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Time 6:09 - 6:23

Happy to have you. It’s colder than normal. Traffic. News. Police shot a man in the park section of Philadelphia who punched an officer and pulled out a handgun. 17 year old in Vineland lost control of his car and crashed, 14 year old in car died. Driver and other passengers taken to hospital. Comes shortly after kid killed a bus stop. It’s horrible when a kid in your grade dies. Preston’s Spanish teacher was killed by a leopard. Authorities asking for needed supplies after the typhoon in the Philippines. Looters have broken in to homes, malls, and garages. Curfew in place. Sports. Flyers beat Ottawa 5-0 last night. Play at Pittsburgh tonight. Phillies resign Marlon Byrd. If he has a good season, we’ll be hearing the bird is the word a lot. Braves are moving to a new stadium. Nick’s stories blow according to texters. We’ll talk to LuAnn Cahn about her book and Lili Taylor. Calender Party this Friday.

 Time 6:35 - 7:12

Bob Marley – “Jammin”. Details about calendar party. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Jimmy Kimmel, 46 (Jimmy Kimmel kill people in china audio) Gerard Butler, 44. Whoopi Goldberg, 58. Christopher Noth, 59. Joe Montegna, 66. Steve Zahn, 46. SA. Entertainment News. Alec Baldwin confronted stalker, Genevieve’s behavior became obsessed after one date. Jenna Jameson, world’s most famous porn star has returned to the porn industry through webcam to support her family including her twin boys. Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t play any games when it comes to hunger. Isn’t willing to lose weight for any role. Didn’t have any camel toe issues during filming of new movie. Caller: Invention to hide camel toe, “cuchini”. It wouldn’t be yoga, unless there were camel toe. Zac Efron broke his jaw and is wired shut. TMZ, Charlie Sheen, custody rants lead courts to favor Brooke Mueller. Pat Sajak talks about his years on Wheel of Fortune. Jenny McCarthy would get married on and would pop the question herself on“the Bethany Show”, Bruce Jenner talks about his ponytail. Steve used to have hair down to his shoulders. Kris Jenner presents Bruce with Legendary Athlete Award. Clips. In “Nebraska.” The guys think farting is funny. “Arrow” Steven Amell discusses characters origin. Thanks to Anacin for sending some gifts.

 Time 7:23 - 7:46

Still chilly weather. Calendar Party. Traffic. Preston drove Kathy to work. Do women propose to men? Nick knows a guy who took wife’s last name after she proposed. Caller: proposed to her boyfriend because of Obama care insurance. Preston’s wife texted, “you’re dead” Caller: Got married because her mom had cancer. Artist P!nk proposed to her husband. Caller: his girlfriend proposed to him at Red Robin. Caller: proposed to husband because of daughter. Girl asking girl? Caller: asked her girlfriend with tennis balls. Caller: Proposed to her boyfriend in Switzerland with a ring for him because her ring is passed down to the women.  Thought she was breaking up with him. Caller: Proposed to her husband, after he said yes, she proposed with a zippo lighter. Women don’t through the same proposal as men do. Fox 29 Good day and bizarre file coming up.

SQ: What artist’s last words were “Drink to me, drink to my health”?

SA: Picasso.

Time 7:54 - 8:06

Weather. Traffic. Live on Fox Good Day. Eagles lost 10 straight home games in a row. How can we fix the Eagles losing streak? Cut off all sexual activities to build testosterone, anger, and frustration so the players are “backed up”. Females need to hold off with their intimacies until the Eagles win. Starting tonight at midnight, no sex. Fans need to sacrifice along with the players in order to win.  Texter: “Suddenly I’m not an Eagles fan.” Bizarre File. Bears’ fan John Grant is in court after tazing his packer fan wife after bet; she consented but thought he was joking.  Miami residents couldn’t drive home after cruise because valets couldn’t find their keys. Valet dumped keys in protest to not getting paid. Women in China can rent a boyfriend to show friends and family for a minimum of 3 days along with a 50$ kiss.  Army solider in charge of sexual assault prevention was accused of sexual assault himself.  Woman in England threw a bag of poop at biker that almost hit her.

