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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Greg Fitzsimmons – Phoner – 9:10AM
Kate Bosworth – Phoner – 9AM
Queen Latifah – Phoner – 10AM
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:16-6:28
Casey is playing sleepy time. Weather? We don’t have it because Casey is late. Traffic. News: The plant known as Nabisco, Kraft, now Mondelez, but it appears it has reached the end of the line and employees are worried they will lose their jobs. Listening to the Preston and Steve Show, friendly reminder.Police have arrested an armed, Charles Kenney in Delco after a string of robberies. Casey’s here! 2 Philadelphia police officers and a bicyclist have been hospitalized following an incident in Hunting Park. Sports: Wizards beat Sixers 116-102 for first win. Flyers are home against the Jersey Devils tonight at 7. Dolphins players defend Incognito, question Martin in bullying case. Guests: Mitch Fatel, Oscar Isaac, Jeff Bundy Harvest caller 3  
Time 6:40-7:07
Foo Fighters, David Grohl played CMAs with the Zac Brown Band. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: David Guetta, 46; Christopher Knight, 56; Joni Mitchell, 70; Rev. Billy Graham, 95; This has been behind the scenes Joni Mitchell SA King Tut Entertainment News: Allegedly Will Smith is cheating on Jada with Margot Robbie. Brandi Glanville, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, calling out LeAnn Rimes for having a fake reality show. Ashton Kutcher is ready to propose to Mila Kunis now that the divorce is finalized with Demi. Lea Michelle has added last minute song to debut LP for Corey Monteith to avoid regret. CBS Elizabeth Vargas is in alcohol rehab. Dan Rather used bath salts lay down and let me eat your face.  Anne Hathaway’s rep denies pregnancy, misunderstood joke made by her brother. Abigail Breslin, 17 is dating Jack Barakat, 25 from All Time Low. Tom Cruise did not abandon Suri, suing over slander. Jersey Shore’s  Vinny Guadagnino shows off dramatic weight loss. Lady Gaga will be the first performer to sing in outer space in a 2015 music festival. Poker face sung under helium. Bieber caught spray painting in Rio, cops want to question him. Clips: Jeffery Ross on Thief. “low” key Robin Williams on Crazy Ones. Harvest caller 5
Time 7:20-7:57
Weather. Zeta Eta Pi event. Trouble with the Traffic feed. Sigh from Preston Coke-a-cola. 15 Sure-fire ways to get any bartender’s bad side: 1. OCD, leaving chewed up straws and torn coasters. Clean up the tables after done eating. College kids are the worst, Boston Market bus tables. 2. Snap or Whistle, girls do not wait as long as guys. Bartenders always scanning the bar, eye contact makes them committed to serve them. 3. Turning bar into sex hotel. Watching ppl make-out in a bar is hilarious they are always bombed. 4. Bartender’s choice, especially when place is slammed. 5. Order a tall drink and complain it’s not strong enough. 6. Graze the Garish, Steve once thought it was free fruit. Listener Holly: works in Hicksville S. NJ, gets called Hey Mama or Big tits. Listener Christy hates it when they blow their noses or gum into napkins and make her throw it out. Caller Mike would take Snap or Whistle over being zambonied. Tip big early or just a bar of gold Chris works bar security hates over-zealous hookups  on the deck of the bar, couple just completely going to town. Coffee Drinkers: if caffeine is part of routine, don’t drink coffee immediately. Most effective between 9:30a and 11:30a. Kathy doesn’t REM. Casey did sleep study, rubbed one out beforehand. Kathy doesn’t snore but she queefs. A phone app will monitor sleep behavior. Sleep queefs. Nick gets into a bad nap cycle. Caller Bob has narcolepsy, we kept losing him. Doctor V suggests that all of us should get sleep studies. Epstein Barr Doctor Mike: Sleep studies are important to get if you think you have sleep apnea.
SQ: What is the real first name of Chuck Norris?
SA: Carlos
Time 8:08-8:18
Calendar girls. Traffic. Hottie Cam Deslute Brewery. Shartout Mike and Mike Noodles and Doopy Acme Guy Ferai’s. Bizarre Files: Greg McFadden fell into the water from a helicopter, Mcfadden jumped to his death. Idaho officials stated that an e-cigarette plugged into a laptop exploded. Northern California teen has been arrested for setting a sleeping passenger on fire on a bus. A Canadian man is in court in Dubai for allegedly telling a customer service rep to "f- off." His defense is that it’s not an insult in Canada. Grown Ups 2 caller 5.
