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Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:10-6:21
Weather. Traffic. News: Two police officers were injured while making an arrest in Kensington. PA state police made an arrest in an accident that ejected an adult and child. A duo from Delco has been arrested for electricians’ van thefts, and had a total haul of roughly $500,000. Sports: The Eagles are still unsure who their starting QB will be this week. 76ers hosted the Timberwolves in preseason. Flyers host Rangers tomorrow night after a week off. Nick had an interview with Eddie Vedder last night. Eddie gave WMMR a shoutout from the stage. Nick cried about 7 times last night. Nick went to the show with Will Forte. They’ve been trying to get Eddie Vedder for 12 years, he normally doesn’t do radio interviews. Pierre will be in to talk about the show and interview. Scott Hartnell, Billy Gardell, live on Fox 29 today. Thor.
Time 6:35-7:05
Secret Text. Traffic. Cream of Scream. Stupid Question. Birthdays: Robert Trujillo, 49. Weird Al Yankovic, 54. Ryan Reynolds, 37. Ang Lee, 59. Sam Raimi, 54. Nancy Grace, 55 (disputed). Stupid Answer. Entertainment News: Pauly D is a father, found out several months after it was born. The baby’s name is Amabella. It’s like he tried to spell Alabama. Melissa Rycroft is expecting. Kanye West rented all of Giants Stadium to propose to Kim. Her hair stylist has dubbed them “Kimye.” Kris Jenner wants to date younger men. Ben Affleck has been spotted wearing a St. Louis Cardinals shirt. Amanda Bynes is being given 2 passes/wk to leave rehab. Prince Harry’s girlfriend is rumored to get married next year. A fake funeral for Walter White caused an uproar in Albuquerque, saying it’s disrespectful to those buried at the cemetery. Tim Burton is reportedly directing a Beetlejuice sequel. Renee Zellweger is trying to adopt a baby with her boyfriend. Paul McCartney has a new video for his song “Queenie Eye.” Katherine McPhee is dating Michael Buble. Clips: Sarah Paulson on American Horror Story. Javier Bardem on The Counselor. Live on Fox, Billy Gardell, Scott Hartnell, Pierre talking about Pearl Jam today. Cream of Scream.
Time 7:16-7:50
Weather. Traffic. Harrison Ford is in a new Anchorman 2 trailer. Halloween Decorations/Costumes: Preston wants to scare the kids. You should get Jerry Sandusky out of jail for a day. Kathy’s family used to do elaborate haunted house. Steve would scare people by showing old woman clipping her pubes. Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” costume will be huge. Walter White/Heisenberg is popular. Game of Thrones “Red Wedding” costume. Group costumes can be fun, but everyone has to be committed to it. Caller is having a party, anyone dressed as Miley Cyrus can’t have alcohol. Progressive’s Flo costume is popular. Xfinity Live. Balloon to Space: There’s a company selling trips to higher atmosphere. Costs $75,000, no weightlessness. Goes to about 18 miles, you can see the curvature of the Earth. Belvita. Steve would do this. Sometimes people have an extra ticket to go into space. Long Nonstop Flights: Longest is to Singapore. Nick’s been on a plane with a full bar/lounge on 2nd floor. Singapore flight takes 19 hours, used to layover in Germany for 6 hours. Don’t force yourself to sleep. Caller Samantha has been on this flight, when you cross the Prime Meridian it gets light for an hour and dark again. Steve’s dad has seen day on one side of plane, night on the other. Where does the day start? How long could you make the day last if you keep traveling? I know that Phil Collins played both Live Aids. Text: Why do you guys even try? Caller teaches geography, day starts at Int’l Date Line.
Stupid Q: What amusement park staple made its debut in the 1893 World’s Fair?
A: Ferris wheel
Time 7:55-8:07
Live on Fox soon. Traffic. Live on Fox 29: Pearl Jam played 34 songs both nights. Preston and Steve didn’t go, we have our book club on Tuesdays. Nick was there both nights. Interview with Eddie was 25 minutes. This was their 23rd anniversary. Did you hear something out of Eddie’s mouth that surprised you? My name! Played for 3 hours, no opening act. Trying to beat Fox NY on Facebook, will show a naked pic of Mike if they reach 200,000 likes. Bizarre File: NH woman was sentenced to 9-30 years after abusing her son repeatedly. She’d burn his penis and nipples and force him to eat worms. A couple who were having sex on a flight to Vegas are trying to dodge their 90 day jail sentence. An NYC man arrested for carrying meth was actually carrying Jolly Ranchers. A TN man has been crying blood for 7 years. A groom made a hoax bomb threat instead of admitting he didn’t book a venue for the ceremony, was sentenced to 12 months in jail. Thor.