 Time 8:16 - 8:35

311 – “Down”. Traffic. Philadelphia’s local NBC LuAnn Cahn(In studio) talks about her new book “I Dare Me” Casey just moved into her old house and got rid of red foyer. In 2009, she was having a rough time dealing with things. Her daughter suggested starting a blog to an escape to talk about things going on in her life.  Her book talks about daring herself to do something she hasn’t done within 10 years once a week for an entire year. Her activities range from zip line to power points. The zip line was metaphoric for her new journey. Her least favorite activities were opera and mechanic bull riding. LuAnn, started an herb garden during this, and brought in her own rosemary plant.  She loves to Hoola-hoop. (LuAnn hoola-hoops in studio.) Instead of 365 activities, the book talks about important themes and experiences.  She did a mud run and met amazing women from Kathy’s Crusaders. LuAnn got an opportunity for a Tom Cruise: Risky Business benefit. She didn’t do anything immoral, Illegal, or unethical.  She’ll be signing her books around the city. Casey’s wife wants her to know her old pansies are still living.

Time 8:47 – 9:20

Traffic. Intern Ed has mad music editing skills. Every pledge for no texting and driving AT&T will donate 1lb for the Camp Out For Hunger. Camp out incentives: live broadcast, anyone that makes a donation each day will be registered to win a $250 gift card from Oxford Valley Mall, season tickets to 9 wings home game. The new one World Trade Center is now the tallest building. Tallest building in the world is in Dubai and is about 1,000 ft. taller. The building is so tall it sways and you can get air sickness. Dubai is so restrictive but so exciting. When western men and women are over woman have to follow dress code. Series premiere of “Almost Human” tonight on Fox 29 @ 8pm staring Lili Taylor (phoner) the idea of technology is taking over in the year 2050.  She plays the captain and is excited about the role of a female captain. Her twitter says she loves birds and loves to see birds. Her character is understanding but will enforce punishment if need be. Kathy thought Lili’s bird watching hobby was actually a joke. Kathy isn’t a fan of birds except for an owl.  Casey saw a video of a parrot feeding a dog, crackers. Preston has pheasant’s in his backyard. Bald eagles. Steve had an eagle toy named “soar”. Kathy prefers turtles.

 Time 9:31 – 9:54

Shinedown – “Follow You Down”. Text of the day. Traffic. Final movie rented from blockbuster, “This is the End”. Steve remembers his first movie rental store with adult films. China broke the record for online stores on the day known as “singles day” where people buy things for themselves. 5.7 billion. Chinese keyboards are huge and round. Famous 1969 painting by Francis Bacon set a world record for the most expensive artwork sold at auction. “The Scream” was the former most expensive and was stolen and recently found. First poster for the Home Alone movie. Nick Murphy’s wife is artistic. Triptic paintings are meant to represent past, present, future. Museum has amazing paintings and not so amazing paintings. People pretend to understand art.  Art is open for interpretation. Bizarre file. Australian man in hospital for head-butting and jumping on cars. A Scottish father was attacked by a crocodile while in Mexico playing golf friends ran over it with golf cart, needed 200 stitches. Cops were called after reports of banging and screaming, but it was only a family moving heavy Ikea furniture.  Desk bought on craigslist, found a bag of $98,000. Reenactment of orgasm scene Meg Ryan fake orgasm.

Time 10:05 – 10:18

Beastie Boys. Weather. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Chanel got married on today show. Justin Bieber is furious with lil twist and says that he is dead to him.  Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen open up about twin bond. LA. Music News. Papa Roach recently partnered with Make a Wish Foundation. 17 yr. old pop star Lorde, covered “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears Fears song for the new hunger games movie. A tribute band will be releasing album tributing to Jack White on November 19. Jack White doesn’t like Philadelphia and won’t perform here due the reasoning that he has a bad experience here. Secret text word coming up.

Time 10:30 – 10:39

Kings of Leon – “Templates” Secret Text Word – “Hoot”. Wrap Up.  A thanks to LuAnn Cahn for coming in to talk about her new book “I Dare Me”. Pierre found a cat last night, it’s cold out so he called it over and it came over and doesn’t know what to do. So he warmed the cat up but put it back outside and then it kept following him. Steve says you should catch farel cats and try to spade or neuter them along with some type of identification.  A thank you to Lili Taylor for talking to us about her new show. LOTD. “B”. Thank you to our sponsors. Coming up on Pierre’s show, Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, Sound Garden, and interview with living member of Grateful dead, Phil Lush. On tomorrow’s show: John O’Hurley and Malcolm D. Lee. 

LQ: After an incident with Jenna Jameson, what got on your face?

LA: Corn

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