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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:07-6:18

Comfy morning. Traffic. News. Governor Christie reelected with 60% of vote. How much did he eat at victory celebration? Shaq endorsed him in a commercial. Boy died after being hit by mini-van driven by his sister. Building on North Spruce Street was on fire, two officers went in to find 11-year-old boy who escaped on his own. Sports Hurricanes beat Flyers 2-1 in OT. Aaron Rodgers has broken collarbone, Seneca Wallace will start. Sixers host the Wizards tonight. Preston has been enjoying the sunrises this morning. Preston and Casey shared moment by the window yesterday.

Time 6:30-7:01

Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Cory Glover from Living Color 49, Rebecca Romijn 41, Thandie Newton 41. She’s a little loose if you know what I mean. Ethan Hawke is 43. Sally Fields is 67. SA. Entertainment News. Denise Richards is allegedly no longer willing to take care of Brooke Mueller’s kids with Sheen, they’re too violent. Cites incident where they threw feces at her daughter. Lamar Odom will not be prosecuted for breaking a paparazzi’s camera. Has to pay for it, attend anger management. He and Khloe will divorce; just have to let hibernation pass. She won’t reveal location of cave. Amanda Bynes will be released from rehab next month, not reported on for a while which is good. Will be released in to her mother’s care. Not clear if she’s been sober. She likes to boogie, the disco. Sarah brought in a mirror for Preston to see the sunrise. People say Kylie Jenner dress too mature for her age. White mini dress with lots of cleavage. Kristen Bell confessed she was scared she wouldn’t love her baby as much as her dogs. Owen Wilson will have another baby boy. Chris Pratt used to be a stripper at 18. Drew Barrymore is more open about pregnancy now. History Channel has required rights to miniseries Roots to develop new series. Chris Pine casted as Kunta Kinte is weird. Making a third Sherlock Holmes movie. Jason Ritter says there would be better actors then him for Three’s Company’s reboot. Clips Robbie Amell from the Tomorrow People. Emily Watson on the Book Thief. Harvest Sorrority Party. Secret Text Word.

Time 7:14-7:47

Traffic. MMR was about of the Bon Jovi concert last night at the Wells Fargo Center. Preston’s wife took his son to his first concert. Preston got a text from wife Preston’s son Carter was on the air with Matt Cord. Marisa said the concert was jammed packed. You might notice were down one looser tonight.Taking shoes off at peoples house Steve keeps his shoes on. Casey would always take his shoes off. Kathy takes her shoes off before walking into a bedroom. If Preston sees shoes by the door he will take them off. Preston will leave his shoes on while lying in bed. This place is a deer trap. Next big celebrities were going to ask them to take their shoes off. Caller Julia thinks there should be a seat near the door to take shoes off. Caller Ed makes every person take off their shoes. Kathy parents have an exchange student and she always takes off her shoes. Nick looks forward to taking his shoes off and putting on slippers. Caller Jason never cared about wearing his shoes in the house. Would they accept the shoe condom as an alternative? Always where slip on shoes at the airport. Preston sometimes takes his shoes off on a plane. Caller Cory likes girls to take their shoes off before they enter his room. Caller Justin does not take shoes off at his house. Caller Josh takes shoes off for dinner and had smelly feet. Feet were sprayed with febreze. Caller Jay’s wife is from Thailand big thing is to take shoes off


SQ: What brand of air freshener used the slogan “This looks like a good place for a stick-up?”

SA: Airwick


Time: 7:54- 8:08

Getting back into things. Traffic. Live on Fox Good Day coach fired for taking middle school students to Hooters. Maybe give him a reprimand don’t fire him. They asked him to change the venue and he said no. The coach wants to walk the walk and talk the talk. The waitresses have to be 18 to work there. Kathy thinks Hooters is a family restaurant. Sheinelle used to work at Hooters. Preston’s wife was a Hooters girl. Was there a Hooters in Nazi Germany? Bizarre File police in Tennessee said women ran over boyfriend three times. The boyfriend hand abrasions to his back. Girlfriend charged with aggravated assault. Passenger locked in airplane bathroom during takeoff. California women oldest women to compete in marathon and died a day after fall in race. Women ate bananas with banana venomous spiders that were hatching out on the table. A Clifton heights man charged after getting in a fight at church because a baby was crying. Secret text.

