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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Kate Gosselin – Phoner – 9:30
Ken Casey – IN STUDIO – 10AM
Sean "Wiffleboy" Steffy – IN STUDIO – 9AM
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:10-6:23
Weather. Traffic. News. Police arrested 3 more people following the murder of a Rite Aid manager, charged with 2nd degree murder. A man suspected of attacking and robbing a gas station was already charged with a robbery the same day. One Philadelphia city council member says phone recycling drop boxes promote crime, people can steal a phone and easily get money for it. Sports. Toronto Maple Leafs beat Flyers 3-1. Next game on Saturday night. Tampa Bay Rays beat Cleaveland  Indians, advance to face Red Sox. Union. Machete Kills
Time 6:35-7:12
Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Tommy Lee, 51; Gwen Stefani, 44; Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, 29; Chubby Checker, 72, called Kathy KWE, Kathy With Equipment, in an interview; Ned Campbell, 40; Lena Headey, 40; Reverend Al Sharpton, 59; Seann William Scott, 37; Clive Owen, 49; Roy Horn, 69; Bruno Gervais, 29. SA Melinda Entertainment News Tom Clancy died in Baltimore on Tuesday, cause of death currently not released. Clancy has a movie coming out soon. The hunt for Red Lobster Real-life crew members from the Tom Hanks movie Captain Phillips are suing the real Phillips for driving into pirate infested waters. Mia Farrow says Frank Sinatra might possibly be her kid Ronan’s biological father. Casey Kasem claims his children are being kept from seeing him by their step-mom, Jean. Clip of Kasem reading fan letter. Steve adlibs as Kasem. Robert Downey Jr’s son in treatment for prescription drug abuse. Send in “Dear Casey” letters so Steve can read them. Rosario Dawson revealed she didn’t have sex until she was 20 years old. Frankly I thought she was a complete slut. Benedict Cumberbatch and Emma Watson were named sexiest movie stars by Empire Magazine, voted in by fans. Even beautiful people have unflattering moments. Michael Jackson’s mom lost wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live. Determined that Dr. Conrad Murray was not unfit to be his doctor. 22 Jump Street and Ted 2 are in the works. Clips. Robin Williams on working with Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Crazy Ones. Amy Poehler on the cast of ACOD. Steve reads listener-submitted letters to Casey Kasum. Machete Kills 3 callers
            Time 7:23-7:52
Sound of Money Traffic. Shart outs: Alex, works on Formula 1 cars; Sean from Regis; Carly and Tim from Idaho. Market in Boston to only sell food past its expiration date. Expired Foods The Dollar Store sells ‘misfit products’ that didn’t do well. Banana Nut Cheerios weren’t good. Busta Nut Cheerios, semen flavored Preston reads all the different flavors of cheerios. It’s better to put your own honey on your own nuts Clip from Nelly. Dana Gunders says food that supposedly expires is actually fine, such as Tortilla chips. She would eat expired yogurt and scrape off the mold. With bread, chuck whole loaf when you see mold, but with cheese just cut it off. Nick doesn’t mind just cutting mold on bread. Mold on soft cheese throw it out, on hard cheese cut it off. I consider that chocolate foreskin. Eggs are also usually thrown out too early. Kathy hates that there aren’t expiration dates on egg cartons. Jose Garces brought in eggs that expired, Nick thought they were fine. Bread stays fresher out of the freezer. Butter can be left out without going bad. Milk will smell and taste bad before it can make you sick. At Preston’s summer camp they had clotted milk. Listener Bill’s sister has chickens and doesn’t refrigerate eggs. Listener John says you can leave them out for a year unwashed. I like to rub my bacon in a hobo’s butt Walgreens ‘Use by’ and ‘sell by’ dates are different.
Wawa Peanut butter is better out of the fridge. Leaving baking soda in refrigerator eliminates odors. Sound of Money
SQ: Which type of movie is there more of, James Bond or Godzilla?
