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              Time 6:09-6:21
Good Morning. Traffic. News. Police looking for suspects who robbed the Whitpain Tavern in Blue Bell. Gunman who terrorized LAX airport accomplished goals of shooting TSA agent and showing how easy it is to get a gun in an airport. Can’t get the death penalty because it happened in California.  Actually might because it was a federal crime. Authorities in Falls Township are looking for help finding mother and her Baby Boy. Think she might be somewhere in or around Trenton. Sports. Nick Foles threw 7 touchdowns. Sixers and Flyers both won this weekend. We have some big announcements today. Thor screening is tonight.
             Time 6:32-7:07
Cold Morning. Traffic. Stupid Question. Birthdays. Matthew McConahagh is 44, he’s in Oscar talk. Sean Combs, changed it back to P Diddy, is 44. Jeff Probst, survivor host, once a day he has to go over to death camp then sip a margarita at the hotel. He’s 51. Ralph Maccio is 52. Laura Bush, She’s 67. Wouldn’t it be great if her middle name was big harry? Stupid Answer. Kimmie, got it right! Entertainment News. Brooke Mueller says Charlie Sheen is violating the gag order for talking publicly about her. Called her an evil whore and Judge a fat douchebag. At 41 Gwenyth Paltrow says she doesn’t care about the haters anymore. Possibility in preparation for upcoming Vanity Fair profile. I think she talks too much. Kendall Jenner started getting lucrative offers from porn producers. Justin Bieber is no longer twitter’s most popular user, Katy Perry is now in the lead. Marriage between Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden might be over. They were so perfect, he’s 81 and she’s 9. Kerry Washington received applause from SNL cast mates for her hosting duties in response to criticism for lack of black actors. Josh Brolin got in to a bar fight. Eva Mendes might be ruining her relationship with Ryan Gosling. All of Steve’s relationships of guidance are falling apart. Lindsay Lohan hosted Halloween party at casino in Connecticut, but they want a refund because she didn’t fulfill her duties at hostess. I want bottle and chicken finger service to table 7. Agents of Shield special will pick up where Thor leaves off. Clips. Chris Hemsworth, Thor. Bill Nighy, About Time.
          Time 7:19-7:51
Traffic. Announcement! Friday November 15th is the official release party of the totally office calendar at Chickie and petes/carl allen sponsor. Nick Foles threw 7 touchdown passes. Record Holding Listeners. Al Bundy held high school football record. Preston won drum cymbal for high score in video games. Kathy’s friend holds swimming record. Unbreakable ones? Wilt Chamberlain’s sex partners. Cal Ripken, Brett Favre, Joe DiMaggio. Kylie, in high school held state record for deadlift. Melissa broke record for people dressed as Waldo in one spot. Paul, Largest carp caught bow fishing in Marsh Creek. Joe, towed 25 cars in 8 hours. Is it camel towing? Jill, youngest grad of college, was 19. Amanda, largest gathering of girl scouts, and national discus ranking. Steve’s niece does shot-put. Eric, highest diving score at Bryars swim club. Casey calling him out for cop out dive. Billy, most detentions, 120. Stop calling them detentions, call them billies. Casey got detention for no shirt. Dog ate the shirt. Betsy, first female gynecologist in nation. Kyle, coldest training exercises in army. Bill, tallest sand caste built. Anthony, heaviest baby born in Solano County, broke mother’s tailbone. Sorrority Party at Harvest.
SQ: Sal Hudson is the name of what rock guitarist?
SA: Slash
        Time 8:03-8:22
Traffic. Bizarre File. Sheppard vs. a Russian Bear. Bear approached the 80-year-old, he was able to fight it off. US Soldier had to watch pregnant wife stabbed on video chat. Intruder broke in and stabbed her during facetime, she is in critical condition. 2 skydiving aircrafts collided over Wisconsin, but somehow everyone survived. They got their money’s worth. 5-year-old boy fighting leukemia will be bat-kid, fight crime in San Francisco, part of city blocked off and actors will play villains. See footage of Denver Nuggets mascot who passed out? Bill from Philabundance. Huge cut in food stamp benefits. Acme Headstart Program Launch. President of ACME Markets, Jim Perkins. Head Start campaign, canned goods for Philabundance. Bins outside of ACME markets. Bringing  mobile store out to XFINITY live. New location will make it easier for a lot of people.