Time 8:19- 8:52

Calendar release party calendar Traffic. Jill McDevitt going out of business her shop was in West Chester. She gave away 300 dildos for free dildo day. She had to take down T-Shirts from her window. Our dildo sounds like a rave. Casey has the siren. We’re making techno music. Dr. Jill on the Phone she is a sexologist. She is getting paid to speak 100 times a day. It’s a virtual golden shower. She loves to talk sex with us. Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto admitted to smoking cocaine. Was fired from volunteering on a football team. He arm wrestled Hulk Hogan. 23 year old wins World Series of poker He won 8.4 million dollars. Casey wants to hold his own satellite tournament. Preston has a neighbor that is almost a professional poker player. Caller Nick had a friend that owned a poker tournament and won 5 million. He’s 26 and lives like a king. You can enter satellite poker games online. If Preston loses big it scares him away from the casino. Houston Texans Coach Gary Kubiak was released from hospital yesterday. He had a mini stroke. It is a warning sign that you are going to have more strokes. Study shows low testosterone leads to death. Levels decline due to age. You are taking a risk with anything. Casey monitors what his kids watch. Boner ads come on during football. Mystery on how King Tut died. The pharaoh died in a crash while falling from a chariot. I always herd tut was killed on an escalator virtual autopsy said he was smashed be a chariot. His rubs were chatted and his heart was crushed.

Time 9:04- 9:34

Chester Bennington Out of time. Traffic. Dom Irerra in Studio he learned so much about King Tut from the show. He has a podcast called Dom Irerra live from the laugh factory. He’s not a journalist he’s a goof ball. Used to work with Dan Castellaneta He is one of Steve’s favorite comedians. He drinks everyday as much as he can. He drinks till he can’t walk. Alcohol does not loosen him up. The Irish call him the Godfather that killed Kenny. He likes doing his podcast. He had the most fun on Craig Ferguson. When Dom did Jimmy Fallen he showed him a bunch of things. Jerry Seinfeld always used to take Dom to Jay Leno’s. He was on tour with Cher in 1990. Feet freak Dom a little. He would love to just hug Howie Mandel. Aunt Dom has dressed in drag for a stakeout. Nick was a girl scout. Preston has a phobia of dressing up as a woman. He thinks the Cleveland Indians mascot is the ugliest thing.


Time 9:45- 9:58

Calendar. Traffic. Dave Magrogan of Harvest. They have 14 restaurants. Both of his houses you have to take his shoes off. They have fantastic chefs. One of the chefs is a James Beard Chef. If you are a James Beard Chef you are considered a rock star. Harvest they are going to have several different wines and cocktails tomorrow night. Also have different meats. Bizarre File man becomes engulfed in flames and dies. Bystanders were cheering. Fire might have been caused by lighting a cigarette. People were filming and taking pictures. He was dressed as a sniper in cameo. Police arrested New York women who drove into a herd of cows. Some of the cows underwent surgery and a farmer was struck. A teenager in Serbia offered her virginity online. The 18 year old women listed my Shutinia. Police said she has broken no laws. Dollar Shave Club.

Time 10:10-10:29

Ramble on from Zeppelin. Shart-out to Flossy for her anniversary. We have figured out a new game Audio Concentration. We have so many charity mentions Preston just grabs a random one and the rest we filter all of that stuff to our website. We know it’s impotent and we want to help you LQ: Hollywood Trash Kylie Jenner new instagram photo, Paris Hilton Full House, Blake Lively never works out. LA: Caller Rick Campbell went to Rob Zombies great American nightmare the haunted house was great. Didn’t get the memo to dress in black. The concert was fantastic. Left on Saturday morning came home Monday night. The haunted houses were ok except for the hood attraction. Drove through California and soaked it all in. New game Audio concentration. First audio sound phrase, Called Jason knew the answer its Bird is the Word. White house down. Music News Linkin Park Hybrid theory will headline second night Bennington has been kicking around the idea. Other acts avenged sevenfold and rob zombie. Lollapalooza heads back to South America. 2014 more than 60 acts on the bill. The debut will happen in August. Kiss guitarist Ace Freely talked about kiss’ entrance to the rock and roll hall of fame. Gene has no friends. Ace took the same root as Elvis. His non-involvement in Kiss’ documentary. He got a call from his body guard to do an interview for the documentary. Nick saw Ace’s body guard on an elevator with a carrier of Starbucks. Secret Text.

Time 10:40- 10:51

Soundgarden on MMR. Wrap-Up CMA’s are on tonight Dave Grohl will perform with the Zach Brown Band on the awards show. County is now hybrid it’s a different animal. Secret text word. Congratulations to Stephanie Cowen she was on Wheel of Fortune and won the whole thing. She won a car. You are not allowed to reveal you’re a winner because the taping of the show is in advance. Thanks to Dom Irerra and thanks to Dave Magrogan from Harvest. Pierre was at the Bon Jovi concert. Matt asked him what songs he was looking forward to. From the time Bon Jovi takes the stage they do not give up. It was a little strange without Richie Sambora. Pierre spoke with Jon after the concert. That is a female heavy rock concert. Rage on!  


LQ: Steve and Casey both keep their shoes on just in case what kind of animal shows up?

LA: Deer




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