SA: Godzilla
            Time 8:04-8:18
Weather. Traffic. Shart outs: Jake’s wife Rachel; from Matt to Josh. Sam Adam/Union/Monster Jam Bizarre File A man fired 19 rounds at two Jehovah's Witnesses that were “lolly gagging” around at his house. A fencing instructor used his fencing sword to foil a robbery as he chased down suspected thieves. An armed robber fled empty handed from a jewelry store after his testicles were grabbed by two shopkeepers. A 27 year old man in county jail after trying to escape from police using a paddle boat. Steve tells a story about leaving someone in a kayak. This is the end caller 7
            Time 8:29-8:56
Redlight King. Traffic. Shart outs: listener Bruno and Bruno Gervais. Casey is angry about office refrigerator. Mcdconald’s People in the office will take all the coffee and not make more. Casey hurt his foot on Friday, brought in an ice pack and a frozen bottle of water. Someone took both the bottle and the ice pack. Office Pet Peeves There will be a dozen eggs in there for weeks but the ice pack is gone within days. Preston wants somebody to explain why they did it. Steve never uses the office refrigerator. Was Casey’s name on it? It shouldn’t matter. Marilyn Russell took it for her ankle, explains on air. People will turn the coffee machine off rather than make more. Kathy won’t make more coffee because she doesn’t drink it. Nick is tired of hearing “couple.” On Nov 28, 2013 Chanukah and Thanksgiving will occur at the same time. Kickstarter campaign to create a special menorah called “The Menurkey.” New California law makes it a misdemeanor to post naked pictures of their ex’s for revenge, Revenge Porn. Preston has one of his wife where they were horsing around with a horse. Ramifications for hacking someone’s phone are substantial. Listener Alex says there is a website called, then hung up. He got shot. Jew got posted It’s actually on Twitter and it got suspended. Preston reads a letter from a man with terminal brain cancer GBM who had an encounter with a woman who had the same cancer and survived. He’s looking for the woman. Temple caller 8
            Time 9:07-9:25
Those huge mayfly-like bugs are disgusting. Traffic. JB Smoove calling from LA, sounds very awake for being on the west coast. JB is from New York, he does everything as if he was still a New Yorker. The Millers takes place just outside of Washington, DC. The cast is great together and following the Big Bang Theory is a huge plus. JB likes the opportunity to learn how to do a multicam sitcom.  JB did some voice work for Grand Theft Auto V. The game made $800 million, that’s a lot of cheese. JB didn’t get that much of it. It’s been a while since he did stand up but he doesn’t lose his punch. He loves Philadelphia. Next-Gen Video Games GTAV is a very well-developed game. Preston doesn’t want his kids playing the game but one of their friends snuck it in. 13 is too young for a game that mature. You can get so invested in a game you start dreaming about it. Preston used to play games all night long but doesn’t have time now. Steve recommends Nick get a next generation console. He’ll get back into it when the next Zelda comes out. Next gen consoles are going to be graphically leaps ahead of the current ones. Some of the motion controlled stuff is too much. Monster Jam callers 9 and 10
            Time 9:38-9:55
You know it’s a beautiful day when Bill Weston walks in and looks out the window. Traffic. Casey doesn’t have a registration sticker on his Vespa. Motorcycles How much trouble can you get in for riding a scooter without a license? Bill says it’s a misdemeanor. Preston isn’t interested in getting a street bike. Bill has a Harley, he says riding in the country is much more enjoyable than in the city. Listener who is an officer says you have to have an ‘M’ on your driver’s license, which you can get by taking a test. Engine sizes over 49cc classify as motorcycles. Casey has his CPR certification, you have to renew it every year. Casey had to call about his lisence, instead of using the phone ill just use the radio. Bizarre File Hours after trying out for family feud, a husband shot his wife and then himself.  A man had drugged his grandmother regularly so him and friends could cook crystal meth in her attic. Photographs taken near Bradford, PA appear to show two Bigfoots. Two boaters fined a total of $2500 after Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources received complaints about harassing a cow moose in Eagle Lake. A carpenter survived accidentally shooting himself in the chest with a nail gun. Union caller 8
            Time 10:07-10:23
Weather. Sound of money LQ Hollywood Trash. Mia Farrow admits her son with Woody Allen is actually Frank Sinatra’s. Jackson Rathbone married longtime girlfriend on Saturday. Kris Jenner pitching dating show for Khloe about her life after Lamar Odom. LA. Music News Video released of Slash playing with students from Brennan Rock and Roll Academy. Preston would have been a foot model without music Rob Zombie chose to work with a puppy rescue mission as part of the Rockstar Energy Tour. Only 2 good stories today, all the others are boring. Audio of man on Jeopardy pronouncing a word wrong. He said “Alane” instead of “Elaine” Alex went behind the podium and whipped him with his shirt off. It’s not fair that his dialect affected his answer. You can get final jeopardy wrong by spelling the answer incorrectly. You and answer in the form of an incorrectly formed question, as long as it is a question. Merriam caller 12
            Time 10:33-10:41
A lot of our favorite events are coming up soon. Cream of the Scream. LOTD Wrap Up Danny Trejo is great in Machete. Video of Herman Munster singing and playing guitar. Pierre talks about his plan for the day. Lurch had a good music career too. Thanks to JB Smoove. Kate Gosselin on the show tomorrow with her autobiography Spoons I’ve Known Rage on!
LQ: What is the name of the semen flavored cheerios?
LA: Busta Nut Cheerios
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