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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Alex Gibney - In Studio
Kate Bosworth – Phone Interview
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:10-6:19
Good Morning! Traffic. Weather. News A harnessed racing driver is in critical crash after a horrible crash of the weekend at Harrah’s. Tornados tore through the Midwest this weekend killing 6 people. The victim who was shot outside of a South Street bar passed away over this weekend. Sports Eagles snapped a 10 game losing streak yesterday with a win over the Red Skins yesterday. Andy Reid’s Chiefs lost over the weekend. The Sprint have a game tonight in Dallas against the Mavericks. The Flyers are off until tomorrow night until they verse the Ottawa Senators. Jimmy Johnson won the Spring Cup Championship. WOW. LQ.
            Time 6:31-7:07
We are rocking out on this Monday morning. Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Kirk Hammett; 51, Owen Wilson; 45, Chloe Sevigny; 39, Elizabeth Perkins; 53, Kevin Nealon; 60, Delroy Lindo; 61, Linda Evans; 71, Alan Moore; 60, Jamie Moyer; 51. SA. Entertainment News Thor topped the box office this weekend followed by The Best Man Holiday and Last Vegas. Lisa Remini opened up about leaving the Church of Scientology and re-building her life. Alec Baldwin is currently being accused with calling a paparazzi member a gay-slur and is suspended from MSNBC. Five-year old Leukemia survivor took on San Francisco this weekend as Batkid and was congratulated by past and future Batmen. Sylvester Stallone called a paparazzi member a racial slur over the weekend. Fight, fight, fight, it’s not right, it use the N-word. Leah Michelle offered fans a sneak peak of her new music video. 16 year-old Kylie Jenner told US Weekly how she cannot remember not growing up in the limelight. Charlie Sheen offered an apology to the Los Cabos Film Festival after technical issues caused him and the rest of the family to not attend the event. A male fan was arrested after showing up on Colin Farrell’s door step. Evan Rachel Wood thinks that people should lie off of Justin Bieber. Clips Cobie Smulder’s talks about the appeal of Delivery Man. Jennifer Lawrence talks about why fans should be excited about Hunger Games. Philly Pretzel Septa. We love looking at our viaduct pictures.
            Time 7:18-8:00
Foo Fighters in WMMR. Weather. Traffic. A lot of Preston’s neighbors were decorating over the weekend for the holidays. It’s way too early to turn on your Christmas lights! Turning on Christmas lights before Thanksgiving. The day after Thanksgiving is the earliest you can bring in the Christmas Spirit. Soon, we aren’t going to have Thanksgiving and it’s getting lost. Steve used to own a lot of trains, but after a while they become a night mare. Philly Pretzel Septa. A manager at ACME is currently doing his own Camp Out for Hunger. He is sleeping in a tent outside of the store until all the bins are filled in the store with food to donate. At the Calendar release Party, Casey met a woman who admitted to sucking her thumb at 45 years-old. Thumb sucking and other comforting habits Casey sucked his thumb until 8th grade and wishes that he could. Kathy’s niece sucks her thumb constantly and now her thumb nail is deformed. Listener Vanessa’s friend used to suck his mother’s thumb in order to fall asleep. In college, you have to hide these habits. Casey’s daughter can’t go to bed without Piglet. Nick doesn’t see anything wrong with thumb sucking. If it helps you to sleep, then it is all good! As a child, Listener Eddie used to suck on his mom’s silk lingerie.
SQ: In plumbing terms, what reptilian tool unclogs drains?
SA: Snake
            Time 8:12-8:28
93.3 WMMR Rocks! Traffic. ACME manager Steve is currently doing his own Camp Out for Hunger outside of his ACME store. We must have lost him on the line…or dead. Bizarre File A man erected a 12 foot tall statue of the middle finger next to his ex-wife’s house. A child protective services supervisor is being investigated after finding an 11 year old child handcuffed to the porch with a dead chicken ties around his neck. A man was involved in a spirited discussion about gun rights when his gun went off. A 19 year old lost her finger after attempting to save a man from killing himself. A 22 year old woman came back from vacation in Italy after realizing she was bit by a deadly Italian spider. ACME manager Steve is alive! He started his camp out on Saturday morning and wants to fill 8 bins. By 4:30 on Saturday, he loaded all 8 bins. ACME. Comcast. Flyers. Camp Out. Septa.
