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Time 6:10-6:30
Weather. Kathy is back. Traffic. News To mark the one year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy the residents of New York and New Jersey will honor the day by lighting candles and flashlights. It seems longer than a year ago. Many insurance claims haven’t been made yet. Camden county police are investigating the death of a man who’s remains were found Monday evening. Police have seized more than 40 pounds of laced candy from West Chester. Casey is explaining how to make pot brownies. Caller Chris, said you can coat anything in marijuana. He said the THC sticks to fat. Caller Will, has purchased something off of the guy who made this batch of candy. He said it’s sad he got busted because edibles are hard to find. Maybe Godiva should look into this. Casey talking about Ganja Goo Balls. Sports Red Sox beat Cardinals last night. Michael Vick will likely miss another game. Flyers on tonight. Kathy’s not a man anymore.
Time 6:42-7:11
Nirvana. Traffic. Someone makes really gross sludge coffee in the kitchen. We need a Keurig. Stupid Question Birthdays Gabrielle Union, 41. She’s married to Henry Kissinger. Didn’t think they’d make it. Winona Ryder, 42. Richard Dryfus, 66. Dan Castelentta, 56. Ben Foster, 33. Kate Jackson, 65. Stupid Answer Preston hasn’t seen Play Misty for Me. Feeling lucky for some preogrssive jazz, punk? Entertainment News According to TMZ, Chris Browns charge has been dropped to a misdemeanor. Steve thinks Casey needs a handy. Preston forgot his glasses in the office. Does anyone here have a tiny towelette? There was a time when we used to jump on the back of a buffalo and kill it. Jermaine said he’s disgusted while Randy Jackson said he had no reaction. The first place he went to was In and Out burger that’s a game we used to play in Wonderland. Can he become a dentist? Justin Beiber may have played a roll in the end of Orlando Bloom’s marriage. Was Lil Twist and Lil Za there? Kim Kardashian put a picture on Instagram of Kanye’s new pop up store. Lisa Kurdow talked about getting a nose job. Preston’s friend had a nose job. We have a friend named Scabignose. Charmed may be getting a new life. Nobody likes that. Kelly Osborne refused to accept Lady Gaga’s birthday gift. Olivia Wilde said thank you to her fans for their congratulations on bring pregnant. Clips Harrison Ford talks about Ender’s Game. Rachel Mcadams talks about About Time. Thor passes, 7 callers.
Time 7:20-7:50
Halestorm. Traffic. Preston loves his job. Easy jobs Casey gets his job done early. Andrew Bynum signed a 2 year 24 million dollar deal with Cavs. He has been paid millions of dollars for being tall. Who has the easiest job? People think they do nothing. If Nick could pick any job, he’d pick pro golfer. Casey would be a poker player. Caller John, works at an after school program. Caller Joe, Chief Engineer for Marriot hotel, just changes light bulbs. Caller Bruce, delivers newspapers. Makes $1,000 a week. Steve worked at Dunkin Donuts. Hunting guide. Caller Fran, poker dealer in a casino.  Works 6-7 hours a night. Some dealers hate their jobs. Craps would be hard. Caller chris, security job. Brought his xbox. Caller Bob, wine salesman. Some people get hammered. Caller Andrew, liquor salesman assistant. Would working from home be easy? Preston’s friend works from home. Caller Brian, buys beer for a living. People who hate their jobs but work all the time. Sharon gets paid to sleep. Takes care of a woman with ALS. Dogwalkers get paid. Morning skate.
Stupid Question What actress played a crazed fan for Clint Eastwood’s character in Play Misty for Me?
Stupid Answer Jessica Walters
Time 8:02-8:18
Weather. Traffic. Preston had a gobbler the other day (wawa.) Congrats to Jeremy Alcorn on welcoming a son into his family. He’s working at Marisa’s high school. Sorority Party at Harvest Announcement: Wine and Cheese Sorority Party. Thursday November 7th. Preston wasn’t listening during the meeting yesterday. This will be a nice cultured event. Five callers. Harvest is a great place to go. Bras are optional. Bizarre File Sending this out to Doctor Buck Walter. 31 year old Casey Wagner was struck by lightning twice in a short amount of time. You can see where he was struck. Detectives investigating a facility that left behind 14 sick elderly people. Intruder broke into a home outside England. She threatened her children and shoved a butter knife down her throat to try and make herself sick. She said that she wanted her son back or she’d kill hers. The woman boiled a kettle and brought it upstairs then logged on to her Facebook from a laptop. Police don’t know why she was so irrational.
