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Tomorrow on the Preston & Steve show; 

Craig Robinson - 9:00

                            Time 6:13-6:23

We’re back at it! Weather. Traffic. News Philadelphia Police said that a car driving the wrong way on Roosevelt Blvd hit car, killing a mother. The federal government is being threatened to close which would cause Independence hall to shut down to local tourists. A Police officer is recovering after she was shot on duty chasing a man who was involved in a hit-and-run. Sports The Denver Broncos scored more points than they ever had, beating the Eagles 20-52. Miami Marlins had a 1-0 victory over the Tigers. The Phillies ended their season with a 5-12 loss. Casey wore an Eagles shirt today, even though they lost. Sound of Money. Machete Kills.

                                   Time 6:34-7:08

It’s Monday morning! Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Marianne Cotillard; 38, Monica Bellucci; 49, Jenna Elfman; 42, Eric Stoltz; 52, Fran Drescher; 56, Barry Williams; 59, Chickens never chicked. Whales never whaled before. Angie Dickinson; 82, Johnny Mathis; 78, Trey Anastasio; 49, He’s married to French Stewart! Lacey Chabert; 31, Kieran Culkin; 31, Casey’s Wife; 37. See this badge? It allows me to sell chocolates in front of food stores. SA. Entertainment News Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 was #1 in the box office this weekend, Rush came in #3. Aaron Paul held a final screening party for the last episode of Breaking Bad with a driving food “meth lab” and blue meth candies. Kanye West has removed all of the tweets that mocked Jimmy Kimmel. Spokesperson for the Kenzington palace announced the christening of baby Prince George will be held where Princess Diana’s body was laid to rest. Jennifer Aniston’s brother, A.J., will be the best man at her wedding.  Look at how many friends I have. Pamela Anderson will be running in the NYC Marathon on November 3rd. Jon Hamm revealed that he plays Words with Friends with Daniel Radcliffe. Amanda Bynes left the UCLA medical center and is now in rehab. Lindsay Lohan’s reality show producers do not want anything to do with Lohan’s parents and are banned from the show. Jennifer Lawrence reportedly is making a cameo in the Dumb & Dumber sequel. Kate Upton and Dancing with the Star performer, Maksim Chmerkovskiy are officially a couple. Clips Justin Timberlake talks about his on-screen chemistry with Ben Affleck in Runner, Runner. George Clooney talks about working with Sandra Bullock in Gravity. Sound of Money.

                                   Time 7:17-7:42

Ramones on WMMR. Traffic. Preston asked Casey this morning about what happened in Breaking Bad. Apple has become the most valuable brand in the world, taking the spot from Coca-Cola. Apple only has a few areas in this area and it’s always crowded. For the first time Coke fell to #3 on the list of most valuable brands & Google came in #2. Chia pets are on the list too, Chia-Obama put them over the top. Scientist say people go shopping in order to cope with their fear of death. People who were very materialist have high levels of PTSD. Preston still gets amazed when ads pretend to know what you want. Men completely give up on their physical appearance when they are 46 years old, but women continue to care until 59. Preston actually cares more about what he looks like in his 40’s. Many men said that they stopped caring after they get married. Once you start to lose weight, you want to dress better. Casey’s kids motivate him to stay fit & has currently lost 50 pounds. Sound of Money. 

SQ: Tom Bailey was the founder and vocalist for what British new-wave band?

SA: Thompson Twins

                                   Time 7:55-8:07

Preston can’t see without his glasses. Traffic. It’s Selfie Monday and we’re looking for new Sorority girls! Congrats to Jen Neuman who won Monday and Flyer’s tickets from our Sound of Money! Bizarre File A California school district accountant is accused of padding her bra with 3 million dollars of student’s lunch money. A California man released that he was gay & wanted to be a woman 20 years into his marriage. However, his wife also announced that she was also gay. A pastor was shot and killed during a church service in Louisiana. A super model punched a protestor after walking off the runway in France’s Fashion Week.  Machete Kills.

