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Kate Bosworth - Tuesday

Ben Baily - Friday - IN STUDIO

Lacey Chabert Friday 


Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:08-6:20

Weather. Traffic. News update Police think robber has escaped PA, police chase with gunshot, the troopers shot out one tire and the truck crashed, but he got away in the woods. Coach of a football team is accused of raping two brothers ages 8 and 9, wasn’t actually a coach. Passenger fell out of a plane in Florida at 1800 feet, the man opened the door and just fell out. Miami police sent out a search and rescue team but no word on the victim. Sports flyers won three in a row and have a game tonight at 8. Sixers still in first with a game in Atlanta against the Hawks. Donald Brown ran for two touchdowns, colts beat titans. Eagles have a ten game losing streak. Should Eagles wives withhold sex until the Eagles have a win? They won’t play the game right cause all they want is sex office calendar release party tonight! Carl Allen design. Chickie and Petes is in today.

Time 6:32 -7:11

Beautiful sunrises. Calendar release. Traffic. Celebrity birthdays Chad from Nickleback 39. Beverly DeAngilo 62 y/o. Sam Waterston, Preston remembers the first time he saw his boobs, he is 73. Yafet Koto, from the original Alien film, 76. Ed Asner is 84. Judge Joe Wapner of the people’s court is 94. Wwe2k14. Celebrity News. Barbara Walters saw the hunger games and caused quite a disturbance in the theatre. Gwyneth paltrow releases her “xmas list”. Preston got a shotgun in 4th grade. Klhoe and Lamar are trying to work through problems in therapy. Khloe in the hibernation cave. Why are you still up? I sent you to bed in September! Get Mikey to eat Spooge puffs. Alec Baldwin chased down his stalker. Matt Damon got 3 mil for a 20 second ad for Nespresso. Dr. Mike was on an infomercial for compression shorts/socks. Misha Barton trying to rebuild career after leaving the OC, however other cast members won’t accept her apologies. Dr. Mike do you want me to get you some compression clothes? Israeli troops came up with the clothes because they don’t grow bacteria.Dr. Mike needs to get on twitter! Kathy will wear a wife beater and have a little notebook. Jimmy Fallon is taking on the tonight show, the show will grow up but the show won’t actively change. Clips. First look at Calendar. Adding twitter handles to calendar touching your twitter handle.    

Time 7:20 -7:50

Morgan skate. Traffic. Preston spent last break looking at and touching the calendar. Kathy was at the store trying on Jacket, zipper got stuck, couldn’t get it off lifted the jacket over her head and it got stuck again! She’s a monster! Clothing problems zippers always get messed up; Shouldn’t zipper technology be perfected by now? Is there a way to get your zipper replaced? If you love a coat, just wear it open. Steve describes coat/zipper, everythings black and he can’t see. Replacing the whole zipper is the best way to fix it. No one thinks of going to a tailor or show repair store. LL bean will return anything without a problem. Designer sunglasses will return them if the frames aren’t damaged. Older man in dunkin donut had his pants fall apart. Under Armor will be releasing a self-aligning zipper. Why are men’s and women’s coats opposite? So it’s easier to get off of the opposite sex. Zipping kids pants up is a nightmare, should just leave them off all day. Stuck in clothing Steve just tore the clothes off, and Preston almost got stuck in his Halloween costume last year. Taking off daughters dress and got her stuck. Why are there so many pins in a dress shirt? Pins go on dresser and then fall on floor and get into your  feet. Womens clothes opposite because men used to dress women. Need security footage of Kathy. Flyers. Morning skate.                       

 Time 8:01-8:19

Calendar, Chickie and Pete, hottie cam. Traffic. What smells bad? Presidnet Bush’s balls. Chickie and petes is here. Camp out for hunger incentives. Bizarre File Student stapled testicles as a forfeit for the video game Fifa. Southern Calif. Man arrested after whacking a taxi with a didgeridoo. Innocent joke about Meghan Fox lead to a son shooting his father in the head. Two women from Equador were in transit to Spain with an extremely large sum of money in their bodies. Anti-mob prosecutor warned that pope Francis has “ruffled feathers” in the mobster world for speaking out against organized crime. We have to do something about this pope. Flyers. Switching from hockey to basketball would be cool to watch they have to melt the ice. They do a 50/50 tonight on 20/20 we take a 30/30 look at the 50/50. Donating all money from 50/50 to the campout. Calendar girls are here, hottie cam. They don’t know whose on the calendar white smoke will come out of the studio when the calendar is here.

