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Johnny Knoxville – Monday – Phoner
Jon & Julie Dorenbos – Monday – IN STUDIO
Henry Bushkin – Carson's Lawyer – Monday – Phoner 
Anna Farris – Monday – Phoner
Will Forte – Tuesday – IN STUDIO
David Frankel – Director – Tuesday – IN STUDIO
David Morse & Mike Vogul – Friday – IN STUDIO
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:13-6:28
We have made it to Friday. Weather. Traffic. News: A man is in critical condition after being shot by U.S. Marshals outside the Chart House restaurant in Penn's Landing, suspect identified as 27, Eugene Dykes, Jr. Authorities have made an arrest after pipe bombs were found Thursday at a home in the Oxford Circle. Sports commentator Don Tollefson is under investigation, accused of taking people's money in the name of charity, but never delivering on those promises. Anonymous caller paid $500 each for tickets and a hotel stay for the Green Bay game and never got anything. Sports: Sidney Crosby scored leading the Flyers 4-1. They are in last place and have had more head coaches than wins. Tigers beat LA Guests: Andrew Greenblatt and the 22nd Philly Film Festival, Steven Lang, Nick rappelling down a 30 story building, Judah Freelander, AIDs Walk and a meet and eat with Pizza Pub. Three callers: Cream of Scream
Time 6:39-7:09
Pearl Jam Concert. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Chuck Berry, 87; Zac Efron, 26; Freida Pinto, 29; Erin Moran, 53; Jean Claude van Damme, Pam Dawber, 62; Dawn Wells, 75; Mike Ditka, 74. SA Entrainment News: Ryan Murphy confirmed Glee’s last season is next year. Lost creator, Damon Lindelof deleted Twitter account due to the fans of the show all these years later. Michael Bay was attacked on the set of Transformers 4 in Hong Kong by two guys. James Franco helped Greta Pasqua ,exact some sweet revenge by taking a picture with her and posting it on facebook. Ricky Schroder yanks daughter out of school after a cancer outbreak. Manager of the club where Kendall and Kylie Jenner partied on earlier this week claims that the teens used fake ids. Kim Karadasian wants a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, but the Hollywood Chambers of Commerce "We don't have reality stars on the Walk of Fame." Casey Kasem has major impairment to memories and cannot perform simply tasks He’s puddings bitch. Matthew McConaughey called Tom Hanks about losing weight for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Ed Lauter passed away at 74 this past week. Elle put Melissa McCarthy on Cover, got criticized for it. Clips.
Time 7:19-7:49
Gorgeous fall day. Traffic. Nick out to rappel. Pizza Pub Shart outs: guy to his son because he had saved his life, his heart had stopped stated the CPR process. Intern Alicia saved someone’s life, when she was a life guard at the beach, they turned her over, she was blue, she was a smurf, she had to use a mask, a Bill Clinton mask turns out the women had died. Just look for all the tombstones in the sand. Her trainer Bill is on the phone and he just finished up his tenth season as a lifeguard. Boot camp for lifeguards. Big Earl, wants to teach us CPR. Girl blogged about going on a few dates with a guy, they started making out and he tasted like salmon. Her first kiss tasted like mac n cheese. The first kiss is awesome. He is inviting me up for dried meat. If the girl pulls out cat turds and starts eating them, you aren’t going to hook up. Never ask for a first kiss, it shows a weakness, Casey’s wife kissed him he was too much of a pussy. Even Slim Jim night he didn’t make a move. Listener RA: one thing you are never supposed to do is brush your teeth before kissing if you are concerned about getting an STD. Intern Erin’s ex finance never brush his teeth. Minted Slim Jim the tongue should be as loose as possible. Callers ex tasted like corn, the produce not the band. Kathy is not willing to French all of them to test the way they taste. Caller James balsamic vignette.  Caller 5 and 6 Pizza Pub
SQ: What is the original name of Scarlet O’Hara?
SA: Pansy
Time 7:57- 8:11
Nick is about to rappel. Traffic. Andrew Greenblatt – Philly Film Festival in Studio Philadelphia Film Festival has now gained notoriety.  It’s a mixture of everything such as Nebraska, 12 years of Slave, over 100 films. Local Philly scene movies featuring Mechanic which was Corey Monteith’s last film with the Preston and Steve intro. 20th anniversary of Philadelphia. Bizarre Files 17 yo girl carrying a dead fetus in her bag. Sarasota County Fire and Sarasota Police have responded to a situation at Westfield Southgate Mall regarding a white powder turned out to be ashes of a woman that were being spread by her fiancé. Grandmother was found slumped after drinking 6 vodkas. Points don’t apply to disability. UN urges us to eat insects as a source of protein, China is one step ahead there has been a raise in cockroach farms. Passenger found worms in his sandwich; the airline is investigating the incident.  5 callers Valley of Terror
Time 8:19 – 8:48
Nick Rappelling. Traffic. Long time WMMR fan. Clip from Avatar. Steven Lang In Studio Went to Swarthmore College, it was an underground station back then. Casey spend time in the woods on campus when he was a kid, then when he was older to break the law. There was a secret wall, you went break the law. Huge Civil War buff. One man show, Beyond Glory based on a book about people who have received the medal of honor. When he started the show all 8 men were alive, 6 years ago. Death of a Salesman with Dustin Hoffman was a life changing experience. They got beat out in ratings by a movie called Blue Thunder. Played Colonel Jessup on stage lost a role to Jack Nicholson for the film. He does brush his teeth and he would not kiss a girl after she ate a cockroach. Crime Story with Dennis Farina, was a natural, he could park anyway. Billy Campbell blew up half of Chicago went to Vegas, where basically anything goes. He is still upset over cancelling Terranova. We were blown away by the CGI in Avatar, working with Jim is like working DaVinci’s studio. Loves Westerns, you could almost smell him through the screen. He would lie about anything, operating heavy machinery, riding horses, I’ve jumped before. Chilly in Philly.