                                  Time 8:18-8:52

311 on WMMR. Weather. Traffic. Preston was farting really bad this weekend and was killing his family. As Kathy’s nephew was being yelled at for saying “damn it” and ripped a huge fart. Casey hurt a muscle in his heel over this weekend. He was running around on the field with his kids when he decided to do this move and injured his planter fascia. He took his kids to Sky Zone and made the injury even worse. There is nothing else to cure the heel other than to ice the muscle. Dr. Mike says that Casey needs to get an x-ray. Casey’s was traveling and didn’t leave him a credit card so he couldn’t get one. The best treatment for planter fascia is a heel pad. Casey’s brother said that he has planter vaginitis. Breaking Bad series finale was last night. Preston has some clips. #1 – Walter is talking to Skylar about why he got into Meth dealing. Casey said it was a good episode. Breaking Bad series finale was a lot better than Dexter’s. Saturday Night Live Premiere was this past weekend. Steve thought that the new cast members were brilliant and the skits were great.  Cicely Strong co-anchored for the first time on Weekend Update.. Hangover Part III.

                                  Time 9:00-9:30

We have a guest standing by! Traffic. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a huge audience with its premiere and we have Ming Na-Wen on the phone. When she was younger, she was into everything Sci-Fi. Ming was extremely excited when she got the news she was going to be in Agents. She has seen all of the Marvel movies and is a huge fan of Agent Coulson. Every eight days she is filming a new episode and is amazed how they can get everything done well in such a short time. She is on the new show Mom which airs tonight. We welcome Allison Janney! Chuck Lorre has a great track record and was one of the reasons why she decided to do the show. Since Allison comes from a musical background, she loves performing in front of a live audience. Moms is about a mother and daughter who are both recovering addicts and are trying to reestablish their relationship. Allison doesn’t have any kids, but has multiple animals. A guy recorded every time she scared his friend. The video is hilarious and the guy didn’t have to work hard when he attempted to scare her. The girl’s screams are over-the-top and sounds like she is being held at gun point. Let me tell you about a woman named Khloe Kardashian. Preston went camping with his son over the weekend and his son was freaked out by the camp fire story. The Exorcist scared Preston so bad that he had to sleep in his parent’s room for a week. Preston had a lot of fun camping. There were gun shots that set off close to his camp sight. Machete Kills.

                                   Time 9:41-9:49

Led Zeppelin on 933. Sound of Money. Traffic. Bizarre Files Powerful storms gave two boats from the Keys an experience of a life time by driving through a water spout. The winner of the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware contest has lost the title because the winner was not Hispanic, but black. Bollards have been placed to keep traffic down, however, residents of the community are laughing at the columns because they look like penises. A furious Chinese woman solved a family money issues by putting her Son’s car on the roof.  Skunks have invaded a small town in New York. A 3 year-old was found with three bags of weed in her book bag. WOW.

                                  Time 10:01-10:16

So Lonely is one of Preston’s favorite Police songs. Weather. LQ. Hollywood Trash Kim Kardashian jetted to Paris this weekend to see Paris’ Fashion Week. Alec Baldwin stars as himself in a recent pregnancy video. Martha Stewart tweeted over the weekend saying that her Ipad broke and wanted Mac professionals to fix her cracked screen. LA. Music News Korn will be inducted into the Guitar Center’s Rock walk. Their induction is going to be the same day that the band released its 11th album.  Pearl jam has released a 9 minute short film about the group members talking about their new album, Lightning Bolt. Vetter also opens up in a new interview with Rolling Stone and states that Pearl Jam is more of a band than ever. Former Nirvana bassist, Krist Novoselic, confirms that he will be playing bass on the new Modest Mouse album. Gene Simmons sang the national anthem at the Viking-Steelers game in London. There are a bunch of back ground singers and you can’t really hear him singing at all. It’s a respectable version, but Gene would not be great singing on his own. His hair is absolutely horrible and his hair looks like Lord Helmet from Spaceballs. 

                                  Time 10:25-10:34

Sex on Fire on WMMR! Camp out for Hunger is on our horizon and we’re starting to plan all the events. We have a lot going on this year, especially with the sorority. Before you know it, the calendar will be released! Joseph Anthony. Thank you to Ming Na-Wen and Allison Janney. It’s intern Jess’ last day! One of her favorite highlights from interning here is seeing how Preston & Steve extend radio from this area. Jess is the program director at the radio station in West Chester. It’s Pancake’s first day alone working with Pierre. Pancake always has a nervous look on his face. Preston thinks that Pierre has a Santa Claus type of scariness. Pancake only drinks Jack Daniel’s on the rocks. Pierre keeps a sippy-cup of Jack on hold for him. LOTD. Tomorrow on the show we have Craig Robinson and someone to represent the Philadelphia Union for Preston & Steve night.

LQ: Who is Ming-Na Wen’s father?

LA: Who what wen


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