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Here's what happened on the show today


Time 6:09-6:23

Weather. Traffic. News update: Teen dies saving his family during a car wreck. Tampa fire rescue was dispatched to the Yuengling brewery storage facility. Operator of an amusement ride was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after 5 people were injured on his ride. Lou Reed died Sunday (Velvet Underground and solo artist). Sports NY giants beat the Eagles. Michael Vic returns to Eagles after Hamstring injury. Game 4 of World Series is tied at two games apiece, game 5 is tonight. Wow. Marc Summers is coming into the studio. Tickets to Thor.

Time 6:32 -7:06

Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Joaquin Phoenix 38, Julia Roberts 46, Anthony Ricktor, Jamie Gurst 48, Laruen Holly 50, Dennis Fronz 69, after Star wars lost funding, Casey made a “low budget” star wars, Bill Gates 58, Justin Gwuareeny 38. SA. Entertainment news David Beckam was in a car accident as he pulled out of his driveway. Kate Middleton purchased a 2,300 dollar stroller for their son. A high end stroller is about 5 or 6 hundred dollars and they have models for running. Tom Brady and his wife spent 14 million dollars on a condo in Manhattan. Christophe Waltz will play Chris Pines father in horrible bosses 2. Howl Needham passed away at 82, former paratrooper and stunt man broke 56 bones, and he directed “The Villain” and Smokey and the bandit. Marcia Wallace died at 72, voice of Mrs. Krabapple mystery death of Marshal Wallace, was it a bear trap or her husbands cancer? Julian Hough got in trouble for wearing black face to a Halloween party. Bruce Jenner will walk Kim Kardashian down the aisle. Bruce Jenner impression/Bruce Jenner can’t move facial muscles Kendra Wilkinson is losing fans due to her family drama and disappointed her number one fan who runs her fan page. Clips 60 in Vegas. Freebirds, Ed Norton impersonating Owen Wilson. Thor.  

Time 7:18 -7:49

Traffic. Telling Family about pregnancy/weddings Kendra Wilkinson didn’t tell her friends and family about her pregnancy first which started a family feud. Have any listeners had a similar situation? People take a joyous occasion and “suck the fun out of it”. Caller says his father saw him and girlfriend at a pregnancy center and was furious. Caller was engaged for 2 months before family found out from bride’s sister. Caller told grand mom because he was afraid of his mother. Caller announced engagement at a beach trip and her friend got mad because she saw pictures of the weekend on Facebook and was mad she wasn’t invited. Caller told parents about pregnancy before husband, she thought it was okay because her husband was asleep, he wasn’t mad but was a little disappointed, Casey starts getting mad that she didn’t wake him up. Grooms mother wouldn’t even go to the wedding because she was told about engagement 2nd.  If the woman “pops the question” does the woman go to the mom and ask to “have his balls”? Caller wanted to split xmas with family and girlfriend,  they both worked late and slept through family breakfast and parents haven’t talked to him for 4 years and has tried numerous times to apologize. Try and hire proxy to go to family events so you don’t have to go.     

Time 8:01-8:09


Traffic. Bizarre Files Norwegian hunter misses moose and kills man on toilet, man was taken in for questioning and the moose is okay. Mother of 14 in Columbia started selling her daughters’ virginity for 160 dollars. Teenager killed herself after parents banned her from Facebook. Police found the “groper” of an Arby’s employee by spotting a trail of fries and sauce to the groper’s room. Thor.   

