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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12-6:22

Welcome to Friday. Weather. Traffic. News 40 sorority girls were injured after a school bus from the UofD collided with a car carrier in Bear. PA police chief’s public hearing halted after supporter’s gun falls from holster onto floor. Police in MonCo are on the lookout for two men who terrorized and robbed an 84-year-old real estate agent. Sports The Tigers blanked the Detroit A’s will move on to face the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS, Thursday night’s game the Bears picked off Manning 3 times Bears win, so the Giants remain, winless, 27-21. flyers tonight at the center against the Coyotes and it will be heard right here on WMMR first time this season! Guests: Jim Florentine, Canon might not happen due to the weather. Birthday Bash at Cheerleaders on the Hottie cam

Time 6:34-7:03

Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Emily Deschanel 37. Zoey Dave Chappell. Steven Moyer 44. Jane Krekowski 55. Ally Mcbiel 45. Luke Perry 47. Joan Cusack 51. David Morris 60. SA. Captain Americas shield, great mystery object of marvel. Entertainment News Owen Wilson is expecting another baby. Do celebrities know about condoms? Church of Scientology in harassment law suit. Leena Dunham has been practicing meditation since age 9 to fight off OCD. Eraser Head, movie that tries to replicate a nightmare. Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt have built up a friendship. Kathy Lee Gifford is launching a new podcast and welcomes Regis Philbin as first guest. Brody and Brandon Jenner agree with Bruce and Kris splitting up. Kris Jenner regrets divorcing Robert Kardashian. Tom Hanks can no longer transform his body for film roles. Cheryl Crow told police about Lance Armstrong’s blood transfusions which are illegal in cycling. Armstrong took part in ‘doping’ which is also illegal. Liam Hensworth is now dating Eiza Gonzalez, who is much more stable than Miley Cyrus. Clips walking dead. Machete Kills. Jim Florentine is stopping in as well as the cheerleaders ladies. Elmwood Park zoo. Caller 7. 

Time 7:14-7:45

Flyers Skate. Traffic, Kathy has seen Indiana Jones but doesn’t remember which one, she wasn’t a fan. Big Bang Theory clip; Indiana Jones doesn’t matter in the movie, only thing he does is store the ark in America. Indiana Jones Character Doesn’t Matter Listener says: Since Indie failed to get the ark for the museum he failed at his original job as well. Casey believes that the face melting scene of Raiders of the lost Ark was the scariest thing ever. Preston was scared of demonic faces in the film. Listener says that Indiana Jones last crusade Indie was not needed either. Who will be the new Indiana Jones: Batman, Iron Man. Gravity the movie Astronauts Scott Carpenter, one of the original Mercury Astronauts passed away, the only astronaut and aquatic explorer. Wrote that space exploration is something he would willingly give his life for. Where would he get buried? Listener says: Scott Carpenter landed off course because the view from space was too beautiful. Neil Degrass Tyson points out inaccuracies of “Gravity”. The movie made people motion sick. Preston gets severe motion sickness. Imagine the balls on people who walk in space. John Glenn went into space at 88 years old. Nobel Peace Prize was awarded today to the OPCW. Runner up was girl shot for going to school (Malala) there are a lot of different Nobel prizes. Steve thinks that girl who was shot for going to school should get chucky movies for standing up for women’s rights. Curse of chucky.  

Stupid Question: Captain Americas shiled was made of Atomantium, a mystery ingredient and what else?

Stupid Answer: Vibranium

 Time 7:57-8:13

“Motley Crew” Dreary weather. Traffic. Casey celebrates his 10th anniversary. 10th anniversary is the tin and aluminum anniversary Steven singer. Camp out for hunger announcement at Xfinity Live After ten years, camp out for hunger is moving its location; it is from December 2nd through December 6th, Metroplex wasn’t always “geographically” friendly to some listeners so now more people can come, going to be at Xfinity live in Philadelphia. Drop off cans to the PnS camper and hang out at Xfinity. Has moved before (Bala Cynwyn to Plymouth Meeting). Bizarre File woman put in padlock by her boyfriend so she would stay faithful to him, the man was arrested but the woman wouldn’t press chargers. A woman was approached by 4 men who stole her phone and then urinated on her. Hungarian wind suit glider died after crashing into a cliff either equipment failure or operator error. Russian millionaires had a drinking contest to see who could but more booze. 2 New Hampshire men died in an explosion, they used a blow torch to break into a fireworks facility.     

