Producer's Notes - 09/27/13
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Date 09-27-13

Time 6:08 - 6:22

Weather. Traffic. News. A cellphone video captured fight on septa bus. Septa was concerned because of school mergers. No arrest. No punishment was said. Former Philadelphia priest arrested for sexually abusing an altar boy in 1998 multiple times. Wilmington police looking for a man who was inappropriately touching himself at the pavilion on South Park Drive and police were able to find DNA evidence. Sports. Colin Cabernet threw 2 touchdowns. Jayson Heyward 7-1 wins. St. Louis Cardinals best record in the league. Flyers lost 4-1 against the devils. They ran into some traffic on the turnpike. Arguing what routes are better to avoid traffic and complaining about the traffic from last night from Club Risqué. Preston announces they are now officially a sorority. Chris Kattan twitted he wants to be part of the sorority. Steve impersonates Korn Johnathan Davis singing and sleeping. Meet n Eat w/ Iron Hill Brewery. Joseph Anthony Retreat Salon and Spa. 100$ value for Microdermabrasion 175$.

Time 6:32 - 7:06

WOW giveaway coming up. Traffic. Peston’s favorite Kathy moment. SQ. Rocky I has a heartwarming scene. Birthdays. Gwyneth Paltrow, 41. Stephan Jenkins, 49. Avril Lavigne, 29. Meatloaf, 66. Lil’ Wayne, 31. Wilford Brimley, 79. Michael Jack Schmidt, 64. SA. Preston lost his passes and glasses. Entertainment News. A 19 year old boy tried to hack into Miss Teen USA’s computer. He demanded nude pictures, a nude video, or Skype with him and do whatever he says for 5 minutes. Amanda Bynes lawyer wants a delay for the trial of the bong due to her mental state. Catherin Zeta Jones did not celebrate her birthday with her husband. Jenna Dwan Tatum, praises her husband while she is filming for a new show. Dylan Penn, is rumored to be romantically involved with Robert Pattinson. Kendra Wilkinson Baskett, suffered a stroke from her car accident. Kayne West started a twitter war with Jimmy Kimmel due to spoof on his show. Audio from Kimmel’s spoof. Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting, getting married. Lindsey Lohan was hard to pin down to film down her show on the OWN network. Oprah went to her house to confront the issue. Oprah’s half-sister admits $25,000 of plastic surgery to look like Lindsay in her “good days”. Dylan Sprouse addressed a rumor that he is broke and now works as a host at a New York restaurant. Leah Rimini does not want Kirstie Allen to make an appearance on Dancing with the Stars. Clips. Rush, Olivia Wild, outfits. Breaking Bad, Iconic bald head. Popular shows that you get sick of hearing about.

Time 7:18 - 7:45

Jonathan Davis is on his way. Traffic. Nitro Circus is worse than Jackass. Preston was at U Penn Hospital and is a clusterf*** to drive and park. U Penn has a gorgeous campus. Twitching problem in Preston’s arm. Saw a Neurologist and got tests done on arm. Results seem fine. Has pinched nerve. Preston is allergic to Ibuprofen. Casey’s friend is allergic to jack Daniel’s but drinks it anyway. Kathy is allergic to feathers. Dr. Paul neurologist. Don’t drink too much caffeine. Sound of Money. Bizarre File: Florida women “scratch n sniff” stole artificial hair from beauty store. Police in Florida are trying to find a man who tried to pay bills with cocaine. Women in Utah pleaded guilty to possessing gun for telepathically raping her.  Syracuse student assaulted older man. And celebrated in convenient store. Then continued to beat him. New show on the BBC called “Sex Box” where people have sex in private and then talk about experience with “sexperts”.

SQ: Who was the fighter in Rocky I that Rocky beat his eye shut?

SA. Spider Ricco.

Time 7:57 – 8:18

A beautiful Friday morning. Traffic. Johnathan Davis in studio from Korn. Has not slept since before show. Talks about working with other artists and the frustrations. How other artists could delay other artist. Family Values tour. Korn picks the bands from a list the managers give them. Talks about the musical relationship between Korn’s former guitarist Bryan and current guitarist.  All bands find a way back together. Davis is a soft spoken guy. Bullied in high school, wore make up. Wrote a song about that time. Screen play with Clive Barker and Davis. The gig was good last night in Philly. Korn talks about how he rests up after and before his shows. Talking jacks up singer’s voice. Davis’ pet peeve is doing interviews. Casey asks what it’s like to be on and get off meth. If he’s so tired, why is he here? His manager made him. Promoting new album. Themes of the new album?  During writing went to rehab. Preston’s friend was scared straight from a rehab. John was supposed to have a baby girl named Dementia, but had a little boy instead. New album with be out Oct. 8.

