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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Dom Irrera - IN STUDIO - 9am

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:13-6:30

Weather. Traffic. News: Man goes to Garden State Plaza and shot the camera but no causalities. Hopefully Steve would get locked in H&M. Transcripts of voicemails left for Miami Dolphin’s contain racist slurs by fellow teammate Incognito, who is suspended until further notice. I thought they were keeping his names under wraps. Big judgments have to be placed on hold while the election goes on today. Preston thought Kathy was going to say big jugs. Sports: Sixers had their first lost. Bears win against Packers, Rogers got hurt. Halladay and is Ruiz are now free agents. Random text from Gary, Indiana is an S* hole. Thor movie screening last night.  Nick, had to leave early because his kids got scared and have nightmares. Ronald Regan sings Gary Indiana.

Time 6:40-7:06

Beautiful Sunrise happening. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Johnny Greenwood of Radio Head 42. Robert Patrick 42, Famke Janssen 48, Joe Jonas 24, art Garfunkel 72, Bryan Adams 54, Tilda Swinton 53, Sam Rockwell 45, SA Entertainment News: Drew Barrymore is pregnant with her second child. Judge has denied Brook Muller a restraining order from Charlie Sheen. Kristin Wiig may have worked it out with the Strokes drummer, they were seen at the Nix game together. Renee Zellweger may have gotten some work done on her face. Cher as the Music Man. Michelle Pfeiffer said she was tricked into joining a cult when she moved to Hollywood. Christina Applegate is mad at Perez Hilton for posting pictures of her children. Cory Feldman’s mom, Sheila Kenner is claiming that his new book is not all true. Clips: Thor is relatable to mortals. Camp out for Hunger.

Time 7:18-7:49

Weather. Sorority Party tease. Traffic: Incognito bullying Martin in a voicemail, Martin is half black and was being called a N*. Incognito also said that there is 2 things that he hates, taxes and rookies. Bullying in the Workplace: other professions that have a hazingof new people: nurse staff, very click-ish and razzing. There is a difference between hazing and picking on someone like your little brother. Caller Rich: didn’t write the constitution, but construction they will pick on you especially the new people. Kathy in the sorority would inject people with an air bubble. Caller: new teachers get all the bad kids. Caller Leona: restaurant that has quick turnaround, make the new people empty out the hot water but it never ended. Casey worked at a restaurant and the people who have been there for years get the better tables. Nothing wrong with seniority just don’t treat anyone badly. Caller Mark: Marines, hop right off the bus and first person gets punched in the face. No professionalism. Hazing in the WMMR, going to throw Pitchuation off the Wells Fargo Building as initiation. Lifeguard that clean the bathroom, girls leave used pads on the seat when little trashcan is provided. Men’s bathroom don’t have these! I may have my butt periods, or want to throw away mint wrappers. Caller Jesse: been on hold for 20 mins is a fishing camp counselor put bait worms in the kids’ hairs, he got a swirly. Lunchroom hazing, Martin would go to sit down and everyone else got up and left to another table. Incognito has lost his job. We live in a ‘I’m a victim society’. Incognito has a record of being a douche including fights with coaches and other players. He has been suspended for at least a week.What would do the team a solid would be sending them all to fishing camp, but be careful because they put blood worms in your hair. WHAT IS THIS IN MY HAIR!? Sorority part at Harvest, 5 lady callers.

SQ:What movie starts with the 5th of November poem.

SA: V for Vendetta

Time 8:00-8:11

Weekly Rush, Preston playing recorder was put onto it. Traffic. Camp out for Hunger. Bizarre Files: A 19yo NYU was trapped in between a space of a dorm and parking garage. Dog Lovers: don’t text and complain. A Quebec man survived more than three months after a bear attack. The bear came and ruined the camp only to be scared away by his German Shepard. He had to make some tough decisions and in order to survive he had to kill and eat his dog. Police search for 8 days, and found him Tuesday. Lost ½ of his weight, his tools were ruined. Man stumbling around on an island went into a harbor and swam. A 23yo dad in Philly has be shot over a fight about double parking with a security guard. 1 man in  hospital and several other hurt, in Oklahoma hunting Big Foot, heard a noise and shot his friend in the back. Acme Guy Ferrari caller 7, Scott Stapp here.

