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Date: 10-10-2013
Time 6:17- 6:26
Casey’s out, Weather. Traffic. News: a dozen people stuck for 2 hrs in Universal studio in the rip ride rocket due to a computer glitch in the vertical position, park officials will look as to why it stopped. Police identified the search for a missing person along the Delaware River. Search was conducted in the water, but the kayak was not found. Jersey shore getting ready for yet another storm and is a major concern about beach erosion. Sports: Adam Wainwright pitch the cardinals, sunny grey will play tonight in the dodgers, football the giants looking for first win bears, flyers are off until Friday. Important announcement will be teased today. A pair of seaport tickets.

Time 6:37-7:09
Casey is back. Kathy’s morning Stretch. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: David Lee Roth 58, Julia Sweeney 54, Brett Favre 44, Mario Lopez 40, Tanya Tucker 55, Ben Vereen chicken George names after the cock fight 67, Peter Coyote 72, Pat Burrell 36 SA Using the Wesson, the Muffins don’t stick to her hoo hoo Entertainment News: Hayden Panettiere was on Today’s Show and is engaged. Her fiancée is a one trick pony, Josh Hutcherson although he considers himself straight he says that who knows in a year time. Alec Baldwin complaining about the influx in east Hammond paparazzi. Jessica Alba dumped her stylist Brad Goreski. OMGGG NOOO. Rachel Zoe is to blame for this. The That 70’s Show reunited to sing for the theme song. Kris Jenners is living separate from Bruce. They are not on bad terms. They are the best of friends which is comforting knowing about the tragic Jessica Alba news. Rob Kardashian interviewed about the split, and just talked about his sock line. Season 9 of Keepin’ Up with the Kardashians will focus on the split. Glee special airs tonight Lea Michele opens up about feelings on Cory. McCanick. Casey Kasem long time broadcaster has Parkinson’s disease. His kids filed a suit against his wife, wife won’t let kids see him. Casey was voice of Shaggy from Scooby- Doo. Clips: the inevitable defeat of mister and Pete. Parks and Recreations featuring Heidi Klum. Special announcement coming tomorrow regarding Camp Out for Hunger (COFH). Bill Burr callers 3 &4

Time 7:21-7:48
Alice in Chains. Weather. Traffic. We have a bad button. Cream of the Scream will be postponed due to the rain. Average person checks their phone: 110 times a day. Kathy looks realizes she was checking in between traffic lights but throws it in her backseat now. The number comes from android app locked it. Checking your phone is pressing the home or lock button. Preston has screen time and no screen time. Casey had his phone in his car, but felt the phantom vibration. Kathy doesn’t check her phone while it is charging. Most active users between 5-8pm. Caller Amanda: Mom was getting phone updates for Celebrity Apprentice. Texter uses phone when pooping. Steve says you’re doing it wrong have to use iPad. And facetime ‘guess what I am doing’ Preston plays craps Steve wants to play a game called Razor piss. The slouching position to look at the phone is damaging to the body and spine. Caller: Jack 11 yr old girl addicted to her phone. Kathy’s pinky hurts from texting. Same thing happened when the telegraph happened. Phone Pooping Games Caller: pooping app, log your logs. Caller: agrees with Kathy, his pinky hurts from Words with Friends Caller: Hates his phone. Once you start a conversion you better keep going. Steve says take care to end the convo. Caller John: plays hide and go poop. Preston wants to play that with the Interns. Cream of Scream postponed tonight. Teaser for COFH. Caller 5 After Earth 

SQ: Florence Henderson was the long time spokesperson for what cooking oil. 
SA: Wesson

Time 8:00-8:16
Postponed Creamy Acres. Traffic. Email from Listener, sitting on the toilet backwards the tank becomes a shelf. Attach a veliocrapper and we will be set. South Park did entire episode on it. Why not a toilet hammock? When they were all peeing on the boat when they were going to St. Martin. Shart Out to Johnny who past two weeks ago. Bizarre File: In California, a woman’s body was found in a rarely used stairwell in a hospital after being reported missing for 2 weeks. Lady passed off two spaghetti cans as a bomb to rob a bank. A woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend in the eye after she came home drunk demanding sex and he said no. She was arrested for attempted murder. Get Shot is a Cali punk band and the sleaziest. They started a porn website and filmed one in front of a church, the bassist open her legs and pleasures herself. Brave heart inspired a female to practice her sword play in public she claim she is a distant relative. She was swinging the sword inspired and alcohol was involved 18 months’ probation.  Toilet history. Kathy’s fashion charity for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Marisa will be out on south street. Elmwood Park caller 14

