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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Jonathan Davis – Korn – IN STUDIO – 7:45
Chris Kattan – IN STUDIO – 8:30
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Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time: 6:08 – 6:18
About 75 degrees. Traffic. News. Police are investigating a murder-suicide in Magnolia county from an old man who allegedly shot his wife and then himself. Neighborhood was placed on lockdown. Case of Arson reported on Woodward Street with a van that was set on fire. Licensce plate taken off of van. DNA of severed foot found in shoe matches that of woman who went missing last year. 22-old-mother left for Atlantic City last year and was never found. Sports. Marlins beat Phillies 3-2. Cole Hamels made final start of this season. Phillies start final series in Atlanta tonight. Oracle makes a comeback to win the American Cup. Max Talbot today, home opener in a week. Betsy Brandt calling in today. Tonight we welcome the sisters of Zeta Beta Phi club risqué 2 callers
Time: 6:31-7:05
Pearl Jam. Weather. Traffic. Preston is trying to make up stupid questions. SQ. Birthdays: Linda Hamilton, 57; Melissa Sue Anderson, 51; Olivia Newton-John, 65; Jim Caviezel, 45; Serena Williams, 32. SA. Said black sheep Squadron, actually Baa Baa Black Sheep. Entertainment News. Richard Gere split up with wife. Is Richard Gere gerbil story real? Snopes says never been reported. South Park did a great parody on that. Split caused by Gere’s desire to have a hamster. Preston sings Friends theme song: It’s like you’re always stuck in Richard Gere. Melissa Joan Hart revealed she experimented with illegal drugs at the height of her career. Described in Memoir called Melissa Explains It All. Alec Baldwin explained what to expect on upcoming talk show, Up Late With Alec Baldwin. 12.1 Million viewers tuned in to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Robert “Bobby” De Niro to take James “Jimmy” Gandolfini’s role in Criminal Justice.  Bryan Cranston to return to How I Met Your Mother. Sandra “Sandy” Bullock leaves handprints in front of TCL Chinese Theater. John Stamos says he’s single and would like to be in a relationship. Lindsay “LeLo” Lohan’s director Paul Schrader says she turned on their movie The Canyons. Kurt Cobain’s mother putting family’s bungalow for sale. Gary Sinise made large donation towards Colorado fire fighters. New Jersey judge ordered Roscoe Orman to continue paying palimony to mother of his children. Clips. Terry Crews on Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. Michael J Fox on his character on Michael J Fox Show. Club Risque
Time: 7:16-7:49
Guns n Roses. Sound of Money Traffic. Army bans offensive tattoos and tattoos on certain parts of body. Tattoos in Army Want a uniform look, but should be allowed to have one when laying life down for country. Keeping one-unit appearance is more important. Listener Derek is enlisted and says it doesn’t look professional. Kathy’s friend is a waitress and has a horrible tattoo that she covers up. Army has relaxed a bit, tube tops and stilettos. Casey’s vet has a mustache tattooed on her finger. Steve likes when they are themed or done artistically. Listener Brandon says they will be more strict since they don’t need many people right now. Preston wants his tattoos replaced with meaningful ones. Sound of money Child psychologists in UK have recommended to change maturity age from 18 to 25. Maturity Age 18 is too early to be an adult. Casey thought he was an adult but realized later he wasn’t. Preston remembers at 28 thinking he should finally grow up. Preston moved out of parents house at 21 but moved back in for a year before leaving for good. Steve is glad he moved out early. Some young people are mature for their age, some just act like it. Quarter life crisis, people in 20s can’t get off their feet. Casey and Kathy’s moms wanted them to stay, Nick got charged rent. Sound of Money, Jason. Club Risque
SQ: What 1970s TV show intro featured someone using a hand cranked siren?
