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Date: 11-21-2013
Time 6:08-6:19
Weather. Traffic. News: Massive man hunt for shooter of a Delaware state police. A man was taken into custody for investigation, no one has been charged, the officer is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. North Korean detained an American Veteran. Stewardess asked if she could see his passport, had to walk off the airport. Mother and her son got out of a burning house however the dog did not make it. A fire started again 2 weeks later, claim to be arson. Sports: 6ers lost against Toronto. Claude Giroux got a text from Mike Richards that turned his game around he stated in an interview. Giroux has 5 points and 2 goals in the last 5 games. JFK was interested in purchasing the Eagles, which could have falling into Massachusetts fans territory. Today on the show we have Gary Gulman, Colbie Smolders, Chris Pratt, and a charity event. Anchorman 2 passes caller 7.

Time 6:30-7:05
Sublime- wrong way. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays:  Bourke 48. Jenna Malone 30. Nicolette Sheridan 50. Goldie Hawn 60 Kate Hudson’s mom. 69 Marlo Thomas 76. SA. Entertainment News: Judge decided that Amanda Bynes is mentally healthy enough to stand her trial. I’m out of order? I want to order lunch. People Magazine is report that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are engaged. James Marlston said that he was January Jones baby daddy by laughing it off. Fast and Furious 6, Pataky is pregnant with second child with Thor’s Chris Hemsworth. Wine Spectator has named Brad and Angelina’s Rose wine is rated the best. Rose is a combine of red and wine. #84 on top 100. Fastest game in the world man. Jai alai match. How about that purple piss, don’t her hands look like cups, you can put your wine in it. Two tree totes tried to trot together to town. Kathy had the best Rose in Italy. A fan caught a glimpse of Sean Penn and Sean lost his cool telling him he was going to make the fan eat the phone. Family supports Kendall Jenner’s decision to bare chest, by retweeting her pic. Khloe voice: you show that booty. Instead of hashtag should be hash brown. Rupert Murdoch and Wendi is getting a divorce after a 14year long marriage. He is 82 she is 44. Dave Day is not following dad’s footsteps. Started a rap music produced by J-Holiday. Simon Cowell is getting a divorce from pregnant wife, she was knocked up by another man. Clips: Delivery Man underachiever Dan finds out he is father of 542 children.$100 Modell’s gift card caller 12.

Time: 7:15-7:48
Traffic. Word of the week prize, the W-hotel is really nice. The lobby got turned into a club. Psychics Readings- Sylvia Browne died at age 77 a well-known medium. Psychics get a read off of people, Kathy went to one a few times the first time it was accurate but the 2nd time she didn’t give much of a reaction. She was on Montel and was wrong saying this girl husband’s was filled with water, Caller Ryan- Spirit Man Joe, mom died, Joe did a reading, Ryan planted a pipe for his mother and Joe picked up on it. They focus on vogue and prey on that. His friend g-pop died, Joe knew about a picture of him with a dog and the year 46 on it. P&S had a psychic on the show but they made a wrong prediction, never having her back. Caller: also went to Spirit man Joe. Went to him, he described rooms in house and talked to little brother. Nick doesn’t believe, Steve is more on Nick’s side. Debate with Kathy and Nick. Houdini used a phrase with his wife, she went around to psychics looking for someone to say the phrase. Caller Peter: defrauded a psychic, making up names, just wanted money. Booking 6 months in advance, plenty of time to look up social medias. Steve doesn’t want to know the future. Preston never liked her. 

SQ: Stop the insanity was catch phrase of what fitness trainer infomercial guru
SA: Susan Power

Time 8:01- 8:17
Drop Kick Murphy’s covering ACDC. Traffic. Engineer Lou, Sling Blade moved to Maine for a girl. The perv. Letter,Cheerleaders Buck Mont Champs are going to Disney. Pawsibility- black Friday sale. Pancreatic cancer tomorrow is wear purple day. Bizarre File: 2 groups of women involved in a may lay at a meat counter. Lady was swinging a turkey as a weapon, whipped out pepper spray. Steve would watch that if it was a movie. Amtrak NY bound train took a round turn and ended up in Bala Cynwyd subway. Man was shopping in Iowa when his gun shot in the store, but continued shopping, purchased his items like nothing happened. A guy in England had a horrible hangover winded up in Paris, took a cab to Manchester airport and woke up in the bathroom of the French airport. Brussels widow slept next to her mummified husband for a year. Drew- the train that ended up in the wrong location. Push pull set. The locomotive was first broken down, but they were supposed to drive to 52nd street and then switch, but it just kept going. Runway too short for it to take off, how are you supposed to get it back? Flyers tickets caller 12.