Time 8:26-8:51

Traffic. camp out for hunger is moving to Xfinity Live, ultimate goal is to raise as much food as possible. Top 10 Halloween Costumes, Preston and daughter are going as skeleton princess and skeleton prince. #1 on list is Duck Dynasty costumes followed by despicable me, zombies, star wars, vampire, flapper, nicki minaj, hunger games, Hello Kitty. Nicks son wants to do a marvel Halloween. Casey gets angry when parents don’t dress up with their kids. Preston stopped drinking after he “took a dump in some forsythia bushes” Casey wants whole family to dress up together, but someone always wants to be different. Kathy’s kid is being Superman/Clark Kent. Seaport Museum Cannon Firing with intern Erin, she is on the Olympia (oldest steel worship in the world). The shell is a six pound shell inside the cannon.  Cannon Firing. Giving away tickets to see a live pirate fight 7 tickets giving away. 

Time 9:02-9:31 

Traffic. Cheerleaders. Police and Fire brigade  baseball charity event. Jim Florentine In Studio most obscure place to do a comedy show: The boxcar, got paid in lap dances. Jim did a private party for a company with no microphone yelling jokes in the middle of a room. Steve did a comedy show through a megaphone. Jim just got off tour with Gigantour, did three minutes in between bands, and had to make an announcement via megaphone to cancel Megadeth.Rockstars want to be comedians: zack wylde and Scott Ian are really funny. Metallica movie was really good if you like Metallica music. Jim lost weight because he has a hot wife. Future gigs: Colonial theatre, Music fest in Bethlehem, also does TV metal show and podcasts. How do I tell my gay friend to watch the packers? Or a midget to watch the Giants Vs. Titans? Can’t like different sports teams in Philadelphia. Metal Tickets or Football tickets: Metal tickets, metal fans aren’t d-bags, and the best football seats are at home. Haven’t seen Rob Zombies Halloween show but it looks amazing. Who was disappointing to meet: everyone has been pretty cool. Wayne Brady was an A-hole on the show. Crank Yankers takes a lot of time, nothing in the works yet. Californication: Sex addict and lots of nudity, perfect role, Jim is a pimp. Had his first sex scene, man G-string kept showing his testicles, kept apologized for getting aroused during it.  


Time 9:41-9:51

“Halestorm” Vivian from cheerleaders. Traffic. Camp out for hunger is Dec. 2nd-6th at Xfinity live, in the VIP lot. Ariel Castro may not have been suicide but the result of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Bizarre file man found dead in his apartment was found with clothes piled on top of him with cement on top of that, same building had a woman murdered in it in 2006. Surgeons in California performed a procedure on a fetus inside of a mother to repair its aorta, they practiced on a grape, and both mother and fetus are doing well. Mexico suspended a health care official after he refused to help a woman in labor and she gave birth on his lawn. 4 members of the seventh day Adventist church are on trial for doing a week long crucifixion.  

 Time 10:06-10:23

“Guns and Roses” Just made Vivian a sister of Zeta eta pie. Cheerleaders. LQ. Hollywood Trash Owen Wilson baby with trainer, Richard Belsar is leaving law and order SVU LA. Marissa is cleaning up the “Casey smell” after taking over for him; there is trash and food wrappers all over. Kathy threw away mustard that expired three years ago that was in the employee lounge. Music News  Nickelback has released the set list on their greatest hits album, they are nice guys and Steve welcomes their success. Korn was inducted into the guitar center rock walk, inducted by Rob Zombie who says that Korn continues to reinvent themselves . Kirk Hammett hosting his horror festival in San Francisco. 2013 American Music Awards announced, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Justine Timberlake, and Taylor Swift are in tie for the win. “New artist of the year presented by Kohl’s” if you go to kohl’s with a kohl’s award they’ll return your sweater, but if you have an Oscar they’ll give you crap. We are over having people feature other people in their songs what happened to Led Zeppelin featuring Led Zeppelin?  Favorite male rock pop artists are Bruno mars, robin thick. Favorite female artist pop rock: pink Taylor swift. Group pop rock: Imagine dragons and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Favorite album: Red(Taylor Swift) Take me home(one Direction)  Alternative rock award: Mumford and sons, and Imagine Dragons. Kathy and Steve are Maxinistas. Nick is seeing the Pearl Jam concert tonight.  

Time 10:34-10:41

Wrap Up Thank you Vivian for being on our hottie cam cheerleaders. Listener Kyle wants to give a “Shartout” to his mom. Daily Letter brought to you by the letter “E” Pierre stopped by Hempfield to help a farmer plow his fields. Pierre goes to bed at 3am and Steve wakes up at 330am, so they cosmically cross paths. Thank you intern Erin for firing the cannons. WOW winner John with the word Space. Valley of terror.  Nick will be repelling down a building in center city Philadelphia.    

Lesson question: what is Alfred Nobels middle name

Lesson Answer: Boobies

WOW: Space












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