SA: Ba Ba Black Sheep
Time: 7:59-8:17
Twisted Sister. Traffic. Divine Nine golf charity shart out. Paul Isenberg. 5k charity in West Chester this Friday night, Bringing Hope Home. Help family members of cancer patients, pays bills to help with medical costs. Paul’s wife passed due to cancer, inspired him to create the charity. Bizarre File Paul Karason died from heart problems years after having a condition that turned his skin blue. Made an appearance on NBC’s Today. Surgeons reformed a man’s nose out of cartilage from his ribs. Police say man fired shots in his home after reporting gorillas in his home in Illinois. Man found dead in parking lot of Grand Valley State University, he was researching symptoms of a health condition on school’s computers. Club Risque 2 callers
Time: 8:28-9:00
Club Risque. Traffic. Calendar photo shoot is done. Calendar There was a pool at the shoot location, NC Club. Ashley and Alexis took a great picture in the pool. Navy Yard shooter. Message on shotgun, “elf”, Extremely Low Frequency radio waves, which he claims to have been attacked by. He should have been put on watch. Conspiracy that ELF waves used for mind control. Conspiracy theories are no-win situations, if you disagree you’re part of the conspiracy. George H.W. Bush witness at same-sex wedding. Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen. Yuengling’s Ice Cream may be back in stores next year. Yuengling’s president David Yuengling 4th on Philly Forbes 400 list.  #3: Richard Hayne of Urban Outfitters. Kathy says email if you think you’re a richest listener. #2 Michael Rubin. Started Rue LaLa. Can we get top 4 people in studio? Save #1 for after next guest. Max Talbot  He knows some crazy rich people, one being the owner of the Penguins. Some hockey players live with team mates. Max used to but not anymore. He would like to have younger guys live at his house to show them the ropes. Flyers went to West Point for team bonding. Jake Voracek hurt recently, doing ok but upset. Flight Plan contains behind the scenes videos, allows fans to get to know team personally. P&S on episodes 2 and 4. Back to Forbes. Preston says Deli-ware Valley. #1 is Mary Alice Dorrance Malone, granddaughter of founder of Campbell’s Soup, Gold Fish. Nick says the fence around her house must cost $250,000. Steve would like to walk through a house like that, reminds you of your place. I’ll eat campbell’s soup all day and look at that fence. Club Risque 2 callers.
Time: 9:12-9:40
Traffic. Club Risque First Flyers game on WMMR Friday, Oct 11. Preston got caterpillar allergy injection. Kathy had similar procedure done. Eliminating foods from diet helps find problem. Shart out from Bane to Denine B, then from intern Marisa who won Intern Olympics. Clip of rapper messing up interviewer saves the day by asking “did you want to try something from your book?” Casey remembers rapper saying thing because he couldn’t think of the word. Nick was at a wedding where the best man messed up his rap speech. Clip of Bill Clinton impersonating Bono. Bill Weston in studio. Betsy Brandt  She’s nervous for Breaking Bad finale. AMC happy with the show. People would be shocked to know how little Parkinson’s is a part of Michael J Fox’s life. He’s a really great guy. Figured out balance of drugs that works best. About Breaking Bad, you grow attached to characters and want everyone to win, but it’s not possible. She became a Klepto in real life because of her character. Stole a spoon for Emmys and they won. It was a relief that they won after passing on best actor and supporting actor. The cast of both Breaking Bad and Michael J Fox show had immediate chemistry. Union caller 7.
Time: 9:50-10:15
Traffic. Dr Mike in studio viruses change every year, it’s difficult to come out with a vaccine that works. New vaccines don’t have egg, and quadravalent vaccines. High test is for older people. Get flu shot if you have diabetes, pregnant , or other serious conditions. Only multiple dose vials will have preservatives, not single dose. Mike receives emails that say it’s the government’s way of sterilizing us. There are outbreaks of measles and whooping cough. Immunity should linger until March. Kathy doesn’t get the flu shot. There’s nothing wrong with doing research and arriving to conclusions about taking flu shot. Using too much hand sanitizer is not a good thing. Older people need flu shot more than younger. Everything in life involves risk, including any medicine you take. It’s important to have a good relationship with your healthcare provider. The show gets flu shots. Marisa is also not getting the shot. The shot is a dead virus that stimulates antibodies. Kathy hates the thought of liquid going into her veins. Dr. Mike wants to work around Casey’s tattoo. Guillain-Barre  can be caused by infections from outside the flu shot, most people get through it.
Time: 10:25-10:41
Club Risque 8 callers. Bizarre File. California doctor performed impromptu lifesaving tracheotomy at the scene on a woman who choked on a piece of meat. Black bear wandered inside hotel bear in Juneau, Alaska. Student accidentally hung himself after attempting to prank his sister by pretending to hang himself. Woman was eaten by pet wolf dogs after she died. LQ Hollywood Trash. Jonny Depp bought wife 50,000 diamond jewelry. Miley Cyrus went skydiving. Louis Thompson took a spill on stage. Club Risque. LA Music News Dave Grohl talks about relationship with Kurt Cobain and making music history with Loudwire. Korn kicks off North American tour today in Philly. Jack White’s Third Man Records teaming up with John Fahey’s Revenant Records to release The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records
Time: 10:50-10:57
Club risqué. Wrap up Thanks to our guests. Bringing Hope Home LOTD Thanks to our sponsors. Pierre’s plan for the day. Tomorrow, Jonathan Davis of Korn, Chris Kattan, and Wheels of Nitro Circus. Rage on.
LQ: What’s the most recent headline on
LA: We lost another one
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