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Time 6:06 – 6:17
Weekend warming up. Traffic. News: Mother and daughter stabbed by boyfriend. A 17 year old was charged with terroristic threats after posting details from a shooting on Twitter and Instagram. A blind man and his service dog were removed from a US Airways flight because the dog wouldn’t stay under the seat. The other passengers refused to fly and took a 3-hour bus to Long Island. Sports: Brayden Schenn scored two goals, and Ray Emery stopped 30 shots as the Flyers took down the Penguins. The Sixers defeated the Rockets. Max Scherzer won the Cy Young Award. John O’Hurley, director Malcolm D. Lee in studio today. Calendar release tomorrow, some of the girls will be on the Hottie Cam tomorrow morning.
Time 6:29 – 7:05
Weather. Camp Out - Xfinity. Traffic. Camp Out – AT&T. Stupid Q. Celebrity Birthdays: Travis Barker, 38. Josh Duhamel, 41. Laura San Giacomo, 52. Condoleezza Rice, 59. DB Sweeney, 52. Prince Charles, 65. Janine Lindamulder, 45. Kurt Schilling, 47. Stupid Answer. Entertainment News Liam Hemsworth confirmed that he’s single. He said he’s happy for all of Miley’s success. Brooke Mueller’s former nanny is suing her for $10 million in overtime. Jennifer Lawrence claims she is not engaged to Nicolas Holt. Jim Parsons is on the cover of Out magazine. Said he’s glad his coming out wasn’t very controversial. Preston’s mom thought Casey was gay. Intern 007 is very feminine. Handyman broke into the home of Nicolas Cages baby mamas home and stole a few computers and sexual images. MTV’s The Real World has its 29th season coming up calling it “The Real World: Explosion” to where the people in the home will go on a trip and go back to the house and see that their exes have moved in. Mark Wahlberg and his family signed on for a new reality show on A&E but Mark doesn’t want to be compared to the Kardashian’s. Working on their restaurant called Wahlbergers. Is it a burger joint? They sell nothing but hotdogs. 29 year old Wakene Phoenix may be dating a teenager. Betty White doesn’t want to retire, even at 91. Her favorite role was Rose from Golden Girls. 24 year old woman took the stage at the Andy Coffman awards saying she was his daughter and that his father was alive. Clips Rasheeda Jones leaving Parks and Recreation. Malcolm Lee talking about his new film Best Man Holiday.
Time 7:16 – 7:45
Getting warmer starting today opening up to a warm weekend. Traffic. Kathy kept messing up her words. Kathy’s a bird hater. Do any hunters hate animals they hunt? Reddit feed, list of 10 things we do but won’t admit we do. Kristin, hates birds. Had a hawk fly through her windshield. The police had to taze the bird. Rob, would hunt deer and squirrels would mess with them. Nick has eaten rabbit. Casey doesn’t like hunting for a lot of reasons, mostly because he would hang a dead deer from his swing set. Chuck walked into a dead deer in his garage. Caller Dianne says squirrels taste nutty. Her husband is a taxidermist. Caller Tara saw a turkey suffering so her husband went to put it out of its suffering with a shovel and a family of 4 drove by. Steve helped a raccoon once. Casey can’t kill animals. Steve can if they’re suffering. Karate chopping rabbit necks is how you kill an injured rabbit. Cops have to go around killing injured deer. Anonymous caller, took out a raccoon. Steve remembers every squirrel he hit. Casey’s mom used to stop until they almost went out the windshield. John O’Hurley will be in later today.
Stupid Q: What defunked airline company would use advertisements that would say “I’m Cheryl, fly me”
Stupid A: National Airlines
Time 7:56 – 8:12
Gaslight Anthem performed at which campout? Traffic. Shart Out Birthday Shart Out for Gina’s son Andrew. Shart out for Nicole’s nephew. Lindsay Moore Bizarre File Ashley Bowes pet go butted her in the head. Goat damaged 2 arteries in her head and she started gurgling. Man with a cow dung fetish has been put in a mental hospital. Clam named Ming has been confirmed as the worlds oldest animal at 507 years old. The clam was born in 1499. How do clams have babies? They adopt. Man who was told he couldn’t watch football ran head first into a brick wall and broke his spine. Clams release into the water and the sperm eventually finds its way to eggs. Clams can change sex throughout their life span. Cheerleaders. Caller Craig called in about clamnado. Casey thought tadpoles turned into frogs in tornados. Weekly Rush.
