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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Chloe Moretz – Carrie – Phoner 
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:13-6:26
Best day of the week weather wise. Weather. Traffic. News Government reopened their doors after a 16 day partial shut-down. There were signs early Wednesday that the government was coming back to life. Nick Murphy’s road trip, Devil’s Tower and Mt. Rushmore. A woman described by lawmakers and aides as a long-time House stenographer has been removed from the chamber during a vote after she began shouting. Ohio lawmakers are considering a bill that would offer cash reparations and other benefits to Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus imprisoned for more than a decade in Ariel Castro's home. Sports Baseball playoffs Austin Jackson of the Tigers lead to a win over the Red Sox, series tied 2-2. Dodgers beat Cardinals in a 6-4 win. Flyers look to turn things around with the Penguins tonight at 7 pm. Cream of Scream Guests: Jonathan Kite and a bunch of giveaways.
Time 6:38-7:09
Weather. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Eminem, 41; Mike Judge, 51; Norm MacDonald, 50; George Wendt, 65; Margot Kidder, 65; Michael McKean, 66; SA. Entertainment News. Details about christening of Prince George, at St James Palace, conducted by Arch Bishop of Canterbury. Prince William says he will take care of all family business Zac Efron revealed he relies on family to stay strong post rehab. Chris Hemsworth discusses insecurities as an actor. Lindsay Lohan reportedly dating 19 year old model Liam Dean. Mike Myers and wife Kelly Tisdale expecting second child. Alisha Barton attempting to rebuild career as she talks about being arrested for DUI and being admitted to psych ward. Harry Belafonte sued estate of Martin Luther King Jr over documents, which he clams to own, that he tried to sell at auction about King. Casey Kasem’s spouce Jean says she’s taking great care of him. 17 yr old Kendall Jenner and sister Kylie spotted leaving a 21 yr or older club. Oprah wants to talk to Lamar Odom about drug use and marriage to Khloe Kardashian. Kenan Thompson opposes claims that the lack of diversity in SNL cast means anything. There have only been a few female, black actresses on the show. Clips. Michael Fassbender on on 12 Years a Slave. Sylvester Stallone on Escape Plan. Said Carl Creed, should have said Carl Weathers Valley of Terror 3 callers
Time 7:20-7:49
Traffic. Study says Musical Tastes Change with Age. Teens typically start with intense genres, then lower key R&B in early 20s, then mellower music, then sophisticated, then pretentious in later life. Sometimes you find yourself catching on to music your kids listen to. When I work out, soundtrack to Schindler’s List Breed from Nirvana is a good workout song. Preston’s last shift in music appreciation was the 90s rock movement. Listener Chris has a website that has different mixes of video game music. Some songs Preston likes are so embarrassing he doesn’t even put them on his iPod, he’s reluctant to admit what they are. Beastie Boys are very talented but didn’t like them at first. Black listna Justin says to keep embarrassing music to yourself, because he still gets crap about when he played iPuss. Another study says women judge men on musical interests. Heavy medal is more appealing than classical music. Preston’s song he thought was embarrassing was Working for the Weekend. Steve would put on jazz music for girls. Brad Delp killed himself. Did he have a last meal in prison? What would be your last meal and song. Let it be is Casey’s favorite song. Steve says it’s My Milkshake, by Kelis Nick saw her open for Brittany Spears. Defiance caller 7
SQ: What was Tiger Wood’s major when he enrolled at Stanford in 1994 under a golf scholarship?
SA: Economics
Time 8:01-8:14
Weather. Traffic. PAWS Mutt Strut this Saturday at the Navy Yard. The event has grown into a large festival. Braydon Coburn from the Flyers will be there. Experts and vets are there to help. Bizarre File Man killed wife by stabbing in the back four times, claims he lost it after she gave crap for wetting the bed and having a small penis. Man hospitalized with serious burns while decorating for Halloween because he tried to light a wooden cross with gasoline as a joke. City council man exposed penis to a woman after fighting with her husband, says “this is what a real man looks like”. 18 yr old woman dead after attempting to jump her car over a small bridge. Death row prisoner in Iran survived a hanging and must be sentenced again.