Time 8:22-8:43

Traffic. Scott Stapp in Studio. Creed has had many projects and interactions with many great musicians My own prison was the first song on the radio he was at college at the time. Casey boy’s favorite songs are Higher and Scott likes My Sacrifice. They go from good to suck back to good. Scott was an alcoholic and his album deals with life struggles, Songs like dagger on the wall, saved his life. He holds on to songs, Scott wants it good enough for his daughter. He loves her so much it hurts, Preston understands, it makes living worth it. A dream came true when he sang with The Doors. He wishes he could write with The Eagles. If you say you have no regrets, you are not human. Or you are Kayne West. If I didn’t black out on a poker table or say how his son is in his balls, and his wife’s help he wouldn’t have been on the road to sobriety and where he is now. Found purpose again when he was helping out one man. His wife is his “Sharon Osborne,” she is a mom, a wife, Ms. New York in 2004, a children book author. Creed shreds. Scott makes fun of impression of Creed. Scott is middle name, Anthony is first name. Initials would have been A.S.S. now he is S.A.S. he’s been called worse. Touring announcements within the next 2 weeks. Will be going around the world.

Time 8:54-9:31

Scott was awesome so is his smokin’ hot wife. Traffic. Preston hates I before E except after C. He spelled chief wrong. Another word for Chief, cucumber. Science is a word that is an exception to the rule. Casey wondering what the language aliens would speak. British accents are what Star Wars taught us, or Pig Latin.  Math could be used because it is universal. Phish concert last night and Steve went to fishing camp. A list of cofenskated drugs, $12,000 worth and arrested 42 people. 51 nitrous oxide tanks, bath salts, narcotics, heroine, 2 teenage girls arrested for prostitution. The new jam band is The Wiggles. Arby’s to sell popular sauces, horsey sauce and Arby’s sauce. Chainsaw turkey dinner. Many popular herbal supplements don’t have the actual key ingredient come out. Kathy took it before made her pee bright green, but doesn’t know about poop because she poops roses and Godiva chocolates. Twitter posts are often cited by journalist but doesn’t reflect the opinion as a whole. People use twitter to follow interesting people, Steve uses it as a social tool because he is one. Anti-stretch marks creams, 30% are now male suffering on arms and chest. Build, a German newspaper says that Hitler was buried in a Jewish cemetery. Hitler’s children all the people in the SS and had to dealt with the knowledge that their parents are responsible for the holocaust. Build always has boob shot on cover. Royal Automobile Club, attention power car headset that shows if they are processing or zoning out, to drive itself. Caller john: car will push break for him if he isn’t pushing hard enough. Robot hand that plays rocks paper scissors, and wins every time. Can be used for lonely nights. Grown Up 2 Blue Ray Caller 12

Time: 9:41-9:53

Talking heads, Traffic. Manna in studio. Pie in the Sky deals with life threatening illnesses. Apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, Pie in the sky pie, large pie tasting 11-1pm. Pie day in the city on Thursday. Pie is $25, cheesecake is $35, each one gets a meal for a family of 4. They serve 850 clients a month, for most this is their only interaction besides their doctors. There are 35 participating restaurants. Bizarre files: 5 French teens arrested for stolen circus llama, name Serge. Pigeons trained to fly from Cuba to Us carrying cigars on them as a way to smuggle drugs and to take a stance of border control. Ronald Dickens arrested on charges of public nudeness and drunk, emerged naked in his car. Feeling the wind in his balls. Tracker tailor made a sticky situation in Florida, was holding bee hives and crashed, millions of bees. Woman claimed she was Tasered because she refused to flash the police officer. White house down Blue Ray Caller 13.

Time: 10:06-10:22

Phone lines are lighting up, Caller Johnny: THERE IS NOTHING ON HERE. TO NICK, secret sound Preston and Steve Kelly green t-shirt. Gary Indiana. Bill Bicksbee or Ron Howard that sings it LQ Hollywood Trash: Kerrie Underwood will be performers at 86th Macy’s day parade. Selena Gomez may sing come and get it but she is someone you talk home. Dolly Parton says that Miley Cyrus is just trying to find her place but that just prostitute Ave. LA Three Amigos My Little Buttercup. Music News: Rob Zombie drew 8,500 people to his night of Terror in California. Fall  out Boy will perform at the Macy’s day parade joining Roots, Arianna Grande, will perform the next day at an intimate studio session. Beasties Boys take me to the land of hell. Oh with pleasure. Text of the Day, Nick sucks. Yoko Ono’s music sucks. Bad dancer is her album. Caller Joe: love Yoko Ono. Rolling Stone is giving her a pass because of her association with John Lennon. She made the theme song to Happy Days. Marilyn Mason is making an appearance in Eastbound and Down, unrecognizable.

Time: 10:33-10:38

Music so loud couldn’t hear himself talking. Pearl Jam on. TO NICK. Nick makes a diary but lost it had side notes and everything. Thanks to Scott Stapp coming in and making fun of himself. WTOW- O. Dr. Phil one of the girls that was held captive for ten years. Pierre in, he lost his phone, and hasn’t had it for 2 days it is interesting concept. Hasn’t backed up his phone, but will say that he did.

LQ: What is the name of Steve’s Hat shop?

LA: Lids and Things

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