Time 8:57-9:31
Jam packed show today. Hottie Cam Traffic. 3 callers valley of terror Nick can see the whole city call was lost. Yeti is the default topic in radio. A leading UK geneticist may have unlocked the truth about the Yeti after hair samples from two mystery animals proved to be a genetic match to an ancient polar bear. Sky Mall has a life-sized Yeti for sale. Kathy was drunk when she bought one. Bacon lowers sperm count, fish increases sperm count. Turns out the women was dead. Russia meteor was discovered at the bottom of the lake, could’ve been as strong as 3 hbombs. Nick Rappelling leaning over the side of the building, has a helmet on that should be enough for 32 stories. He has button tooth. Lean with your butt. It would be better if he used the elevator. He had to unlock safety devise. Nick can’t even fall down a building. He was going too fast. He is being mooned and has a pearl jam tattoo. Judah Freelander: Monster Project on NatGeo. Judah has rappelled up a building without a rope, he has great body control made spider man retire. He was raised by big foot. Jersey Devil, Chupacabra and Loch Ness. There was a lot of the people that completely believe. He wants Loch Ness to exist. He bought the entire audience Imo’s, it’s a disgrace, but tastes nothing like pizza. Callers 5&6 Pizza Pub
Time 9:41- 9:55
We have everything today, movie stars, porn stars, Charities. Traffic. AIDS walk: a zumba warm up before the 5k at 8am. They don’t run in this, because they are busy. They will be cheering on the runners and walkers. Robb Reichard walked every year until staffed. Cari Fieler Bender is from Savannah, GA.1:5 people don’t know they have it. Cannot be proactive, if you don’t know you have it. Video of the AIDs Stigma. Bizarre Files: James Wilson broke record for solving rubrics cube while skydiving in a wind-tunnel. Jennifer Shuttleworth broke her neighbor in the arm with the bat because she claimed the woman was trespassing on her side of the fence. The mysterious death of a GA teen has takes bizarre twist with the revelation that an autopsy of his exhumed remains found his internal organs missing and his body stuffed with newspaper. Drunk driver flees from cops after exiting a McDonald's drive-through in Ohio because he wanted to finish his Big Mac. Caller 7 Pizza Pub
Time 10:00-10:24
Friday Morning. Weather. Carrie in theaters now, we like what we have seen, not a happy movie. Chloe Mortez: huge fans of Kick Ass. When she saw the original Carrie she was numb to it because of she had seen the Blare Witch Project. For her this is a completely different movie, what haven’t the audience seen, the wonder of the outside world, modern and looks deeper into things, just a girl that you would come across in high school. She isn’t afraid of her powers. She isn’t this cartoon character. Chloe is very mature, she is half and half. The movie makes us root for Carrie, because she is picked on so badly. Nick’s Back, the safety device was overly protective. Mooning selfie, wanted to push off shoot the glass and swing in. Shart outs: Holmsberg Bakery, Stud D-back from Penncrest, Vince, friend of Preston.LQ Hollywood Trash: Jonas brothers cancelled tour and shut down their twitter. Michael Bay attacked by crazed man with an air conditioner, man was arrested and air condition transformed into a moped and drove away. Medical board of CA will never let Dr. Conrad Murray practice medical again, Murray’s response, “Jesus Christ you kill one king of pop.” LA Music News: Five finger death punch’s new album anticipation with webisodes. Van Halen and company have filed a law suit against Kelly Van Halen for copyright infringement on the name Van Halen for her interior design and construction company. Buck Cherry has formally parted ways was bass player, Jimmy Ashhurst. Psy has teamed up with Steven Tyler on a new album. He would cry when they would play Angel or love in an elevator. Temple Tix callers 10 and 11. We don’t want fake farts. Steve talking to the fart, I’m going to wash your rectum out with soap.
Time 10:39-10:
Thank You’s. Pizza Pub. Wrap Up: It’s actually a porn site girl offers Skype Shows. WOTW Pierre’s show line-up walking songs, Kathy, asked if Pierre will use a bathroom towel today, there has been bathroom usage for thousands of year. This is all sexual tension, folks. WOTW Next Week: Johnny Knoxville, Henry Bushkin, Anna Faris. Rage On
LQ: What did Kathy buy from Sky Mall when she was drunk?
LA: A yard Yeti
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