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Fred Armisen - Thursday- IN STUDIO

John O'Hurley - Thursday - IN STUDIO

Jay and Joseph - OSBX - Friday - IN STUDIO

Craig Liggeons - Friday - IN STUDIO


Here's what happened on the show this morning:


Time 6:13- 6:27

Wakey Wakey. Traffic. News neighbors came to rescue of couple after a house exploded. Victims were flown to Crozer Chester Medical Center burn unit. 3 Philadelphia daycare center closed in Southwest Philadelphia they were closed by the state on Wednesday. The owner Mr. Hendrix of the daycare has a criminal history, has been in operation since 2007. Rising stars cannot open back up. Now presenting Preston and Steve greenroom babysitting. One of the most powerful typhoons to hit the Philippines. Lashed beach communities with high winds gusts of 170 miles an hour. More than 125,000 had been evacuated from towns and villages. Sports Martin Brodeur had a shutout against the Flyers. Flyers lose 3-0 to Devils. Home again tomorrow at 1pm against the Edmonton Oilers. The Minnesota Vikings hold on for a 34-27 win. The Sixers hope to end their losing streak when tonight they host Andrew Bynum and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Roaring success at our Zati Ati Pie event. No drama save that for your momma

Time 6:39-7:09

We have ourselves a Friday. Traffic. SQ: Birthdays Parker Posey is 45, Courtney Thorne-Smith is 46, Alfred Watered is 61, Mary Hart is 63, Morly Safrred, Jack Osborne is 28, and Tara Read is 38. LA Entertainment News Gwyneth Paltrow war with Vanity Fair Magazine. She is going to skip their Oscar party. To be frank she wants to shut down their Oscar party all together. Orlando Bloom opens up about his divorce with Maranda. They are going to be involved with their lives because of the children. Courtney Kardashin baby daddy Scott Disick’s mother died. The entire family is saddened. Pauly D finally met his 5 month old daughter. What’s this thing is this a diaper? Met in a neutral location in New Jersey. Avengers star revels to L magazine that his girl is masculine. Her name is Sony Patchiao. A girly girl does not do it for him. Disney announced the release date of star wars episode 7 in December. JJ Abrems took over scriptwriting. Full house rebuts May Kate and Ashley will not be on the show. Ashley sees herself as a business woman. They are preparing to release to fragrances. Kloe Karshan shutting down roomers that she is not selling her house in San Fornado valley. The sale is staying under wraps. I put my finger down and I get L though Z. Cameron Diez not living up to expectations. She is from Barbados. Nicole Polezzi is ready to step up her wedding plans with Geinne Lavell. Clips Emily Rose in Haven, Justin Long in Best Man Down. Union Jacks.

Time 7:15- 7:47

Stone Temple Pilots Out of Time. Union Jacks. Hottie Cam. Traffic. Harvest Preston woke up the morning with his shoulder hurting. Thinks he hurt it from spanking all the women from the sority event. Snowe was giving out henna tattoos. The party was Casey’s idea. Toy Hall of Fame Inductees. Chess and Rubber Duck. Nicks friend is not smart, but is good at Chess. Kathy never learned Chess. Casey’s little brother beats him every time at Chess. Preston does not like Chess. Nick’s son is good at Chess. Toys that didn’t make it, bubbles, is farts in the toy hall of fame? Clue board game, Fisher Price little people, Little green army men, Magic 8 ball, Caller Lauren played with pots and pans in the bath tub. Caller Kelly says Gimeriee have the best bubbles. Other toys my little Pony, Nerf toys, Marisa made bubbles. Caller Dan his dad used to catch big horse fly’s and put it on a leech. Pacman Video game, Teenage ninja turtles, and scooters. 53 toys are in the museum. White House Down.


SQ: What factious city did the cleaver family live in on TV’s leave it to Beaver.

SA: Mayfield.


Time 7:57- 8:12

Green Day. Traffic. Hottie Cam. Shart-outs. Union Jacks. Acme Camp Out.  Where’s my scoet wrench set. Bizarre File New Mexico man calmed anal probed by Deming police. Officers thought he had drugs. He is filing a lawsuit. No drugs were found after the search. Couple was caught having sex in a waffle house parking lot. A woman was so drunk that she thought a hamburger was a sandal. British women found python in oven after cooking a pizza. New Milford man charged with carrying weapon in mall. He had a 45 caliber. Burgler named Santa tried to slide down chimney. Fire department rescued took 30 to take him out. 19 year old has been shot dead by police. Teenager drove a stolen truck. Teenager was not armed. Teenager rammed officer’s car. 6 shots were fired toward the truck. Union Jacks.