Time 8:29 – 9:01

WOW prize coming up. Traffic. Iron Hill Brewery. Meredith, who brings in comedic guest, got engaged. Chris Kattan in studio. Chris was TV and movies but now loves performing stand up. Used to perform improv. Telling jokes wasn’t his thing. But incorporated himself into his stand up. Steve used to improv, improv helps him right his stand up. Chris is Kathy’s favorite on SNL. Chris Kattan talks about his favorite characters he played on SNL.  Talks about skit as Mr. Peepers that he did on SNL with Katie Holmes where he dry humped her.  Women on SNL would be crazier with him. Chris loves playing gay Hitler, Antonio Banderas. Talks about people criticizing him as being gay because he played gay characters. Women think he’s metro. Preston loved him with Olympian gymnast Kerri Strug on SNL. Trying not to laugh during a skit SNL skit with Blue Oyster Cults with Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell and the cowbell. Dry dialogue was funny along with trying not to laugh. Night at the Roxbury.  Working with Richard Grieco. Chris Kattan likes the movie “This is the End”. “Bollywood Hero” filmed in India. In a movie with Charlie McDermott, a friend of the show. Chris Kattan saw pictures on Preston and Steve’s twitter. Chris Kattan is initiated into Zeta Eta Pi. First celebrity sister.

Time 9:15 – 9:31

This Friday is going swimmingly. Iron Hill Brewery. Traffic. Nitro Circus is a movie that involves dangerous stunts. Star Aaron “Wheelz” in studio. He has spina bifida. He would always jump curbs in his wheelchair and saw his brother doing BMX and combined the two. Broke his wheelchair doing stunts so videotaped himself doing stunts to wheelchair company. Company now sponsors him. Chairs normally retail for $3,000. Wheelz talks about how pain is with spina bifia. Practiced the first backflip in a foam bed before perfecting it. Loves playing basketball. His dream stunt involves a flaming hoop, but has been working on different ideas. His first trick was a 180. Never broken a bone. His parents are really supportive. Wheelz was excited that no one died for the filming of the movie. Does group speaking about spina bifida. Preston almost falls back off wheelchair. Tries to do wheelie in it. Next tour is in Europe. WCMX, Wheelchair Motocross. Teaches kids. Instagram @Aaronhandlez

Time 9:41 – 9:57

Sound of money coming up during the Pierre Robert Show. Traffic. Thanks to a listener who sent Dove chocolates. Recapping Ladies night at Club Risqué. Preston went around smacking the girls’ asses with a paddle made by a sister. The ladies were dressed up. Amateur dance contest. 2nd place Jennifer a girl who did a standing split. First place Kate dressed as a school girl is on the phone. Kate won 500$ and got a job offer. Got her second lap dance. Next comes this awesome moment with spiral stairs and it puts you on the main stage. All 14 women are up making their ways down the stairs. Preston calls a girl down but she never came down and then Kathy came instead, the crowd went wild for her but she waved them off and everyone was disappointed. Totally Office Calendar is finished. The photographer is here in the studio to talk about mega adoption event in Morristown, NJ.  You can adopt cats, dogs, etc. Half price on adoption fee. Encourage bringing dogs to get used to other dogs. Vaccinations are included in adoption fee. Website for more info Philadelphia Union Soccer game.

Time 10:09 – 10:30

Letter of the day coming up. “Save the Girls” Charity 3-8pm in Manyunk. For the Peterson Family 1- 4pm beef and beer $25. Bizarre File: Iron Hill Brewery. British aviation pilots fell asleep at the wheel on autopilot for a substantial time. Pilot reported on themselves. Wal-Mart apologizes for selling little girl costume called “naughty leprechaun”. A man filled a fake penis with clean urine. Two British men were arrested for attacking a man while dressed as oopa loompas. A Swedish fish factory worker said he will tour the country with a salmon with a cross on its belly. Former NFL Bryan Holloway, wants to press charges against teens ho trashed his house during a party. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting getting married. Lamar Odom is with two crack whores. Khloe got a nose job. LA. Music News.  Ex-Guns and Roses bassist will give speech at CBGB Music and Film Festival. Fall Out Boy reportedly released deluxe reissue of Save Rock and Roll on Oct 15. Umami Burger has teamed up with Slash to create a signature burger, costs $15. Gene Simmons will sing U.S. National Anthem at NFL London Game. Iron Hill Brewery.


Time 10:40 – 10:56

Kings of Leon. Weather. Preston’s going camping with his son. Thank yous to Jonathan Davis from Korn, Chris Kattan who will be at Helium Comedy Club and Aaron “wheelz”. And Iron Hill Brewery. Pierre has made his entrance. Pierre talks about how he thought Wheelz was funny. LOTD “E”. On Pierre’s a block of Rush, then Weezer, and ending with the Talking Heads. 5th portion of his conversation with Metallica. Sound of Money at 11:30. Caller: Katie, WOW “brite”. In the MMR family, Preston listens to Bret Porsch. And a thank you to Matt Cort and a big thank you to Pancake this is his last day for the Preston and Steve but is moving to Pierre Roberts’ show. Pancake met Preston at an event and told him to apply to Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Marissa will be Xtoberfest at Xfinity live. Movie passes to see Prisoner’s.

LQ: After last night at Club Risque, Kathy is very meticulous at what?

LA: Shaving.

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