Time 8:23-8:53
Weather. Creamy Acres. Traffic. Shartout – Preston’s friend Melissa is expecting a baby. Fox Trot 5k Run is Sat 11/2 in Plymouth Twp. Clip of Eddie Vedder dedicating “Last Kiss” to Nick, Matt, Pierre, and WMMR. Matt said “That’s me!” in the background. “This one goes out to Dick Flagilaine, Morty, and Peter.” Nick is still in shock he went to the show with Will Forte too. “Yes I’ve been to all 50 states.” Billy Gardell on Phone: How many times did Eddie Vedder say “Yeah!”? Nick saw Pearl Jam in Billy’s hometown of Pittsburgh. Any time we do anything outside our homes we’re happy. Likes classic rock, recently started listening to jazz. Makes his kids listen to vinyl. Remembers having records as a kid, likes the imperfections. I use technology like medicine – only when needed. Has a Showtime special airing tonight. Does standup about 25 dates a year and some club work, has been doing it since 1987. Chuck Lorre is letting Melissa McCarthy run wild on this season of Mike & Molly. Wants to produce a show. Eddie Vedder (cont’d): Eddie saying “To Nick” is now a ringtone. Nick wasn’t an official part of the interview, he was the engineer, and switched two cables. “Nick, this isn’t a microphone, it’s a roll of gaffer’s tape.” Matt held the mic by his nose, so you hear his breathing. Signaled to him to fix it. “Matt, this guy wants to give you a handy.” Preston had the same experience with Paul McCartney. Casey had to wear makeup for his interview with Trey Anastasio. You’re in a moment when you’re excited and terrified. “What’s your name, bullet head? Is this your Make A Wish?”
Time 9:05-9:18
Eddie Vedder interview soon. Traffic. Scott Hartnell on Phone: You need to win 3 games to get a shoutout from Eddie Vedder. Saw the first Pearl Jam show, impressed that Vedder can go for 3 solid hours. Chowdown event taking place at Spasso Italian Grill in Old City. Was at Ice Line last weekend skating with kids, even while injured. Only gets flack online about Flyers. Saw cover of City Paper with “50 Shades of Orange,” people writing fan fiction about Flyers. Tickets for event at Is skating at practice, wants to be back playing in the next few games. Is writing a kids’ book. Pierre and Matt are here, talking about Pearl Jam soon. Eddie told Nick he had a good question, there was a certain…wetness.
Time 9:34-10:26
Exclusive audio from Pearl Jam soon. Traffic. Pearl Jam Recap: Eddie Vedder shoutout. “There’s not too many live ones that exist any more. You can call up and a real human will answer the phone!” He never really stops to talk much like this. Pierre was invited backstage after first show, and Eddie hugged him. “You know Nick, don’t you??” Was interested in everything Pierre said, and took notes about the station. When they were leaving, Pierre asked if they could do an interview. The interview was at 6:30, Pierre showed at 6:20. You were early!? They had so many problems during the setup, every time the door opened they were glad it wasn’t Eddie. He walked in working on the set list, “Maybe you guys can help me.” Nick tells him he’s never heard the song “Release” live. “That’s too bad.” Decides the set list himself, doesn’t use a computer. Didn’t know it was the 23rd anniversary of PJ until 4pm that day. Remembers the final Spectrum show. Played some of the most historic venues in the world, favorite was Wrigley Field. Was very surreal when he performed with Roger Waters. Kept thinking “Don’t f*** up.” Didn’t give much eye contact, puts a lot of thought into answers. “I’m a little distracted, I think I can hear God breathing.” “Last Kiss” started as a hit in Philly. Nick asked a question and got “That’s a good question.” After Nick said thanks, Eddie answered, “It wasn’t the best question.” Will Forte on the Phone: Nick was a real gentleman last night, and he asked the best questions. Had a lot of fun. Nick is a crybaby. Is a big PJ fan, has seen them several times. Last night was the best show he’s seen. Took a picture of Nick with Eddie in the background. There was no goodnight kiss. Steve is pissed, Will owes him a date. Eddie throws axes. Pierre asked for a station ID. “I’ll do it for you.” “It’s great being here with Morty and Ricky on WBAM.” PJ went into self-preservation mode and stopped doing interviews. “The only thing I’ll do is Family Feud.” When Eddie gave the shoutout, Matt let the row behind him know it was him.
Time 10:38-10:54
We’re running way late. Bizarre File: A woman was arrested for driving her car with a man on the hood dressed as a dinosaur. Police arrested a man for stealing an ambulance crashing into an overpass. FL man who killed himself inadvertently shot a woman after the bullet that killed him also struck her leg. A man was arrested after consuming wild mushrooms that gave him a bad reaction, and he punched a nurse. Lesson Question. Hollywood Trash. Lesson Answer. Music News: We got the Eddie Vedder station ID. Metallica is rumored to be playing a concert in Antarctica. Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler will make an appearance at Grammy Museum. Eddie Van Halen will auction a signed guitar and hockey jersey to raise money for Last Chance for Animals.  Secret Text. Letter of the Day, WoW. Sponsors.  CFO of Godiva on show tomorrow. Creamy Acres.
Lesson Learned:
Q: What is Paul McCartney’s nickname for Preston?
A: Bullet head
LotD: A
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