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8:15 -Dita Von Teese

Here's what happened on the show:

Time 6:11 - 6:20

Weather. Traffic. Shooting in SW Philly, one dead four injured possible drive by. Threatening messages on learning platform Edmodo, threat from south US. Turkey hill recalling ice cream due to metal shavings. Sports  Eagles beat the Giants. Carolina Hurricanes beat the Flyers. Philly union won last night’s game. Machete kills on Wednesday. night of Terror. Jerry Oconell coming in to studio. Xfinity is coming in around B-file. Free music Monday! 

Time 6:32 - 7:07
Traffic. SQ.  Birthdays Tom York of radio head is 45, okay band but Preston doesn’t see what the big deal is about them. Simmon Cowl 54. Rachel Mcgaddan 37. Oliver North 70. Vladmir Putin 61. John Melloncamp 62. Joy Bayhar 70. Yoyo Ma 58. Tiko Torez 60. Bree Olsen 26. SA. Anna Ferrell lost weight from working. David and Victoria Beckam sell home for over $19mil. And the family moved to London. Housing why would someone move from a spacious area to a cramped city apartment? Casey: can’t afford to take care of the lands. People turn large houses into tourist attractions. Claire danser doesn’t need therapy. Chris Brown lost his virginity at age 8; girl who made him a man was 14 years old. Most woman can’t complain about the sex if they’ve been with him. Rob Kardashian does not want TV to be legacy, When asked what his job is, he answered “I literally make socks”. Socks Kathy: you look for your socks to match. Casey: socks are annoying to put away Preston: your socks should all be the same make and color. Kathy: You don’t wear socks with pumps.Who conducted this lengthy interview with rob Kardashian?! Khloe is getting divorce papers, but on twitter she said no one can “penetrate this armor of love” Bob Geldof thinks the world will end in 2030 based on climate change. Primo.  Psy Robertson says you don’t need to go to college to achieve potential. Sandra Bullock not first choice for role in gravity, originally Angelina Jolie. Hale Barry had a kid, thought she was unable to have a kid. Helana Bottom Carter bashes newspaper for saying that her husband is cheating on her. Machete Kills         

Time 7:18 - 7:47
Traffic. NPHS woman’s VB team breast cancer awareness game. 9 year old got onto plane without a ticket and got to Vegas, he was a runaway.  Running away:  Steve never got too far. His plan was to go to another country. Casey: was in a runaway club and when it got to real he told a parent, when someone actually ran away he was questioned. Runaway club didn’t really have much of a plan. Preston knew a 14 y/o girl who took her mom’s car from ST. Louis to Buffalo. Caller: ran away when she was 12 and went from Delaware to Florida in ’72, followed guys to Baltimore and was too afraid to go home so went to Florida, went home and “got beaten with pots and pans” Her friend is now dead so you don’t talk to her as much. Casey hitch hiked through SIC. Caller: rode tricycle away from home to go shopping and then rode a bus to the end of the line at age 4. Preston was a wanderer. Caller: cousin ran away with Circus. Longest Drives taken Steve: Chattanooga Preston: Denver Casey: Key West. Caller: met an 18 y/o online and flew to see him, lost virginity at 13. Night of terror    

Time7:59 - 8:15
Weather. Traffic. Daily Rush video. Weekly Rush Xfinity Announcement PnS are at the “next level” with Comcast. Comcast is taking weekly rush and putting it on weekly on demand! Available in High Def. Assortment of weeks segments and interviews. On demand gets over 400 million views a year. You can bounce around between on demand and TV really easily, voice commands on demand maybe one for PnS. On demand, get local, then entertainment and PnS. Bizarre File: 25 y/o bartender in Oregon got a lotto ticket as a tip for over $17.5thousand. Couple left baffled when picture of ugly woman showed up on doorstep. Pic is of a woman with a crooked nose and had no return address. Too much bacon, 1300 lbs of bacon fell on a commuter in Sweden and sustained minor injuries. Woman drinks urine every day and claims it makes her healthy, she also baths in it. Russian Rambo, Vladmir was jailed for 25 years and dug his way out of prison and survived in the wild for 4 months, he can kill any number of people with bare hands, and lived in forest with only a knife and a match. Dita von Teese.   

