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Time 6:10-6:23

It’s gonna be warm today! Traffic. News: A woman was physically assaulted in Center City. A fire in Lindenwold, NJ, caused a man to be hospitalized and a household pet died. A PA teen is charged with raping and assaulting multiple underage girls, bail is $5 million. Sports: Flyers defeated the Sabres 4-1 last night. The Saints beat the Falcons last night. The Sixers are hosting the Bucks tonight at 7. Today on the show: after yesterday’s discussion of psychics we’ll have medium Joseph Tittel, Ben Baily from Cash Cab, Tom Bergeron, and a meet and eat with PA General Store. Anchorman 2 passes.


Time 6:35-7:04

It’s gonna be close to 60 degrees today. Traffic. Stupid Question. Celebrity Birthdays: Scarlett Johansson, 29. Steven Van Zant, 63. Mark Ruffalo, 46. Jamie Lee Curtis, 55. She’s got a fully functioning penis. Terry Gilliam, 73. Mariel Hemingway, 52. Mads Mikkelsen, 48. Casey’s nephew Owen, 12. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News: Hugh Jackman admitted he had skin cancer. Alec Baldwin spoke at a conference and professed his love to his lawyer to prove he isn’t homophobic. In the right situation I might have someone use his fingers on me…let’s try 2 knuckles. LA coroner’s office has announced there are no plans to reopen Brittany Murphy’s case. Jimmy Fallon will host SNL on December 21, with Justin Timberlake as the musical guest. Sony is looking to grow the Spiderman franchise, with more sequels and spinoffs. Does Spiderman ever cross over with the Avengers? Craig Liggeons calls in to say Spiderman is currently part of the Avengers. Kim Kardashian said she’s not cheating w/weight loss. She’s not a cheater, she’s more like a jaguar. Lindsday Lohan is denying that she has a fear of little people. Daniel Radcliff says it’s easy to keep a low profile as a celebrity, for those who want to. Liam Hemsworth says his life is in a good place after splitting with Miley Cyrus. Clips: Josh Hutcherson on The Hunger Games. Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. Anna Faris and Chris Pratt never tweeted a picture of their bugs! Today on the show: Joseph Tittel, Ben Bailey, Tom Bergeron, Will Forte.


Time 7:16-7:46

Warm today, very cool this weekend. Traffic. Shartout to CHOP for making a final push to gather food for Camp Out. Medium Joseph Tittel in Studio: Sylvia Browne died yesterday. Born and raised in Bucks Co. People take advantage of this line of work. Has been seeing things since he was a kid. Can see spirits, see in the future, see things around people. I spook myself sometimes. He’ll sit down with Nick to do a reading. Doesn’t get scared, is used to his predictions. Records all of his readings. Nick and Joseph are going into another room to do a reading. Knock Out Game: Groups of kids are playing a game where one will point to someone, and another walks up and punches them in the back of the head. Some victims have died from their heads hitting the ground. Videos of this are going viral on social media. One guy had a gun when a kid tried to taze him, shot the kid. Caller Frank was a victim, broke his nose when he hit the ground. Caller Frank says these kids keep score. Caller Scott is a police officer, says kids that are caught get charged w/aggravated assault. Check in w/Nick and Joseph: Talking about breast cancer, sees someone close to Nick who had it. Someone in her 50s passed from breast cancer, telling him someone in his family needs a mammogram.


Stupid Q:

What breed of dog is pictured on the Strong Heart Dog Food logo?
Stupid A: German Shepherd


Time 7:58-8:17

Weather. Traffic. Nick is getting a reading from Joseph Tittel. Check in w/Nick and Joseph: Talking about having a little boy and little girl. Mentions someone in his life is alcoholic. If he talks to him for 2 or 3 days straight he’ll get something right. Shartouts: Listeners Kevin and Danielle had a baby. We already got a Christmas card from listener Lauren. Listener Lori thanks her coworkers for donating paid time off so she could take care of her sick mom. Terry sends one to Tallulah, whose birthday is the same day as hers. Maryann sends one to car shop in Delaware. Bizarre File: Two people in London arrested after they imprisoned three women for 30 years. NC police officer received medal of valor after he rescued a man who placed a bomb in his own neck. 9 year old student was suspended after he was sniffing ground-up Smarties candy. Nick & Joseph back in studio: Nick is still skeptical, but took a lot of notes. Some may apply to Marisa. Joseph got Nick’s dad’s name right, and his uncle. People often get more out of the recording than the live sessions. Do you have enough energy to do 2 more people this morning? His rule is not to give him any info. 


