texting him asking if he could be funny this time. He wished revenge that Kathy burned her hands on a kennel, that’s why she is wearing the gloves. 

Time 9:04-9:39
Getting right back in, Mike Birbiglia on phone, if Todd could step out during the interview. Use to let people sign the bus. Todd keeps answering questions for Mike. My Girlfriend’s boyfriend 4 years of working on it dvd, can be seen on Netflix. Todd’s bad at acting. Mike performs in Philly in February, and will be on Letterman the next day. Going to have lunch with Nick. Nick is best friend with Will Forte. Nick will take Mike to his favorite band. Steve just wants Todd and Mike to hug. Mike’s twitter is funny, he holds back all the racial stuff and puts it on his blog blackzrUs. Does it so he doesn’t bore his wife and can put it somewhere else. Mike is a movie buff, it is an experience for him. Mike is the king of self-deprecation. He is the Kanye of Comedy. Mike wants to go to the Katy Perry concert with Nick. No one got a recording at Todd’s show for the shout out. Todd loves breaking down comedy with Mike. Cutting bits- look back at a bit thinking OMG why did I do that. Todd like Mike but not his comedy. We have never met before, didn’t remember his card at a magic show. What are gays getting married, what about people marrying dogs. Bear marriage. Hi I have wild animals in my yard and I was feeding them, and they attacked me. Wearing the same shirt in studio image. Telephones “hm I am sorry I did not understand that.” Probably because I was talking choppy to it. Salisbury Cell phone, a cup with string. Sits on bench and sucks towel why doesn’t Mike Birbiglia make a movie about that. Salisbury Ice is no ice cream. Stuffing our faces, have to have pork chops stuffed. New diet working but unhealthy.  Veggie juice, the diner makes it. At the gym Whole Foods is a joke. A tomato is a tomato no matter where it is grow, 100 year old wife, you don’t dismiss me. Shh, Steve go to sleep. Back in the day when the wife could break your arm about being dismissive. His diet, he juice in the morning. Eats late night. Not as bad as you think, but he has 2 cheesesteaks at night. Kathy with traffic. Todd is pacing. Red Cross. 

Time 9:46- 10:02
Tatuesday. Traffic. Red Cross. Pecan pancakes called Jeff Saluchui. Todd Glass use to be funny. Todd really likes the MedSpa. OMG I HAVE NEVER SEEN SKIN LIKE THAT BEFORE! THAT’S THE GUY FROM HOME IMPROVEMENT. I GOT A SALISBURY FACELIFT! What’s that, they throw mud at you. Todd as mayor of Philadelphia will have poop law, people will throw poop at you in a bag when you don’t clean up after your dog. He forgets to pick it up, I’M TODD GLASS I DON’T HAVE TO PICK UP DOG POOP HE DID 13 INTERVIEWS ON JIMMY KIMMEL AND OPEN UP FOR SARAH SILVERMAN AND IS PERFORMING AT HELIUM. WHY DON’T YOU GO SLEEP WITH PRESTON AND STEVE WHILE YOU LAY UP HERE NAKED. Bizarre File: a recent health organization paints an alarm picture of Europe’s economic crisis, injecting themselves with HIV so they get paid 700 euros, especially in Greece. Black bear removed from Florida neighborhood when he crashed a child’s b-day party. The Richards family set the record of the most X-mas lights 31miles worth of wire, 2300$ a month in electricity. San Rafael Cannot smoke in the home is the wall is connected with other dwellings. Testicle operators usually say they donate their left nut for something. Mark donated his nut for $35,000 for a 370Z Honda. 

Time 10:15- 10:38
Campout for Hunger. Wrapping up soon. Todd is going to talk for 13 minutes and then leave them with 30 seconds. Todd prefers Gino’s rather than Pat’s. Journey to Joe’s cheesesteaks. Wen hair, who doesn’t deserve nice hair. Kmart is a shitty Target, wants air fresheners that smell like old popcorn and dirty laundry. Wawa should have own airport. Get a pretzel slice it long way, everything is on a pretzel roll now. Sour dough bread is not the same after it has been sitting for a while. Back to the way it used to be, but we need to go forward. Fixing stuff older generation has done, fix it or die. Underwear as unmentionables, UNDERWEAR TOUCHING A PRIVATE PART! What could come good from a bunch of buffoons who think that? Last thanksgiving someone asks if he is an alcoholic. Wrong person to ask if they are an alcoholic. Not good when people are dumb and alcoholic. Oh this moisturizer will take 5 years off your life take his 5 year old nephew and have them put it on him. Intern Eddie will be driving him around today after the show. Take a village to raise a comedian. Will be at Helium. PRESTON SAID I COULD INTERUPT. Parents have a sense of humor, parrots shit everywhere with morning coffee. LQ. Hollywood Trash: Jamie Lynn Spears release single called How could I want more, soon when they hear the word Spears they will think Jamie Lynn or what they want to jam in their ears. Eastwood Marry Hill when I marry a sweaty uglier version of Jonah Hill I want it to be for love. Mick Jagger is going to be a Great Granddaughter good to know his GG daughter could be Charlie Watts next wife. LA Music News: Muse get back to basics experimenting with electronic music, but will be going more Raw in the next. Sound Garden reissued its first 2 EP’s. Rage against the Machine collaborate with Bruce Springsteen coming out in 2014. 1D announced this morning that they will be performing at the Linc. In August “Where we are” Stadium tour. 

Time 10:48-10:55
Red cross. A lot of Activity today, they are heading to NBC for a COFH bit. Tatuesday, Sheena got a tat on her butt, use to be lips now is a rose. P&S girl Rachel got some tattoo on her sleeve done. She wants to be in the sorority, paddled. Thanks to the Court reporters WOTW H. Thank you to our sponsors, Pierre has Geniuses work force block and Fleetwood Mac.  

LQ: How much does P&S charge for legal marriage consultation.
LA: $78

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