Time 8:24 – 9:00
Rush. Weather. Traffic. 10 thing we all do but won’t admit to skipping washing hands but running the water in case someone is listening, Preston does that, doesn’t feel the need to wash his hands because his genitals are still clean Showered and they just touched his underwear. The worst are the hand dryers. Stalking people on FB and taking pleasure in their unhappiness. When people like old pictures. Caller got busted not washing his hands. Smelling your finger after you smell it somewhere bad. Everyone does that. What gets checked the most? Preston says butt or nuts. Hey I went two knuckles! Casey drives with his phone between his legs and when he farts he’ll smell his phone. Caller John, same thing as Casey. Caller Lady Di, smell your belly button. Do you smell your fingers after you clip your toenails? Admiring what you left behind in the toilet. Does anyone get other worldly messages through their poop? Fantasizing injuries. Steve and Preston both get tingling in their palms and feet when they look off a height. People who smell their armpits, using fingers or sniffing their arm pits. Replaying fights and arguments in your head. Preston will have conversations with himself in his head. Caller Dave, will literally put his hand in his crevice and keep smelling his hand until it goes away. Caller Rebecca, says it’s the same things dogs do. Your own smells are better. Wafters? Picturing a couple having sex when you find out they’re pregnant. Caller Sean, the more I listen, I realize I’m a disgusting human being. Casey clipped his toenails last night and his feet smelled. Does the best gas you can generate beat a clean body? Steve’s brother was a limo driver. He had a phase 6 attack. Changing the story to make it better. Cursing makes everything better. Caller Butch, slides his finger between his balls and his thighs to see how hard he’s working. LDB bunghole.
Time 9:11 – 9:28
Green Day. AT&T campout. Traffic. Asa Akira at Club Risque. John O’Hurley In Studio The dog show started over 10 years ago and people laughed at the creator. John loves dogs. He was shocked at the way the judges looked at the dogs. You’re looking at the best dog in the country. 2,000 dogs, 195 breeds. Nick will stop by the dog show. The dogs don’t care about the show. He’s never seen 2 dogs fighting. DWTS is going to have a champion reunion. He liked DWTS. John dropped 20 pounds. Goes through his books. Everyone always thinks their dogs are the best. Dogs are amazing companionship, therapy dogs are the best. He has a book signing this weekend.
Time 9:39 – 9:58
Totally office calendar release party is tomorrow night. Traffic. Malcolm D. Lee In Studio Has the best looking people in his movies. Steve wants his life to be like Undercover Brother and he wants to be black. He made the best man so he could make a movie that was real. The Best Man Holiday is basically a movie about trying to get family together. Malcolm is a Giants fan and Casey doesn’t like that even though he’s from New York. Preston thought that a part of a different movie was from his movie, when you know someone truly loves you by offering you their last bite of food.  Casey will sit and reflect what happened on the year. If someone loves you, they would never even ask for your last bite of food. He got Undercover Brother from an internet web series and was picked very quickly to direct this movie. General’s Fried Chicken was the best part of Undercover Brother. Working with people like James Earl Jones was amazing. Nick just went to the bathroom with Malcolm and they talked about how his movie just got done being wrapped about 2 weeks ago. The movie is made during editing, sometimes you think that you need a scene then realize you really don’t. Malcolm said he always hates to lose a few scenes but usually it makes the movie stronger. He works with a lot of Philly people. Spike Lee is Malcolm’s cousin. Malcolm did some work on Malcolm X and took a semester of school off to work on it. Malcolm said all of his cousins are musicians but he doesn’t play anything but the radio.
Time 10:08 – 10:30
Offspring. ACME Campout. Listener Jill won Twerk or Treat. She’s from Avondale PA, she twerked on Twitter. She’s good at twerking even though she’s little. She’s giving us a demonstration, but Casey can’t find the music. She’s twerking in the studio now. Twerking and belly dancing are both very hot. Bizarre File Founder of an animal rescue organization committed suicide with 31 small rescue dogs. Woman accused her gynecologist of spraying her internally with drain cleaner instead of vinegar. The solution was not diluted vinegar, it was drain cleaner. She can no longer do things like intercourse or swimming. Cop intervened when a man started pleasuring himself in a DMV office. Lesson Question Hollywood Trash Kanye West pushed wedding back because it wouldn’t be fair since Khloe is still hibernating. Nick Cage sex pictures falling between Betty White and a Walrus. MJ’s mom has appealed the verdict and will continue until they’re out of money. Lesson Answer  Music News Marisa was pointing to her crotch. This is for you and it’s ready. Maynard of Tool says studio album will be delayed. A7X front man is getting tired of taking the high road. He’s starting to come back with good responses. Dave Grohl is appearing all over the place. U2 may realease it’s new album in April. U2 Super bowl ad is looking promising. Hey it’s Bono, whatz uppppppp? Manager taking a lesser role. Bono covering Mister Woodland. James Buchanan is the only president from PA. The more ya know right? Your dreams were your ticket out. Don’t poke a bear with a stick. Club Risque Asa Akira.
Time 10:41 – 10:50
Everlong. We love putting random videos on. John O’Hurley left Kathy a voicemail message. Thanks to Malcolm D. Lee. Asa Akira Club Risque. Pierre is here. Pierre is on his 5th concert day. He will be at the calendar signing. LOTD. Pierre has another pair of tickets for Elton John, workforce blocks of Blink-182 and Pink Floyd.  Pierre is the cover girl.
Lesson Question What do they serve at Wahlburgers?
Lesson Answer Hot Dogs.
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