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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Todd Glass IN STUDIO - 7:30

Mike Birbiglia phoner - 9:00


Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12-6:24

You survived the weekend! Weather. Traffic. News A retired 85 year old Philadelphia Judge has been identified as a victim of a house fire. Firefighters are still looking for the cause of the fire. A female 50 year old driver was taken into custody for hitting a police care while intoxicated. A major winter storm has dumped freezing rain and snow in the mid-west, killing 6 people. Sports Cowboys won 24-21 against the Giants. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won over the Broncos last night. The Flyers won over the New York Islanders over the weekend. The Sixers have a few days off and won’t play until they battle the Magic on Wednesday night. We have a short week because of Thanksgiving. Everything is Christmas related and Thanksgiving is slowly disappearing. WOW. Camp Out.

Time 6:36-7:13

It’s a cold morning. Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Christina Applegate; 42, Gerry Ferrara; 34, Barbara and Jenny Bush; 32, Donovan McNaab; 37, John Larroquette; 66, Ben Stein; 69, Jill and Jacqueline Hennessy; 45, Dougray Scott; 48, Amy Grant; 53. SA. Christopher Robin used to be the main character, now it’s Darby. Eeyore was seriously manic depressive because of his buttoned on tail. Entertainment News The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was number one in the box office followed by Thor and The Best Man Holiday. American Music awards were last night! Taylor Swift took home four awards last night and Justin Timberlake received three nods. Some of the night’s performances  included; Jennifer Lopez, One Direction, Lil’ Mama, and Miley Cyrus. Booty pop for your country. Clint Eastwood daughters Francesca married Jonah Hill’s brother over the weekend. Doctor Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson were so close, that he held his penis every night to fit a catheter. Yee Haw! It’s a Texas Catheter! Abigail Breslin posed in a risqué topless photo shoot. Joan Dangerfield admitted that she kept her late husband’s, Rodney Dangerfield’s sweat in a Tupperware container. New photos have been released of Ashley Tisdale and her husband at their wedding. Clips Tyrece Jackson talks about his co-stars in Black Nativity. Josh Gad talks about his Frozen character, Olaf. WOW.

Time 7:25-7:48

Sweet Child Of Mine on WMMR. Preston was scaring the interns pretending he was Axel Rose. Traffic. Preston’s kids are off this whole week. Nick’s son just has Wednesday off. Governor tom Corbett is going to be at Campout for Hunger. Recently there was a bill that was passed to make the intestate speed level 70 miles per hour. Yesterday, the winds were so rough that it was really hard to go fast while driving.  Kathy got pulled over because she was just going with the speed limit of traffic. My license is right there between my legs. On newer GPS systems, they actually show the speed limit of the road. It is going to cost $250 per sign to alter the speed limit. Some roads have different speed limits for each direction. If you reduce the speed limit on the same road, there should be a huge sign that makes the drivers aware. Bone fragments that are reported to be from St. Peter have been put on display at the Vatican. The bones were stored in a shoe box. The Upper Darby Police departments have been posting hilarious tweets. When you’re drunk and the police are trying to interrogate you, people get scared.

SQ: What beloved children’s character is a tubby little buddy stuffed with fluff?

SA: Winnie the Pooh

Time 8:00-8:12

It’s Monday! Weather. Traffic. Camp Out. Listener Amanda is an ACME worker and said that they have sold 106 bags. Bizarre File A New York woman has a piece of platinum jewelry placed into her eyeball to set herself apart from the crowd. Doctor carried on a 50 Shades of Grey relationship in an unconventional bid to help her gets rid of her depression. The Doctor was not charged with malpractice since the relationship was consensual, but he may have his medical license taken away. A Jury found Crystal Magnum guilty of murder from stabbing her boyfriend.  An architect is tired of the comparisons she has been getting from locals that state her building looks like a vagina. Beth Garner recently stated in a hotel that’s floor plan looks like a vagina. Muff hotel that has a distinctive smell of fish.