            Time 8:35-8:56
Monday morning! Weather. Traffic. Twitter is going to start sponsoring ad over top sponsored ads. Nick doesn’t mind the ads because we get free use of Twitter. Fewer American high school students have been smoking cigarettes. However, more High School students have been smoking cigars, e-cigarettes, and hookah bars. High School students smoking Hookahs instead of Cigarettes.  A few years ago, high school kids were into smoking Black & Mild’s. The Hookah has plastic removal tips that you can replace for each person. The flavoring for the tobacco is sort of like molasses, that’s why they come in so many flavors. Steve still does not want to try Hookah. All he can think of is the spit that must get stuck in the tube. Man of Steel  
            Time 9:08-9:30
Talking Heads on WMMR! WOW. Traffic. Someone tweeted a picture of Debbie Gibson in a unitard. Kathy’s husband’s friends is going to be performing with her and Preston’s friend banged her! Or should I say Mrs. Sanchez! The calendar release party was Friday night at Chickie’s & Petes! It was a mob scene! The line wrapped around the building and stayed that way the entire night. This year’s calendar models are extremely awesome. Carolyn, our cover model’s mom was twerking all night. A lot of friends & family members of the girls were there supporting the event. One of Preston’s favorite moments was when a guy tried to get a picture, but knocked over her drink. Kathy caught the drink upside-down and screamed “Got it!” Both Kathy & Marisa looked absolutely beautiful. Nick and Kathy took an Uber car service down to the event. The app is so easy and you can follow the car to its journey to you. A big thank you to everyone who came out, the girls, and Chickie’s and Petes. Keep listening to find out where the different Calendar Raids are! You can also buy them online. The link to purchase the calendars is on One Hit Wonders Competition November Cheerleaders Bday party. First song; In a Big Country by Big Country. Second song; Tarzan Boy by Baltimora. Third song; Hey There Delilah by Plain White Tee’s. Two Guns. Fourth song; Hell by Squirrel Nut Zippers. Fifth song; Turn up the Radio by Autograph.
            Time 9:40-9:49
We’re still rocking on this Monday morning. Weather. Traffic. Bizarre File A 32 year old New York City man who competed in the deepest depth dive passed away over the weekend. He dove 300 ft., but unfortunately lost consciousness after he ran out of breath. A young cannibal extracted a man’s heart and tongue and planned on eating the body parts with beans. A bus driver will no longer be transporting children to and from school after it was found that she was duct taping children’s mouth on the bus. 10,000 scientologist are going to descending in Clear Water for an opening of a religious building. This is the only place where the members can participate in the super hero program – training people to obtain super hero powers. November bday
            Time 10:01:-10:13
Seether on WMMR! Weather. Preston’s hold out help to make the Eagles win. LQ. Hollywood Trash Amar Odem met with the Clippers. MSNBC suspended Up Late with Alec Baldwin after Baldwin called paparazzi’s a gay slur. Jay-Z will be keeping his line in NYC after it has been called racially insensitive. LA. Music News Soundgarden drummer, Matt Cameron said that he is going to sit out of the world tour with the band due to commitments with his other band, Pearl Jam. 20 years ago today, Nirvana tapped their appearance on MTV’s and would soon be known as one of the top concert recordings on the network.  Originally, Kurt stated that he was going to cancel the event. However, even though he was going through Heroine withdrawal, it ended up being the best MTV Unplugged. Two songs have surfaced online of Billie Joel Armstrong and Norah Jones playing homage to their Tennessee  roots for their new album On Foreverly. Jimmy Page released a mashed-up song called ‘Rambalize’ which is a mash-up between Ramble On by Led Zeppelin and Notorious B.I.G.’s Hypnotize. Free Music Monday. Wow.
            Time 10:23-10:29
It’s a gorgeous day today! Weather. Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Totally Office Calendar Release Party. Now Preston can use all of the Calendars as currency! All the girls showed up on time and were ready to go. ACME. AT&T. First Niagara Bank. Thank you to Pierre Robert for coming out to the Totally Office Calendar Release Party. Pierre got there a touch later, which is shocking , and stay for an hour and a half. Thank you also to Matt Cord, Jacky Bam Bam, and the rest of our co-workers that showed up. LOTD. Tomorrow on the show we have the lovely Kate Bosworth.
LQ: When in the shower, what does Steve like to snack on?
LA: The hair in the drain
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