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Monday on the Preston and Steve Show:

Marc Summers & Michelle Kaighn - 9:00am

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:11-6:23
Weather. Traffic. News 3 people injured from a shooting from a small black car that pulled up to a porch with the three men standing on.  8 shots were fired possibly from a drug turf war. Affordable Care Act website was not working when they said people could enroll. CGI federal that created website. Federal authority have charged onetime WMMR DJ Dave Herman, 77, with trying to transport a 7 year old girl to the Virgin Islands to sexual abuse her. Started talking to undercover officer saying he wanted to have sexual relations with the cop’s fictitious daughter.  A driver was caught driving on the famous art museum stairs and then drove off on Kelly Drive. Sports Braden Coburn broke a tie in 3rd period. Flyers beat Rangers 2-1. Michael Wacha threw 114 pitches. 4 and 0. Eagles, host New York Giants this Sunday at 1. Johnny Knoxville calling in along with David Morse and Mike Vogul coming in to talk about the movie “McCanick”.                                                                    

Time 6:35-7:10
Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Chad Smith, 52; Katy Perry, 29; Glenn Tipton, 66; Nancy Cartwright, 56; James Carville, 69; Matthias Jabs, 57; Marian Ross, 85; Craig Robinson,42, Intern Joe, 30. SA Lisa Entertainment News. Pauly D’s baby mama has been reported that she was going to try an abortion but decided to keep it. He is fighting to claim custody of the kid. Smash director Michael Morris’ wife mary wants to split after alleged Katharine McPhee affair. A court ruled that Dina Lohan was not an alcoholic but her drinking was caused by stress from the paparazzi. Very much yes and of course no. Katy Holmes and daughter Suri Cruise went on a safari in South Africa. They saw Tony Bennett 90210 star Tori Spelling and her husband are having financial troubles. She has written several books, all with titles as a play on her name. Prince Charles talks about becoming King, says he is misperceived as aloof and spoiled and he is actually a passionate philanthropist. A picture shows Zac Efron and Lily Collins holding hands in Disneyland. Kristen Stewart can’t stand Robert Pattinson with other women. Sylvester Stallone Rambo Quotes. Clips Penelope Cruz on The Counselor. Jonathan Rhys Meyers on Dracula. The Conjuring callers 5&6 

Time 7:21-7:45
Dorney Park Traffic. Yesterday Todd Herremans called and talked about how he got robbed $250000 from a valet. Service workers stealing from cars Casey keeps change in his car. He went to a carwash and saw that the attendants took some, and didn’t even do a good job. It’s not the amount of money that matters, it’s the fact that they took what didn’t belong to them. Anonymous caller used to take bills from recurring customers that didn’t tip. There’s no grey area, stealing is stealing. Listener Greg worked at a car wash and would take change he accidentally vacuumed up. You can tip someone before. Last night I left my car on the art museum steps. Listener Mike says someone left fake money in the car to see if someone would steal it. Listener Nolan says someone took pizza sauce from his car. Higher end hotels will usually provide safes to keep staff from stealing. Listener Terry had an iPod stolen at a car wash, now he sits next to the guy to watch him. Listener Chris said he had $700 in gift cards stolen while having his car serviced. When a service shop posts a sign that says “we are not responsible for stolen items” there is nothing you can legally do. Dorney Park callers 9&10

SQ: In what film did Jim Carey perform the Dezi Arnaz classic Cuban Pete?
SA: The Mask

Time 7:57-8-15
Bon Jovi. Traffic. It’s Intern Erin’s last day, she has been a major part of the show for 3 years. Casey met Erin before she was an intern. Erin met her boyfriend in Ireland through the show. She feels she needs to clear her head and take time off. Casey and Nick both trust her with their children. Everyone on the show pulled together and gave her $19 to spend at Cho’s. Erin thanks everyone at the station for an amazing experience. Bizarre Files A man’s body was found mummified and hanging for 8 years after he died. Exploding north Hollywood truck was caused by a man trying to get high on propane. Man suing city after police used a Taser on his scrotum. Husband caught panty thief stealing dozens of pairs of his wife’s underwear. Thor The Dark World 5 callers 