Time 8:27- 9:06
Postponed Creamy Acres. Traffic. Coffee Intern Erin and Nick witnessed person using the last of the coffee and not making a new pot. The coffee machine is a little scary. Peanut Butter Study: is a new way to determine if you have Alzheimer’s. PB uses smell sensitivity associated with cranial nerve and that is the first to go. PB is a pure odorant. Held a ruler to the person nostril and held the PB and would move the PB up a centimeter until they could smell it. Would repeat on other nostril.  Kathy does the experiment and can smell peanut butter at 20 cm. The safe word is sofa. On her other nostril she smelled it at 15 cm. Peanut Butter, not just for dogs and your crotch. P&S want to experiment with their cat. Parents Fighting at Kid’s Sporting Event: Casey’s son is playing flag football. 2 squads were playing away and 1 was playing at home. A few parents on the other team were upset with the refs because they were calling holding, cursing in front of their 6 year old kids. The commissioner came down and was going to make everyone do home. Parents of the home team are suspended for next home game. In Kentucky, the hand shake at the end is being dismissed because fights were breaking out. People are putting these tiffs on social media. Soccer 3rd- 4th grade asking their parents not to cheer. It is loitering with a ball rolling around. As a parent you should cheer for both teams if they do something cool. Cops have been getting involved. Casey’s son won’t play tackle football or wrestle football as he calls it. Caller Kevin: played soccer and had dad yell at him from behind the goal net. Other parents said how much he sucked as a goalie. Caller Larry: Hockey director for youth. The game is beautiful the parents screw it up.  Caller Grant: High school, mom would fight in stands, he thought she was sticking up for him. You have to check them, if you are yelling at an 8yo kid. Caller Sean: refs little league, one toss out a game Beau Bridges: he had the big laugh on the first on “The Millers” when his tv son was saying he was getting a divorce. It is very hard to keep a straight face especially with Margo saying fart jokes. It is in front of a live studio audience, something he experienced with Will and Grace. Fill up of the giant. Have 6-7 episodes done. Total of 13 for the season. ‘The Millers’ on CBS.

Time 9:14- 9:40
Creamy Acres Postponed. Traffic. Alzheimer Test (cont): Preston needs the PB he has been forgetting a lot lately, he is during the experiment. There is a pill that can cure the disease. San Filipe syndrome Alzheimer’s in kids. Historic turning point how to hold dead brain cells open but it is only in the research stage. Cyberchondria: Now a name for people who self-diagnosis cyberchondria. Can actually make you feel sicker. Casey with his planter fascia. Jumped on a trampoline and ‘healed himself’ because it is a procedure that would torn the muscle. Civil war music with Casey’s story. Steve reads Casey’s foot war letters. Casey wants to go back to Sky zone. Kayne West went on Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy had kids reenact it. He is a creative genius and Jimmy calls him out on it. His ‘genius’ is on blast. He took Ray Charles’ song who probably is a genius and made a hit out of it. Texter: is a certified genius but only a genius would think of pooping backwards, but have to take pants completely off. Kathy poops with crossed legs. Kayne tweeted Jimmy looked like SpongeBob. Weatherman Hartford eating GrapeNuts. But they weren’t GrapeNuts, it was cat threw up that he stepped in and it was trailed in. Preston had cat diarrhea in his nose before. He was petting his cat, the poop got stuck in his fur, so it got on his finger and scratched his nose. Had to sniff water and snot rocket it out, 

Time 9:53-10:09
Traffic. Tacony Bridge has be stuck up all day long it is 89 years old. It’s erection has been up for more than 4 hours should see a doctor. If you go fast enough you could make it. Kathy’s cousin jumped a draw bridge; he died and had to be brought back to life. Civil war love letter about jumping over bridge. 577 in PA that has to be fixed. Bizarre File: a man who made cops chased him 110 mph because he had to use the bathroom. He will be spending 7 days in jail. The pilot for a small plane collapsed and 77 year old stepped up to land the plane even though no experience. Rainn Wilson: World Mental Health Day, ironic because he is Dwight from The Office. He runs SoulPancake with Kid President. The subjects being profiled tried to suicide. Depression is a crippling mental brain funk that no one should be ashamed about. A lot of people have these thoughts and feelings. Many ways to help, talk therapy, pill therapy. Life Continues, defeating depression on MTV. Steve was pleased with the wrap up of The Office.  

Time 10:18-10:33 
Postponed Creamy Acres. Tease for COFH. LQ Hollywood Trash: Jonas brothers cancel tour because they couldn’t decide who is the most ambiguously gay. Rob Kardashians had an interview about the break of Kris and Bruce but he said he was thankful for his sock line. Josh Hutcherson would describe himself as mostly straight. He would have a penis is in mouth and think damn I could have had a V8.LA Music News: Five Finger Death Punch: posted new disc and features the folk song House of the Rising Sun. Steve’s angelic voice tested over a series of songs. The Killers just completed China tour with drummer out with a hurt back. Paul McCartney celebrated 2nd wedding anniversary at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. P&S only had a snake guy come in. Ever hear a snake cough? You with the beautiful feet. Nick peed a little. McCartney played 13 songs including songs off his new album New. Boyd Tinsley movie: Faces in the Mirror going to be coming to theaters must vote for it. 

Time 10:43-10:52
Primo of Ardmore thanks for the hoagies. Wrap Up- Beau Bridge and Rainn Wilson. Pierre in the building. Postponed Creamy Acres. WOTW is C. Marisa Miller Lite. Kathy fashion for a cause, next year Preston will debut his sock collection and Steve will host with Kathy since he is the most fashion forward person. Tomorrow on the show is Jim Florentine. And we will fire off a cannon live on the air. Rage on.

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