Time 8:30-8:57

Hottie cam. Traffic. Hottie cam. Introducing the Calendar Girls What are the hottie cam girls wearing, or not wearing? Steve is a non-nude playboy model. Lindsay is Philly’s hottest cheesesteak girl and is a vegetarian. Pete, Owner of Chickie and Petes is also in studio, He said that tonight will be crazy, so get ready to work. Chickie and Pete’s is still expanding in amusement parks especially, also one in the Vatican. Also have airport locations, busy day coming up. Calendar cover girl Preston thinks every girl could be the cover girl… 2014 is Caroline! She is with a Vespa, had a really good shoot, list of months and who the girl is. Centerfold is Val Keel. Out take shots are in the back; tongues, butts and people in the background. On the back as well are PnS “selfies”. Calendar release

Time 9:05-9:34

Hottie cam. Traffic. Carolline is the Cover girl for the calendar, am I impressing the girls with my Del Toyota spot? Jay and Joe done all the calendars. Work at OSBX, each calendar shoot is a little different. This year had no divas, it was smooth sailing. Osbx does calendars, photo and video advertising, web series on artist For more info it’s Snuggies Steve was a fan of the snuggie, Preston has the twinsy; four arms, four legs and two hoods for adults who want to cuddle. Preston can’t cuddle he likes two women in the bed. Snuggie was the crappy gift of the year; Steve has a bunch of blanket warmers. Kathy has to wear thin robes so she can see her nipples. Steve has a robe for the hot tub. Casey’s dad had a mustard yellow robe that was in terrible condition. Casey has an invention: a sleeping bag that is like a suit, already have it. You are considered old if you put two spaces after a period When will schools teach prostitution?  This messes up texting and the automatic period. Pen Pals Preston wrote a letter the other day dear arsinio! Sent it to a listener in Ireland. Do schools still do pen pals? Kathy! Do you remember me? Your Barcelona pen pal! Steve wants to reconnect with old friends because death is near. Casey has tried to reconnect with old friends, and found out they aren’t doing too well at all. Maybe if they stayed friends they’d be different. Preston searched for a friend and found he didn’t care anymore. Preston has the world by the balls and his old friend doesn’t… Preston is a jerk. Caller has a journal that she and her friends mail around to each other and have done it for years. Preston and Steve show should do one; it would end in the afternoon. Preston has a couple very close friends. Casey is a good friend. Hottie cam. Cheerleaders                           


Time 9:46-9:59

Smashing Pumpkins. Weather. Traffic. Calendar/chickies and petes. Shartouts. Craig Liggeons this Sunday is the five minute follies, an old time variety show. Having a juggler from the letterman show, and today show, she won the three ball award. She uses juggling to benefit sick kids. Get tix at Craig has had a pen pal since 1987. This show will be the xmas special. Bizarre file Jackie beck, a teen, was born without a vagina, a womb or cervix, MRKH is not a very rare disease but steve still wants a vagina too. A mother who has stage 4 breast cancer is banned from daughters elementary school because she smells too bad from the effects of the breast cancer treatment. German Doctorate student kept a sand flea living in her foot alive for two months. Isaac newton stabbed himself in the eye to see what would happen, it hurt really bad. Temple.

Time 10:11-10:20

Calendar. Chickie and pete. Hollywood Trash Jake gylenholl punched a mirror and went to hospital. Alec Baldwin’s stalker went to jail. Chris Jenner isn’t ready to go back into the dating world. Music News Black Sabbath will be returning to America in 2014. Ozzy is getting old and doesn’t move on stage too much. Kings of Leon tell 1D how to party with fans; take phones, don’t change style. Kiss and Nirvana lead the charts for rock and roll hall of fame. Preston was totally swept up in KISS fever. Beck said problems with record industry, and health problems are what caused his 6 year hiatus.

Time 10:33-10:44

Kathy needs to stretch and recover from her coat injury. We have instagram Thanks to Steve. Thank yous to OSBX, and Chickie and Pete. Daily letter “E”. Pierre is in Blazer and orange because of Sid Marks. Pierre saw Frank Sinatra in concert 7 times. Sids favorite color was orange, as was Franks hey Sid brake his legs he ain’t wearing no orange. Bono would hang out with  Frank Sinatra, Bono drank wine and was our drank by Sinatra. Frank Sinatra spoke like no other using words like “saloon, and getting bombed” as well as “ring ding time”. WoW dobee. Pierre goes over his show for the day. Come out to the calendar release tonight, chickie and Pete.       

SQ why are pilots and copilots required to eat different meals?


SA So they both don’t get sick if the food is spoiled


LQ who did Preston write a letter to?


LA Arsinia hall to see if he could wear his bathrobe in the hot tub


WOTW- Dobee

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