Time 8:25-8:50
Pearl Jam. Traffic. Jonathan Kite in studio. First time in Philly, he’s a history nerd and likes bridges and trains. Gets either one or two weeks off every three weeks on 2 Broke Girls. Worked at the sewer and always had to wear a neck tie. Then worked at the Cheesecake Factory, where portion sizes are enormous. The longest he ever had to wait was 4 hours. Sold hot dogs at Wrigley Field when Sosa was going for world record for home runs. Fans are passionate, hot dogs were hard to sell when everyone is into the game. Most he ever cleared in one day was $300. The most experienced beer guys got the premium beer, the new guys got Bud Light. At comedy clubs in Irvine, they put something on the bottom of cups that helps beer go down faster. Jonathan did a lot of comedic advertisements. He was in a photo in one ad about copper thieves, got paid a lot of money. While in cities in America, he will walk around and ask people what is interesting. Philly had the first Alamo Likes mostly American history but found his Italy trip fascinating, the buildings are so old and withstand so much. The haunted tour is good for historical facts. It’s year round, Jonathan doesn’t like when they convert normal things to haunted attractions for Halloween. Working with Jennifer Coolidge is awesome, she and Jonathan like to suggest their own jokes. Fred Savage directed an episode of 2 Broke Girls, who also directed us in Always Sunny. Garrett Morris was also on the show.
Time 9:02-9:33
Angels look at Nicki and go “awww” Traffic. “Bill Weston” On Who’s The Boss. Clips from the show. Steve adlibs as Bill Weston from the station. episode is called New Kid in Town. Listener Tom, told Jaxon about the episode yesterday, is on the line. You made my soufflé fall when using my dildo. A vagina injection can bring back firmness and elasticity, fix self-esteem issues.  I used to be able to pick up a VCR, they don’t make them anymore. Botox lasts up to 6 months. Baby face surgery involves injections into cheek, very popular. Before and after shots are often misleading. A psychologist claims breast enlargement is more about spending the money on it than actually getting the job done. Preston had a case of retail therapy. What’d you buy, Loverboy collection? Casey is excited to buy organic soap after seeing it at a bed and breakfast. Secretions from Beaver’s anal cavity are used in vanilla perfume. Kathy doesn’t like heavy of perfume or cologne. Casey’s dad wears the same perfume all the time, it has become his smell. Lavender oils applied topically may cause breast growth in young boys. Cecily Tynan would know what animals smell like. People tend to buy drugs with long lists of side effects. The presence of a warning increases trust level. Claratonin commercial. Valley of Terror
Time 9:43-9:52
Traffic. Bizarre File. A 44 year old Flint man accused of killing his brother over cheating during a poker game. A Massachusetts man became first known person to receive bail after posting on Facebook. A Swedish school girl with nut allergy was rushed to the hospital after a student put a nut in her drink just to see what would happen. Woman charged with DUI after calling 911 and saying she was too drunk to get out of the car. Man back behind bars after exposing himself at a Walmart while on probation, he was arrested 7 other times for indecent exposure. In Washington state, Floyd Nordhagen and wife Margaret were found dead and holding hands at the scene of a car accident. Valley of Terror 3 callers
Time 10:05-10:16
They caught the guy who shot up the Purple Orchid. Listener Smilin Chris shart outs, it’s his birthday. LQ Hollywood Trash. Growing Ivy. Chris brown featured on DJ Kaligh song. Lindsay Lohan has new tattoo that reads love, truth, power. LA Music News. Could Metallica, Green Day, and U2 join for a tour? Metallica drummer said the three bands had a dinner together and agreed to go on a tour. Casey had an idea of having all three bands rotating between Citicens Bank Park, The Linc, and The Wells Fargo Center. Linkin Park released video for A Light That Never Comes. Coldplay will receive Hollywood Song Award for Atlas from Catching Fire. Korn issued new video for Love and Meth. Tony Iommi wished Bill Ward a speedy recovery from recent surgery. Pearl Jam has a forum on their website and is giving MMR some love.  Pacific Rim caller 12.
Time 10:25-10:31
Wrap Up. Steve will be at Mutt Strutt and Bark in the Park. Thanks to our guests. LOTD. We have another Preston and Steve in studio, listener Steve is Preston’s father. Nick has been trying to get Jimmy Webb in studio, who wrote Wichita Lineman. Jimmy Webb also wrote Up Up and Away. Pierre talks about his plan for the day. Tomorrow: Chloe Moretz. Rage on.
LQ: What town is Big Ang’s self aware vagina attacking?
LA: Bayonne.
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