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Time 6:15- 6:28
Weather. Traffic. News: Government shut down only effecting non-essential government employees. The FBI and DEA are going into work, but not getting paid. USPS and social security checks will still function. Police are looking for a man that raped a girl in North Philadelphia, provided a detailed description of rapist. Two men are behind bars with drug felonies. Sports: Drew Brees lead the New Orleans Saints to continued undefeated season. Rays beat the Texas Rangers AL wild card game. Wild card game tonight between the Pirates and the Reds. Rich Dubee will not be back next season as Phillies pitching coach, more announcements to come. Philadelphia Union Guests: Sebastien Le Toux, Chris Albright, Jim Cutrin and Craig Robinson. New Calendar page and video. Joseph Anthony’s New Month songs: October Road by James Taylor, Indian Summer Man by Judy London or October Song by Incredible String Band
Time 6:39-7:09
Weather. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Zach Galifianakis, 44. Mark McGwire, 50. Randy Quaid, 63. Steven Collins, 66, Ron Carew, 68, Julie Andrews, 78 Jimmy Carter, 89. Listener Meredith SA. Entertainment News: Ten million viewers to the series finale of Breaking Bad, Vince Gill asked for one thing, to end the show on his terms, which is exactly what he did. Carmen Diaz was photographed with Benicio Del Toro, rumors the two are dating. Simon Cowell is more charitable now that he is going to be a father, he gave a homeless man a hundred dollar bill. Liam Hemsworth and his friends racked up a huge bill at a sports bar in NYC. Diana movie ad posted at entrance to Pont d'Alma Tunnel where she died sparks controversy. A hundred punches for a convertible BMW, piddle punches got punches too. Proud dad David Beckham turns up to watch Brooklyn make QPR debut alongside son of former Chelsea skipper Wise. Lena Dunham emails Jack Antonoff, the lead singer of Fun. A sweet, sweet love letter. How do you pick a card for your significant other, you can literally close your eyes in that card section and pick something great. Love Letters: Kathy throw out a shoe box of love letters when she moved. Preston found his old ones, he never opened them. From Nicole in 8th grade Preston gave her sunglasses and something from shop class. You have hands I have knockers let’s meet after school. Tony Danza and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are attached at the hip these days have bonded since Angels in the Outfield. Bridget Jones author Helen Fielding has killed off Darcy’s character in the books fans aren’t happy. Clips. Caller #5 Monster Jam
Time 7:23-7:39
Weather. Traffic. Text of the day Hangover 3 Sebastien LeToux and Chris Albright in Studio 5th place in division. Philly has improved LeToux English. Portland vs Seattle’s rivalry is insane. It’s a big part of those two cities. Union doesn’t have trouble selling out their 19,000 seats at the PPL Center. Chris Albright is from Juanita Park, does not know Gary Lauer. Factory leagues in the 1950s that Albright’s dad and uncles played on. FIFA video games have increased the fandom of MLS. LeToux use to play FIFA video games. MLS players play through injuries. Casey’s kids play soccer, Albright’s favorite player growing up was Michael Jordan. Nick’s son loves watching the Union on TV. Chris Albright has only scored 15 goals his whole career. LeToux will do a chorus line kick just for Casey. Motivation when teams aren’t in the playoffs, guys are playing for jobs, bonuses of contacts. The games are actually more dangerous. Philadelphia Union caller #7 SOM
SQ: How many times was Stephan King rejected before his first story was published?
SA: 60
Time 7:51-8:03
Silent No More, McDs Traffic. Preston wants to talk with LeToux’s accent. Jessica SoM winner.LeToux’s girlfriend is a huge PnS fan. Bizarre Files: Carl Enlow, died after he walked into the aircraft's spinning rotor at PA’s largest fair. The Stanley Hotel, from The Shining, plans to dig up the pet cemetery graveyard and relocate it. 2 lovers were hit by a train in Ukraine while they were having sex on the railroad tracks. The TomTato, a tomato and potato plant in one. Both the tomatoes and potatoes ripen at the same time. A 40-year-old man skipped the wedding of his gf’s best friend and he was beaten up by her brothers. Cops arrested Aiden Wells for swiping a Chameleon from a pet store. McDs caller 10 &11.
