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 Time 6:10 - 6:20

Weather. Traffic. News. 34 year old suffering from PPD, with 1 year old tried to penetrate security at Capitol Building, law enforcement vehicles chased her. Drove her car to Capitol, hitting 2 Secret Service offers. Fire in Northeast Philly on Sylvester Street, no word on what started the fire. Rittenhouse square has a rodent problem; the rats come out at night and aren’t scared of people. The rats were noticed in late spring, and the city has increased trash pickup and gave out cans with a metal liner.  Sports  QB Wheaton threw a 37 yard touchdown pass and the Browns beat the Bills. St. Louis cardinals won first game last night. LA dodgers won first game against Braves. Matt Cord, Sean “Whiffle boy” Steffy, K-Floor, and Ken Casey, Kate Gosselin on show today. Final day of sound of money. Machete Kills

 Time 6:31 - 6:41

Billy Idol “Dancing with Myself” is euphemism. Traffic. SQ Birthdays Susan Sarandon: 67. Anne Rice: 72. Rachel Leigh Cook: 34. Alicia Silverstone: 37. Armand Assante: 64. Audio clip of Drinkenstein. Liev Shriber: 46. Russell Simmons: 56. Christophe Waltz: 57. SA Entertainment news:  Aria Winter (Modern Family) father is fighting for custody of her. Alec Baldwin’s wife puts photo of injury from paparazzi on Instagram. Gwyneth Paltrow joined Instagram. YouTube is launching a global celebration of music with their first music awards. State of Amanda Bynes is questioned after she burned a drive way, her mother is fighting to clear her daughter’s name. Preston thinks her acting career is over. Sean Penn is not happy with daughter being with Robert Pattinson. Harry Potter spins off rumors. Harry “Pottery” barn. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney will never be more than just friends. Karen Houghton told “In-Touch” about Kardashian-Jenner secrets. Karen Kardashian is a “down to Earth Sweetheart” and Chris Kardashian is very conscious of his image. Kloe looks like John Goodman dressed in drag. Emmy Rosen (from Shameless and Day after tomorrow) embarrassing run-in with Gynecologist. Samuel L. Jackson reveals Elizabeth Olsen will be on Avengers 2, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be Quiksilver. Craig Liggeons calls in about lineage of X-men Characters. Thor is the next marvel movie. Steve’s impression of Kathy for Thor. Clips Gemma Arteron about runner runner. Adam Scott talks about ACOD. Monster Jam.     

Time 7:18 - 7:42

Strella. Traffic. Primo Hoagie. Protester Signs near the Andora shopping center. Signs saying “Boycott this business”. Caller: protesting is about a retirement home. Preston used to live near abortionist and would have protestors in his neighborhood.  Businesses should advertise they are “union proud”. People should put up inflatable Lemurs. Caller Bill says signs will persuade workers and is right thing to do is not cross picket lines. Instagram advertisements within the next month can say what ads you see. Casey gets sucked into long ads on internet. Early cable never had commercials. Steve thinks all commercials should be funny. Space Ship NBC will team up with Virgin Galactic and make a competition where winner will ride a galactic ship. Flights cost $250,000. Preston explains space shuttle

launches. Casey and Kathy are going to try out for amazing race. Casey and Preston would be the first on the space flights. Caller lou explains the ship launches to space via plane. How to be on the amazing Race. Casey and Kathy would be good team mates, but are competitive with each other. Sound of Money.


SQ: What brand of drums did Ringo Play?

SA: Ludwig Drumkit

 Time 7:52 - 8:14

Sound of money winner? Made up winner Marissa will make fake name and pocket the money. Traffic. Matt Cord in Studio Buddy walk and fun run this Saturday at Villanova. Matt’s nephew Nate works at a bed and breakfast and asked will my office have a view? Will I get paid in cash? Matt Cord tweeted I love Glee. Lilly does Geico commercial impressions. Lilly and Nate love Uncle Dave because he smokes pot. Steven Singer loves the show. Nate says goodbye to his GF. Sound of money. Bizarre Files Iron hill Brewery. Two Vegas Dr.’s accused of squirting body fluids on patience during surgery, and also allowed someone who is not a Dr. to prescribe drugs. Mother of 2 suffers from Muppet Phobia. Arizona woman shot and killed by boyfriend while hugging. Woman struck and killed by a train after moving a 74 year old man off the tracks. 3 year old boy in India went under for brain surgery to stop him from continuing puberty. Mommy where is my Sippy cup, Instead of a mobile above my bed can I have porn? Philadelphia union.  

