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Time 6:08-6:18
Welcome to Wednesday! Weather. Traffic. News Philadelphia police conducted a drug sweep after finding crack cocaine and money in a toddler’s backpack. Police have given an all-clear to Princeton University after hearing gun shots on their campus. Preston always hears gun shots by his house! A jogger was fined for jogging in Valley Forge Park for jogging in the park during the government shut down. Sports The Flyers got their first win of the season beating the Florida Panthers 2-1. Former Phillies Larry Bowa, has joined the coaching team for the Phillies. Red Socks are in the world series Championship Series. The Tigers beat the Oakland A’s 8-6. Game 5 is tomorrow night in Oakland.
Time 6:30-7:05
Machine Head on WMMR! Traffic. SQ Birthdays Sharon Osbourne; 61, Sean Lennon; 38, Brandon Ralph; 34, Guillermo Del Toro; 49, John O’Hurley; 59, Scott Bakula; 59, Tony Shalhoub; 60, Robert Whul; 62. SA. Entertainment News Bruce and Kris Jenner reported last night that they split. No divorce papers have been filed and Bruce will continue to appear on the show. I’m just trying to keep my brave face on. Tom Hanks appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman & revealed to the world that he was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. It’s like Stevie Wonder being a pilot. TMZ chatted with Corey Feldman who denied rumors that throws orgy parties. Tan mom called Jenna Jamison a whore at the recent Exxxotica event. They did give Tan mom a role on Downtown Abbey. Michael Douglas and his ex-wife are currently losing their battle with being able to see their son in prison.  Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood son’s refused to use his father’s last name when he first started acting. The Grind? Hey everybody wanna dance? Rebel Wilson is in the process of negotiating a deal to become a spokesperson for an online weight loss website. Jessica Robertson celebrated her 12th wedding anniversary to Duck Dynasty star, Jep Robertson by writing a blog on A&E about on relationship tips. Clips Robert Rodriguez talks about the character he created for Machete. Captain Richard Phillips talks about how he feels about the new movie Captain Phillips. Cream of the Scream.
Time 7:15-7:47
93.3 WMMR! Weather. Traffic. There’s a video of one of Nick’s friends who has Parkinson’s. The video shows how his brain eliminates the effects of the disease with electrodes. North Penn school decided not to have Halloween. Halloween is a secular tradition and they did not want to exclude children who do not celebrate the holiday. Children enjoy wearing their Halloween costumes to school. Eliminating Halloween in schools Casey’s kids go to Catholic school and only the kindergarteners are allowed to dress up on Halloween. Nick has never associated Halloween with religion. Rabbi doesn’t celebrate Halloween for religious reasons, but it doesn’t bother him for other people to enjoy the holiday. In Kathy’s 2nd or 3rd grade class had a Christmas tree, but also would light the menorah. There is another school, not in this area, that doesn’t allow tag at the school because certain kids were being too rough. Listener Hugo said that the separation for church and state should apply for schools as well. Certain communities are also canceling trick-or-treating due to safety issues. Steve thinks that they are going to start eliminating things, they should just eliminate everything. He still thinks that wolf man is the best costume. Casey has to poop. Preston wants to be Casey for Halloween.
SQ: Which first lady launched the “Just Say No” campaign?
SA: Nancy Reagan
Time 7:55-8:07
We’re going live on FOX Good Day soon! Traffic. Live on FOX Good Day! Chris Murphy, a new member of the Good Day team, is sitting in for Mike Jerrick. Apparently, Sprite is the best cure for a hangover. It doesn’t cure a hangover every time, but helps to get your mojo back. Steve has never been drunk! Sheinelle has only been hung over once. Bizarre Files A man shooting up on Heroin while driving ran into a Police vehicle. A man in Texas wanted to party with his friends so bad that he staged his own kidnapping so his wife wouldn’t get angry for going out.  An Oklahoma man was arrested on burglary charges after finding his DNA in the toilet at the victim’s home. A woman got into a fight with a Slushee machine over the weekend. Police ticketed a little girl’s Barbie jeep after leaving it in the street. A unisex t-shirt with a drawing of a woman’s vagina with blood has gone on sale at American Apparel. Oktoberfest.
