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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:10 - 6:21

Weather. Traffic. News. Police searching for man who beat a 67 man with a baseball bat and taken to Cooper Hospital. Softball coach charged with institutional sexual assault and abuse between a young female player. The two exchanged texts and videos. Republicans and Democrats still arguing over healthcare. Affordable Healthcare Act took effect on Tuesday; Obamacare still unfavorable and the shutdown continues. Sports. Pittsburg Pirates played last night. Flyers home game is tonight; beat the Canadians last night 4-3. Sound of money coming up later. “Where the puck are my Flyers tickets.” Hiding puck somewhere in the Delaware Valley. There will be clues that lead you to the puck. First clue around 7am. Tim Saunders coming up. Secret Text word. Preston has a story about Justin Beiber.

Time 6:33 - 7:05

85 degrees. Traffic. Preston’s having booger issues. SQ. Birthdays. Kelly Ripa, 43. Lorraine Bracco, 59. Sting, 62. Donna Karan, 65. Annie Leibovitz, 64. Hangover III giveaway. SA. Entertainment News. Kaley Cuoco, from day one she knew Ryan Sweeting was the one. She told Entertainment Tonight she started a fight with her to throw her off of the proposal. Lamar Odom says he’s going to play basketball next season but he has been using cocaine. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have worked their problems out. Justin Beiber, 19, had his body guards carry him on their shoulders to the top of the Great Wall of China. Kim and Kayne are trying to avoid having their babies’ picture taken and put online. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Wife Catriona McGinn Welcome Son Dekker Edward. Mark Wahlberg sold his $13 million mansion. Sophia Loren wants Vera Wang to design her wedding dress. Alexa Vega will be starring in the sequel Machete Kills. Michelle Rodriguez is tired of people asking about her sex life. Says she’s gone both ways but hates when people categorize her. Anthony Bourdain apologizes for not liking the Frito-pie. Casey plays audio from “Lost Boys”. Angelino and Brad Pitt are rumored to be finally married. Clips. Lin-sanity, basketball star Jeremy Lin; documentary about finally getting a spot with the Knix. Gravity becomes stranded in space and states how beautiful the visuals were. Machete Kills. Tickets for the Flyer’s home opener, first clue coming up next. Sound of Money will not be for tonight’s game.

Time 7:16 - 7:44

Flyers ticket giveaway. Traffic.  “Where the puck are my Flyer’s tickets?” Clue #1: My flyer’s tickets are somewhere in the Garden State. A listener sends Preston an email about masturbating. Listener in the mood and tried putting moves on his wife, but she wasn’t feeling it; he took matters into his own hand. Afterward the wife was in the mood. He couldn’t “rise” to the occasion. He wants the audiences’ opinion if he should tell his wife or hide it. Preston and Steve talk about their experiences with their wife finding out. Casey does it in front of his wife. Preston wants to know how women feel about that. Casey gets caught by his wife all the time. Kathy doesn’t want to think about the guys doing that. It’s healthy for you. Caller: thinks there’s no problem with their husband saying it. Caller: Does it in front of her. Steve does it when his wife is sleeping. Caller: would do it before sex, to make it better. Some men do it because there’s less work involved. Anonymous, turned on by when guys do it. Preston thinks it’s okay to tell wife. Sound of money. Clue 2: county that boarders the Delaware River.


SQ: Who is making this sound (clue: She is an Oscar winning actress)


SA: Charlize Theron.



Time 7:54 - 8:13

Linkin Park One Step closer. Traffic. Fox Good Day Live. Is coffee affecting your relationship? Study says more people would drink coffee than have sex. Steve wouldn’t give up sex. Preston goes longer without sex. Someone already found the puck. Intern Kill Bill on the phone. Tickets were at Rexy’s; Greg, won tickets found puck. Ryan Frinch won sound of money. Bizarre File: two decade family feud came to an end when a family was shot dead by their daughter and her husband then the father killed his own daughter. Wild bear broke into Magnetic Hill Zoo and killed a deer; the bear was put down. Bear attacked Reeve’s Muntjac, known to bark. Man has been eating raw meat, after an illness that causes him to eat raw meat. Eats every part of animal, buys animals and slaughters them himself. Secret Word.