        Time 8:33-8:58
Calender Release Party. Traffic. Shart outs dude who saw Marissa at an event. Marissa has looked gussied up lately. Also shart out to Lorenzo’s owner for his 40th birthday. New locations at Wachovia, I mean corestates center. They’re going to be big slices too. NYC Subway Vigilante Goetez busted for selling pot, 30 bucks worth. Do you have the money, all $30 of it. Girls are entering puberty at a younger age. Caused by childhood obesity. Are boobs just fat? No, but when Kathy loses weight her boobs get smaller. Girls are developing att 7-8. Preston didn’t get pubes till 8th grade. African American kids got them before white kids. Callers: Girl’s daughter got pubes at 5 years old. Puberty is about preparing for reproduction. What if there was something you ate to give you bush? Casey would eat it everyday. Used to have to shower after gym. Listener Jesse’s started growing boobs at 7. Preston’s friend’s daughters are starting to blossom. Listener Nick started growing full body hair at age 10. Dad has full sweater. Listener Ashley had C-Cup in 4th grade. Got made fun of. Has double-d’s now. Overweight people will have big boobs, weird it doesn’t happen with your penis. Dawn and daughter developed big boobs early. It gets better for bullying and large breasts. Jennifer son got pubes at 10, mustache at 11. Preston’s son has friends who can grow stache. Terry’s daughter has 32F sized boobs. Free range boobies.
            Time 9:10-9:29
Xfinity Weekly Rush. Traffic. Marshall Harris. Loves the see-saw of the philly sports fan’s emotions. Kathy watched him the other night, fan talked forever. Nick Foles, Marshall says Chip says decision hasn’t been made but now Foles is still starter. Vick is injury prone, but there are plenty of freak injuries, aka Foles’ concussion. Amy Foudal and him argued about tanking, but just enjoy the ride. Preston doesn’t get why they’d lose games. Draft class is huge. MCW has gone up against great point guards. They’ve been a lot of fun to watch. Just enjoy the games. Philadelphia believes in one thing only, winning a championship. Can’t beat elite talent in 7-game-series. Brett Brown is phenomenal coach. They’ve been destroying teams in 4th quarter. They’re collecting assets. NFC East is getting better. Casey doesn’t want to enjoy the ride and get a lousy draft pick. These teams aren’t so far away. Don’t want Foles out getting hurt. Can’t wait to watch Chiefs/Broncos. Would love to see Eagles play Chiefs in super bowl, people would lose their minds. Enjoy the ride everyone!
            Time 9:38-9:49
Preston played golf yesterday, chilly but nice. Traffic. Beard Contest in Germany, Preston is honorary member of Philly beard and mustache club. Philly’s very own Jeff Langham won best uncut beard at world beard/mustache championship. Nick is growing mustache for movember. No Shave Club. Bizarre File. One man in Manchester England commented on Daily Mail picture of Kelly Brooke saying he’d leave wife and kids for one night with her, was linked to facebook, got kicked out. Woman saw employees having sex in the kids section of the library. Police found decomposing body with family of five in house. Living room was covered in dog feces. Bacteria that makes feet stink is being made in to cheese. Will premiere at show in Ireland.
            Time 10:00-10:16
Acme. Campout for Hunger. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Chris Kirpatrick married, band members in attendance so he was seated at table 6. Emile Hirsch bonded to ex-gf thanks to baby. Unconfirmed reports Bieber left brothel in Brazil. Lesson Answer: Mike, got it right! Music from Gilligan’s island is the winning music. Music News. Foo Fighters posted video online with Eric Estrada convincing them to reunite.  Avenged Sevenfold are big fans of Metallica. Newest album debuts at #1. Chris Martin is shocked and concerned about Vanity Fair article about his wife. Accused her of cheating, thinking she’s an expert at everything. Jane’s Addiction got star on Hollywood walk of fame. Dick Cheney was there. Said it was just a sidewalk. Steven Tyler will release debut solo album early next year. will band join him to release as Aerosmith album? Steven will be judge at Miss Universe. Krokus, city hall named after band in Russia.
          Time 10:27-10:36
Wrap Up Going to 11 weekend this past weekend. Preston forgot to set clock back. Pierre never changes the clock in his car. Leaves watches on California time for when he goes out there. Wants to be able to ignore it in proper time. Pierre puts clock 15 minutes ahead too, Preston says that doesn’t work. Pierre likes the preston and steve-breaking bad logo. LOTD- Pierre is having a member of the grateful dead on soon.
Lesson Question: Boobs are made of mostly fat and what else?
Lesson Answer: Tapioca
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