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Track  1                          Time 6:11-6:26
Happy Halloween! Perfect trick or treating weather. Traffic Something really creepy happened. Life size Danny Glick was scratching at the studio window. Casey and Preston wore their costumes. Casey’s in his giant green blob suite. News Firefighter injured battling a blaze in Montgomery Township. Philly police identified the suspect who robbed a Temple University professor in class. Police looking for thieves who stole over $100,000 worth of diamonds. 2 men and a woman. Steven Singer is built around a vault. Sports Boston Red Sox are the World Series Champions. Sixers beat the Heat 114-110. Allen Iverson announced his retirement last night. Halloween hottie cam is today. Rory Albanese will be on the show today as well. Contest idea Twerk A Tweet. Tweet a video of you twerking and whoever gets the most RT wins $300. More prizes to give away this morning. 
Track  2                          Time 6:38-7:08
We hope the rain holds off until after trick or treating. Traffic. Preston almost just threw up. Stupid Question Steve likes cocoa krispie treats. Birthdays Larry Mullen Jr., 52. Adam Horowitz, 47. Peter Jackson, creator of the best trilogy ever, Lord of the Rings, 52. Piper Perabo, 37. Rob Schneider, 50.Brian Doyle Murray, 68. Dan Rathers, 82. Ice ice baby, doo doo doo doo, 46. Michael Collins, in charge of the command mogule, 83. Jane Pauly, 63. David Ogden Stires, David Ogden Stires song. Willow Smith, 13. Steve does his hot yoga to whip your hair. Stupid Answer Entertainment News Carrie Washington is pregnant. How will scandal get away with it? Kim Kardashian getting back with Playboy. Hugh Heffner has been showing interest in her post baby body. “I just want to come out to the world like naked and be like I look so hot.” My body is totally hamming. I meant slamming. Kanye has set the bar higher for her, Hustler. Vogue. Did anyone see Chris Angel reanimate a dead body? Where did he get a dead body? George Clooney faking affairs. Caller Dave, watched the Chris Angel dead body reanimation. Liberty Ross, ex-wife of the man who had an affair with Kristen Stuart, talks about the affair. Preston is trying really hard not to throw up. Bob Barker will celebrate 90th birthday by hosting The Price is Right. Clips. Hailee Steinfeld. Jarred Leto.Twerk A Tweet Contest. 
Track  3                          Time 7:20-7:54
Halloween morning. Traffic. Nick is Captain America. His son is Iron Man. Whitney on the hottie cam is also dressed up. Preston is bonedaddy and his daughter is a skeleton princess. She’ll sort of look like Barbra Walters. Preston got all the interns treats! Steve always goes for chocolate but Kathy tries to stay away from that so she doesn’t eat all. Kathy got the special Reese cups. Halloween Candies Gum and mints, licorice, lollipops tootsie pop drops, hard candy, chewy candy. A candy called Zots from your childhood, liquid asbestos, gummy candy, candy corn. Nick is Captain Central America. Steve ate candy corn really weird & loves circus peanuts. Stop making bad candy. Number 1, chocolate. Caller Jamie gets Zots all the time. Nick thinks there were squirters, sugar coated queefs. Chocolate squirts. What does it mean when a girl squirts?  Maynards juicy squirts. Caller, Gushers. Ice Cube candies. Melts in your mouth. Jen, caramel Tootsie pop. Whistle pops are annoying. Caller Chuck, Razzles. Bubble Yum. Eric, wonderballs. Smarties and Sweet Tarts. Spree is awesome. Skittles commercials. Casey swaps candy for room and board. Twerk a tweet. 

Stupid Question: Besides cereal and butter what other item is a primary ingredient in rice crispie treats?
Stupid Answer: John, marshmallow

