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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Melissa Joan Hart- Phoner- 8:30AM
Rory Albanese- In Studio- 9AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:


Time 6:10-6:20

We are ready to go! Weather. Traffic. News Philadelphia Police have released a video of a man assaulting an 81 year-old Temple professor. Six people were found dead in a home in South Dakota after receiving a call from a man who wanted to harm himself. A teacher is being charged and found guilty for official misconduct and luring after finding sexual themed message on MySpace dating back to 2001. Sports Flyers lost last night to the Ducks 2-0 and will play again Friday night. The Heat will come to South Philly for the 76er’s series kick off. The Red Socks are leading from the Cardinals in the World Series. Sorority Party at Harvest. Thor.

Time 6:34-7:08

Halloween is tomorrow. Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Gavin Rossdale; 48, Ivanka Trump; 32, Kevin Pollak; 56, Charles Martin Smith;60,Harry Hamlin; 62, Henry Winkler; 68. SA. Entertainment News Chris Brown has entered rehab for his anger management issues. Kelly Osborne and Lady Gaga have made amends. Tori Spelling revealed that a sex tape of Spelling and her husband almost was released into the public. Pippa Middleton reportedly gifted the parents an $11,000 silver casting of Baby George’s hands and feet. Ali Lohan has put her modeling career on hold to record an album with her mother as her manager. Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan were seen hanging out over the weekend. I’ve never been to Scandleland! Do you want some chicken fingers? All out of chicken fingers shut the place down! Khloe Kardashian and Lamar were seen out together at the Kanye West concert. Kim Kardashian was interviewed about her engagement to West at her birthday event at Towel. I cried like a canned ham. I was trembling like a Virginia ham. Kim stated that she had no idea that he was going to propose. Blake Lively has been named as the face as L’oreal Paris. The first official trailer of X-Men: Days of Future Past was released and looks unbelievable. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have officially been living separate lives. Clips Naveen Andrews discusses why he enjoys being a part of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  Kathy Bates talks about creator Ryan Murphy in American Horror Story: Coven. Thor.

Time 7:19-7:45

We have some awesome guests this morning! Weather. Traffic. Preston thinks that we need to stop with gaper delays in traffic. Sriracha hot sauce has been getting complaints about the stench of their factory. Living in a place with either a bad or great smell Residents within the area have stated that there is an odor problem that irritates their eyes. Steve’s old house use to be near the Entenmanns factory and a bread factory, so it always smelled awesome on their block. Preston lives close to a sheep farm and is not a pleasant smell at all. On Staten Island there is a fish depository that absolutely makes the entire area reek. One of the worst smells that Nick had smelled was when he was stuck behind a truck filled with pigs. Mushrooms farms are some of the worst smelling farms in the world due to the soil they were planted in. Paper mills also stink due to the chemicals that are placed in the paper. Preston cannot stand the smell of baby powder. Baby powder is a perfect remedy to get sand off at the beach. Preston’s daughter decided to paint their nails over the weekend and got it all over the carpet & got it all out with hairspray. Nick’s friend vomited red wine everywhere &  it stained. Water stains won’t go away. Kathy, I’m right over here. You’re trying to watch the 10! Show, but I’m staring at you. Sorority Harvest.


SQ: The silver ore deposit known as the Comstock Lode is located in what state?

SA: Nevada


Time 7:55-8:12

We have less than a minute before we go live on Fox Good Day! Thor. Fox Good Day How old is it to trick-or-treat? Preston thinks the cut off is 13. The last time Casey went out trick-or-treating was when he was 18. Can you be too young to receive candy? Preston thinks it’s so cute when babies dress up as pumpkins or Andy Reid. Kathy doesn’t matter how old the person is, she will still give them candy as long they are in a costume. Casey is going to not be at his house tomorrow, so he might give his candy to his neighbors. Traffic. Bizarre File A gas stations clerk’s cell phone saved his life when it stopped a bullet that hit his chest and did not penetrate his skin. An under-fed and dehydrated baby girl was found in a trunk of a car in France and is believed that she has lived in there since birth. A man who ran through a sliding house door then shot by the owner was reportedly high and speaking about zombies. Doctors say a number of military personal have turned to liposuction to fit the body regulations. Thor.