Time 8:29-8:50

Weather. Traffic. Ben Bailey and Gary Gulman in Studio: Two time Emmy winner. Cash Cab was on for 8 years, won several Emmys. Contestants were interviewed ahead of time, but didn’t know what they were getting into. Would tell people their production vehicle broke down and had to ride in a cab, and Ben would surprise them. Was cut out of Delivery Man, played a Polish hit man who would collect money from Vince Vaughn. Has a show on GSN coming soon called Ben Bailey’s America, where they cover bizarre competitions in the country. You should cover the Cardboard Classic and Grampy Grand Prix! Went to Mountain View, AK, and the closest Starbucks was 87 miles away. Premieres early next year. They might cut me out at some point. Was a pole-vaulter in high school, but is afraid of heights. Ordered a training pole, saw someone try to use it as a real one, pole bent backwards and it smacked him in the jaw. Will be at the Colonial Theater, local guy Chip Chantry is opening. Did a show in Woodstock, IL, at a theater that used in Groundhog Day. A groundhog bit Bill Murray while filming that movie. Gary is at Helium! Ben: Come back any time you want, Gary.


Time 9:06-9:29

Great weather today, but Sunday will be cold. PA General Store. Traffic. Tom Bergeron (Phoner): He’s a great host on America’s Funniest Videos and Dancing with the Stars. Kathy’s cat made the cut for AFM. Season 17 is being wrapped up for Dancing with the Stars. The production crew deserves a big thanks for keeping the show running. Tom’s become a fan of Jerry Springer being the host. Tom tweeted his own game show with competing high schools called Granite State Challenge. Preston loves the video of a guy falling off a treadmill cursing but curing doesn’t disqualify video. Tom doesn’t understand why the funniest videos never make it to the top three. Tom’s bobble head finally looks like Tom. Nick’s a Bergeron man. Nebraska is getting good reviews. Will Forte (Phoner): talking about Nebraska. Steve has an issue with Whoopi Goldberg’s wardrobe.  Will Forte might be in Philly for the Camp Out for Hunger.  Will agrees with Steve about the character choices. Spoil alert: Steve wants Will’s number and wants to be friends. Will’s using Nick to get to Steve. Joseph Tittel is still reading Casey. PA General Store


Time 9:40-9:57

It’s warm today, but it’ll be really cold the next few days. Traffic. There’s Liscio’s here!? 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination: Everyone knows where they were when it happened. John and Jackie looked great together, despite their marital issues. The movie Parkland is good at telling what happened, and the three days after. It doesn’t have anything new, except for the dinosaurs. There’s a scene with Jackie in the hospital handing the doctors part of his skull and brains. In an age with no social networking, everyone knew the news as soon as it happened. The JKF Library & Museum has great artifacts, but no one will see Jackie’s pink suit for another 90 years – it’s preserved in a climate controlled storage box. Clip of Cronkite announcing the shooting. Clip of Clint Hill saying he’s guilty he couldn’t have taken the shot. Steve’s brother was in the Secret Service for 20 years, they are expected to take bullets for the President if necessary. Lee Harvey Oswald’s funeral had no one there except his family. Clip of Cronkite announcing the death. PA General Store.


Time 10:09-10:34

We played the wrong music! Casey – I have no safety net! Kathy’s making sure it’s totally Casey’s fault. Kathy had a read with Joseph Tittel, thought it was cool. Steve is admiring Casey’s cookie from PA General Store. Casey had a reading too, 90% of it resonated with him. Kathy will get pulled over for running a yellow light in the next few weeks. Link to Joe’s site on our website. Pierre might want a read, he’s into crap like that! Bizarre File: A woman who died in a drunk driving accident, tweeted “Too drunk to care” a few hours before the accident. A dietician is warning against a fad of eating cotton balls soaked in orange juice to lose weight. Two men in Newfoundland saved a shark from choking on moose hide. A flight from Ft. Myers made an emergency landing in Orlando after its slide deployed in the cabin. A woman bungee jumped without a harness, but held onto another person for safety. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash. Lesson Answer. Music News: Papa Roach will have a documentary on the Fuze Network about honoring a fan’s Make-A-Wish. Metallica will join the San Francisco Giants for a second Metallica Night next season. Ozzy Osbourne says it’s all thanks to Sharon that he’s still alive. Dave Grohl posted a picture of a white guitar with blood on it, from their 1st practice in a long time. U2 has released a lyric video for a new song “Ordinary Love” off the soundtrack for Mandela. We have the song! It has a Coldplay feel to it. Steve will be at AT&T tomorrow at the “Store of the Future”. Casey will be at Classic Harley Davidson in Leesport. Modell’s.


Time 10:45-10:55

Can you hear me? Is this thing on? Listener Ashley wanted Preston to say “order” one more time. Wrap Up: Calendar girl Chrissy was in the studio, and she complained about her pictures. This is why we never show the girls their pictures ahead of time! Kathy had to move a video shoot to today because of how she looked yesterday. TJ Maxx. Thanks to Joseph Tittel, Ben Bailey, Tom Bergeron, Will Forte. PA General Store. LotD. Pierre has blocks of Rush, Weezer, and the Beatles. Believes there was a 2nd shooter for JFK. WoW. Anchorman screening. Next week on the show: Mike Birbiglia, Cecily Tynan.


Lesson Q:

For Kim Kardashian, what is the same as the Poo Poo Place?

Lesson A: The Pee Pee Place


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