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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:13-6:22

Weather. Traffic. News Police searching for gunman that shot at man on bicycle. Numerous 9-1-1 calls. Shot in the head and shot in the shoulders. Man has not been identified. No suspect or motive. Fire at the Bucks County Technical Institute broke out but contained and controlled, school is opened. Grace Kelly Home is suspect to a cat hoarding investigation. SPCA found several dead cats Sports Flyers’ new winger Steve Downey in exchange for Max Talbot. Sixers’ are back tonight. Eagles will play Raiders on Sunday at 4:00. It’s very windy, check you Halloween decorations. Melissa Joan Hart talking about her new book. Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman; Stacy Keach and his new book. Along with meet and eat with Molly Maguire.

Time 6:33-7:12

Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Anthony Kiedis, 51. Rick Allen, 50. Toni Collette, 41. Larry Flynt, 71. Jenny McCarthy, 41. SA. BucksCo sound effect. Entertainment News Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher finally signing divorce documents. He is rumored to be thinking about proposing to Mila Kunis. Michael Morris was out with wife after kissing another woman, was seen still wearing his wedding ring. Demi Moore apparently dating ex-boyfriend’s dad, Peter Morton. Lamar Odom was at LA comedy club to address marital issues, says the couple is unbreakable. Kendra Wilkinson confirms being pregnant with second child after posting a positive pregnancy test on twitter. Pauly D still having issues with visiting new born daughter. Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson rumored to be picking up pieces of their broken relationship. Andy Karl and Margaret Siebert will star as Rocky and Adrian in the Rocky Musicalon Broadway in March. Sylvester Stallone is happy with casting choice. Steve imitates Rocky musical. The fight with Apollo Creed will take place at Madison Square Garden. Chad Michael Murray appears to have found love after a 7 year relationship with Nicky Whelan. Clips Matthew McConaughey on Dallas Buyer’s Club. Melissa Joan Hart Melissa explains new book, about her life stories growing up and the difference stages of her life along with the good and the bad. Melissa talks about her experience on Clarissa Explains It All. Chapter 11 talks about her scandalous phase. Clips Con’t: Kevin Kline on Last Vegas. Thor.

Time 7:24-7:54

Weather. Traffic. New month for the calendar. FAA deems cell phones can now be used during flight. After the plane gets high enough you lose cell service anyway. This will not allow you to use a cell phone, just other electronic devices. Kathy and Preston have a dispute: Kathy says you still can’t make calls during takeoff and landing, Preston says you physically can’t anyway once in air. Southwest has cheap wifi, US Air’s is pricey. Preston flew to the Keys with family, bag checking was $300 total. Listener flew first class and the wifi was not free but worth the extra fee. Shipping clothes to the hotel is cheaper than checking bags. The rules aren’t for equipment interference, but more for keeping people quiet. In NYC, tobacco buying age raising to 21 in 6 months. Mike Vogul said they don’t smoke real cigarettes on movie sets. GoDaddy will move on from controversial super bowl ads. They provide domain names, it’s what we used for Women stare at breasts as much as menKathy says women probably do it more than men. She will look at her friend’s attractive boobs in a nonsexual way. Do you ever massage her boobs? Casey watched a woman run across the street with big jugs. Was she running away from you? Acme caller 15.

SQ: What is the “W” in A&W?

SA: Wright

Time 8:06-8:15

Weather. Traffic. Preston apologies to Kathy for their dispute. Miller Lite Bizarre File Woman trying to create Frankenstein animal was arrested, facing up to 2 years in jail. An English man’s obsession with baked beans made him change his name to Captain Beanie, he turned his apartment into a baked beans museum. In India, highly decomposed body of a relative was kept in a house of three person family for 10 months. School shuts down after Axe body spray was released in a classroom