Time 8:28-8:51
Traffic. Liscios. Deslute Brewery. Caller 7. Mitch Fatel In Studio: Tattoo on his arm, sparrow, his wife has the female. Covered up symbol from an ex. Who does the name tattoos anymore? Casey has his kids and wife tattooed on him. Mitch dated a girl with a snake tattoo on  her back it had a weird face. Nick has Rich Jenny Trap Stamp. Mitch’s new cd is hilarious. Have you ever had sex in a rental car? Kathy is flashing her nipple and our boss is was worried about Mitch’s sexiness. The show is about how he married a stripper and how to keep her happy. Its really fun crap, but reality. It would be really boring if a camera crew followed you around for 24 hours. Its sculpted reality. Decided to let his mother come, she would’ve learned things about Jess, she decided not to come. Proud that their son is a TV star. Producer of Duck Dynasty picked up the story after seeing his comedy, but was put on hold due to bi-sexuality. Duck Dynasty is making record numbers, they are all really good looking guys with hot wives. Two days into shooting, he didn’t show up because they were making Jess into someone she wasn’t. We are the guys that he will forget about first. Works out all the time. He does a little bit of X in his coffee every morning. The pilot is really clean, we get away with murder because we earned that right. Steve’s hobbies is video games and collecting toys. I run, do you do 5Ks? I don’t run, I do the elliptical. But it isn’t manly. He just had sex with our boss.
Time 9:00-9:26
Deslute Brewery. Traffic. Oscar Isaac In Studio: Inside Llewyn Davis. We got rid of the dancing girls so he wouldn’t be distracted. Harmonizing with Marcus Mumford. Coen brothers movies are distinctive. Always dealing with rejection and questioning oneself. He is a graduate of Juilliard. The movie - success and failure being on a knife’s edge. Took it as a challenge when he was told he couldn’t get into Juilliard. All the music was done live. Casey fell into a youtube hole with the songs from the movie and performance by Oscar. Press is saying that Oscar is next big thing, he keeps the fame in check. Raising Arizona was his first and favorite Ceon brother’s movie. They make theater out of the common man. He played the a-hole club owner in Sucker Punch. First time he got to do music in a movie. You cannot train cats, he had cats tied to him and they weren’t declawed. He did a small movie where the character was loosely based on Dave. Asked how long is had been playing, 20 years, he responded no you’ve owned the guitar for 20 years. Lesson: avoid cats with attitude and talk to the drunk at the end of the bar. If success means selling yourself out, maybe failure is a better route. They are brotherly disagreements between them. Clip: Please Mr. Kennedy. Radio can often sound like a renaissance. There is a reason folk music became protest songs. Walk hard: the Dewy Cox Story, it is about the fun in folk music. He believes completely in his work.
Time 9:36-9:51
Shinedown. Hottie Cam Deslute Caller 7 Beer; 8 Tickets. Traffic. Liscio’s Cupcakes Jeff Bundy In Studio: 5th annual road race 12K. Fred 5K, favorite Mister Roger’s character. Free Kids 3K. who would you dress up as? Mister Rogers himself or the trolley or the street light, X the Owl. Registration online at the race is to help generate funding. Cookie Monster and Elmo will be at the finish line. Season 4 of Downtown Abby. Its amazing the amount of people that graduate from master piece theater and move on to Fast and Furious. Bizarre Files: A man was arrested at security in Cowlitz County Court after allegedly placing his meth pipe through the X-ray machine. Timothy E. Bowers was injured in a hunting accident he suffered a spine injury and paralysis. He chose "to remove himself from life support systems," He died that evening. An error on Walmart’s webpage made electronics available at the bargain price of $8.85. The suggested retail price of the monitors are normally $185. Walmart will not honor prices. A Kentucky cross country runner voluntarily walked away from a chance to qualify for the state meet to avoid running with the bib number "666", which conflicted with her Christian beliefs. A Texas cake artist who wanted something special for her own wedding cake created a confection that realistically depicts the bride and groom's severed heads. Harvest Caller 5
Time 10:00-10:12
Buddy Holly. WOTW. Traffic, nope no traffic. Deslute LQ Hollywood Trash: Lance Bass is upset with band mate JT was not performing at his wedding because he doesn’t want to hire LFO, there would be no valet. Lindsey Lohan is trying to help Miley Cyrus, she is seeing a side of herself that you only get to see if you hold a mirror under your nose. Gaga is going to perform in space; she has already commissioned a dress to be made by Steak-ums. LA Music News: Breaking Benjamin front man Ben Burnley might be ready for a comeback after recovering from Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome also called wet brain (alcoholism) videos has surfaced showcasing him playing Breaking Benjamin songs. Staind front man, Aaron Lewis has admitted that he is more country than anything else. Pearl Jam guitarist, Michael  McCready speaks about Nirvana relationship being tense but at the end was pleasant, even looking to make an album together. Deslute Caller 12
Time 10:22-10:30
Campout! Its going to be completely seamless with the help of the fantastic Rodney. The Senator Pat Toomey and the Governor are stopping by. Wrap Up: Thank you to our Guests Mitch Fatel, Oscar Isaac and Jeff Bundy from WHYY and to our sponsors. LOTD  Nipples up, great movie. Corduroy/bath robe that Pierre is wearing. An old news cast would come down from his apartment in bath robe and slippers. environment issues, whale news, I don’t do whale news. And that’s when Pierre beat him up.
LQ: What highly specified shop does Rocky run in Orange County?
LA: Balboa's Ball Bearings
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