Time 8:27-8:57
Weather. Traffic. Lee Harvey Oswald's gold wedding band sold at auction for $118000. One of 300 items sold linked to JFK. Collectors’ Items What’s the use of items like these? When a lot of things sell at the same time they tend to sell higher. These things should belong in a museum. Steve has first aid kit from TV show Arrow. Casey has a hammock from World War Z. Old $10 bill worth $500,000, serial number reduced to 00000001. Marisa’s dad has a very old pipe from the Move bombing. Casey’s mom collects Delaware quarters. Nickels made before 1964 are made completely from silver. Listener Denise says she has an autographed bill from Nicky Scarfo. Listener Pete says Delaware quarters are worth $8. A golf course Preston goes to has a putter used by Frank Sinatra framed. Listener Jim says Caesar Rodney was the last signer of the Declaration of independence, rode for two days in the rain to get to Philadelphia. Preston’s uncle used to collect wheat pennies. Nick collected coins with his grandfather as a bonding experience, Steve collected brochures for retirement homes. List of substitutes for drugs in movies. Cocaine is a mixture of cornstarch and baby powder. Coating the straw with Vaseline will prevent the powder from reaching the nose. New Jennifer Hudson film used blend consisting of milk powder for heroine. In Homeland, use oregano for marijuana. Ecstasy, sugar placebos dipped in water. Dorney Park 3 callers

Time 9:07-9:36
Lots of activity in studio. Traffic. David Morse Mike Vogel and Donald Kugelman in studio McCanick is intense, like a gritty, 70s movie. The movie takes an unexpected turn, which is rare these days. In a film festival in Toronto, many people showed up to honor Cory Monteith. Last time David saw Cory was in the P&S studio. McCanick takes place in one day, with flashbacks to the past. It’s like playing 2 different characters. Corey’s character is on the streets, spent a lot of time on streets himself. Mike’s character is McCanick’s partner. David tries to do as many stunts as he can, recently had a knee replacement. Ciaran Hinds is also in the movie, he’s very believable as a Philadelphia native. Preston and Steve are in the beginning as radio personalities. Steve did traffic, he used a technique where he imagined traffic backed up Mike is in Under the Dome, it’s a very long book. The show differs from the book, based on audience reaction. Sometimes acting becomes work, but with a great script and a lot of passion it becomes fun again. Most exciting thing about World War Z for David was the technology. Pennsylvania is a great place to make movies, unfortunately for McCanick it was too expensive. David loved promoting Philly and is proud of it. 

Time 9:43-10:08
Traffic. Revel Johnny Knoxville The old man makeup in Bad Grandpa was used in the entire movie. He met the kid in the movie on the set of Fun Sized, thought that he would be good in a movie. A lot of extra footage was shot, it didn’t fit in the movie. Some people get so mad they won’t even be in the movie blurred. One of the fathers at the beauty pageant was really pissed, even after he found out it was a joke. Casey has hung out with the jackass guys, they act like they do in the movies all the time. In Bam’s basement steve-o was taking a crap in a litter box. Thanks to the Milford Township Fire Department for giving us a cool hat, and a fire truck Bizarre File. Civilian was arrested for pulling off 6 year old son’s genitals and attempting to superglue them back on. Teacher was fired after being accused of taking students to a strip club. Thousands of cans of Heinz baked beans stolen from a truck. Receptionist for Baltimore Ravens says she lost her superbowl ring in the Chesapeake Bay. Massachusetts motorcyclist who regularly taunted police and rode away at 100mph was finally caught. Max Talbot took a hard check against the Rangers last night, looked dazed afterwards. He was back on the ice later in the game. Says it just felt like a little sting. The hit looked like it was not deliberate. A picture shows his legs bent up to his back. The rangers player asked if he was ok, but Max couldn’t hear. Would it have been better if he asked in French? Steve Mason has been excellent this season, it’s just difficult to score goals. Max and his wife are pregnant. 

Time 10:23-10:41
Guys who made Tiki bar at cardboard classic were in today. People are already planning for this year’s classic. Some information is available on on how to start a collection bin for Campout. LQ Hollywood Trash Zac Efron and lily Collins spotted holding hands at Disneyland. Russell Brand said profit is a dirty word. Clint Eastwood’s wife has filed for divorce. LA Tweet from Niel Degrasse Tyson says supersonic planes can travel fast enough to land at a later time than they took off. Music News Metallica will play a concert in Antarctica, fans from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico will be able to enter to win tickets. Give me ffffffffuel Pete Townsend says after 50 years The Who will play one last farewell tour. Kings of Leon announce tour supporting their new album, Mechanical Bull. Blink 182 Jacky Bam Bam hosting an event at the Sellersville theater. Xfinity live Dorney Park Revel

Time 10:51-10:58
When was the last time we ended on time? Thanks to David Morse and Mike Vogel, tomorrow night at the Prince music theater. Thanks to Johnny Knoxville, the Milford Township Fire Department, and the Tiki bar guys. LOTD caller 4 Pierre is hosting a Q&A at Barnes and Noble. Pierre is Flying out to San Francisco to see bridge school benefit. Pierre’s plan for the day. Rage on. 

LQ: What is Lee Harvey Oswald’s Brother’s name? 
LA: Skip


WOTW: Pearl

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