Time 8:25-8:52

Traffic. Kevin Smith Kevin is glad Preston apologized. He’s in preproduction on Tusk in North Carolina. Kevin says they wouldn’t let me on the plane. Preston tells him about the FAA decision, Kevin agrees with the decision. Preston and Kathy’s dispute is explained. Kevin was in airplane bathroom once when fire alarm went off. The stewardesses accused him of setting it off based on his past experience with planes. Ben Affleck would be great as Batman, he’s directed him many times and believes he’s a versatile actor. He’s like R’as Al Ghul, he trained Batman. Bruce Wayne is the only real challenge as an actor, putting on the suit is easy. Putting Batman in Superman movie is smart because we don’t need to reboot the Batman franchise, skip the origin story. Tonight’s first show is Hollywood Babble-On, second will be comic-on theater where he and Ralph Garman read from a comic book. Tusk looks phenomenal, even with low budget. Marvel movies allow him to return to his childhood. Agents of SHIELD is a solid addition to the Marvel world. They should include smaller characters from comics that may never get cinematic treatment. Days of Future Past includes some of those characters. X-Men movies started the current wave of comic book movies. Days of Future Past would never have been made 10 years ago. Kevin watches movie trailers all the time, but well before the release so the plot isn’t spoiled. Once someone told him the end to the Sixths Sense and when he saw it he forgot. Casey plays audio from his last visit where he says Casey can be in his next movie. Prince Theater Molly Maguire

Time 8:59-9:30

Molly Maguire. Traffic. Stacy Keach New Book, All and all: An Actor’s Life On and Off the Stage. Stacy is not short for another name, he hated it growing up because he was teased. Was going to change his name to Matthew Kane. Steve loved The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. George C. Scott taught him a lot. Working with John Huston was great as well. Going from stage work to movies is a transition that took some work. Stacy talks about being a lizard with Cheech and Chong. Being arrested in Heathrow changed his life in terms of drug addiction. Will Forte enjoyed working with Stacy on Nebraska. Working with Edward Norton on American History X was fun, he’s a great actor. Apologize to Kathy again. Nick says the original Star Wars was almost religion to him. At first he didn’t like the second trilogy but he’s grown to like them. Steve says episode 1 still sucks but 2 and 3 are solid. Bloopers from Star Wars. You’re a big hairy sea. It smells like a clam bake Kathy will have to get into comics for her kid. Having sex with dementia Person suffering may forget their spouse. What about a person who thinks they can use cell phone on flight? Nick knows someone with it; says he gets to meet new people every day. People who have it are in a blissful state. One of the perks, you can look at whatever you want. Listener says resident at nursing home would pray upon others with Alzheimer’s Is it ok to bang mentally feeble? What are the positions they use? Listener Rob says one guy is writing letters to another resident as if he is in a relationship with her. Can you push handicap children down stairs? Molly Maguire callers 7&8

Time 9:40-9:50

Weather. Traffic. Molly Maguire Bizarre File A spider lodged itself in the ear and then went up the nose of an arachnophobe. Man on a murder spree in Texas took a break for some Mexican food before continuing. A couple said a bullet shot through their vehicle while on the PA turnpike. Man on Kickstarter looking to build 40 ft tall Godzilla statue. Suicide bomber detonated on empty beach, he was the only fatality. Harvest 3 callers.

Time 10:03-10:13

WOTW LQ Hollywood Trash Producers behind how I met your mother developing follow up series how I met your father. Katy Perry revealed Mick Jagger once hit on her when she was a teenager. Star magazine claims the real reason the Jonas bothers broke up was Joe Jonas’s girlfriend. LA Molly Maguire callers 7, 8, 9 Music News Metallica contracted to host Orion Music and More for two more years in Detroit. Incubus guitarist working with Hans Zimmer for the Amazing Spider Man 2 soundtrack. Rush’s upcoming DVD Clockwork Angles Tour will be screening in select movie theaters around the country. New deluxe book called 108 Rock Star Guitars, features high quality shots of rocks most legendary axes included with detailed descriptions. Fred Durst developing TV series based on his own life for the CW. Video of Phish bassist - Don Gordleone, play on The Godfather. Going to 11 on MMR, for the month of November. Thor 10 callers

Time 10:24-10:34

Seven Marry Three, Cumbersome. Cummerbund Wrap up. Thanks to Melissa Joan Hart, Kevin Smith, and Stacy Keach. Pierre in the studio. WOTW caller 6. McDonalds Thanks to our sponsors. Molly Maguire Pierre’s plan for the day. Yesterday Pierre had a caller who thought he didn’t win and was very disappointed. He was caller 21, thought he needed to be caller 25. Once at a Velvet Revolver concert at the Spectrum with Rabbi, a listener was about to get into a fight and saw Pierre, immediately changed out of fighting mode and into “good citizen” mode. The weather has gotten much nicer. Go out and pretend you’re a plant. Scott Stapp will be in studio next week, he’s appearing at a Wal-Mart. No he’s working at walmart.

LQ: What is Kevin Smith’s version of Twelve Years A Slave

LA: Half Hour on a Plane



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