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Time 6:13-6:23

It’s Veteran’s Day today! Weather. Traffic. News Stunned survivors of the Philippines’ deadliest typhoon picked through debris left of their houses. The official death toll has reached over 250 people, but it is speculated to increase to 10,000 people. The final moments of a 70 year old woman’s life was recorded on security camera. While the retired school teacher was attempting to hail a bus, the bus accidently ran her over.  A state trooper is suing the police district is claiming that he was passed over for promotions because he is a white male. Sports Nick Fowels has another good at when the Eagles beat the Green Bay Packer. The Birds are tied for first place with the record of 5-5 because the Cowboys lost last night. The Sixers are back home tonight to play the San Antonio Spurs. The Flyers are off until tomorrow night when the play Ottowa. Calendar Release Party. Free Music.

Time 6:35-7:12

It’s a beautiful Monday morning. Casey is currently taking a picture of the clouds. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Leonardo DiCaprio; 39, Calista Flockhart; 49, Demi Moore; 51, Stanley Tucci; 53, Rudy Sarzo; 63, Vinny Guadagnino; 26, Carson Kressley; 44, Marc Summers; 62. SA. Entertainment News Thor was number one in the box office while Bad Grandpa came to the close second. Tom Cruise’s representatives have been working overtime when Tom stated that his job was like fighting in Afghanistan as well as scientology caused his wife to divorce him. Brooke Muller’s brother has been given guardianship over Charlie Sheen’s sons after Denise Richards gave up custody. Kaley Cuoco’s co-star Johnny Galecki opens up about their 2-year secret romance off screen on The Big Bang Theory. Leo Nard. Courtney Stodden opened up about the end of her marriage with Doug Hutchison. Miley Cyrus twerked on stage with a female dwarf then light up a joint on stage at the 2013 European Music Video awards. Right now I’m going to abort a fetus on stage! Bill Cosby revealed that he is working on a new TV show project with the producer of the Cosby Show. It’s called Cosby in Space, Theo get out of the Air Lock! You’re going to decompress the air station!  There is a Hunger Game’s theme park in the works for Lionsgate. I just killed a man for funnel cake! Mariska Hargitay was awarded with a star on the Hollywood walk of fame next to her mother, Jayne Mansfield. Clips Bob Odenkirk talks about having Bruce Dern play his father. Anna Ferris talks about what she likes about her character in “Moms.” Calendar Party. Camp Out. We want Bill Cosby to go to Camp Out!

Time 7:24-7:48

93.3 WMMR rocks! Weather. Traffic. Listener Sharon called in and said that she has a connection to Bill Cosby! Camp Out. A guy accidentally drank a bottle that was labeled as a health drink, but ended up being pure meth. Casey’s friend was drinking floaters, which are someone else’s drink left overs. Preston’s dad used to keep plastic cups of his old spitting tobacco. He picked it up to his mouth, but didn’t drink it. Casey stole booze out of his friend’s house and found out that it was piss. The gang wants to create a game called “guess the piss” where there are mysterious liquids in front of you and you have to guess which is piss. Preston once drank gasoline on accident and had gas-flavored burps all day. Casey put clear rum in a plastic water bottle at Woodstock ’99. Listener Danielle almost drank a whole glass of old bong water. During Casey’s triathlon, he mistakenly drank a whole gulp of Schuylkill.  Make sure you smell your drink before you drink it!


Time 8:00-8:10

Bob Marley on 93.3 WMMR. Traffic. Camp Out. Bizarre Files A Russian performance artist was hospitalized when he nailed his own testicles to the Red Square cobblestone. The family of a kidnapped Louisianan woman tracked-down and killed the abductor in an abandoned home where the kidnapped woman was hidden. A man with several public indecency charges was arrested after stepping out of his back door naked and performing sexual acts on a pool float. An Alabama man is charged with illegally keeping a deer after being struck and mauled by the deer that he was keeping captive in his home. WOW.

Time 8:21-8:50

Gadzooks! Traffic. It’s Veteran’s Day today! Veteran’s day did not start until 1954 and was known as Armorist’s day. There are 21.2 million military veterans in America. Facts about wars and Veterans living in America. The Viet Nam war has the most Veterans than any war. Casey’s friend, before he got drafted, joined the Navy. Steve’s father fudged his age and got into the military at 16. There are no more WW1 veteran’s alive still. The oldest one passed away at 104 years old. Alaska has the largest percent of veterans. Montana holds the second percentage wise. There is a song called “Nineteen” that spews out facts about different wars. The average age of the solider in the Viet Nam war was 19 years old. Back then, you could enlist into the army at 16. Born of the Fourth of July and The Best Years of Our Lives both depict the horrors of PTSD. When Casey flew with the Blue Angels, he was amazed with their ability to fly something that breeched the sound barrier. When you see service men and women passing, make sure you thank them for their service! Recruit training would definitely be hard. R. Lee Army went through the military system and, in Full Metal Jacket, used a lot of the lines he would say in Boot Camp. Listener Susan’s dad had messed up testicles, was denied admittance into the army, reapplied, and was send to the Battle of the Bulge. Listener Benny was 17 when he enlisted turned 18 in boot camp where he was sent on an air craft carrier to fight. If Preston was on a ship in the military, he would want to be on a carrier.