Time 8:29- 8:53
We try to bring you useful info. Traffic. Gary Gulman in studio- Confused about a tweet, as being Gary’s Family being here. Intern Ed assumed that the Meredith and son was his family. He doesn’t that much game. No one can match up to the pleasure of a hand. Charlie Manson had a music career, but Gary thinks it was the right career move of killing because he wouldn’t get as famous. Charles Manson is still in jail for life and getting married to 25yo. Article was from Rolling Stone, people more upset when Sugar Ray is front cover than a terrorist. Gary is happy with Netflix, curses Blockbuster. He likes documentaries, Steve loves them, Eagles documentary. Golden age of documentaries and Lego sculpture. Casey went to the Lego store in NY, changed over the years. For 150$ they better build the Millennium Falcon correctly. Buy then and keep them until you step on them, Casey’s dog eats them. Favorite toys: JF picture viewer. Also liked Hot Wheelz and Match box but it always turned into funeral procession. Nothing raised a welt like a Hot Wheelz track. Shot a movie, was there early in the morning but didn’t shoot until 11 at night. He smelled. Indie film, bed scene. Had to do scene multiple times. Will this be released straight to Blockbuster?

Time 8:29- 9:36
Skipping traffic. Colbie Smulders. Blooper reel of Avengers Preston’s favorite part. Delivery Man heart-felt She plays Vince’s girlfriend. Didn’t get much time to spend before shooting. Apparently, he went to the sperm bank 600 times. HIMYM has 9 episodes left.  On Google, before her career, her feet pop up on Google. 4.5 out of 5 on feet. Ask Chris Pratt about being slapped by a 6yo. Marvel Projects: will be in next Captain America. Traffic. Charity event Brad Fox Toy for Tots. Casey is a hero. Belongs to YMCA at the gym, was leaving and with the window down, an older woman in her 60s had fallen. She hit her head. You aren’t going to die, not on my watch. Going to the sidewalk, he walks to his glasses. He drove her home, call her husband, oh we have some time to kill. Saw her again the other day. Gets hit by a bus. Preston’s mom breaks her hips, was down for 20 mins. Saving people from car accidents. When your mind clicks, taking action. Take a pen and perform a Tracheotomy with a pen regardless the scenario. I don’t think you fill out this sweater quite right must perform emergency breast augmentation. Mike- hit black ice with g-mom. Truck sees them in trouble tries to slow down to help hits same patch. Pat- guy and daughter drowning in a pool but was only in chest deep water and didn’t know. Frank- Police Officer good Samaritan law have to act on if the person is unconscious that the person wants to live.  Instead of CPR do CPA check their receipts. Temple tickets caller 8.

Time: 9:43- 9:55
Weather. Traffic. Brad Fox Toy for Tots hockey game. Kathy and Tom Fox, Mike Car in studio. Brad Fox started playing hockey at the age of 5. Charity hockey game getting thrown out of a game. First toys came from Toys for Tots because father was in the army at the time. When Brad found out he was a Marine, so he understood and had been part of TFTs since. The event is free, but asking to bring an unwrapped toy. Jersey presentation, PD and firefighters singing firefighters. Slugs vs. Philly Pd. Bizarre File: jumbo jet mistakenly landed in a tiny airport and can’t leave because the runway is too small, can’t even turn it around. Nathan Barren  told teacher he was sitting in a chair in the when he had to poop. When he got back his gun was gone but saw that a beaver had taken it to the water. Big hairy smelly beaver. Anchorman 2 caller 5.
Track  2                          Time: 10:03-10:25
We’ve got another guest from Delivery Man Chris Pratt. Gained a lot of weight, 60lbs, no it was 600lbs. Chris’ decision to gain for the roll. Wife helped get him fat. He and wife Anna Ferris have an obsession for insects. Hear wife in background she totally forgot. Picture in the Alps in the summertime no snow, did a sound of music picture. Delivery Man will make you feel good. Got his ass handed to him by a 6yo girl Erin. He was a waiter at Bubba Gump Shrimp factory and again when he moved to Hollywood. First roll NSA agent. In Parks and Rec and is a huge Dave Matthews fan in the show and real life. Will take a picture of bats or insects or balls. LQ Hollywood Trash:  Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are engaged, Adam was the source. Brad and Angelina wine came in 82nd for Rose, a thick a slimy version came in 92nd called Rosie O’Donnell. A judge has denied Casey Kasem ownership, the gorilla he married can take care of them. LA Music News: Forbes Magazine 25 highest paid musicians: Madonna #1, Lady Gaga #2, Bon Jovi #3, Coldplay #5, Muse #16 tied with Rihanna. Elton John #12, The Rolling Stones and Chili Peppers tied, and U2 did not make the list. Pink and Tiesto #25; I am Tiesto get Kathy all moist. He’s Dutch but from the Puerto Rican part that plays flamingo guitar. Buzz Osborne, the first Osborne on the Moon is jealous of Kurt Cobain.  He cried on the steps of Y100 had to send an intern out to comfort him, sounded like Werewolf C. Video surface online of 12 year old Royals singer, Lordes playing Man on the Silver Mountain, a heavy metal song. 9 inch nails did a performance with a cancer stricken fan. Face timed the fan who has stage 4 colon cancer, following in the tracks of U2. Modell’s 100$ gift card. Caller 17.  
Track 3                   Time: 10:34-10:40
Queue out music started playing, give Pierre a heart attack. Thanks to our guest. Pierre just got in. Letter of the Day: C. WOTW. Pierre looking at concerts for 2014. Work force blocks. Tomorrow we have Ben Baily from Cash Cab. And Tom Bergeron. Have a great day and rage on. 

LQ: What’s the fastest game in the world, man?
LA: Jai alai

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