Time 8:23-8:51
Sick Puppies are in studio now! Traffic. The very talented, Sick Puppies are in studio and will be playing at the TLA tonight! Calendar Girl Erin just sent Nick some photos & he forgot that the Sick Puppies were behind them. They are currently more than half way through their tour. All the dates are on! Sick Puppies have done over a thousand shows since moving to the states. Shim, the lead singer, stole all his moves from other famous rock stars. He makes sure to call his audience “friends” instead of the city. Their new album “Connect” is out and they had over 100 songs demoed and completed. Their first song was “Maybe.” is a dedicated fan club, the more they do to promote their shows the more swag they get like VIP meet & greets. Sick Puppies make videos on Youtube called “A Day in the Life” & decided to create a vignette for each member. Sick Puppies performed their new single “There’s no going back.” If you buy their cd at their show, they sign it for you!
Time 9:04-9:32
Sick Puppies were awesome! Traffic. Neiman Marcus released their Christmas magazine. These are things that aren’t at the department store & a lot of the items were insane. There is an outdoor entertainment system with an underground storage limit. One of Kathy’s friends had a television that comes out of their ground. There is a diamond experience that is 1.8 million dollars where you can visit Africa and get an uncut stone. Danny Trejo and Alexa Vega are in studio They were at the Flyer’s game last night. Machete goes back to the Spy Kids films where Danny Trejo was Uncle Machete. Alexa Vega’s character is Kill Joy. Danny never thought that he was going to get out of prison and now he is just working on borrow time. Robert Rodriguez is so charismatic and everyone wants to work with him. While filming of Desperado, Danny realized that he is second cousins for Robert and also walked Alexa down the aisle. Alexa is a huge fan of Steel Panther. Danny was at a GWAR concert once and he was called on stage. Danny sometimes has 10 year olds come up to him & tell him they love Machete. Alexa has Danny in her phone as Uncle Machete. Machete came from the fans demanding the film. Robert DeNiro actually suggested the ending for Heat. Their Q&A last night went well & the audience love Machete! Danny sometimes looks like he is going to kill him. Fans run up to him with Machetes to sign. The movie is released Oct. 11th
Time 9:42-9:53
Sick Puppies came back to see Danny Trejo & Alexa Vega. They were super nice people! Traffic. There are new pictures of Preston & Steve/Calendar Girl Erin. Weekly Rush. Casey has to be more conscious about picking his nose in studio because of the camera situation. Bizarre Files Police were called to a library parking lot after a man was reportedly seen playing with himself in his car. A man called a fire department after his penis was stuck in a toaster. A Georgia University fraternity is being assessed after finding an e-mail sent from the frat president about “raping bait.” A flaming Sambuca exploded in a young woman’s face causing her to become engulfed in flames. A California woman was locked in a Costco warehouse for 2 hours. A 45 year old man has survived over 100 poisonous snake bites even surviving a bite from a Black Mamba. Night of terror.
Time 10:04-10:14
Better man on WMMR! Pearl Jam streamed their album yesterday. Casey thinks that there should be a free download that comes with CDs. LQ. Hollywood Trash Corey Feldman said that he is not orgy obsessed. Jermaine Jackson bought a Ferrari, but hasn’t paid child support or settled his debt. Billy Ray Cryus says that his daughter Miley Cyrus is doing better than ever. LA. Music News Volvet is releasing a tour version and extra footage of them performing as well as separate tracks. Pearl Jam’s new CD. “Lightning Bolt”, is now streaming on itunes a week before its release date. Three rare Nirvana interviews for UK magazine, Metal Hammer, have been released online. In one interview Kurt says that he think that’s their band has a “pop style.” David lee Roth will release a new best of album that will pull from his solo albums. Midwest Farmer’s daughter was Casey’s favorite video girl. Roth has a pretty solid solo career, but it wasn’t the same without the guys. Cheerleaders “It’s your birthday” bash.
Time 10:28-10:25
93.3 WMMR, Everything that rocks! We are slowly chipping away at the work week. Sick Puppies just tweeted a really awesome picture of them performing in the studio! They sounded fantastic and are performing tonight at the TLA. Danny Trejo and Alexa Vega were also here and we such nice individuals. Machete 2 is coming out October 11th. Pierre is really into red Twislers now. Grape goobers are the best and taste like a pb&j sandwich.People from outside of this country do not understand the Peanut Butter & Jelly combination.  LOTD. Pierre had a really awesome interview with Chester Bennington the other day. Chester had some great stories about the EP! Tomorrow on the show: Beau Bridges!
LQ: Tan mom’s agent landed her a role in what television show?
LA: Downtown Abbey
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