Time 8:26 - 8:52
Machete. Cream of scream. Traffic. Weekly rush now available on Comcast. Oldest winning medal of honor winning passed away, took out two enemy bunkers in WW2. Medal of Honor clips. War Hero’s If you win the Medal of Honor (MOH) you get an invitation to the inauguration every four year. Casey’s neighbor fought in WW2, asked about the movies depicting the war and he said some things are pretty farfetched, wouldn’t have cursed as much as they do in movies, don’t march in tight formation. Caller: grandfather was part of army air core and flew a B-72 bomber that crashed, he was captured by Nazis survived, and it was very hard for him to talk about it. Caller: used to live next to a 104 y/o WW2 veteran who won the French equivalent of the MOH. Homeless people who served in Vietnam. Kathy: father in law lost legs in Vietnam; he will talk about stories but won’t write them down. Caller: Marine officer he knew snuck into army to prevent little brother from going to war, blind in one eye received Medal of Honor. Ted knight is a decorated war hero. Night of terror. 

Time 9:00 - 9:25
Jerry O’Connell talks about traffic with Kathy, can you wave guns at people who cut you off? Shouldn’t be calling because he’s a Giants fan. He is in too many fantasy leagues. I curse and vent on Madden online and yell at 13 y/o boys. Jerry trainer looks like you! Talked about new show, Jerry is always in a Speedo. Character is a ‘lady doctor’; every character represents a different emotion of divorce. Stefanie is no longer his agent, but says hi. Traffic. Joyce Evans tragic breaking bad tweet tweeted offensive tweet; “like breaking bad? Here’s some breaking news about a shooting. Caller; tweet wasn’t a big deal; news didn’t mean anything by it. 10 best local news flubs. How should you act during a professional news broadcast? Recap Philadelphia Union game Philadelphia union. Tailgating, Preston played with the band. After Earth. 

Time 9:35 - 9:58
Traffic. Breaking News Flyers holding Press conference, Fired Peter Laviolette and will replace him. Island of Boogabooga. Flyers are losing their leader who drove the snakes out. Laviolette was the longest tenured coach in Philly. Time to shoot the elk. Bird is the word sports update. Surfin’ Bird reached 63 on top 100 billboards, written by the trashmen. Combination of two songs: Oom bow wow and Bird is the word. If I have a girl in the house I pour thunderbird down her throat. Working out/being sick Preston: every time I start to work out I start wheezing and coughing. Kathy: It feels like I have something stuck in my throat, won’t go to the doctor because they won’t find anything. Preston: Both arms are twitching and so are some fingers. Went to Doctor no more monkeys jumping on the bed. DR. Mike taking care of you guys is like taking care of the statue of Liberty. You can’t treat yourself. (text) Friend had same throat feeling, turns out it was cancer. Preston saw OB/GYN for arm twitching. Laviolette was fired due to Karma/new energy. Bizarre File woman returned home to a thief relaxing poolside at her pool, he was there to return the swim suit he stole the day before from her neighbor. Woman arrested for twerking in front of a school bus, has a history of complaints from other businesses. Artist creates art by squirting the paint out of his eye after he snorts paint through his nose, people pay $300,000 for paintings. Man died after being crushed by grapes in Spain, crushed by 5 tons of grapes. Pants less 69 y/o man drove through a McDonalds drive through pleasuring himself and tried to sexually assault a worker. Machete Kills   

Time 10:08 - 10:22 
Queen/Freddy Mercury extremely talented individual and band. NPHS dig pink rally woman’s volleyball game tonight. Lesson:Craig Berube was the chief of what island station? Trash Hale Barry and Husband are new parents. Pres Obama would think about changing team’s controversial name (red skins). Laura Hill being released from Jail, new song makes people want to elongate her sentence. Lesson Answer: island of Booga booga. Music News Pearl Jam will open a shop in NY for one day Kicks off a tour in Pittsburgh. Sound garden is on a break after touring for about a year; want to make a record that has more bite, more rock, and more guitars. Kurt Cobain doesn’t deserve rock legend icon says Gene Simmons, just because you die doesn’t mean you’re an icon. There won’t be another Queen, another Beatles, or another Kiss because kids can download anything they want from the internet without supporting the artists. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Neil Young will perform a benefit concert together; all proceeds will go to purchase a permanent facility for LA education. Free music Monday. 

Time 10:32 - 10:42 
Tornado warning. Wrap Up Kathy: cousin lives in the middle of nowhere, had to take a dirt road to get to the house. Preston: Has a friend who lives near the Susquehanna River with a lot of foliage. Pierre thought the transitions to the bizarre file was awesome. What the show does it’s like a normal conversation, and it can bring people out of sadness. Share births, weddings, and passings. Philadelphia union. Letter of the day. Weekly rush on demand. Dita    

Stupid Question: What the three things needed to start a fire?

Stupid Answer: Tinder Kindling and Fuel.

Lesson Question: Craig Berube was the chief of what Island?

Lesson Answer: the island of Booga Booga

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