Time 8:24 – 8:56

Beautiful day; guest coming up. Traffic. Preston is excited for hockey season. Recap of Flyer’s ticket winner. Tim Saunders on the phone. He’s excited to have a normal season coming up. The key to the season is a good start. Nick was tweeted that fans aren’t expecting much of the Flyers. Tim talks about the Flyers getting ready for pre-season. He thinks Scottie Hartnell will show his best performance yet. Don’t let Claude Giroux play golf anymore. The new division “The Metropolitan” They’re in the same division with added teams such as Washington, Carolina and Columbus, Blue Jackets. MMR will broadcast the Flyers game. Samuel L. Jackson on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S.  While watching, Preston’s son figured out the end of the episode. Steve’s wife has turned into a fan of the show. Nick Fury: audio clip of last night’s episode. Preston’s favorite part was a Gap Commercial with Dhani Harrison singing “For You Blue”. (Audio of Gap commercial) “Who had a longer career, The Beatles or Air Supply?”  (Audio of Alexa Ray Joel) daughter of Billie Joel, she’s almost pretty. “Jean Jackets are cool, but they don’t Look Good on Me” Preston says he saw Sean Lennon. Preston’s neighbor who owns Lorenzo’s Pizza has opened up four restaurants in Wells Fargo Center. Miley Cyrus will be on SNL this Saturday. (Audio of Miley promoting her being on SNL) Casey likes the songs Party in the USA, The Climb, and the duet at the end of the movie Bolt. Preston’s is opposed to the guest host being the musical guest. PHL Union game.

Time 9:07- 9:27

Thin Lizzy. Traffic. We have a new piece of music to play. “Jean Jackets are cool but they don’t look good on me.” Preston wants to hear the whole Foster Brothers song. Is this Preston’s smile corner? Group of WWII veterans got into memorial even though the government was shut down. It is technically legal to walk on the mall. Monique Braxton NBC10 Clip gayborhoodis not derogative. Midtown village where there is gay flags are. Listener Nicole says there is actually gayborhood on the Iphone weather app. Listener John says apple maps calls it gayborhood. Listener Ryan’s friends love the recognition of gayborhood Men Impedance Beads for people that Viagra does not work for. It opens up the blood vessels. Increased risk for erectile dysfunction. Excuse me I gotta inject my bratwurst with beads. Matt director of the gayborhood on phone gayborhoodis respective. Midtown village is 10th street to Broad Street. Marisa has been looking for apartments and learning different parts of the city. Looking for a place near 76. Secret text, Flyers tix. Temple football.


Time 9:38- 9:49

Word of the week. Flyers tix. Traffic. We’re going to bring some sorority cards to the Union game. Preston and Steve are the only men in the sorority. Union tix. Bizarre File the wife of a Louisiana man kills preacher and filled a rape complete against the pastor. Two women arrested throwing urine and a roast. Witnesses broke up the fight. Victim suffered from cuts and scrapes. Cheating husband to win back wife. Held up a piece of paper saying “I cheated on my wife”. A woman kidnapped and was driven to Burger King. Climbed through drive through window. Norway’s channel to air knitting program. Said to be slow. 28 people died by hundreds of hornets in China. They chased victims and stung them 100 times. 18 year old man saw a large snake and shot it with automatic rifle. Accidently struck friend in thigh. Bullet was left in his leg. Brian Regen tix.

Time 10:00-10:18

Smashing Pumpkins. Secret Text Word. Casey wrote on twitter that he was a moron and a listener thought he said Mormon. Traffic. Shart out Chris Brower to the volunteers that participated and helped the bike ride for MS this weekend. LQ Hollywood Trash Zach Hanson spat on by a fan that was kicked off the tour bus when there wasn’t enough room for her in the prayer circle, Kim Kardashian daughter’s North already has a million dollar wardrobe, Jay-Z admits that he was a crack dealer. LA Music News Soundgarden first recorded on double vinyl. All tracks have been re-mastered. Chis Cornell would love to bring back original material. STP other members are starting to talk about the change as Chester Bennington and Scott Weiland. They are the deities of rock. Chester is such a great singer. Women in England receives reply letter from Paul McCartney. When they were 17 and 19 they recorded their fan tape that never got to Paul. Leave me alone go to hell he said great you found each other after all these years. Ringo can’t answer anymore fan letters. Eddie van Halen suing contractor Troy builders group badly installed gutters, leaky roof, and spent one million dollars on work. Ace Frehley and Peter Criss talk about Kiss documentary. So much was said and done were asked to be in the movie as a favor to Gene and Paul. Parker has filmed interviews. When you see kiss now it’s just Paul and Gene. Flyers tix.

Time 10:28- 10:37

It’s so strange to look outside and see a pile of leaves on the ground and it is going to be 85 degrees today. Tom Clancy the author died yesterday. Nick read all of his books. He became an expert on the submarines from playing video games. He died at the age of 66. Tom Clancy sort of wrote about September 11th years ago. Flyers are playing season opener tonight vs. Toronto and will be on our sister station 97.5 the fanatic. Listener Greg won where the Puck are my tickets was able to find the puck in two clues. They were tickets are in a garden state and is in a county that borders the Delaware River. Flyers tix. We are finished for the day. Rage on and have a good day.


LQ: What blues/Beatles song was inspired by Casey's feelings on jean jackets?

LA: "Jean Jackets Are Cool (But They Don't Look Right On Me)".





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