Time 8:16-8:54
Cracker. Preston has Eurotrash girl. Weather. Roxanne on the Calendar. Traffic. Hawk Mountain bird watching starts this month. Preston’s Love Letters: She wanted something more but he didn’t know. Laura was just a friend to him. He was Jake Ryan from 16 Candles. Her parents were out of town, she needed to know if he liked her enough to have total sex. You can bang me nine ways from Sunday, by the way how’s the term paper? Sorry for all the mistakes she wrote his term paper. What parent plans a trip when their kids go to prom? Kathy remembers how showering was a huge deal. Another girl, told him be safe on Friday and please no cocaine. Don’t do cocaine, join Amazon Prime instead. Sub-tweeting is a huge thing in high school. He pimped himself out, he was an A-student in the sack, in the shower. Listener Ryan: wrote a love letter to a girl and she read it aloud, ended up dating her 10 years later and it was horrible. Kathy wishes she kept the love letters. When Chuck was in HS, he dated a girl who made him get rid of all other girlfriends stuff, now he is married to a girl who wrote him all those love letters. Caller Nick 23, still has written love letters from 8th grade. Caller Laurie, wrote her HS sweet heart letters about sex, her mother found the letters came to school and was pissed. Big Brothers/Big Sisters, 100 year anniversary coming up, they need mentors, it’s like eHarmony for mentoring. 96% advanced and haven’t been arrested. They will bus kids to offices to spend time with executive and vice versus. Some people have had bigs/littles for 50 years. Fashion for a Cause
Time 9:02-9:36
Craig Robinson: is in a hotel room in DC, has been doing an Earth, Wind and Fire tour. The improv most have been the most ridiculous ever made. Craig was Mary Jane, James Franco was the Green Goblin, this scene hopefully made the cut. He will be in Philly next week. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will be out next year. Earth, Wind and Fire fans are called Flamers. He’s a Flamer! Traffic. Video Motorcycle Gang taking over SUV in NYC. They started beating on the car, smashed window and slashed tires. Listener Pat’s friend. The guy in the vehicle ran over the biker, who were brake checking the SUV. You go into Momma Bear Mode. Do they have Vespa gangs, Hex angels or Vesparados. A law in Philly stating if you are named Tony you have to have a Vespa or the Plaguens. People who text have the most sleep problems. Nick sleep texts, Preston uses a regular alarm clock. Study shows that higher number of texts people feel pressure to respond and interrupts sleep. Kathy is having her calls forward to Steve after 10. Airlines perks are giving more costs like renting an ipod or first class meals, buying seats next to you. Jamming more seats that will be more comfortable. If you are offered an exit row, your chair won’t recline. You’d be surprised how much broke stuff they can fly with. Denzel did it wrong, they screw those things on right, its not Velcro right. This is the End 1 caller
Time 9:50-10:00
Black Keys, SoM. Traffic. Announcement: Preston and Steve Cream of the Scream: passes to join the show. You can win a Trip to LA with passes to Rob Zombie’s great American Nightmare plus live concert. Bizarre Files: Christopher Joseph Saraceno was ejected from a party limo bus landed on the freeway was struck by motorists and died at the scene. A world-renowned high roller has been arrested after he was accused of cheating at blackjack by marking cards. United Airlines flight from Houston to Seattle landed in Boise, after its pilot reportedly had a heart attack in the cockpit, and died. Shart outs: daughter Amber of Newark for saving a women’s life. Manhattan bagel in Delco. McDonald’s caller 5,6 and 7
Time 10:10- 10:23
There is a lot of pain in Simpleman by Shinedown. Makes you feel pain like making someone write your term paper. He is never going to live that down, that can being a foot model. Preston needs to write a book about his pathetic life. LQ Hollywood Trash. Emma Robertson and Evan Peters who’s last encounter was violent, were seen out together, but became violent after she forcibly sodamotized him with a chocolate push-up. Stacey Keilber’s new relationship with tech entrepreneur  “Stacey is so tall and leggy, its like climbing a ladder just to find vagina.” Lamar Odom is mad that his dad, Joe, wont stop talking about his addiction and marriage to the press that he is refusing to pay his father’s rent, he never said anything bad about his marriage even when he decided to marry that big dude.  LA this is Dream warrior from Docket from the movie Nightmare on Elm Street.  Music News: Eddie Vedder took a stab at the pop. “These pop songs almost feel like tabloid journalism, It’s crap that people seem to like. People are consuming it, and is it healthy? I don’t know. Bono talked a lot about, you know, ‘We can’t let rock & roll become a niche.’ When the CD is done, bands go to listen to it in the car. Image (Preston’s Band) cut a demo in Nashville on expensive studio equipment, he can totally relate. Where is this demo? Can we have someone else record it? Kings of Leon new album to debute at five, right after Drake’s new album. Shannon Osbourne makes the revelation in her upcoming autobiography titled Unbreakable about wanting to divorce Ozzy and discovering bags full of prescription drugs and confronted her husband about his drinking. Machete Kills caller 7,8,9
Time 10:34 – 10:42
Tattoosday Joe Day, Jen tattoo artist and Bob Dodge. Ren and Stimpy with Flyers jersey and PnS haircuts. Season Ticket holder will start tailgating at 2 pm tomorrow. Mr. Wamburg from high school connected Bob and Jen. Thank you to our guests: Sebastien LeToux, Chris Albright and Craig Robinson. Marcus Allen from Big Brothers/Big Sisters’ Fashion for a Cause. Letter of the day: O. Dire Straights and bush. Your call it Double Shots. Rage on!
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