Time 9:03-9:19

Battleship New Jersey is the most decorated; go see it today in honor of Veteran’s Day! Traffic. He’s a best-selling author to The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook series. He has a new stage comedy that is coming out that is going to open on November 26th at The Adrienne Theater. Josh Piven is in studio! There are about 20 main books of the worst case series. Piven’s play “No Reservations” is a farcical version of the nativity story set in modern time. This play particularly brings in the aspects of social media as well as technology in modern society. The advanced sells for small theater have been really awesome. The play focuses on the people around Jesus who think that they are making money off of taking pictures of his birth. Piven has wrote a little bit of television scripts. Jeremy Piven is his 3rd cousin and his sister also happens to be a playwright. Piven tried to reach out to both of them, but neither have accepted their friend request. He has tried a lot of the Worst Case Scenario in real life, but most of the situations were made up. Piven has interview professionals for each scenario, so the answers are real! Casey is attempting to unhook Kathy’s bra and he got it…even though it took him five minutes. Tickets are available on and it will be performed at The Adrianne Theater on November 26th – December 15th.


Time 9:30-9:56

Alice in Chains on WMMR! Traffic. Preston realized that there was no toilet paper after he took a dump. Pooping in the bathrooms at the radio station. A few years ago, Casey caught Preston walking stall-to-stall with his pants down trying to find toilet paper. Casey likes to bring his own music in the bathroom. He brings his phone into the bathroom and plays tunes. Music makes pooping more exciting. Someone sent into a response video of the schizophrenia video of what goes on in Nick’s head. Steven Tyler asked the new Miss Venezuela a question about what her biggest fear was. However, she never actually answered what he fear was and still won Miss Universe. Richie Incognito was interviewed over the weekend about bullying a team member. He stated that the texts were out of love and were intended to be of a joking manner. Bill Weston, the man about town, is family friends with the Miss America, who was running for Miss Universe. How awesome would it be to see Bill Weston dressed in drag. Bizarre Files A man died after drinking a massive overdose of drinking meth that he believed was a health drink. Men dressed up in super hero costumes helped out police officers. A student collapsed in pain after being struck in the groin and losing a testicle. A man who accidentally shot half of his face off is in stable condition, but will need facial reconstruction surgery. Four people were charged with kidnapping a marijuana dispensary owner and cut off his penis because they assumed he was holding a large amount of cash secretly in the desert. Cheerleaders.

Time 10:07-10:18

We have a whole week of awesome entertainment for you this whole week! Daily Rush. LQ. Hollywood Trash: Courtney Stodden said that since her split from her husband said that she feels like a little girl. Alanis Morisette will have her own play on broadway. Tom Cruise admitted that keeping his daughter out of scientology cause his wife to divorce him. LA. Music News Five finger death punch drummer, Jeremy Spencer, is working on a new biography in which he will discuss is long struggle with drugs. Spencer said that he began writing the book when he was released from rehab. Nine Inch Nails made their first network TV premiere. They performed on the outside stage for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Red Hot Chili Pepper’s member, Chad Smith, shoved a jersey down his pants. The crowd immediately started booing and now are making vicious as well as death threats to the band. 30 Seconds or Mars front man, Jared Leto, jumped at the chance to act in the upcoming film Dallas Buyers Club. Leto explained that he fell in love with the role and thought that the script was great. Free Music.

Time 10:30-10:38

Preston can’t listen to the Stones without thinking about Jacky Bam Bam practicing around pretending his is Mick. Also, Preston’s golf plans were canceled for the day so he has to wait for the spring in order to golf again. Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow! Casey wonder’s how hard it would be to steal a golf flag. Thanks to Josh Piven for coming in. Check out his new play “No Reservations.” Pierre still has not found his phone that he lost in California and then lost is temporary phone. LOTD.

LQ: What will the reboot of the Cosby Show be called?

LA: Cosby’s in Space

SQ: The Battle of Pork Chop hill took place in which war?

SA: Korean War




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