Time 8:24-9:12

It’s looking dicey outside right now. Weather. Traffic. Marisa has an appearance tomorrow. She’ll be at Casey’s Alley in Ambler for the Oktober Fest Stein holding competition. A listener texted in that Kathy should hold segments of helpful tips called “Just the Tip.” There’s a blog that was compiled of a collection of teenagers taking selfies at a funeral. Taking pictures at funerals is disrespectful & Casey thinks that it’s a way for people to get attention. Philadelphia is number one on the list of the slowest 4G internet speed. Speed are 9x faster in San Jose, CA. Nick’s internet was out the other day and realized how much he relies on his WiFi. Casey has to walk outside in order to make a call. A Brazilian surfer rode one of the largest wave in the world, the waves were over 100 feet tall. In the video, you can barely see him in the wave. The American chemical society say fear is the expectation or anticipation of harm coming to you. Effects of fear on the body the chemical that causes fear has multiple physical reactions such as sweaty palms and fight or flight mode. Paranormal researcher tells Fox news that all paranormal events can be linked to natural phenomenon’s. Low frequency hums can create a feeling of fear. Ghost sightings can be related to an excess amount of television watching. When you’re younger, you can mix-up ghost encounters with poor memories. One listener called in and said was locked out of her room, hear baby laughter, and when she entered the room it was torn apart. Casey once saw a “dune puma.” Which turned out to be the moonlight reflecting on the ocean. The Soup Investigates and also the star of Community, Joel McHale is on air! There is a bloody knife just hanging in the air in his kitchen all the time. He just doesn’t even realize it anymore! The Soup Investigates is like the Daily Show, but less intelligent. One of the recent episodes talked about why women dress like sluts on Halloween. On The Soup Investigates, Joel gets to sit down at a desk. He feels really professional. Kris Kardasian used to give Joel and E! a hard time for making fun of their family. They don’t really care now, but get nervous when they mention a product that is associated with the network. Community is also starting again in January. The Soup Investigates is o tonight at 10pm. Joel hasn’t been in studio, but is a great guy! Thor.

Time 9:24-9:39

It’s a dreary Wednesday morning. Weather. Traffic. Alyssa Milano is going to be calling in later. Supposedly Charmed is going to be renewed. Salem’s Lot used to scare Preston when he was younger. Horror movie scenes that are frightening The scene where the vampire is attempting to get into the house and is scratching the window made Preston not want to look out of windows. Bill Weston agrees, but still thinks the tree scene in Poltergeist is a lot scarier. When Nick was a toddler, he was scared of the count from Sesame Street. Let’s see how many pussies we can count…one, Nick, ah ah ah!. Casey used to get scared by the Hulk. He still, to this day, needs to cover his eyes in scary scenes. Steve loves The Exorcist because it reminds him of when his mom took him to go to see it in theaters. Listener Joe made his daughter watch “It” with him and bought a yellow balloon to surprise her with when she woke up.

Time 9:53-10:18

U2 on 93.3 WMMR. Weather. Traffic. Bizarre Files Grand Junction Colorado Police are investigating a robbery where a man stole a woman’s monkey. Yeah, there’s a huge tent sale full of monkeys! Female shop assistance fought off a man with a machete with a mop and a vodka bottle. A woman who died last week at the age of 20 never aged and acted as though she was a toddler. A Greek marketing group has created the first tweeting bra. A woman who was involved in a verbal argument with her fiancé was charged with domestic violence when she threw potatoes at him. Camp out for Hunger is going to be here soon! There are new business prizes for companies that bring in the most amount of food. Philabundance has put together a business tool kit for donating. Mischief night is tonight! Preston would go out and toilet paper friend’s houses. Casey went out once or twice and TP’ed houses that he knew. Nick got busted once for egging houses. She is one of the hosts of Project Runway All Stars which is on tomorrow night at 9! Alyssa Milano is on the show! Tomorrow for Halloween her son is going to be Yoda, her husband is going to be Chewbacca, and she is going to be Princess Leia. Alyssa has been a huge fan of Project Runway since the beginning. She believes that she is fashion savvy and actually has her own sports fashion line for women. Alyssa says her second favorite word is “fart”, her first is “compassionate.” Mr. Skin was in yesterday and said his favorite horror nude scene was Alyssa Milano in Embrace of a Vampire.

Time 10:27-10:38

Preston was watching This is 40 and can’t stop laughing at the kid who looks like Tom Petty. LQ. Hollywood Trash Kelly Osborne apologized to Lady Gaga. Khole Kardashian and Lamar Odem were seen together. Jonas Brothers called it quits. LA. Music News Metallica was asked if they were fans of Justin Bieber, they said yes. My Chemical Romance will release a Best Of album on January 21st. Beck has signed a new deal with Capital Records and will release a new disc entitled “Morning Phase.” Marilyn Manson appears in a new video for Funny or Die. Secret text.

Time 10:49-10:56

Volbeat on WMMR! Weather. Thanks to Joel McHale and Alyssa Milano! LOTD. Thanks to Sean our former intern for bringing in delicious pastries and Daniel, a wine maker from New Zealand with his Decibel wine.  Casey’s Alley event. Tomorrow on the show, It’s Halloween, Melissa Joan Hart and Rory Albanese from the Daily Show.


LQ: How do they say hi in Scandyland? Or What did Kim Kardashian cry like when Kanye proposed to her?

LA: Fajorkle or She cried like canned ham.



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