Time 8:29-8:57
Word of the week prize. Traffic. Five years ago today the Phillies won the world series. Nick’s moment of true joy. What a wonderful time that was. Nick in his moment of joy when the Phillies won the 2008 World Series. Kathy was at both game A and B. Casey gave his 5B tickets to his brother. Casey’s brother is a much bigger sports fan than him. Nick was at McFadden’s for game 5A. Parade was on Halloween. Kathy said she wanted to see some Pun-Tang before the Phillies parade. Mr. Skin Created a site that is “female friendly.” Has been running his site for 14-15 years. He finally made something for gay men and females. They hired a bunch of guys to look for male nudity in tv and movies. He worked out a comparison chart to what does. Bulges is a category. Robin Williams has been nude before in a movie, Antonion Bandarez as well. There are compilations of dongs and thongs, etc. Liam Neeson is one that everyone wants to see. I heard he has an irish hammer. Most bizarre frontal nudity scene, Richard Hatch from Another Gay Movie. Upside down and nude may have to be a weird scene because of Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained. Sideways has a weird one too, running while naked. Walk Hard, the Duey Cox story. Horror movies and nudity are like peanut butter and jelly. Top 3 Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart, Barbra Crampton in reanimator, Alyssa Milano in embrace the Vampire. Kathy likes seeing nude guys in movies. Thor, 5 callers.
Time 9:08-9:31
Halloween Weather. Traffic. Forrest Griffin In Studio if he is the light heavy weight, what is the heaviest heavy weight? About a pound more than he is. He was 20 when he started fighting because he was a horrible basketball player. He thought MA was for fat weirdos in pajamas. Never had any hardcore formal training. His ears are freaking Kathy out. He thinks hes ugly because of his ears. He gets that he looks like the garbage pale version of Channing Tatum. He learned the disciplines just all together. Casey’s seen him fight Anderson Silva and it wasn’t a long fight. He doesn’t like the smell of old spice too much. He wants to forget this interview at this point. He started when the sport was dying. He likes that it’s the stripped down version of every sport. GSP is considered the best fighter. Before he was scared he won a lot more fights. Find a gym that helps you. He wants to commentate games drunk. He doesn’t like not being funny. He’s never done movies. He hates Old Spice.
Time 9:38-9:52
Traffic. Forrest Griffin was not a dick. Sorority party at Harvest. Kathy is going to get a henna tattoo. Snowe has been doing this for about a year and would never use black henna but she learned how to do Indian art. It’ll fall off eventually. Kathy’s starting her tattoo. Bizarre File In southwest Columbia there is a road that is so bad and many people die on the way to the hospital while in labor. Rebuilding the roads are finally happening after a sex stand in. Man was hit in the side of the head while playing cricket. 5 teens taken to the hospital after and SUV flipped over with 14 people in the vehicle. A youth punched a police dog repeatedly after trying to resist arrest. The dog wasn’t injured. Man climbed a downtown tree in Wisconsin and tore a limb from its trunk saying he was giving the tree pay back. 2 contestants after a Brazilian are accused of paying thousands of dollars to win the judges over.
Time 10:05-10:24
Tattoosday. Delco. He got a Sailor Jerry tattoo, simple to do and classic tattoo. Charlie is a police officer in Philadlephia and was a Delco police officer. Charlie gave a shout out to everyone in Delco. Kathy got her henna tattoo and Preston wanted one but it’s a girl thing. Zeta Eta needs a tattoo. Lesson Question Hollywood Trash Conrad Murray realeased from jail. He was never invited to be part of prison yard thriller dancer. Ciara said Future asked to marry her but she didn’t think of her ex boyfriend, the past. Lesson Answer Music News Metallica never commented on the band En Lou but they had a great experience. Seether having a best hits CD coming out and they’re going to play a story-teller type performance. ACDC book releasing that tells the story about the band. The first concert movie filmed in Ultra HD. Pearl Jam did pay tribute to Lou Reed at their concert in Baltimore by playing his own music. Played 2 Van Halen tracks in Connecticut. Hey fella, Nick Mcilfart or something. Eddie Vedder interview can now be heard. It opens up your mind to what Hellen Keller had to go through. Kevin Smith tickets.
Time 10:34-10:43
Weather. Halloween weather looks nice. Interns are dressing up for Halloween. Everyone’s gonna dress up Thursday. Casey wanted to be Daddy Warbucks but his daughter didn’t want to do that. Casey’s going to be so mad if Andy Reid wins the super bowl. Pierre is back in town. Letter of the Day Thank you to Mr. Skin, goes all the way back to John Wayne. Forrest Griffin, and thank you Snowe. Also RC and listener Charlie for getting a tattoo today. Pierre will be giving away Bon Jovi tickets on his show today. Lou read dedications will be done as well. Joel Mchale will be on tomorrow and Alyssa Milano. Rage on.
Lesson Question Where did my dad used to dance?
Lesson Answer Chippindales
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