Time 8:27- 8:48

Primo Hoagie. Traffic. Susan G Komen 3 day walk shartout. Horizontal Surface disordersomeone who always leaves a cluttered area. Preston can have organized clutter, and Kathy doesn’t want to see the mess. Nicks area gets messy but it’s the only place he has to store stuff. Kids messing with stuffdon’t touch Steve’s superhero collection! Preston has to warn kids about touching buttons. Preston is better at keeping things clean day to day, but wife is better at cleaning. How people deal with clutter Casey cleaned out his car and there is no more clutter. Dishes in the sink, if you have food on a plate, clear it off then put it in the sink. Casey’s dishwasher broke and now dishes are piling. Cat’s want food from the sink. What can and can’t go in a garbage disposal. You’ve never seen the documentary final destination? Caller: Friend lost half of her finger in a garbage disposal and lost so much blood that the 911 operator thought she was drunk during the call. Saved a lot of lives by warning about the dangers of giant teenagers. Primo hoagie. Temple

Time 9:01 - 9:41   

Weather. Traffic. Sean “Whiffleboy” Steffy in Studio: Has been on Tosh.0.1st Annual Whiffle ball Classic, Tomorrow at 9AM. Does corkscrew pitches, fast pitches, and other tricks. Started in the late 90s. Uses original brand ball. Fastest pitch is 106mph from 48ft. Loves throwing a riser pitch, it breaks 30in straight up. Currently working on getting an affiliation with Whiffle. 4-5 different events during season, and then a “national championship” at the end of the season for money and 3 -4 people per team. Raise money for t-21(Down syndrome) club. for registration. For the time I’m in the studio I am a Phillies fan.K-floor in Studio. Band has been separated for years but worked in other groups over the years. Last reunion show was 2 years ago. Performance: “will I stay?” recording new material over Skype. Performance “don’t want no woman” Kate Gosselin Phone call calling from house while cleaning fish bowl. Cooks from a perspective of fun healthy meals for families. Influences are her kids who love to try new things, doesn’t use recipes. Had to figure out measurements. Preston cooks, just guesses amounts. Answers questions about getting kids to eat. Positive frame of mind for upcoming TV show. Financially stressful but stable after divorce and kids are happy. Brian Reagan tickets


Time 9:49 - 10:08

Traffic. Ken Casey: glad to hear a real band and a cooking show. Boxing event for “cladagh fund boxing”. Never been boxing at electric factory before. Ring is set up on floor, stage is for seating. Huge boxing fan. Boxing is a shadier business than music. Legit sanctioned boxing event but a belt is too expensive. Dropkick Murphy’s will do an acoustic show. Thought he would help by twitter and Facebook, now is running the event. I’ll a tweet for yah rocky. World class boxers, as good as HBO. Flyers are second favorite team and the weigh in will be at the Flyers game Oct 11. $30 for GA, and $200 for ringside. Cladagh fund is a charity started by DKM for children and veterans as well as other programs. We will set you up with Ring card girls. Give away ONE ticket. Giving away a couple pair of tickets. Bizarre File:  Robert Eric Fredrickson shoved his hands into a 9year old girls birthday cake and was arrested for theft. Catcher caught a 300 pound bullshark and then let the shark go, a fisher tried to nudge the shark away from the boat due to its shock of being caught. Vandal cut off the arm of a statue of Ronald Reagan and the pope. 100,000 zloits. An Australian man used a pocket knife to dig himself to freedom after being trapped by 9 tons of machinery. 

 Time 10:20 - 10:36

Wiffleboy threw a ball down the hallway off air. Casey – While you do the Lesson I’ll grab more Primo Hollywood Trash. Miley Cyrus. Lesson Answer Sean “Whiffle Boy” Steffy throwing curve down studio hallway. Casey is on the floor. Will be at event but it is a very chill day. Music  News temple Owls STP makes a TV debut, completed first tour with Chester Bennington. Tools Adam Jones is working on a new music video from 10,000 days. Nothing left to fear is a horror movie produced by Slash he also wrote the score and closing theme. Queens of Stone age front man auditions for R2D2 role for Start wars 7. Irish Politicians want U2 to pay more taxes in home country To that I say kiss my balls. Taylor Swift can count Ozzy Osbourne as one of her fans, called her the most magnificent young girl he has met in his life time. Casey likes to sing the “Short shorts song” by Taylor swift. Monster Jam

Time 10:48 - 10:

Wrap Up Thank You’s to Matt Cord (Buddy walk and walk in Chester County) K-Floor, check them out on Facebook, Ken Casey for cladagh fund, and Sean Steffy for whiffle ball tournament, lastly Kate Gosselin. Thank you Primo. Pierre Robert someone sent me a lifelike action figure me. Hess will give away toy Pierre’s rather than toy trucks. Letter of the day is “T”. Shartout from Casey to carnival for cancer. Caller 5: the word of the week is “Comet” WOW Machete kills.  

Lesson Question

Q: According to us, who is Quicksilver’s mother?
A: Susan Sarandon


Letter of the day: “T”

WOW: Comet 

Posted By: Preston and Steve  
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