Track  1                          Time 8:05-8:19 
Weather. Traffic. Halloween horror music. Whitney is on our hottie Cam. Oxford Valley Mall. Twerk A tweet. Bizarre Files Man tried smoking Cialis. Teacher tried drawing her own blood with needles that were already used. Aircraft cleaning crew found 280 gold bars in the toilet of a plane. 2 Italian newspapers reported that items in the goodie bags given to Vladmir Puten were bugged. Teenage girl left disfigured in fire has a new face grown on her chest. It was transplanted to her face using tissue from her chest, a vein from her leg, and a water filled balloon to fill the gaps. Harvest Sorority party. Shart out for Scott who is going into surgery at Jefferson and has to miss his favorite holiday. 
Track  2                          Time 8:32-8:59 
Roxanne is in on the hottie cam. Traffic. Twerk a Tweet videos are coming in. Nick doesn’t like the new twitter update. Centralia would be a cool place to trick or treat. They’re letting a few people live there. In 2010, the population there was 10. Creepy places to go What were the creepy places to trick or treat during Halloween? Preston would go to a place that was like Freddy’s basement. Kathy heard of a creepy road where your car would roll up hill. Gravity Hill, you’d put your car in neutral and go uphill. Steve knows of a creepy tale of a guy who graduated 7th grade. There’s a house across from the haunted Chevy dealership. Let me go and see if I can talk to my manager. Pilgrim State Mental Hospital was another place to go. Byberry is another haunted mental hospital. Caller Ashley, Cult house road, a Ford Bronco would chase people out. Caller said Byberry was hidden by a cornfield. He thought the “devil worshippers” were evil but they were really just crack heads. Caller Josh, there’s a development that is completely abandoned in Limerick. Steve would go to Chernobyl to explore. Everyone is always fascinated by abandoned things. Frickslock is the place in Limerick. Caller Chris, him and a friend used to go to a place with his friends where they couldn’t take more than 3 steps in. Preston went to Eastern State when it was raining and spent the night there. Casey slept by himself. He said he didn’t hear or see anything but also didn’t open his eyes. Caller Kat, ghost mountain. There’s a haunted bridge, Welcome to Ghost Mountain! Captain Central America is gonna get us into an abandoned house. Thor screening. 
Track  3                          Time 9:12-9:38
Halloween morning. Roxanne from the Calendar is in. Traffic. Rory Albanese in studio has been on the Daily Show for 14 years. He’s a NY Giants fan. How angry can you get about the Mets? Started as a production assistant. Worked at the Daily show with so many people. Worked with Carrell and Colbert. Interning is not a game, he just wants to do what he’s supposed to do. Rory can’t talk to Nick because he’s dressed as Captain America. Rory forgot to pack his Halloween costume. He worked with a team of people, like a team of avengers? John Stewart is the Bruce Springteen of comedy. Went out with Lewis Black to learn comedy. Lewis took him to the stress club. He hasn’t even looked at the news since he left. He’s trying to build an Emmy fort, he has 9. Wants to put one on the front of his Jeep Liberty. Writing a pilot about a son and dad. Hates seeing politics everywhere. All the research was crazy. So many people involved. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump eating pizza with a for and knife. He has emmys and he wants to win for a sitcom. Preston gave him candy. Halloween walk of shame jokes. Iron Man couldn’t get in his car. 

Track  1                          Time 9:48-10:00
Candy man song. Whitney is now Katy Perry. Traffic. Twerk A Tweet. What if there’s a tie? We keep the money. Bizarre File There’s a new worlds largest chicken nugget, over 45 pounds. It’s as big as 720 chicken nuggets. Swedish man found a Lumia smartphone under water for 3.5 months and it still worked. Man fired a shotgun at teens who were TPing a principals house a few houses over so he shot them. Owners of some new Dell laptops and have been opened up to the smell of cat urine. Woman dressed as abusive wife ended up attacking her boyfriend who was dressed up as an abused husband. Thor movie passes. 
Track 2                   Time 10:10-10:23
Halloween creepy music. Halloween thrills. Casey used Wendy’s gift certificates as currency for gas. Halloween thrills. Maybe they’ll take Wendy’s coupons. The outdoor cobwebs are hard to use. Casey just wants to eat his chips. Decorating is great but taking them down is cool. Lesson Question Hollywood Trash Katy Perry being controlled by John Mayer, if John walk she’ll be left with everything. Jessica Simpson, aunt Ashley didn’t always drink like that. Bob Barker will host the price is right No its just like riding a show case model you never forget. Lesson Answer Music News Metallica has finally broken the silence saying he last talked to the band in September. Foo fighters will be playing in Mexico City in a massive stadium before their 8th studio album is released. Twerk a Tweet. 
Track 3                   Time 10:32-10:40
Hottie cam. Halloween thrills. Thank you to Rory Albanese. Preston’s gloves only work on the touch screen. Kathy’s going to take her superman pocketbook out. She’s taking everyone out before it gets dark. LOTD. Pancake is dressed up as Pierre. He has Pierre’s beard on a stick. Everyone wants him to do a Pierre impression. Matt Cord introduced AI at the press conference yesterday. Matt has a terrible impression.Shart out to Matt Cord, Maddy and Kevin at the Phish concert. The winner of Twerk a Tweet is Jilly Bean. Tomorrow we have Stacey Keach and Melissa Joan Heart. Rage on!

Lesson Question What candy do they use as birth control in third world countries?
Lesson Answer Zots


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