Time 8:22-8:51

Red Hot Chili Peppers on WMMR. WOW. Traffic. Over the weekend, Eddie Veder kicked a fan out of his concert in Los Angeles. They are sensitive at anything going wrong at the front of the stage since the incident in Denmark. This woman was pushing people and throwing elbows, he stopped his song, and asked the woman to leave. Guy on board a flight started screaming “there’s a bomb on this plane” mid-flight. In the audio, you can hear the crowd reacting as well as a child crying. They took him to a mental hospital for evaluation when the plane landed. Lamar Odom was caught by TMZ and was free styling rapping while being intoxicated. Nick and Preston were both in Atlantic City at Revel this weekend and can’t believe some of the girl’s outfits. A lot of the dresses were super tight, super short, and their heels were super high. Most of them cannot walk in heels at all. You can’t really tell if these women were hookers. Casey loves watching people come home from AC at 3 in the morning. So many people were tripping and falling on the marble floor. Todd Glass sent over a couple of songs for the show. They were the presidential theme and Groovy Now with all the words replaced to “the Todd Glass Show.” Camp Out. There’s a bar in Brooklyn, New York that has risen its drinking age to 25. They will serve 21-24 year olds until 10pm, and then they will kick everyone under 25 out. It’s in the hipster section of Brooklyn, so people will be angry. Getaway

Time 9:01-9:29

Preston is so a-scared of the beauty of his next guest, Lacey Chabert is on air now! She is staring in the new Hitchcock-like Lifetime movie Non Stop. It is about a girl who is on a flight and strange things start happening mid-flight. Another passenger found the dog and returned it to her. The plane in Non-Stop was used to the movie Bridesmaids for the drunken airplane scene. She was recently on the Maxim cover. She worked out really hard in order to feel confident in her underwear. Lacey is currently in a relationship and tries to keep it as private as possible. Dating is hard in this business and actually has never dated an actor/anyone famous. Happy Birthday to Ashley Alexis, once of our calendar girls! Preston’s son Carter has to go to the emergency room this weekend. He fainted!  Sometimes Preston stands up too fast and he feels like he is going to pass out. Kathy gets light headed in the same position in yoga. One listener thought he has epilepsy and the medication cause his gums to swell & he needed them shaved down. Teeth are gross! LQ.  

Time 9:39-9:53

The morning is rolling right along. Weather. Traffic. Camp Out is right around the corner. There are a great line-up of guests ready for the week. We are extremely excited about everything, however, we can’t stop thinking about the Pitchuation cannon incident that happened last year. Steve really thought that was going to kill Camp Out. Bizarre File A man picked up a teddy bear on the side of the road when official stated that it was really a bomb. A robber attempted to rob a store by using a spear gun to scare the customers. An 18 year old girl was tragically killed when they were playing with knifes. The teens were high on marijuana while throwing knives when one got stuck in her neck. A double amputee who shot a Walmart employee over a dispute about a dog has pleaded guilty over one account of murder. A New York teacher sent a note home to a preschool parents stating that the children were so dirty that she didn’t want to touch them. LQ.

Time 10:04-10:25

Weezer on 93.3 WMMR. They were just playing at Bethlehem over this weekend. There is a special airing this afternoon on 6 at 4 about Jim O’Brien. Brian Taff is on now talking about the feature. It is airing tonight at the 4 o’clock news cast today and tomorrow. He played such a major role in the Thanksgiving parade and since the parade is right around the corner, ABC felt like it was necessary to air a special about this wonderful career. O’Brien was such a major part in so many people’s lives within the Philadelphia area. Taff took this opportunity as an experience to really get to know him. It’s a great snap shot of the past for the station as well as for Jim O’Brien. LQ. Hollywood Trash Miley Cyrus turned 21 over the weekend and was robbed. Francesca Eastwood married Jonah Hill’s brother over the weekend. Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner is auctioning off a small piece of her lady parts. LA. Music News American Music Awards was last night! Taylor Swift won entertainer of the year and new artist of the year went to Ariana Grande. The song of the year went to Florida Georgia Line Ft. Nelly and the icon award went to Rhianna. Metallica has announced that their recently released IMAX movie, Into the Never, will be released on DVD/Blue Ray Combo pack on January 28, 2014. Ozzy Osborne told Revolver magazine that reuniting with Black Sabbath did not cause him to be an addict again. The mechanical bull that serves as the title of the new Kings of Leon album stars in their recent music video. The nearly 7 minute clip is followed by “Supersoaker.” The Beastie Boys are filing a lawsuit against GoldieBlox when the viral video used their song that replaces their lyrics with girl-empowering lyrics. Pearl Jam opened up a show in LA where Eddie asked on fan who was getting rowdy to move her seat as well as slow-danced with another fan. Free Music Monday. LQ.

Time 10:35-10:42

Joan Jett on WMMR. It’s a short week this week! It’s only a three letter word for our word of the week. Pierre went to the Chris Cornell concert last night with Marisa. LOTD. Living Color is going to be at Camp Out and they are going to be performing an electric set. Pierre saw them open for the Rolling Stones. Tomorrow on the show we have; Todd Glass and Mike Birbiglia. $100 Model’s Gift Card.



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