Time 8:20 -9:03

Traffic. Kathy comes back tomorrow without her penis. Dorney Park/ cream of scream recap. Birthday sex and kids Preston’s wife’s birthday was yesterday and he hired a chef to come and cook dinner, but gave her a “special” present that morning but kids started knocking. After they are done the kids rush over to Preston and show him they made their mom breakfast. He bear hugged his kids after washing up first. Being naked all the time British research shows that 16% of women don’t let their husband see them naked and their relationship suffers as a result. If your wife is naked all the time it isn’t “as special” Casey lost all shame with kids even took a dump even if kids are around. Establishing rules for “pee” race with his kids. Marissa asked if you use the bathroom in front of your wife, both Preston and Steve don’t. Marissa farting in front of her boyfriend. Rocky Balboa Dream Nick has a bizarre dream with him, his father, and Sylvester Stallone. And Nick can’t understand what Sylvester is saying, and when nick wakes up rocky 3 is on when Rocky is crying when his trainer dies. Listen to clip from the movie of Rocky crying and try to interpret what he is saying. Rocky is upset that Nick showed up to dinner early and dinner won’t be done. Caller works for a dream studies group and believes that Nicks dream means he is a chronic masturbator. Preston starts watching War of the Worlds in Spanish because the fight scene had no speaking in it. Clip of Schizophrenic thoughts, the voices in your head will tell you what to do. Steve wants to know if the voices are always British and then tries to get into Marissa’s head. Caller is a Schizophrenic, takes medicine every day, didn’t hear voices but was paranoid everyone was talking about him, lives an average life with a wife and two kids.

Time 9:15 -9:39

WoW. Traffic. Marc Summers someone asked him what to do with a shriveling pumpkin and he said give it Viagra. “Slimed” a book coming out about the good days of Nickelodeon, when nickelodeon reruns “Double Dare” Marc doesn’t get a penny. Marc is here to advertise the brain tumor society’s race for hope at the Philadelphia Art Museum. Michelle Kaign is with Marc, she is a brain tumor survivor. Brain tumors are no longer a “death sentence” and that the walk has a very positive aura. Darren Daulton will be at the walk as well. Casey overheard a man was embarrassed from having a brain tumor and couldn’t understand why. Marc is doing a show that is “similar to the past” Steve believes it is a serious cop drama. If you do a reality show, it needs to be real. Angelo Lutz is a former mobster turned professional chef, hard time getting business started because he is an ex-con. When Marc liked a certain pizza parlor he was attacked on twitter. Casey likes Gaetano’s pizza and was involved in Marcs twitter fight. Marc isn’t rich; he works in cable that’s why he’s on the show. Marc has a crazy Twitter name and has a hard time getting people to follow him.            

Time 9:50-10:01

Traffic. Preston thinks that Kathy may have some problems with her flight. Printers braking and fixing them all printers are finicky; after Casey worked with Y-100 he became an amateur printer repairman. Preston put an entire ream of paper in the printer and should have only put in an inch of paper; he was upset so he just jammed it in there out of anger. Preston sounded like upset rocky when the printer was out of paper. Bizarre File Brittney Spears songs are being used to scare off simolai pirates because they can’t stand Western Music. Georgia man took a bite out of a woman’s buttock while in a bar. In the 17th century, mystics believed you could get an unlimited amount of money by making necropants; pants made out of boiled human flesh. House catches on fire; man saves his family but goes back into the house to save several cans of beer too. Thor.    

Time 10:12-10:25

Calendar girl selfie distracts Preston as he comes on the air, when the calendar is available you’ll hear Rocky start to babble. LQ. Hollywood Trash. LA. Music News Lou Reed died on Sunday, paved the road for punk rock, had a huge heroin and alcohol problem. Band mates lost “A schoolyard playmate”; velvet underground was a hugely influential band. Dave Grohl teamed up with Val Kilmer and Jack Black to perform as sweet river and the huckleberry dogs on a youtube show called Ghost Ghirls. Grohl will perform with the Zac brown Band. Rob Zombie talks about his haunted house, it is the most advanced haunted house in the world, however doubts it would last all year long, Rob Zombie and Korn will kick off a tour soon. Black keys, F.U.N and other bands will be selling custom sneakers. Free Music Monday.

Time 10:35-10:42

Weather. Wrap UP Could be the perfect Halloween weather, Steve put his house on the candy board so people know to stop by. Tomorrow is the 5 year anniversary of the Phillies winning the World Series. Thank you to Marc summers and Michelle Kaign for stopping in to talk about the Race for Hope. Letter of the week is “M”. Old intern Jake is doing standup at 1919. Matt cord is in for Pierre, Matt is doing a Lou reed song and has a cool story about Lou Reed. Coming in tomorrow is Mr. Skin, a henna tattoo artist, and Forest Griffin.  


SQ: what automotive manufacturer produced a model called the Gremlin?

SA: American Motor Corporation


Lesson question: Marcia Wallace died by having her head caught in what?

Lesson Answer: Bear trap











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