Time 8:24- 9:01

Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter. Union Jacks. Traffic. Hottie Cam. Our former Intern Erin is getting married. Old boyfriend never brushed his teeth. Popping the Question. Preston’s wife really had to nudge him to pop the question. Steve was a set to purpose. Of course I had to leave my wife at that time. Caller Lexis’s uncle has been engaged 6 times. He would break up with the girl for no reason. Caller Ralph’s sister has been engaged 3 times. The guys always broke it off. You don’t always get back what you paid for the ring. Caller Andria has been engaged 3 times. First time she got married. Than engaged twice. First was worwind romantic. 2nd was a rebound proposed after a couple months. Besides Preston’s wife he never proposed. Fist date let me check your rectum. Caller Vinnie was engaged a couple times. First girl was all into the nightlife scene. She did not want to get married. Harvest Dave Mccgrogen on Phone engaged for 6 or 7 years got engaged on our show. Melissa is his girlfriend. His girlfriend said she would never marry, but they live together. Maybe will get married when he is 50. Kathy got engaged on the show. Caller Shawn got engaged to try and fix the relationship. Asked if he got the ring on sale. They were engaged for 6 months. Caller Danielle’s husband was engaged twice. Dad was engaged 3 different times before meeting her mom. By the ring from OJ. Casey knew a guy that used the same ring on different people. Caught her cheating. I don’t believe what’s her number? Caller Jim Harvest was engaged 5 times. He has recycled rings. Spent 6,000 dollars on rings. Nick knows a girl that is engaged and knows it won’t last. Union Jacks.

Time 9:12- 9:41

Weezer Island in the Sun. Traffic. Casey flashed plumbers crack to Preston. Casey said at parent teacher conference his job does not affect how his children are raised. Satellites Falling to Earth Do not know when or where it will land. The satellite will break up as it falls. 200 pound dibets can land on Earth. Preston saw a special all about the moon Titian. They can’t make a decafe to taste good. Blockbusters closed people were begging for late fees. Casey wasn’t Blockbuster he was always West Cost Video. Casey and his friend wanted to rent The Willies. They are going to close the last remaining 300 stores. Owned by Dish network 50 will still remain. Closing U.S. distribution centers. Greg Fitzsimmons on the Phone Working on a pilot late night talk show on FX about the internet and technology is not the host. He is a producer of the show. Will hear something in early January. Wanted to do guess the Asian. Preston dated a Philippineo girl. Preston would square off agenst Greg in guess the Asian. Hottie Cam Union Jacks.


Time 9:55- 10:07

Traffic. Bizarre File Ohio attorney had afarer with wife of the guy in jail. Betrayal of trust. Took him 14 years to admit what he did. He was with the guy’s wife while the husband was in jail. Had sex in his office and cabin. 14 year old boy arrested for fight with boy because he did not want to go to school. Was tarty for more than 30 days. Boy is charged with unruly child. Family celebrated Halloween by welcoming their own Freddy Krueger on Halloween. Considered the name after his wife had a C section. Queen Latifah on the Phone sounded tired last time she was on. Sounds like you’re at a rifle range. Her job is time consuming and tiring. She has sweeps coming up for the show. We are sold on the show. Interview got cut short because she was very tired and wasn’t speaking clearly. We brought the fire. Preston does not want to talk to someone that is like that. Don’t book an interview if you can’t do it. Maybe she has been costing for so long that she feels like she doesn’t need to promote her show. It is very disappointing. Union Jacks.

Time 10:17- 10:28

Alexandra has some long hair. Came here from Princeton. Preston went to a community college. Casey wants to start a T-shirt line with misspelled colleges. The only thing that is holding you back is money and desire. LQ: Hollywood Trash Khloe Kardashian selling her mansion, Justin Bieber canceling his clothing line, Chief Keef is going back to jail. LA: Music News Godsmack has begun work on 6th studio album. Their last album came out in 2010. No word on release. Eddie Van Halen 1982 Kramer Frankenstrat is on sale. Auction online and live. Was used during the diver down tour. Not the original Frankenstrat. His signature is on the guitars neck. Courtney Love said she gets hit on that actors want to play her late husband Kurt Cobain. Courtney Love will release new album. Metallica bassists Jason Newsted is impressed that they invested in their own movie.

Time 10:39- 10:48

Foo Fighters calendar party Weekly Rush Wrap Up Pierre is here. Thanks to Greg Fitzsimmons. Queen Latifah Pierre was glad we cut it short. Preston just couldn’t do it. Union Jacks and thanks to Alexandra for being on our Hottie Cam LOTD E Casey got annoyed at Pancake and though the log at his feet, but Casey apologized. That’s Kathy on her honeymoon night WOTW. Preston loves Pierre’s planner. Next week: Fred Armisen, John O’Hurley.


LQ: What is Steve standing in?

LA: A Pentagram


WOTW: Loose


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